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Monday, July 19, 2004


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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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 Addresses and Remarks

    See also Bill Signings
    Florida, National Training Conference on Human Trafficking in 
    Michigan, remarks in Marquette--1260
    Minnesota, remarks in Duluth--1266
        Lancaster, remarks--1237
        York, remarks--1247
    Radio address--1253
    Tennessee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge--1254
         Ashwaubenon, remarks--1299
         Fond du Lac, discussion--1279
         Waukesha, remarks--1272

 Bill Signings

    AGOA Acceleration Act of 2004, remarks--1258
    Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act, remarks--1305

 Communications to Congress

    Budget amendments, letter transmitting--1305
    Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States 
        Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction, letter on funding--1312

 Communications to Congress--Continued

    Netherlands-U.S. convention on taxation, message transmitting 
    U.S.-Morocco Free Trade Agreement, message transmitting legislation 
        to implement--1308

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchanges with reporters
        Oshkosh, WI--1298
        West Bend, WI--1279

Joint Statements

    United States of America and Mongolia--1307

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    Mongolia, President Bagabandi--1307

Statements by the President

        Passage of the ``Project BioShield Act of 2004''--1299
        Senate action to block a constitutional amendment on marriage--

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--1315
    Checklist of White House press releases--1315
    Digest of other White House announcements--1313
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--1315

  Editor's Note: The President was in Beckley, WV, on July 16, the 
closing date of this issue. Releases and announcements issued by the 
Office of the Press Secretary but not received in time for inclusion in 
this issue will be printed next week.

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Pages 1237	1315
Week Ending Friday, July 16, 2004
Remarks in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

July 9, 2004

    The President. Thank you all for coming. Thanks for having me. 
Please be seated, unless, of course, you don't have a seat. [Laughter] 
What a spectacular drive in here. As you know, we're on a bus, and it's 
hard to park a bus in a small parking lot, by the way. [Laughter] But we 
drove through this beautiful countryside and saw thousands of your 
fellow citizens there. They were so warm and gracious in their 
hospitality. I'm sorry they're all not here so I can thank them in 
person. Hopefully, somebody is recording this on a TV camera so they'll 
hear my thanks. But it is a really--what a special part of the world. 
And thanks for having me.
    I'm here to talk about the fact that I'd like to be reelected 
President for a reason. You know, I love holding the office. It's--got a 
nice airplane to fly on and--[laughter]--housing is good. [Laughter] But 
I want to serve for 4 more years because I want the country to be safer, 
stronger, and better. I have a reason to ask for your vote.
    And I'm going to spend a lot of time in Pennsylvania because I want 
to carry Pennsylvania this time. It's an important State. And we're 
going to--and we're going to.
    I'm sorry that Laura is not with me. She's a fabulous First Lady, a 
great wife, and a wonderful mother--of my daughter, Jenna, who is 
traveling with me today, University of Texas grad. How about that--in 4 
years. [Laughter] Laura sends her best. She's campaigning herself. She 
is a--she's come to realize what I know in that you can make a 
difference in people's lives in so many different ways in the positions 
that we're honored to hold.
    I remember the time she gave the Afghan radio address--radio 
address, my radio address, and talked about women in Afghanistan. And it 
was such a comforting and reassuring voice, I'm sure, for the women 
there who had been so brutalized by the Taliban to hear the First Lady 
speak. But the feedback from the radio address was really good. And 
she--I remember her coming back upstairs in the White House and saying, 
``Gosh, they heard me.'' People heard that somebody in America cares for 
them, that when we talk about young girls in America and our desire for 
them to be able to realize their dreams, we also said the same thing 
about young girls in Afghanistan. And that message resonated. And Laura 
was the messenger, and it made such a difference to those ladies and 
women in Afghanistan who heard her voice that it, in return, made a 
great difference for her. She knows what I know: One, it's a honor to 
serve our country; and secondly, you have an opportunity to affect 
people's lives in a positive way. And that's exactly what she's doing.
    I want to thank Joe Pitts for introducing me. Joe is a good, strong, 
solid United States Congressman with a lot of integrity and a lot of 
decency, and I'm proud to serve with him. I just want to thank you, Joe, 
very much.
    I'm traveling with the United States senior Senator Arlen Specter. 
I'm proud to be traveling with him. I hope he wins, and I'd like you to 
support him. We discarded Santorum somewhere up the road. [Laughter] 
Actually, he's off to York to greet us there, which is our next stop.
    I want to thank very much members of the statehouse who are here, 
particularly State Senator Noah Wenger. I'm honored you're here, 
senator. Thank you for coming. I also want to thank--thanks for being 
here. State Senator Charlie Dent, who has tossed his hat in the ring for 
the United States Congress, is traveling today, as is congressional 
candidate Scott Paterno. Thank you for coming, Scott, appreciate you 
being here.
    I know we've got some grassroots activists who are here. Those are 
the people who are actually going to turn out the vote and do all the 
work. My job is to set the vision and

[[Page 1238]]

explain to people what I want to do for 4 more years. And the grassroots 
activists' jobs are to find those who are willing to vote. I think 
there's a lot of potential voters here, at least it seems like it. There 
was a lot of signs on the road--[laughter]--a lot of friendly waves. So 
I hope you garner them up and remind them that we all have a duty to do 
in a democracy and get them to the polls, turn them out, register 
people. We've got a web site, georgewbush.com, which is a place where 
you can sign up and get some marching orders and gives you something to 
do if you're interested in helping in the campaign.
    I spend a lot of time thanking people who are campaigning on our 
behalf because I know it's hard work and it takes time out of your busy 
lives. And so the first thing I want to do is, for those who are willing 
to help Dick Cheney and me, I want to thank you very much for what 
you're doing. It makes a difference. And I'm confident--I'm confident 
our work will pay off come November 2d of this year.
    You're probably wondering why would you--I mean, I imagine we could 
have drawn thousands of people. As a matter of fact, tonight in York, we 
are going to have a giant crowd. But why would you forgo a big crowd to 
come to this entrepreneurial haven to talk about the issues confronting 
the country? And the answer is, is because this is a perfect example of 
what I try to talk about when it comes to the economy. That's why I'm 
here. I'm here because our country's economy is strong, because the 
entrepreneurial spirit is strong. And the entrepreneurial spirit is 
alive and well in this company, see. This is a small business that 
succeeds because the owners and the fellow workers work hard to make it 
succeed. It doesn't succeed because of business--I mean Government. It 
succeeds because of the business acumen of the people running this 
    And so I want to thank very much the Lapp family for their 
hospitality. I am honored that you would host me today. It's not easy to 
host people called President. [Laughter] It's just about--5 buses, 4 
vans, 200 policemen, and here we are. [Laughter]
    I want to thank Greg and Tim. Those are the Lapp boys. They bought 
the business from their dad, who is with us as well, and Mom. Thank you 
all for being here. It was a wise decision. There's nothing wrong with a 
couple of brothers following in a father's footsteps. [Laughter]
    I told you one of the things I'm running for is to make the country 
stronger. A strong country really starts with having a country which 
economy is healthy. That's a strong country. If you got a strong 
economy, you've got a strong country. It means people are able to work.
    We had a tough time for a while, because the country was in 
recession. That means it wasn't growing. It means it was going 
backwards. It means employees were wondering whether or not they were 
going to be working the next day. It means small-business owners are 
wondering whether or not they want to invest capital at all. In other 
words, you don't grow unless you invest capital. People were nervous 
during the recession.
    Then we got attacked, and I'm going to talk a little bit about 
making America safer. But we got attacked on September the 11th. It hurt 
our economy. In other words, you're in a recession; then we have an 
attack. And the attack cost us a lot. It cost us dollars. It reminded us 
that the world has changed dramatically from the world that we thought 
we lived in. It was a tough moment in the history of this country. Yet 
it was a moment that we were able to overcome, because the great 
strength of America is the people of the country. They refused to be 
intimidated by terrorists. The entrepreneurs of our country, although 
set back some, still had that spirit within them, the desire to grow 
their businesses and to provide employment opportunities for people.
    Then we discovered something else which hurt us, and that was that 
some of our citizens forgot to tell the truth, that they were given 
positions of responsibility and they weren't responsible citizens. And 
we uncovered corporate scandals. And we acted, by the way. Instead of 
wringing our hands trying to figure out what to do, we got together with 
the Congress, passed tough laws. The message is clear now that we will 
not tolerate dishonesty in the boardrooms of America, that we expect 
responsible behavior for those who are in positions of responsibility.

[[Page 1239]]

    And then another subject I'll talk about here in a minute: I made 
some tough decisions to defend the country, and we went to war. During a 
period of war, it's hard for the economy to grow because people don't 
feel confident. The concept of war is negative, not positive. I don't 
know if you remember, but we used to have on our TV screens ``March to 
War.'' And if you're a small-business owner or a big-business owner, 
when you're thinking you're marching to war, there's a sense of 
uncertainty with that. People don't want to invest in an uncertain 
    All these became hurdles for our economy. We overcame them. I'm 
confident one of the reasons we overcame them is because we cut the 
taxes on the people who work in America. We let people keep more of 
their own money. I say we overcame them--you'd expect me to say that; 
it's an election year. But others say it too. After all, the economy is 
strong right now. It's growing and getting stronger. Obviously, there's 
more to do, but it's growing. Listen, we added 1.5 million jobs since 
last August. That's a good sign.
    Pennsylvania's unemployment rate is 5.1 percent. That's good news 

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