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pd16no98 Notice--Continuation of Emergency Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction...

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Monday, November 16, 1998
Volume 34--Number 46
Pages 2275-2315

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Weekly Compilation of



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Addresses and Remarks

    See also Bill Signings
    After-school programs, grants--2297
    Arkansas, Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport dedication ceremony in 
    Hurricane damage in Central America, telephone conversation with 
        Tipper Gore--2291
    Iraq situation--2307
    National townhall meeting on trade--2286
    NCAA men's and women's basketball champions--2284
    Radio address--2280
    Virginia, Veterans Day ceremony in Arlington--2292

Bill Signings

    Africa: Seeds of Hope Act of 1998, statement--2312
    Automobile National Heritage Area Act, statement--2277
    Centennial of Flight Commemoration Act, statement--2310
    Criminal use of guns, legislation strengthening penalties, remarks--
    Economic Development Administration and Appalachian Regional 
        Development Reform Act of 1998, statement--2311
    International Anti-Bribery and Fair Competition Act of 1998, 

Bill Signings--Continued

    National Parks Omnibus Management Act of 1998, statement--2311
    Police, Fire, and Emergency Officers Educational Assistance Act of 
        1998, remarks--2307
    Veterans Programs Enhancement Act of 1998, statement--2295

Communications to Congress

    Iran, continuation of national emergency, letter transmitting 
    Weapons of mass destruction, letter on continuation of emergency--

Communications to Federal Agencies

    Emergency disaster relief for Central America, memorandum--2279
    Firearms, preventing sales to prohibited purchasers, memorandum--
    Military and Veterans Health Coordinating Board creation, 

Letters and Messages

    John Glenn, electronic mail message--2281


    Continuation of Emergency Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction--
    Continuation of National Emergency With Respect to Iran--2283

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    Veterans Day--2282

Resignations and Retirements

    Treasury Department, United States Secret Service, Director--2300

Statements by the President

    See also Bill Signings; Resignations and Retirements
    Brazil, international economic support--2310
    Military readiness, funding--2295

Statements by the President--Continued

    Representative Newt Gingrich's decision not to seek reelection as 
        Speaker of the House of Representatives--2279
    Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan's decision not to seek reelection--

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--2314
    Checklist of White House press releases--2313
    Digest of other White House announcements--2313
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--2313

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 2275-2277]
Monday, November 16, 1998
Volume 34--Number 46
Pages 2275-2315
Week Ending Friday, November 13, 1998
Remarks at the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport Dedication Ceremony 
in Highfill, Arkansas

November 6, 1998

    Thank you so much, Secretary Slater, for your support of this 
project and your terrific work. Thank you, Administrator Garvey, Senator 
Hutchinson, Congressman Hutchinson, Senator-elect Blanche Lambert-
Lincoln. Now, up here in northwest Arkansas, from my point of view, 
she's got the best of all worlds. She's a Democrat with a Republican 
last name. [Laughter] I want you to get to know her; you'll like her a 
    Congressman Dickey, Congressman Hammerschmidt, Mr. Green, thank you 
for your marvelous work here. Mr. Bowler, thank you for bringing 
American Eagle here. I want to thank the Springdale Band and the 
Fayetteville Choir. I thought they both did a superb job.
    You know--I've got all these notes, but I don't really want to use 
them today. I was flying home today, and I have to begin by bringing you 
greetings from two people who were with me this morning who, for 
different reasons, wanted to come and couldn't. One is the First Lady, 
Hillary, who wanted me to tell her friends in northwest Arkansas hello 
and to say she wished she could be here. And the other is Senator 
Bumpers, who has a sinus condition and was told by his doctor not to get 
on the airplane, although I told him I thought it was a pretty nice 
plane I was trying to bring him down here in--[laughter]--and that we 
were trying to demonstrate that northwest Arkansas had a world-class 
airport. But he asked to be remembered to you.
    I want to thank my good friend, former Chief of Staff and our Envoy 
to Latin America, Mack McLarty, for being here. And all of you all out 
here--I've been looking out in this crowd at so many people I've known 
for 25 years, many more--I've been sort of reliving the last 25 years. I 
think I should begin by saying that in every project like this, there 
are always a lot of people who work on it. Rodney mentioned that many 
years ago, Senator Fulbright, who was my mentor, had the idea of there 
ought to be an airport here. I know how long Congressman Hammerschmidt 
has worked on this. This project started in the planning stage under the 
Bush administration, and we completed it. We had bipartisan support, and 
as Senator Hutchinson said, invoking our friend Senator McCain, we had 
bipartisan opposition to it as well. [Laughter]
    And I have found that there is in any project like this a certain 
squeaky wheel factor; there are people that just bother you so much that 
even if you didn't want to do it, you'd go on and do it anyway. And I 
would like to pay a certain special tribute to the people who were 
particular squeaky wheels to me, starting with Alice Walton, who wore me 
out--[laughter]--Uvalde and Carol Lindsey, who guilt-peddled me about 
every campaign they'd ever worked for me in; and Dale Bumpers, who made 
me relive every favor he'd ever done for me for 20 years. [Laughter] 
Now, there were others as well, but I want to especially thank them.
    I want to say to all of you, I'm delighted to see Helen Walton here 
and members of the Walton family. I, too, wish Sam were here to see this 
day. I thank J.B. Hunt, who talked to me about this airport. George 
Billingsly once said, ``You remember, I gave you the first contribution 
you ever got in Benton County; now build that airport.'' [Laughter] I 
have a lot of stories about this airport. I want you to understand how 
high public policy is made in Washington. [Laughter] And we're all 
laughing about this, but the truth is, this is a good thing, and it 
needed to be done.
    You know, when I was a boy growing up in Arkansas--Tim talked about 
how we were all raised to believe you could build a wall

[[Page 2276]]

around Arkansas--we thought in the beginning, for a long time, that 
roads would be our salvation. Forty-two years ago President Eisenhower 
signed the Federal Aid Highway Act into law, a bill sponsored by the 
Vice President's father, Albert Gore, Sr., in the United States Senate. 
And it did a lot of good for America and a lot of good for Arkansas. And 
a lot of trucking companies in this State did a lot of good with it, and 
a lot of poultry companies, like Tyson's and others, made the most of 
those roads. And then we began to see that air traffic was important as 
well. And Secretary Slater talked a lot about that. And I got tickled 
when Senator Hutchinson was talking about transporting apples from 
Hiwassee by railroad in the twenties. I thought to myself, I wonder if 
I'm the first President who has ever known how to get to Hiwassee? 
    But I got to thinking about that and how now we move from 
interstates to highways, and the people--all these people I've mentioned 
today, Senator Hutchinson, Senator Bumpers, Senator Pryor, certainly 
Congressman Hammerschmidt, and Congressman Hutchinson now, and Secretary 
Slater, and before him, Secretary Pena, and all the people in Northwest 
Arkansas and their supporters--understand today if you can't fly, you 
can't compete. But if you can fly, you can soar to new heights. Today in 
a sentence, at long last, northwest Arkansas can fly.
    And this means a lot to me. When I was landing here, I called all my 
Secret Service detail leaders together and I said, ``I want you guys to 
look out the window. This is where I started my political career. I've 
been on every one of these roads.'' And we were sitting here, 
Congressman Hammerschmidt reached over and he said, ``You know, your 
career, the career that led you to the Presidency, really started 24 
years ago last Tuesday.'' What he didn't say was, comma, ``when I beat 
you like a drum up here for Congress.'' [Laughter]
    But I learned a lot in that race. And ever since, driving into all 
the little towns and hamlets in this area, then as Governor, flying in 
and out of northwest Arkansas and all the airports that were up here, I 
have known for a long time that this could bring opportunity and 
empowerment, access to markets, a boom to tourism--all of this will 
happen. And what I'd like to ask all of you to think about is to think 
of this airport--and it's not just going from here to Chicago but from 
here to tomorrow. I am glad to tell you that the FAA will release today 
a $5 million letter of intent for continued development of this airport.
    I'm glad to say that we have not abandoned our bipartisan 
commitment, we Arkansans, to other kinds of transportation. When the 
Congress passed, with the vote of every Member of Congress here present, 
and I signed the Transportation Equity Act this year, it will mean $100 
million more a year over the next 6 years to the State of Arkansas 
alone. And it, too, will do a lot of good to take us to the future.
    We are committed also to modernizing the air traffic system. Our air 
traffic control system, with the new investments we're making in 
aviation service and infrastructure, will now be able to better handle 
the--listen to this--the 50-percent increase in global air travel we 
expect in just the next 7 years.
    Our policy has helped our airlines and aerospace industries return 
to profitability. Now we're finalizing new means to promote more 
competition and lower fares at home. We've signed more than 60 
agreements to expand air service with other nations, opening skies above 
as we open markets below.
    We're also trying to do more to make sure those skies are safe and 

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