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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, March 15, 1999
Volume 35--Number 10
Pages 377-418

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Weekly Compilation of



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Addresses and Remarks

    See also Meetings With Foreign Leaders
    Airline passenger protection, radio remarks on proposed 
        Arrival in Hope--413
        Clinton Birthplace, dedication ceremony in Hope--413
    El Salvador, Legislative Assembly in San Salvador--391
        Arrival in Guatemala City--395
        Central America Summit in Antigua--400, 401
        Peace efforts, roundtable discussion in Guatemala City--395
        Community at the Soto Cano Air Base--384
        Hurricane Mitch reconstruction efforts, roundtable discussion in 
        Community in Posoltega--378
        Las Casitas Volcano mudslide survivors, roundtable discussion in 
    Radio address--377

Communications to Congress

    Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty, letter transmitting 
        report on compliance--383

Communications to Congress--Continued

    Iran, national emergency, message transmitting notice on 
    National Endowment for the Arts, message transmitting report--390
    Trade policy agenda and trade agreements program report, message 

Communications to Federal Agencies

    Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization, memorandum--377

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchange with reporters in Antigua, Guatemala--401

Joint Statements

    Declaration of Antigua--406

Letters and Messages

    Saint Patrick's Day, message--416

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    Belize, Prime Minister Musa--400, 401, 406
    Costa Rica, President Rodriguez--400, 401, 406
    Dominican Republic, President Fernandez--400, 401, 406
    El Salvador, President Calderon Sol--391, 400, 401, 406
    Guatemala, President Arzu--395, 400, 401, 406
    Honduras, President Flores--384, 385, 400, 401, 406
    Nicaragua, President Aleman--378, 380, 400, 401, 406

          (Continued on the inside of the back cover.)

Editor's Note: The President was in Texarkana, TX, on March 12, the 
closing date of this issue. Releases and announcements issued by the 
Office of the Press Secretary but not received in time for inclusion in 
this issue will be printed next week.


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    Continuation of Iran Emergency--399


    National Older Workers Employment Week--412

Statements by the President

        Amir Essa bin Salman Al-Khalifa of Bahrain--378
        Joe DiMaggio--383
    Kennedy-Murray amendment to proposed education flexibility 
        partnership legislation--383, 390, 399, 412

Statements by the President--Continued

    Kosovo, House action to support use of U.S. Armed Forces--412
    National Institutes of Health, selection of Vaccine Research Center 

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--418
    Checklist of White House press releases--417
    Digest of other White House amendments--416
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--417

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, March 15, 1999
Volume 35--Number 10
Pages 377-418
Week Ending Friday, March 12, 1999
Memorandum on the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization

March 4, 1999

Presidential Determination No. 99-16

Memorandum for the Secretary of State

Subject: U.S. Contribution to KEDO: Certification Under Section 582(b) 
of the Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs 
Appropriations Act, 1999, as contained in Public Law 105-277

    Pursuant to section 582(b) of the Foreign Operations, Export 
Financing, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 1999, as contained 
in Public Law 105-277, I hereby certify that:
    (1)(A) the parties to the Agreed Framework have taken and continue 
      to take demonstrable steps to assure that progress is made on the 
      implementation of the January 1, 1992, Joint Declaration on the 
      Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula in which the Government 
      of North Korea, has committed not to test, manufacture, produce, 
      receive, possess, store, deploy, or use nuclear weapons;
    (B) the parties to the Agreed Framework have taken and continue to 
      take demonstrable steps to assure that progress is made on the 
      implementation of the North-South dialogue; and
    (C) North Korea is complying with all provisions of the Agreed 
      Framework and with the Confidential Minute between North Korea and 
      the United States.
    (2) North Korea is cooperating fully in the canning and safe storage 
      of all spent fuel from its graphite-moderated nuclear reactors;
    (3) North Korea has not significantly diverted assistance provided 
      by the United States for purposes for which it was not intended; 
    (4) the United States is fully engaged in efforts to impede North 
      Korea's development and export of ballistic missiles.
    You are authorized and directed to report this certification to the 
Congress and to arrange for its publication in the Federal Register.
                                            William J. Clinton

Note: This memorandum was released by the Office of the Press Secretary 
on March 5. This item was not received in time for publication in the 
appropriate issue.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 377-378]
Monday, March 15, 1999
Volume 35--Number 10
Pages 377-418
Week Ending Friday, March 12, 1999
The President's Radio Address

March 6, 1999

    Good morning. This week we learned the good news that our efforts to 
raise academic standards for our children are beginning to pay off. The 
National Assessment of Education Progress, or NAEP, released State test 
scores on Thursday that show that our children's reading scores have 
risen, with some of the greatest gains in States that once scored below 
the national average.
    Today I want to talk to you about what I think we must do to build 
on our progress, by putting more teachers in the classroom and reducing 
class size in schools around our country.
    We all agree that to build a stronger nation we must build up our 
Nation's public schools. I have proposed a comprehensive education 
agenda to strengthen and improve our schools with more accountability, 
higher standards, more volunteer reading tutors for young children, and 
mentors for teenagers, with Internet connections in every classroom, and 
with more well-trained teachers in smaller classes.
    As any parent, teacher, or school principal can tell you, smaller 
classes make a huge difference in our children's lives. Studies show 
that teachers in smaller classes spend less time on discipline and more 
time teaching.

[[Page 378]]

Students spend less time competing for attention and more time learning. 
Students in smaller classes out-perform their peers.
    For children in struggling communities, from remote rural areas to 
inner-city neighborhoods, small class size is even more critical. And 
with school enrollments at record highs and expected to keep rising, we 
must act now to reduce class size in all our Nation's public schools.
    Across the country, more and more communities are recognizing the 
importance of smaller class size and trying to do something about it. To 
help them meet this challenge I called on Congress early last year to 
pass my initiative to reduce class size by helping school districts hire 
100,000 highly trained teachers. I'm pleased that Republican Members of 
Congress joined with Democrats and did the right thing in making a big 
downpayment toward meeting our goal.
    Today the Department of Education is releasing guidelines that will 
let every school district in our Nation know how much money they will 
receive and how best to use the funds to reduce class size in time for 
school this fall. But communities deciding now whether to hire and train 
new teachers for next year need to know whether they can count on the 
commitment Congress made last year to help them reduce class size for 
years to come. It is time to finish the job.
    Now, this week the Senate and House will vote on a bill that gives 
States the flexibility they need to improve their public schools in 
spending Federal aid they receive. I support this bill. But I also 
strongly support efforts by Senators Murray and Kennedy, and 
Representatives Clay and Wu, to add an amendment to it that will fully 
fund 100,000 well-trained teachers over the next 6 years.
    Unfortunately, Republican leaders are trying to shut down debate on 
the ed-flex bill before this important amendment on more teachers and 
smaller classes can even be voted on. Now, last October, just before the 
election, Republicans joined us in promising the American people more 
teachers and smaller classes. Less than 5 months later, we now have the 
first big test of whether this Congress is really willing to work 

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