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Monday, November 18, 1996
Volume 32--Number 46
Pages 2359-2403

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Addresses and Remarks

    See also Bill Signings; Resignations and Retirements
    Bosnia and Zaire, announcement of participation in missions--2393
    Radio address--2374
    Virginia, Veterans Day ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery--2376

Appointments and Nominations

    White House Office, Chief of Staff--2359

Bill Signings

    Omnibus Parks and Public Lands
        Management Act of 1996

Communications to Congress

    Encryption products export controls, letter--2401
    Iran, letter reporting--2391
    Weapons of mass destruction, letter reporting--2384

Communications to Federal Agencies

    Encryption export policy, memorandum--2397
    Jordan, memorandum--2388

Executive Orders

    Administration of Export Controls on Encryption Products--2399
    Amendment to Executive Order 13010, the President's Commission on 
        Critical Infrastructure Protection--2390
    Establishing an Emergency Board To Investigate a Dispute Between the 
        Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and Its 
        Employees Represented

Executive Orders--Continued

      by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers--2401

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchanges with reporters
        Briefing Room--2393
        Oval Office--2379
    News conference, November 8 (No. 130)--2359


    Continuation of Emergency Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction--


    National Family Caregivers Week--2377
    National Farm-City Week--2373
    Thanksgiving Day--2378
    To Provide Duty-Free Treatment to Products of the West Bank and the 
        Gaza Strip and Qualifying Industrial Zones--2388

Resignations and Retirements

    Justice Department, Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights--
    White House Office, Chief of Staff--2359

Statements by the President

    See also Bill Signings; Resignations and Retirements
    Death of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin--2390

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--2403
    Checklist of White House press releases--2403
    Digest of other White House announcements--2402
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--2403

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closing date of this issue. Releases and announcements issued by the 
Office of the Press Secretary but not received in time for inclusion in 
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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, November 18, 1996
Volume 32--Number 46
Pages 2359-2403
Week Ending Friday, November 15, 1996
The President's News Conference

November 8, 1996

Chief of Staff Transition

    The President. Good afternoon. Please be seated. Before I begin I'd 
like to ask the Vice President and Leon Panetta and Erskine Bowles to 
join me up here. In no particular order. [Laughter]
    Let me begin by once again thanking the American people for the 
honor they have bestowed upon me and the responsibility they have once 
again placed in my hands. I will work hard over the next 4 years to 
uphold their trust, to protect our shared values, and to meet our common 
    To do that, I want our administration to be able to serve the 
American people as well in the next 4 years as we have in the past 4. I 
must, therefore, begin by announcing that Leon Panetta, who has been my 
Chief of Staff since 1994, will be resigning to return to California.
    I understand why he wants to return home, after so many long years 
and long hours, but that doesn't make it any easier for me to see him 
go. No one in recent memory has better served the administration--any 
administration--or the American people than Leon Panetta in what is 
perhaps the most difficult of all the jobs in public service in 
Washington today.
    As a civil rights official, a distinguished Member of Congress, an 
OMB Director, Leon Panetta brought his sharp mind and his huge heart to 
bear on every task he ever undertook. He became my Chief of Staff at a 
difficult time. He leaves with a remarkable record: deep reduction in 
the deficit, millions of new jobs, a strong defense of programs for 
those in need, including food stamps. All these bear Leon's stamp.
    Just as important as the work he did was the way he did it. He saw 
our White House staff as a family. They returned his devotion. His easy 
laugh and his level head kept our priorities straight and our spirits 
    He and I have often had the opportunity to wonder at the miracle of 
America that took us this far. He is a child of immigrants who came to 
this country in search of a better life and found it in the walnut 
groves of California. He has become my great friend, more than my 
countryman, more than my fellow Democrat, more even than my fellow 
worker. In the language of his people, he is my paisan. [Laughter] And I 
love him very much.
    To Sylvia, Christopher, Carmelo, Jim, Elizabeth, Christina, and the 
grandchildren, Michael and Elizabeth, I know how proud he is of you, and 
you must be very proud of him.
    To succeed Leon Panetta, I wanted someone of stature, intellect, 
dedication, drive, and the capacity to do this virtually impossible job, 
both a manager and a leader. I'm proud to announce that I am naming 
Erskine Bowles as the next White House Chief of Staff. He's combined 
brilliant business success and dedicated public service. As an 
investment banker, he recognized that our successes come not just from 
our big firms but from small and medium-size ones--entrepreneurs with 
energy and ideas he worked hard to give the opportunity to start new 
businesses and to expand the ones they were running.
    When I became President, I wanted to transform the Small Business 
Administration from a political backwater to an engine of economic 
growth. Erskine Bowles did it beyond my wildest expectations. He 
revitalized the SBA. He doubled the loan volume. He dramatically 
increased loans to women and minority business owners, even as he cut 
paperwork and trimmed bureaucracy.
    I then asked him to serve as the Deputy Chief of Staff. He was one 
of those most responsible for bringing focus and direction to our 
efforts. Quietly, behind the scenes, he

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led our effort to educate the public on what was at stake in last year's 
budget fight. Through it all, he became my close friend and trusted 
adviser. He returned to North Carolina last year to be with his family, 
to start a new business, and continue his work for the Juvenile Diabetes 
Foundation, which he had previously served as president.
    I know how much Erskine Bowles loves private life. I know that I 
have asked from him a real sacrifice, and not only from him but also 
from his wife, Crandall, and his children, Sam, Anne, and Bill. But his 
country needs him, and I need him. I have absolute faith in his ability 
to do this job. He will bring discipline, focus, and deep values to the 
work. He will help us finish the job the American people sent us here to 
do. In a sense, this is a homecoming for him, for Erskine is a part of 
our family here, and I'm happy to have him back.
    As Leon will tell you, I expect a lot of the Chief of Staff. I kept 
Leon Panetta up until 6 o'clock in the morning election morning playing 
hearts. [Laughter] Yes, Erskine Bowles can play hearts. [Laughter] He 
also plays golf, but he plays golf better than he plays hearts; I prefer 
to focus on his hearts playing. [Laughter]
    It has become more apparent than ever that our country is moving 
forward with confidence and vigor toward the 21st century. It has become 
more apparent than ever since the election that the American people want 
us to fulfill our responsibilities as Democrats, Republicans, and 
independents second and Americans first, to set aside our differences 
and join hands to make the most of this moment of possibility.
    That's how we achieved so much at the end of the past Congress. Just 
think of what happened: historic welfare reform, a minimum wage 
increase, dramatic expansion of pension opportunities for people in 
small businesses, the adoption tax credit, the extension of the Brady 
bill to cover incidences of domestic violence, the Kennedy-Kassebaum 
health care reform bill that lets people keep their health insurance as 
they change jobs or when someone in the family has been sick, an end to 
the drive-by pregnancies and deliveries where people are kicked out of 
the hospital after only 24 hours, help for families with mental health 
needs, and assistance to Vietnam veterans' children with spina bifida. 
All this happened and shows you what we can do if we work together to 
give our people the tools they need to make the most of their own lives.
    It's a good sign for America that all parties now say they want to 
reach common ground. And I want us to forge a partnership to produce 
results for the American people. On Tuesday our people voted for the 
ideas of the vital American center. Now let us make that vital center 
the place for the vigorous actions to move us into the 21st century.
    We should begin with our most pressing challenges: balancing the 
budget, giving our children the world's best education, opening wide the 
doors of college to everyone willing to work for them, finishing the job 
of welfare reform, passing real campaign finance reform.
    Nothing is more fundamental than balancing the budget. Our progress 
has already produced lower interest rates, steady growth, expanded 
homeownership. Now we must keep our economy going steady and strong by 
finishing the job of balancing the budget in a way that truly reflects 
our values. I am inviting the bipartisan leadership of Congress to meet 
with me next week here at the White House to discuss how we can develop 
a plan together to pass a balanced budget and to keep our economy going. 
I've asked Leon Panetta and OMB Director Frank Raines to coordinate this 
    I want these negotiations to cover a broad range of issues involved 
in balancing the budget, including strengthening the Medicare Trust 
Fund, cuts in spending, and a tax cut. I believe our highest priority 
must be education, especially college opportunities. As I told the 
American people, we should make the 13th and 14th years of education as 
universal as a high school diploma is today. So I will work to see to it 
that this balanced budget includes the education tax cuts I outlined 
during the campaign, which had very broad and overwhelming support among 
the American people.
    I will also discuss with the congressional leadership how we can 
enact bipartisan campaign finance reform as soon as possible. We clearly 
have a unique moment of opportunity

[[Page 2361]]

now, when the public and you in the press are focused on this issue. Now 
is the time to seize it, before the moment fades. The American people 
will be watching to see whether our deeds match our words.
    The lesson of our history is clear: When we put aside partisanship, 
embrace the best ideas regardless of where they come from, and work for 
principled compromise, we can move America not left or right but 
forward. That is what I am determined to do.

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