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pd16fe04 The President's Radio Address...

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Transcript of a press briefing by Press Secretary Scott McClellan

 Released February 11

Transcript of a press briefing by Press Secretary Scott McClellan

Statement by the Press Secretary on the release of additional 
information from the Air Reserve Personnel Center in Denver, CO, on the 
President's service in the National Guard in Alabama

Statement by the Physician to the President on the review of the medical 
and dental records of President George W. Bush covering the period 1968-

Fact sheet: Strengthening International Efforts Against WMD 

 Released February 12

Transcript of a press gaggle by Press Secretary Scott McClellan

Statement by the Press Secretary on Senate passage of the highway 
funding bill

 Released February 13

Transcript of a press briefing by Press Secretary Scott McClellan

Statement by the Press Secretary: Meeting with President Zine El Abidine 
Ben Ali of Tunisia

Statement by the Press Secretary on the request by 9/11 Commission Chair 
Kean and Vice Chair Hamilton for a private meeting with the President

Statement by the Press Secretary announcing that the President signed 
H.R. 2264

Statement by the Press Secretary on disaster assistance to South 

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 234]
Pages 209	234
Week Ending Friday, February 13, 2004
 Acts Approved by the President


Approved February 13

H.R. 2264 / Public Law 108-200

Congo Basin Forest Partnership Act of 2004

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