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Monday, September 15, 2003
Volume 39--Number 37
Pages 1153-1209


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 Addresses to the Nation

    War on terror--1163

 Addresses and Remarks

    See also Meetings With Foreign Leaders
    Anniversary of September 11--1196
         Bush-Cheney reception in Fort Lauderdale--1183
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         Hyde Park Elementary in Jacksonville--1178
    Georgia, military personnel and families at Fort Stewart--1197
         Bush-Cheney reception in Indianapolis--1158
         Langham Company employees in Indianapolis--1153
    Mississippi, luncheon for gubernatorial candidate Haley Barbour in 
    Radio address--1162

 Addresses and Remarks--Continued

         Bush-Cheney reception in Nashville--1170
         Kirkpatrick Elementary School in Nashville--1166
    Virginia, Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy in Quantico--1190

 Communications to Congress

    Amendments to the FY 2004 budget, letter transmitting--1206
    Terrorist attacks, message on continuation of the national 

 Communications to Federal Agencies

    Continuation of the Exercise of Certain Authorities Under the 
        Trading With the Enemy Act, memorandum--1205
    Presidential Determination on Certification To Permit U.S. 
        Contributions to the International Fund for Ireland With Fiscal 
        Year 2002 and 2003 ESF Funds, memorandum--1183



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 Communications to Federal Agencies--Continued

    Presidential Determination With Respect to Foreign Governments' 
        Efforts Regarding Trafficking in Persons, memorandum--1187

Interviews With the News Media

     Exchanges with reporters
         Oval Office--1188
         Walter Reed Army Medical Center--1196

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    Kuwait, Prime Minister Sabah--1188


    Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to Certain 
        Terrorist Attacks--1195

Statements by the President

    Death of Edward Teller--1195
    Death of Johnny Cash--1205

Supplementary Materials

     Acts approved by the President--1209
     Checklist of White House press releases--1208
     Digest of other White House announcements--1206
     Nominations submitted to the Senate--1208

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Monday, September 15, 2003
Volume 39--Number 37
Pages 1153-1209
Week Ending Friday, September 12, 2003
Remarks to Langham Company Employees in Indianapolis, Indiana

September 5, 2003

    Thank you all. Thanks for coming. It's such an honor to be here with 
the Langham family and the employees of this incredibly vibrant company. 
I want to thank the CEO for such a fine introduction. I am honored that 
Cathy would invite me here and give me a chance to talk about some of 
the challenges which face our Nation, the challenge of making sure this 
Nation is secure and the challenge to make sure people can find work.
    I know you all have been through some challenges here in the State 
of Indiana because of some recent flooding. Today I had the privilege of 
telling your Governor when I landed that I recently signed a disaster 
declaration that will provide Federal funds to help the folks who 
suffered as a result of the disaster that took place in many parts of 
your State.
    There are a lot of Americans looking for work, and we need to do 
something about that in Washington, DC. We've taken steps to get our 
economy growing again, and there are some very hopeful signs that 
progress is being made. I'm optimistic about the future of this country. 
Yet today's unemployment report shows we've got more to do, and I'm not 
going to be satisfied until every American who's looking for a job can 
find a job.
    I have laid out a comprehensive plan for job creation all across 
America. And for the sake of our fellow citizens, I look forward to 
working with the United States Congress to get this comprehensive plan 
passed. And one Member who will help get this plan passed, and a man who 
represents Indiana with such distinction and class, a man who is a 
person with whom my administration works closely, the chairman, Dick 
    I want to thank John and Margaret Langham, as well as Cathy, for 
allowing my entourage to--[laughter]--which is quite large these days--
[laughter]--to invade this beautiful facility. I want to thank the 
employees for welcoming us. I know it's not easy to have your day 
disrupted by a Presidential trip, but I'm honored to be here. [Laughter] 
And I want to thank you for your hard work.
    One thing is for certain, that you've earned the respect of the 
Langham family. Walking in here, Cathy was telling me how proud she is 
of the 55 fellow workers, people who make this small business grow and 
become vibrant. So I want to congratulate you for your productivity and 
your hard work as well. You know, one of the great things about America 
is that we've got the best workforce in the world. We've got the finest 
workers and finest employees.
    I also know that the attorney general of the great State of Indiana 
is with us today, Steve Carter, and I appreciate Steve being here. I 
want to thank Zionsville High School for being here today. I appreciate 
you all singing. I'm sorry I didn't get to hear you. I want to thank the 
Kobes for leading the Pledge. I appreciate Brenda Williams coming.
    Today when I landed there at the airport, I also not only spoke to 
the Governor and the attorney general, but I spoke to a lady named Joyce 
Irwin. You probably don't know who Joyce is. She is--I will tell you, 
though. She is a soldier in the army of compassion. She's one of the 
thousands of people all across our country who have heard a call to love 
a neighbor just like you'd like to be loved yourself.
    There's great talk about the might of America, and we're mighty. And 
I intend to keep it that way. We've got great military might, economic 
might. But the truth of the matter is, the great strength of America is 
the heart and soul of the American people. The great strength of our 
country is the fact that there are millions of our fellow citizens like 
Joyce Irwin who are willing to lend a hand to a neighbor in need. The 

[[Page 1154]]

strength of America is the fact that on a daily basis, there are 
millions of acts of kindness and mercy that helps change America to a 
more hopeful place, one heart, one soul at a time.
    Joyce Irwin is a volunteer. She's active with the Little Red Door 
Cancer Agency, the Fairbanks Hospital, the Meridian Street United 
Methodist Church. She helps round up donations of clothing to those who 
need to be clothed, food for those who need to be fed. But most 
important, she dedicates her time to those who need to be loved. My call 
to our fellow Americans is love your neighbor just like you'd like to be 
loved yourself. Thank you, Joyce.
    I mentioned the fact that our Nation is facing big challenges. One 
of the big challenges, of course, is for me, my administration, and 
those of us who have been honored to serve the American people, to do 
our solemn duty and protect the security of the American people. We must 
never forget the lessons of September the 11th, 2001, a sobering 
reminder that oceans no longer can protect us from forces of evil who 
can't stand what America stands for. There are people in this world who 
hate the thought that we believe in free societies, we believe people 
should worship freely, speak their mind freely. And since we're not 
going to change, since we're not going to change our attitude about 
freedom, we've still got an issue with these terrorists.
    And we're doing everything we can to protect the homeland. We've got 
better coordination amongst law enforcement agencies. We're monitoring 
our ports and points of entry in ways we never have before. We've got 
emergency preparedness teams in place. But the best way to secure the 
homeland, the best way to do our duty to provide security for the 
American people and future generations of American people, is to hunt 
the terrorists down, one by one, and bring them to justice.
    Not only must we stay on the offensive against those who would do us 
harm, and not only we must--must we continue to disrupt terrorist 
training camps to deal with dictatorial regimes who would threaten us 
and/or arm terrorists to threaten us, but we also must continue to 
promote freedom. Free societies are likely to be peaceful societies. 
Free societies are societies which won't threaten their neighbors or use 
weapons of mass destruction. America believes that freedom is not 
America's gift to the world, that freedom is God's gift to every 
individual who lives in this world.
    And at home, we must recognize that while the signs are pretty good 
about our economy, there's still people looking for work. And we've got 
to do something about that. I said I was optimistic about our economy, 
and I am, for good reason. We have been through a lot. And yet, we're 
still strong. Let me remind you of what we've been through.
    The attacks on America cost us about $80 billion. That's a lot of 
money. The attacks hurt our economy at a time when we were beginning to 
recover from a recession. In March of 2000, the stock market started to 
decline. Investors began to realize, well maybe this economy wasn't 
quite as strong as it had been in the past. And we were in recession in 
the first quarters of 2001. We had negative growth. People were 
beginning to look for work. Things weren't good.
    But the economy began to come back because we actually passed a 
really good tax bill out of the Congress. And then the enemy hit us, and 
it hurt. It hurt economically. It hurt the Nation's psyche to think that 
we were vulnerable to coldblooded killers that could come and in one day 
take the lives of thousands of innocent people.
    But we began to recover. We took some actions in Washington. For 
example, we passed terrorism insurance plan to help encourage building 
of large construction projects, keep those hardhats working. We dealt 
with the airline industry for the short term. I mean, we took action, 
and we started getting better.
    And then a third thing happened. We had some of our fellow citizens 
forget to--forgot what it means to be a responsible citizen. We had some 
corporate CEOs who didn't tell the truth to their employees and to their 
shareholders. And that affected the confidence of the people, affected 

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