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Monday, February 17, 1997
Volume 33--Number 7
Pages 163-193

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Addresses and Remarks

    ``Adoption 2002,'' report--189
    Ambassador Pamela Harriman, funeral--181
    Campaign finance reform legislation, meeting with cosponsors--176
    Congressional leaders, meeting--178
    Maryland General Assembly in Annapolis--165
    Radio address--163
    ``Thomas Jefferson,'' film screening--179
    White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security, final 

Communications to Congress

    Budget rescissions and deferrals, message reporting--176
    Canadian whaling activities, message reporting--175

Executive Orders

    Advisory Committee on High-Performance Computing and Communications, 
        Information Technology, and the Next Generation Internet--178

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchanges with reporters
        Cabinet Room--176
        Oval Office--182, 189
        Roosevelt Room--179
    News conference with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, February 13 
        (No. 135)--183

Letters and Messages

    Id al-Fitr, message--163

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu--182, 183


    National Child Passenger Safety Week--164

Statements by the President

    Campaign finance reform legislation--181
    Northern Ireland, killing of British soldier--189

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--193
    Checklist of White House press releases--192
    Digest of other White House announcements--191
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--192

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, February 17, 1997
Volume 33--Number 7
Pages 163-193
Week Ending Friday, February 14, 1997
Message on the Observance of         Id al-Fitr

February 7, 1997

    On behalf of all Americans, I want to extend greetings to all 
Muslims in the United States and around the world as you celebrate Id 
    This celebration, which marks the end of a month of fasting and 
sacrifice, is an occasion for rejoicing. It is an opportunity for 
Muslims to gather in joy, as well as in remembrance of those less 
    It is also an opportunity for all of us to rededicate ourselves, not 
only to achieving spiritual growth, but also to the cause of peace 
between all peoples of the earth. It is our common challenge and our 
shared responsibility to create a better world for ourselves and our 
    To all who practice the faith of Islam, in the United States and 
abroad, Hillary and I extend our very best wishes. May peace be with you 
and your families, and may God grant you health and prosperity now and 
in the year ahead.
                                                  Bill Clinton

Note: This item was not received in time for publication in the 
appropriate issue.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, February 17, 1997
Volume 33--Number 7
Pages 163-193
Week Ending Friday, February 14, 1997
The President's Radio Address

February 8, 1997

    The President. Good morning. This morning the Vice President and I 
are going to talk about the progress we've made to bring 21st century 
technology to our students and our schools.
    In my State of the Union Address Tuesday night, I issued a call to 
action to all Americans to prepare our people for the 21st century. The 
very heart of this mission and my number one priority these next 4 years 
is to give our children the best education in the world.
    Education is about opportunity, about giving our children the tools 
to make the most of their God-given potential. This is a goal every 
American must share for every other American. That's why I'm calling for 
a new, nonpartisan commitment to education. During the cold war, America 
had a bipartisan commitment to foreign policy, and politics stopped at 
the water's edge. Today, education is a critical national security issue 
for our future, and our politics must stop at the schoolhouse door.
    My plan calls for world-class standards for students, teachers, and 
schools. It calls for expanding Head Start, rebuilding crumbling 
schools, opening the doors of college wider than ever before, and 
ensuring that workers can learn and earn for a lifetime.
    To give our children the best education, we must help them to 
harness the powerful forces of technology. That's why we've challenged 
America to connect every classroom and library to the Internet by the 
year 2000. For the first time in history, children in the most isolated 
rural towns, the most comfortable suburbs, and the poorest inner-city 
schools will have the same access to the same universe of knowledge.
    We've come a long way toward meeting that goal, and we owe much of 
that progress to the leadership of the Vice President who will now say a 
few words about our efforts.

[At this point, the Vice President made brief remarks.]

    The President. Thank you, Mr. Vice President. We are making a lot of 
progress. Today we're issuing a report prepared by Secretary Riley and 
the Department of Education that shows that 65 percent of our schools 
are now connected to the Internet, almost double the number of schools 
connected in 1994. But it's not enough to connect every school; we must 
connect every classroom and every library as well. Since 1994, we have 
more than quadrupled the

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number of classrooms with a direct link to the Internet. But the vast 
majority still do not have access. That's why we're now launching an 
aggressive, three-part plan to finish the job.
    First, my balanced budget plan makes an unprecedented commitment to 
education technology, doubling the technology literacy initiative the 
Vice President just mentioned and providing a total of $500 million for 
computers, teacher training, and educational software for our schools.
    Second, we're working to ensure that every school and library can 
afford the Internet. Under the Telecommunications Act, the Federal 
Communications Commission is now developing a plan to give schools and 
libraries access to the Internet at a dramatically discounted rate. Fees 
for most schools will be cut in half. Fees for our poorest schools will 
be almost free. I urge the FCC to act quickly. And I call upon the 
telecommunications industry to support this effort.
    Third, this April 19th, parents, teachers, business people, and 
volunteers from all walks of life will answer our call and hold NetDays 
in all 50 States, connecting tens of thousands of schools, classrooms, 
and libraries to the Internet.
    By doubling our investment in education technology, by dramatically 
lowering the Internet rates for schools and libraries by mobilizing 
Americans all across the country to help wire our schools, we will meet 
our goal of connecting every classroom and library to the information 
superhighway by the year 2000. That's how we must prepare our children 
for the 21st century, with the full promise of the information age at 
their fingertips. And it's an important way to give our children the 
world's best education and the chance to make the most of their own 
    Thanks for listening.

Note: The address was recorded at 12:38 p.m. on February 7 in the 
Roosevelt Room at the White House for broadcast at 10:06 a.m. on 
February 8.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, February 17, 1997
Volume 33--Number 7
Pages 163-193
Week Ending Friday, February 14, 1997
Proclamation 6972--National Child Passenger Safety Week, 1997

February 8, 1997

By the President of the United States

of America

A Proclamation

    Children are our Nation's most precious gift, and one of our most 
profound responsibilities is protecting their health, well-being, and 
safety. Nowhere is this duty more critical than on America's streets and 
    Automobile accidents are the leading cause of death for America's 
young people. It is tragic that a high proportion of these deaths could 
be prevented, but are not. For example, we know that seat belts save 
lives--last year they prevented the deaths of almost 10,000 Americans--
and, yet, many still fail to wear them.
    I encourage all Americans to take a few simple steps to ensure that 
their families travel safely. The most important rule is also the 
simplest: The safest place for children is the back seat. Also, parents 
and guardians must always make sure that children are secured, either in 
a locked seat belt or in an appropriate child safety seat.
    I commend the Department of Transportation for its ``Patterns for 
Life'' program, begun in 1996 to focus attention on correct child safety 
seat use and the proper positioning of children and their safety seats 
away from air bags. Working through national safety organizations and 
State public safety and highway offices, this program offers a network 
of qualified child passenger safety trainers to provide communities with 
the valuable resources they need to reduce motor vehicle-related deaths 
and injuries.
    Laws exist in every State and the District of Columbia that require 
proper restraints for younger children. However, 40 percent of our 
children under five are still not properly restrained. We must do better 
to enforce the existing laws and protect our precious cargo.
    The steps we take now will make our roads safer and our children 
more secure. My Ad

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