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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, September 18, 1995
Volume 31--Number 37
Pages 1531-1567

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Weekly Compilation of



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Addresses and Remarks

    AmeriCorps, first anniversary--1546
    Bosnia, agreement to end air strikes--1563
    Education teleconference--1548
    Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, normalization 
    Illinois, Southern Illinois University in Carbondale--1534, 1541
    Legislative agenda--1552
    Maryland, National Family Partnership in Elkridge--1557
    NCAA champion California State University at Fullerton baseball 
    Radio address--1531

Communications to Federal Agencies

    Career Transition Assistance for Federal Employees, memorandum--1553
    Trading With the Enemy Act, memorandum--1532

Executive Orders

    Further Amendment to Executive Order No. 12864--1563

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchanges with reporters
        Briefing Room--1563

Interviews With the News Media--Continued

        Cabinet Room--1546, 1552
        Oval Office--1561
        Roosevelt Room--1548


    America Goes Back to School--1533
    Classical Music Month--1534
    National Farm Safety and Health Week--1560
    National Hispanic Heritage Month--1562
    To Establish a Tariff-Rate Quota on Certain Tobacco, Eliminate 
        Tariffs on Certain Other Tobacco, and for Other Purposes--1554

Statements by the President

    Commission on Immigration Reform--1553
    Death of former Congressman Jamie Whitten--1532
    Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia agreement--1560

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--1567
    Checklist of White House press releases--1567
    Digest of other White House announcements--1565
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--1566


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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, September 18, 1995
Volume 31--Number 37
Pages 1531-1567
Week Ending Friday, September 15, 1995
The President's Radio Address

September 9, 1995

    Good morning. As a candidate for President, I pledged to end welfare 
as we know it. And as President, I've been doing everything in my power 
to keep that pledge.
    Earlier, for more than 15 years, first as Governor of Arkansas and 
later when I became President, I have always felt it was critically 
important to fix our broken welfare system. It doesn't honor our values 
of work and family and personal responsibility. Well, it's been a long 
time coming, but finally the Senate is taking up this issue.
    Meanwhile, over the last 2\1/2\ years, while I've been urging 
Congress to act, my administration has worked as hard as we can to 
change the welfare system by executive action in a way that honors the 
values most Americans hold dear: work, responsibility, and family. We've 
put tough child support enforcement at the center of the national 
debate. Our administration collected a record level of child support in 
1994--$10 billion. And I signed a tough Executive order to crack down on 
Federal employees who owe child support.
    We've also cut through Federal redtape to speed up welfare reform 
all around the country by approving experiments in a record 34 States. 
Just through these experiments, 7 million recipients of welfare around 
the country are now being required to work, pay child support, live at 
home, and stay in school or earn a paycheck from a business that pays 
them with money that used to be spent on food stamps and welfare. Now, I 
have told all 50 States they can have these welfare reforms immediately, 
within 30 days, just by asking.
    Next week, it's the Senate's turn to do its part. The current system 
must be replaced. Instead of requiring people to work, now it penalizes 
people who go to work. Instead of strengthening families, now it gives 
teenagers a separate check to leave home, leave school, and set up their 
own households. Instead of demanding responsibility, it lets too many 
parents who owe child support just walk away without paying. That's not 
right, and it's time to change it.
    But we should do this the right way, not the wrong way. Real reform, 
first and foremost, must be about work. We should impose time limits and 
tough work requirements while making sure that parents get the child 
care they need to go to work. We should reward States for putting people 
to work, not for cutting people off. We will only succeed if we move 
people from welfare to work.
    But real welfare reform is also about family. That means putting in 
place the toughest possible child support enforcement. It means 
requiring teen mothers to live at home, to stay in school, to turn their 
lives around. But it doesn't mean punishing children for the mistakes of 
their parents.
    And finally, welfare reform must be about responsibility. States 
have a responsibility to maintain their own efforts to move people from 
welfare to work. That way we can have a race to independence, not a race 
to the bottom. And individuals have a responsibility to work in return 
for the help they receive. It's time to make welfare a second chance, 
not a way of life. It's time to make responsibility a way of life.
    Let me be clear: Some differences still remain between the 
congressional proposals and me. But we must find common ground, and 
soon. Look how far we've come already. Not long ago, some conservatives 
were talking about putting young people in orphanages. And not long ago, 
many liberals opposed requiring welfare recipients to work. But we've 
reached consensus on these issues. Now we need to go the final mile.
    We've stood at the brink of welfare reform before. But for too long, 
American people have been frustrated by demands for ideological purity, 
by politicians who put their

[[Page 1532]]

personal ambitions first. Millions of people who are trapped in the 
system and millions more taxpayers who pay the tab have suffered as a 
result. We can't let that happen again.
    This is a time to deliver for the American people, not to pander to 
extremists who have held us back for too long. We can't let welfare 
reform die at the hands of ideological extremism or Presidential 
politics or budget politics. If welfare reform gets caught up in the 
whirlpool of the budget debate, we run the risk that it might drown.
    This is an historic moment. For 30 years, under both Democratic and 
Republican leadership, we've been saddled with a broken welfare system. 
Now we've got a real chance to reach common ground and higher ground. 
The Senators owe it to the people who sent them to Washington not to let 
this opportunity slip away by doing the wrong thing or by failing to act 
at all. The American people have waited long enough.
    Next week, let's end the old system that fosters dependence, and 
let's give the American people a new one based on independence, work, 
responsibility, and family.
    Thanks for listening.

Note: The President spoke at 10:06 a.m. from the Oval Office at the 
White House.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 1532]
Monday, September 18, 1995
Volume 31--Number 37
Pages 1531-1567
Week Ending Friday, September 15, 1995
Statement on the Death of Former Congressman Jamie Whitten

September 9, 1995

    It is with deep regret that I learned today of the death of former 
Congressman and Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee Jamie 
Whitten. Congressman Whitten served Mississippi and our country in 
Congress for 53 years, longer than any other person in the history of 
this Republic. He was literally an institution himself within one of the 
most important of our democratic institutions.
    Throughout his long service and especially as chairman of the House 
Appropriations Committee from the 96th Congress through the 100th 
Congress, Congressman Whitten dedicated himself to the concerns of the 
hard-working people of this country. He worked tirelessly on behalf of 
America's farmers, especially our family farmers, and he never gave up 
working to build more opportunity for all Americans willing to make the 
most of their own lives.
    The people of the United States and of Mississippi will miss Jamie 
Whitten. Hillary and I send our sympathies to his family and loved ones.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 1532-1533]
Monday, September 18, 1995
Volume 31--Number 37
Pages 1531-1567
Week Ending Friday, September 15, 1995
Memorandum on the Trading With the Enemy Act

September 8, 1995

Presidential Determination No. 95-41

Memorandum for the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury

Subject: Extension of the Exercise of Certain Authorities Under the 
Trading With the Enemy Act

    Under section 101(b) of Public Law 95-223 (91 Stat. 1625; 50 U.S.C. 
App. 5(b) note), and a previous determination made by me on September 8, 
1994 (59 FR 47229), the exercise of certain authorities under the 
Trading With the Enemy Act is scheduled to terminate on September 14, 
    I hereby determine that the extension for one year of the exercise 
of those authorities with respect to the applicable countries is in the 
national interest of the United States.
    Therefore, pursuant to the authority vested in me by section 101(b) 
of Public Law 95-223, I extend for one year, until September 14, 1996, 
the exercise of those authorities with respect to countries affected by:
    (1) the Foreign Assets Control Regulations, 31 CFR Part 500;
    (2) the Transaction Control Regulations, 31 CFR Part 505; and
    (3) the Cuban Assets Control Regulations, 31 CFR Part 515.
    The Secretary of the Treasury is directed to publish this 

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