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Monday, April 16, 2001
Volume 37--Number 15
Pages 589-614

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 Addresses and Remarks

    See also Meetings With Foreign Leaders
    Cabinet meeting--590
         Character-building programs--594
         Parental empowerment--606
    Federal budget--590
    North Carolina
         Community in Greenville--602
         Concord Middle School in Concord--597
        Parents of PO3c. Steven Blocher, meeting in Concord--602
    Radio address--589
    Thomas Jefferson, proclamation signing ceremony--608
    U.S. Navy aircraft crewmembers
        Plans for release--597
        Release from China--602
         Return to U.S.--611
    Wisconsin, Daniel Webster Hoan Bridge in Milwaukee--589

 Communications to Congress

    Iraq, compliance with United Nations Security Council resolutions, 
        letter reporting--612

Interviews With the News Media

     Exchanges with reporters
         Cabinet Room--590
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    Easter, message--612

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    Jordan, King Abdullah II--592


    National Crime Victims' Rights Week--592
    National D.A.R.E. Day--596
    Jewish Heritage Week--591
    Thomas Jefferson Day--610

Statements by the President

    Medical records, privacy, Federal regulations--611
    Vietnam, helicopter crash--590

Supplementary Materials

     Acts approved by the President--614
     Checklist of White House press releases--613
     Digest of other White House announcements--612
     Nominations submitted to the Senate--613

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, April 16, 2001
Volume 37--Number 15
Pages 589-614
Week Ending Friday, April 13, 2001
Remarks on Repairing the Daniel Webster Hoan Bridge in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

April 6, 2001

    How are you all today? It's good to be here. I'm pleased to be here 
with Governor McCallum and the mayor of Milwaukee; Secretary Mineta and 
Secretary Thompson, former Governor of the great State of Wisconsin.
    I'm looking forward to tossing out the first ball today. I haven't 
decided if I'm going to go with a rising fastball, a split-finger, or a 
breaking pitch. [Laughter] But nevertheless, it's going to be a great 
honor to be there. Miller Park will be a proud part of Milwaukee's 
    But there is another key structure that is an important part of the 
life of this city, the Daniel Webster Hoan Bridge. For the last several 
months, a lot of effort has gone into helping repair the Hoan Bridge. 
But the job is not yet complete. So I'm here to tell the good people of 
Milwaukee that fixing the Hoan Bridge is a priority of my 
    I've brought along the Secretary of Transportation here to identify 
the quickest way to rebuild this critical artery for Milwaukee. The Hoan 
Bridge is eligible for funding from the Department of Transportation. We 
look forward to partnering with the State of Wisconsin to complete the 
rebuilding of the Hoan Bridge.
    Today Secretary Mineta and I have received an application for 
Federal funds from the Governor of Wisconsin, and I plan to make this 
project an important priority. Almost 100,000 people live in areas 
directly served by the Hoan Bridge, and because of its limited capacity 
and weight restrictions, many commuters and shippers must find alternate 
    We are committed to helping Wisconsin take care of this problem. 
Secretary Mineta and I recognize that maintaining the infrastructure of 
our cities is a vital role for government. I'm glad we can be of 
assistance to the citizens of Wisconsin.
    Thank you very much. See you at the ballpark.

Note: The President spoke at 5:08 p.m. at General Mitchell International 
Airport. In his remarks, he referred to Gov. Scott McCallum of Wisconsin 
and Mayor John O. Norquist of Milwaukee. This item was not received in 
time for publication in the appropriate issue.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, April 16, 2001
Volume 37--Number 15
Pages 589-614
Week Ending Friday, April 13, 2001
The President's Radio Address

April 7, 2001

    Good morning. This weekend Congress begins its Easter recess. 
Senators and Members of the House of Representatives return home to meet 
with their constituents and listen to the people. I hope they'll listen 
carefully; there are large decisions that must be made when Congress 
    I have sent Congress an education reform plan that offers greater 
Federal support to schools but requires higher standards and improved 
accountability, and I have sent Congress a tax plan that will accelerate 
our economic growth and leave more money with the people who earned it. 
Passing these two measures will be a long process that will require many 
votes in Congress. But the choices Congress makes will shape our country 
for decades. The tax plan I sent to Congress will help ensure that our 
children will grow up in a country bustling with opportunities. My 
education plan prepares our children to take advantage of those 
    These are not routine votes. They are not ordinary business. They 
are decisions that we cannot afford to get wrong. Important reform is 
never easy, and it will always be tempting to postpone it. On education, 
there are some interest groups who don't like the idea of

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changes. On taxes, there are powerful institutions in Washington that 
would prefer to keep the people's money for themselves.
    But I'm committed to moving forward. The old saying goes, the 
President proposes, Congress disposes; but in the end, the people rule. 
If we want higher educational standards, if we're to pass a substantial 
tax cut, the people must make their voices heard.
    Many of you have already telephoned your Members of Congress or sent 
letters and e-mails expressing your support for my education and tax 
plans, and I want to thank you for doing that. I hope you'll keep it up.
    The crucial votes on education and taxes are still ahead. And many 
Members of Congress are still making up their minds. Don't just send 
them what you earn; tell them what you think. So I have a suggestion: 
During the recess, many Members of Congress will be holding townhall 
meetings, where constituents are welcome to come and express their 
views. You can find a list of these townhalls at www.bushtaxrelief.com. 
If your Congressman has a townhall scheduled, I hope you'll consider 
attending it. Maybe you might want to bring a relative or a friend.
    And I hope that if you do go, you'll stand up and let your 
representative hear from you on school reform and tax relief. It's good 
citizenship, and it will make a big difference.
    Before I close, let me send my best wishes to all who will be 
sitting down tonight to their Passover seder.
    Thank you for listening.

Note: The address was recorded at 10 a.m. on April 6 in the Cabinet Room 
at the White House for broadcast at 10:06 a.m. on April 7. The 
transcript was made available by the Office of the Press Secretary on 
April 6 but was embargoed for release until the broadcast.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, April 16, 2001
Volume 37--Number 15
Pages 589-614
Week Ending Friday, April 13, 2001
Statement on the Helicopter Crash in Vietnam

April 7, 2001

    Laura and I were deeply saddened to learn of the crash this morning 
in central Vietnam of a helicopter carrying 16 people, including 7 U.S. 
military personnel, who were on an important mission to find and recover 
the remains of servicemen missing from the Vietnam war. The families of 
the service personnel lost in today's tragic accident know better than 
most the contribution their loved ones made in bringing closure to 
scores of families across America. Today's loss is a terrible one for 
our Nation. Although not lost in a hostile act, like those for whom they 
search, they too have lived lives of great consequence, answering a 
calling of service to their fellow citizens. As we enter a period of 
religious holidays across America, may we remember their sacrifice and 
keep them and their families in our thoughts and prayers.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 590-591]
Monday, April 16, 2001
Volume 37--Number 15
Pages 589-614
Week Ending Friday, April 13, 2001

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