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Monday, September 18, 2000
Volume 36--Number 37
Pages 2025-2103

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Weekly Compilation of



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 Addresses and Remarks

    Congressional candidate Mike Ross, reception--2055
         Community in Danbury--2037
         Luncheon honoring Representative James H. Maloney in Danbury--
    Education, legislative agenda--2047
    Hate crimes, legislative agenda--2059
    Hillary Clinton, dinner--2093
    IMPAC 2000 reception--2091
    India, state visit of Prime Minister Vajpayee, welcoming ceremony--
    Legislative agenda--2047, 2049, 2059
    National Campaign Against Youth Violence luncheon--2085
    New York
         Community of Westchester County in Scarsdale--2029
         Dinner for Hillary Clinton in New York City--2025
        Partners in History dinner in New York City--2044
        Reception for Hillary Clinton in New York City--2042
        Reception for Representative Anthony D. Weiner in New York 
    Patients' Bill of Rights--2081
    Radio address--2027
    Religious leaders, breakfast--2075
    Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson, reception--2053

Communications to Congress

    Azerbaijan-U.S. investment treaty, message transmitting--2052
    Panama-U.S. Investment Treaty, message transmitting protocol--2053

 Communications to Federal Agencies

    Continuation of the Exercise of Certain Authorities Under the 
        Trading With the Enemy Act, memorandum--2052
    Delegation of Authority Under the Iran Nonproliferation Act of 2000, 
    Improving Hate Crimes Reporting, memorandum--2063
    Japanese Research Whaling, memorandum--2075

Interviews With the News Media

     Exchanges with reporters
         Cabinet Room--2049
         Oval Office--2098
        South Lawn--2047
        South Portico--2081
     Interview with John Harris of the Washington Post--2064

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    India, Prime Minister Vajpayee--2097, 2098
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    National Hispanic Heritage Month--2088
    National Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week--2089
    National POW/MIA Recognition Day--2090

Statements by the President

    Congressional action, need for
         COPS program--2061
         Housing vouchers--2051
        Quality child care and after-school opportunities--2028
    Death of Representative Herbert H. Bateman--2039
    Japanese whaling practices--2062

Statements by the President--Continued

    ``Marriage Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2000,'' congressional 
        effort to override veto--2062
    Northern Ireland peace process--2062
    United Nations' peacekeeping scale of assessment--2025

Supplementary Materials

     Acts approved by the President--2103
     Checklist of White House press releases--2103
     Digest of other White House announcements--2101
     Nominations submitted to the Senate--2102

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, September 18, 2000
Volume 36--Number 37
Pages 2025-2103
Week Ending Friday, September 15, 2000
Statement on the United Nations' Peacekeeping Scale of Assessment

September 8, 2000

    I am pleased that so many nations have announced their support for a 
revision of the United Nations' peacekeeping scale of assessment--a 
revision that will better reflect the reality of peacekeeping costs in 
the year 2000. Much will depend on the outcome of this fall's 
deliberations, including the future of U.N. peacekeeping.
    Specifically, I want to express my personal appreciation to the 
countries who have demonstrated leadership by agreeing to assume 
additional financial responsibility under the peacekeeping scale: 
Antigua and Barbuda, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Malta, Qatar, Republic of Korea, 
Romania, and Slovenia. The formula used for funding U.N. peacekeeping 
operations, the so-called scale of assessment, is long out of step with 
today's realities and is in pressing need of change.
    Yesterday all permanent five members of the Security Council 
supported a revision of the peacekeeping financial structure. My team 
and I will be working on this important issue for the remainder of this 
    The U.N. General Assembly will be debating revisions to the scale of 
assessments over the next few months. These deliberations will be guided 
and inspired by the example of the countries.

Note: This item was not received in time for publication in the 
appropriate issue.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, September 18, 2000
Volume 36--Number 37
Pages 2025-2103
Week Ending Friday, September 15, 2000
Remarks at a Dinner for Hillary Clinton in New York City

September 8, 2000

    Thank you. First of all, I want to thank Jonathan for this 
incredible setting. It's a beautiful place. It makes me want to get in 
your line of work, so I can have a place like this. [Laughter] And I 
want to thank Jerry Colonna and Barbara and Fernando and Ann Espuelas 
and Andrew Rasiej and all the people on the host committee and all of 
you who came tonight for Hillary and for a better future for this 
    I want to thank these Senators here. Nothing I was able to do in the 
last 8 years would have been possible without them, both when they were 
in the majority and most of the time--and even especially--when they 
were in the minority. I want to thank them for being on our high-tech 
council and trying to put the Democrats on the side of positive change 
in this economy.
    And I want to say a special word of thanks to Jay Rockefeller, who 
served with me as Governor for many years. And we used to sit together 
and ruminate together and fight for the same things together. And the 
socioeconomic profiles of West Virginia and Arkansas were the two most 
identical in the country. The real reason I'm glad he's here tonight is 
that he proved that you could go someplace else and represent them real 
well in the Senate. [Laughter] He is exhibit A for Hillary's campaign.
    I want to thank Mark Green, the public advocate, for being here 
tonight. And he's my great friend of many years, thank you.
    I would just like to make a couple of points in introducing Hillary. 
First of all, I am profoundly grateful that I've had the chance to serve 
and grateful for the opportunities that Al Gore and I and our whole 
administration had to help make America a better place.
    I think it is important to point out something that you know because 
it's a part of what you do every day, and that is that the most 
important force in the world are ideas--forces in the world. And they 
have consequences. And if your ideas are good and you implement them, 
they have good consequences. And if they're not so good, you live with 
the consequences. We forget that sometimes in politics--when we vote, 

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we debate issues, we forget that in the end, it really does matter 
whether your ideas are right or not. And I remember when I went around 
the country in 1991 and 1992, and the economy was stagnant, and 
inequality was increasing, and all the social indicators were going in 
the wrong direction, I came to the conclusion that one reason was that 
Washington was being run on a set of ideas that were, if they were ever 
any good, their time had long since passed, and some of them never were 
    And we changed the economic policy, the welfare policy, the crime 
policy, the education policy, the health care policy, and the 
environmental policy and the foreign policy of this country. Ideas have 
consequences in public life just like they do in what you do.
    And so, for me, apart from my extraordinary personal feeling about 
this race, the reason I'm going around the country now--the first time 
in 26 years when I haven't been on the ballot during an election--
[laughter]--is because I've worked as hard as I could to turn our 
country around and move it in the right direction. But I honestly 
believe all the best things are still out there. And I think this is the 
first time in my lifetime that our Nation has had a chance to shed its 
baggage, to shed its racial baggage, to shed its homophobic baggage, to 
shed all of its divisive baggage. My party has shed a lot of its baggage 
that basically was rooted in our fear of change and has embraced change.
    And I really believe that all the best stuff is still out there. You 
look at the last 8 years. It's a very impressive record. But basically 
what it did was lay the foundation for Americans together to be able to 
build the future of our dreams for ourselves and our children. Almost 
everybody in this room is younger than me, and most days, I'm okay about 
it. [Laughter] But you've got a lot more at stake in this election than 
I do.
    And I believe that elections are determined, by and large, by what 
people think they're about. So that if people believe this is really 
about building the future of our dreams for our children, if they 
believe we have to empower everyone, if they believe we all do better 
when we work together, if they believe that the ideas that work are the 
ones that ought to be embraced instead of the ones that sound good in 5-
second sound bytes, then we'll win the White House, and we'll win the 
Senate, and we'll win the House, not because it's us but because of you 
and the future you want for yourselves and your children.
    Martin Luther King once said, ``The arc of history is long, but it 
bends toward justice.'' It's a wonderful, eloquent line, and a lot of 
people said, ``It's a wonderful, eloquent line, but it may not be true. 
Look at all the horrible things that happened in the 20th century.'' 
There is a new book out by Robert Wright, called ``Non Zero.'' Some of 
you may have read it. But essentially what he argues is that as 
societies become more complex and people grow more interdependent, all 

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