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Monday, November 13, 1995
Volume 31--Number 45
Pages 1983-1997

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Addresses and Remarks

    Death of Prime Minister Rabin of Israel--1986, 1989
    Radio address--1985
    Virginia, dedication of the Pan American Flight 103 memorial cairn 
        in Arlington--1983

Bill Signings

    Fisheries Act of 1995, statement--1984

Communications to Congress

    Federal Labor Relations Authority, message transmitting report--1995
    International exchange and training activities, letter transmitting 
    Weapons of mass destruction, message--1991

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchange with reporters aboard Air Force One--1987


    Continuation of Emergency Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction--


    Death of Yitzhak Rabin--1987
    Thanksgiving Day--1995

Statements by the President

    See also Bill Signings
    Death of Prime Minister Rabin--1986, 1987

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--1997
    Checklist of White House press releases--1997
    Digest of other White House announcements--1996
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--1996


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Monday, November 13, 1995
Volume 31--Number 45
Pages 1983-1997
Week Ending Friday, November 10, 1995
Remarks at the Dedication of the Pan American Flight 103 Memorial Cairn 
in Arlington, Virginia

November 3, 1995

    Sir Hector, Jane Schultz, George Williams, Reverend Keegans, 
Reverend Miller, Reverend Neal, Rabbi Goldberg; to Members of Congress 
and the administration, the diplomatic corps; to our honored friends 
from Scotland; most of all, to the members of the family of Pan Am 103. 
Thank you, Sir Hector, for your good words. And thank you and the 
Lockerbie Trust for this beautiful cairn which I accept on behalf of the 
people of the United States.
    This simple monument speaks with a powerful voice. Each of its 270 
Lockerbie stones tells of the loss beyond measure, a child or a parent, 
a brother or a sister stolen away through an act of unspeakable 
    Almost 7 years have now passed since that bomb cut short the lives 
of all 250 passengers of Pan Am 103 and the 11 villagers below. I know 
that I can speak for all the American people when I say that we have not 
forgotten and the families of the victims are still not alone in your 
    Since Pan Am 103, there have been other attacks of terrorism on our 
own soil, the bombing of the World Trade Center, the tragedy in Oklahoma 
City. After each, our Nation has drawn closer, and some of the families 
here of the victims at Lockerbie have helped in that process. I thank 
all of you who reached out to those who were grieving most recently in 
Oklahoma City.
    Despite the passage of time, nothing has dimmed our recollection of 
that day when death commanded the heavens. Nothing has diminished our 
outrage at that evil deed. Today the people of the United States 
understand terrorism better. We know it can strike anyone, anywhere. We 
know that each act of terrorism is a terrible assault on every person in 
the world who prizes freedom, on the values we share, on our Nation and 
every nation that respects human rights.
    Today, America is more determined than ever to stand against 
terrorism, to fight it, to bring terrorists to answer for their crimes. 
We continue to tighten those sanctions on states that sponsor terrorism, 
and we ask other nations to help us in that endeavor.
    We are strengthening our ability to act at home and around the 
world. Recently, we have been successful in apprehending terrorists 
abroad and in preventing planned terrorist attacks here in the United 
States. We are redoubling our efforts against those who target our 
liberties and our lives. And just a few days ago in the United Nations, 
I asked the nations of the world to join me in common cause against 
    In the case of Pan Am 103, we continue to press for the extradition 
of the two Libyan suspects. We want to maintain and tighten the 
enforcement of our sanctions, and we want to increase the pressure on 
Libya. This cairn reminds us that we must never, never relax our efforts 
until the criminals are brought to justice.
    I thank those who have spoken before for their reference to this 
hallowed ground. It is fitting that this memorial to the citizens of 21 
nations has been erected here in the sacred place of our Nation, 
surrounded by so many who fell fighting for our freedom. It is fitting, 
too, that this cairn was chosen as the embodiment of our common concern, 
not only because of the strong bonds that have grown up between the 
people of Scotland and America out of this tragedy but because this 
cairn was built stone by stone.
    From the time of the Bible, men and women have piled stones to mark 
a covenant between them as the patriarch Jacob did with Laban. So let us 
take this cairn as the sign of our bond with the victims of Pan Am 103 
to remember the life they brought into so many lives, to work to bring 
justice down on those who committed the murders, to keep

[[Page 1984]]

our own people safe, and to rid the world of terrorism and never to 
forget until this job is done.
    We must all labor for the day, my fellow Americans and citizens of 
the world, when, in the words of the Psalm, ``we shall not be afraid for 
the terror by night, nor for the arrow that flieth by day, nor for the 
pestilence that walketh in darkness, nor for the destruction that 
wasteth at noonday.''
    The days are now shortening, and December 21st approaches once 
again. I hope, to those of you who are members of the families, that the 
honor done your loved ones here today brings you some solace. And I pray 
that when this anniversary day comes again you will have a measure of 
peace. Your countrymen and women are with you in spirit and in 
    God bless you. God bless Scotland. And God bless the United States 
of America.

Note: The President spoke at 2:37 p.m. at Arlington National Cemetery. 
In his remarks, he referred to Sir Hector Monro, who presented the 
memorial cairn; Jane Schultz, chief organizer of the memorial; George H. 
Williams, president, Victims of Pan Am Flight 103; Rev. Patrick Keegans, 
Rev. John Miller, and Rev. Alan Neal, who gave the blessing; and Rabbi 
Jacob Goldberg, who gave the benediction. This item was not received in 
time for publication in the appropriate issue.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 1984-1985]
Monday, November 13, 1995
Volume 31--Number 45
Pages 1983-1997
Week Ending Friday, November 10, 1995
Statement on Signing the Fisheries Act of 1995

November 3, 1995

    Today I have signed into law H.R. 716, the ``Fisheries Act of 
1995.'' This comprehensive legislation demonstrates the extent to which 
the United States is involved, and must remain involved, in 
international initiatives with global impact. It implements 
international agreements designed to protect important fish stocks both 
in high seas areas of the world's oceans and off our coasts. Many of 
these measures implement agreements that required major negotiating 
efforts over a number of years.
    This Act implements and would allow the United States to become a 
party to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Agreement 
to Promote Compliance with International Conservation and Management 
Measures by Fishing Vessels on the High Seas. Our negotiators were the 
principal drafters of the agreement, designed to end the practice of 
``reflagging'' fishing vessels to evade international conservation 
rules. The provisions of H.R. 716 that implement this Agreement also 
provide a basis for the United States to ratify the Convention on 
Conservation and Management of Pollock Resources in the Central Bering 
Sea. This will preserve jobs for American fishermen in Alaska and the 
Pacific Northwest, while protecting fish stocks from over-harvesting. 
The Act also implements a fisheries convention in the Northwest Atlantic 
and allows the Administration to seek fishing quota shares for our 
fishermen in that region.
    The Act reauthorizes the Atlantic Tunas Convention Act, enhancing 
U.S. efforts to ensure that all of the countries fishing for tuna in the 
Atlantic follow internationally agreed upon conservation measures, and 
providing enforcement authority, which can be particularly effective 
when its use is based on international consensus. In addition, H.R. 716 
strengthens the U.S. role in maintaining the global moratorium on large-
scale high seas driftnet fishing, implements an agreement to conserve 
salmon originating from the Yukon River in Canada, and contains other 
provisions to promote sound fisheries management.
    Several provisions in the Act, specifically sections 603-605 and 
302(b), could be taken to direct how the Nation's foreign affairs should 
be conducted. The Constitution, however, vests the President with 
special authority to conduct the Nation's foreign affairs. My 
constitutional authority over foreign affairs necessarily entails 
discretion over these matters. Accordingly, I shall construe these 
provisions to be advisory, and I hereby direct all executive branch 
officials to do likewise.
    A provision in section 802 of the Act allows the Secretary of 
Commerce to issue certain fishing permits if the application has been 
recommended by a regional fishery management council. Because regional 
fishery management councils are entities within the Federal Government 
and comprise officials who are not appointed pursuant to the 
Appointments Clause of the Constitution, they may not exercise 
significant governmental author- 

[[Page 1985]]

ity. To avoid this constitutional problem, I hereby direct the Secretary 
to treat this provision as advisory.
    I am pleased to approve this comprehensive legislation, which will 
conserve fishery resources and allow for their continued harvesting at 
sustainable levels.
                                            William J. Clinton
The White House,
November 3, 1995.

Note: H.R. 716, approved November 3, was assigned Public Law No. 104-43. 
This statement was released by the Office of the Press Secretary on 
November 4.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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