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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, May 13, 1996
Volume 32--Number 19
Pages 791-833

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Weekly Compilation of



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Addresses and Remarks

    Commander-in-Chief Trophy, presentation--829
    Democratic National Committee dinner--815
    Greece, visit of President Stephanopoulos
    ``In Performance at the White House''--798
    Legislative agenda--810
    New Jersey
        Democratic dinner in Jersey City--804
        Kick Butts Day in Woodbridge--799, 800
    Radio address--791
    Saxophone Club--819
    White House Correspondents Association dinner--792

Communications to Congress

    ``Adoption Promotion and Stability Act of 1996,'' letter--797
    Iraq, letter reporting--795

Executive Orders

    Establishing an Emergency Board To Investigate a Dispute Between 
        Certain Railroads Represented by the National Railway Labor 
        Conference and Their Employees Represented by the Transportation 
        Communications International Union--814

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchanges with reporters
        Briefing Room--810
        Oval Office--822
    News conference with President Stephanopoulos of Greece, May 9 (No. 

Letters and Messages

    Cinco de Mayo, message--792

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    Greece, President Stephanopoulos--821, 822, 823, 828


    Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month--798
    Mother's Day--804

Statements by the President

        Calvin A.H. Waller--831
        William Colby--798
    Violent crime--795

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--833
    Checklist of White House press releases--832
    Digest of other White House announcements--831
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--832

Editor's Note: The President was in State College, PA, on May 10, the 
closing date of this issue. Releases and announcements issued by the 
Office of the Press Secretary but not received in time for inclusion in 
this issue will be printed next week.


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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, May 13, 1996
Volume 32--Number 19
Pages 791-833
Week Ending Friday, May 10, 1996
The President's Radio Address

May 4, 1996

    Good morning. This week was another good week for America. We 
learned that growth is up and unemployment is down. That's good for 
American jobs and good for America's families. We also had more good 
news on America's families today involving the Family and Medical Leave 
Act, which I was proud to sign in 1993. This week the bipartisan panel 
Congress created to study it reported that the law has helped more than 
one in six American employees take time off because of a serious family 
health problem, without any danger of losing their jobs. And almost 90 
percent of the businesses found that complying with family and medical 
leave cost them little or nothing. This is making America's families 
stronger, promoting work and family.
    That's what we have to do with welfare reform, too. Our job is to 
fix a welfare system that too often pulls families apart and turns it 
into one that helps families pull together, to fix a system that traps 
too many people in a cycle of dependency that ends up snaring their 
children as well, and instead, to create one that promotes jobs and 
    For the last 3 years, we have been working hard to turn the welfare 
system around. All across America, the welfare rolls are down, food 
stamp rolls are down, teen pregnancy rates are down compared to 4 years 
ago. And compared to 4 years ago, more and more people on welfare today 
are working as a condition of receiving welfare.
    A lot of this has happened because our administration has worked 
very hard to free States from Federal rules and regulations which have 
built up over the years and which contribute to the flaws in the present 
system. We have slashed this redtape to 37 States, covering 75 percent 
of all the people on welfare in America, so that they can take steps to 
fix the broken system. State by State, we are building a welfare system 
that demands work, requires responsibility, and protects our children.
    But more needs to be done. The American people need a welfare system 
that honors American values: work, family, and personal responsibility. 
In 1994, and again this year, I sent Congress a sweeping welfare reform 
plan that would impose strict time limits on how long people can stay on 
welfare and strict work requirements for people when they are on 
welfare. My plan would also provide more funding for child care, so 
single parents can go to work. And it would crack down on parents who 
skip out on their responsibility to pay child support.
    If Congress sends me a welfare reform bill that is tough on work 
instead of tough on children and weak on work, I will gladly and proudly 
sign it. Meanwhile, I am going to keep moving ahead to fix the welfare 
system by promoting work and looking out for our children.
    Today, I'm acting to help teen mothers break free from the cycle of 
dependency for good. The only way for teen mothers to escape the welfare 
trap is to live at home, stay in school, and get the education they need 
to get a good job. We must make sure the welfare system demands that 
teen mothers follow the responsible path to independence.
    Ohio has used freedom from Federal rules to implement a terrific 
program they call LEAP--Learning, Education, and Parenting. LEAP cuts 
welfare checks when teen mothers don't go to school, and rewards them 
when they do. And it works. A report released just this week by the 
Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation shows that for an important 
group of teens LEAP significantly increased the number of teen mothers 
who finished school, got jobs, and got off welfare. Every State should 
follow this example.
    That's why today I'm announcing that every State must put in place a 
plan to keep

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teen mothers on welfare in school. We are going to audit the progress of 
every State and make the results public. Second, we are going to make 
teen mothers who drop out of school go back to school and sign contracts 
that spell out exactly how they are going to take responsibility for 
their own lives. And third, we are giving States immediate authority to 
provide bonuses to teen mothers who go to school and graduate, and to 
cut back the checks of those who don't.
    Finally, I'm challenging every State in the country to use its power 
to keep children who have children at home where they belong. There 
should be no incentive to leave home for a bigger welfare check. 
Unfortunately, even though they can, most States don't require teen 
mothers to live at home. That's wrong. Of course, if there is an abusive 
situation at home, children should be living in another safe, 
responsible setting. But we have to make it clear that a baby doesn't 
give you a right, and won't give you the money, to leave home and drop 
out of school. Today we are moving to make responsibility a way of life, 
not an option.
    These commonsense steps have bipartisan support. They will help teen 
parents escape the cycle of dependency and start down the path to a 
successful future for themselves and their children. Now Congress needs 
to do its job and pass welfare reform. I'm glad that a group of 
bipartisan lawmakers is working on welfare reform. If Congress sends me 
a clean welfare reform plan that demands work, demands responsibility, 
protects children, and helps families stay together, I will sign it. 
Until then, I'll keep working to do everything in my power to reform 
welfare, step by step and State by State.
    Thanks for listening.

Note: The President spoke at 10:06 a.m. from the Map Room at the White 

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 792]
Monday, May 13, 1996
Volume 32--Number 19
Pages 791-833
Week Ending Friday, May 10, 1996
Message on the Observance of Cinco de Mayo, 1996

May 4, 1996

    Warm greetings to everyone celebrating Cinco de Mayo.
    Each year the Fifth of May reminds us of the blessings of our 
nation's rich cultural diversity. The Mexican people have made profound 
and lasting contributions to our society, enriching our national life 
with the values of family, faith, and love of country.
    In commemorating the victory of Mexico's army at the Battle of 
Puebla, we rededicate ourselves to strengthening the bonds of friendship 
and partnership between the peoples of Mexico and the United States. Our 
nations share a legacy of independence and courage in the face of 
adversity, and each time we celebrate Cinco de Mayo, we reaffirm our 
reverence for these ideals.
    Hillary and I send best wishes to all for a wonderful holiday.
                                                  Bill Clinton

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 792-795]
Monday, May 13, 1996
Volume 32--Number 19
Pages 791-833
Week Ending Friday, May 10, 1996
Remarks at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner

May 4, 1996

    The President. Thank you very much. Thank you very much, Carl, 
Terry, Mr. Vice President and Mrs. Gore, Mr. Speaker, Governor, to 
distinguished head table guests, to all the honorees tonight, my 

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