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Monday, September 20, 2004


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        United States in Las Vegas--1987
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 Communications to Congress

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        protocol amending--1980
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    Presidential Determination on Major Drug Transit or Major Illicit 
        Drug Producing Countries for FY05--1998


    Citizenship Day and Constitution Week--2032
    National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month--1949
    National Days of Prayer and Remembrance--1951
    National Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week--1993
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Week Ending Friday, September 17, 2004
Remarks in a Discussion in Portsmouth, Ohio

September 10, 2004

    The President. Thank you all for coming. I appreciate you all. 
Thanks. Be seated. I got some work I got to do here. [Laughter] First, 
thank you all for coming. I've got an interesting way of explaining 
today why I have made some decisions I made and what I intend to do to 
lead this country for 4 more years. I've asked some of our fellow 
citizens to come and share with us some stories that may help people in 
this part of the world understand about why we do what we do in this 
    First of all, I want to tell you I'm here to ask for the vote. See, 
I believe you got to get out among the people and ask for the vote. And 
I want to thank you all for coming. I appreciate you being here. I'm 
glad you invited me to come here to Portsmouth. The murals are 
fantastic. They are beautiful. They said, ``You got to see the murals.'' 
I said, ``Okay, take me by them.'' [Laughter] And I'm glad they did. 
It's beautiful. What a special part of your city. Thanks for sharing 
them with me.
    I want to thank--by the way, I always thought Roy Rogers was from 
Texas. [Laughter] I know, I'm wrong. [Laughter] I'm sorry Laura is not 
    Audience members. Aw-w-w!
    The President. I know. We got on the bus and Zell, who is a 
wonderful fellow and a great friend, says to me, ``You'd be wise if you 
took Laura with you.'' I said, ``Well, I know, Zell, but she went to two 
other States.'' She's out campaigning. She's a fabulous woman. You're 
not going to believe this, but--we're about to talk to some 
schoolteachers here--when I asked Laura to marry me, she was a public 
school librarian.
    Audience members. [Inaudible]

    The President. Public school librarians for Laura here. [Laughter] 
And so, of course, I went through the traditional, ``Will you marry 
me?'' And she said, ``Yes, just so long as I don't have to give any 
political speeches.'' [Laughter] I said, ``Okay, that's fine with me. 
You won't have to give any political speeches.'' Fortunately, she didn't 
hold me to that promise. [Laughter] She gave a heck of a speech the 
other night in New York City. She sends her love and sends her best.
    And Zell gave a heck of a speech the other night too. The way I'd 
like to summarize his speech is that it's okay for a Democrat to support 
me for President. And if you're interested in a stronger America, a 
safer America, and a better America, put Dick Cheney and me back into 
office. And I appreciate you being here. I want to thank my friend for 
    I know there's a lot of--[applause]--thank you all. Remember I've 
got some work I got to do, because I want to answer some of your 
questions too. I appreciate the cheers, but let me do my work. 
[Laughter] See, I know this part of the world is like parts of Georgia 
and like parts of Texas, where there's a lot of what we call discerning 
Democrats who--with whom we share a lot. That's what Zell was saying. He 
was saying to people in this part of the world, ``It's okay if you're a 
Democrat to pull the Bush-Cheney lever.'' And we welcome Democrats into 
this election. We want Democrat votes. And so when you're out 
registering to vote, register our fellow Democrats. Register them, and 
turn them out to vote.
    And that's another reason I've come today. I'm asking for your help. 
I hope that you get out and do our duty as citizens and participate in 
the process, register people, and encourage people to go to the polls. 
Tell them we've got a duty in this country to vote. And that's what I'm 
here to ask you to do, and I appreciate your willingness to work and 
turn out the vote. When you do, we're going

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to carry Ohio again and win a great victory in November.
    I want to thank Rita Rice Morris, the president of Shawnee State, a 
University of Opportunity. I appreciate you coming. Rita, thank you.
    A little later on, you'll hear me talking about how this is a 
changing America, and Government must recognize that. One of the things 
that's changing here is that in order to find high-paying, quality jobs, 
you've got to have a college degree. Most new jobs in America require 2 
years of college. One in four of our students gets there, which means 
Government must do a better job of intervening early in high schools to 
help at-risk students, emphasizing math and science so people will have 
the skill base necessary to fill the jobs of the 21st century, raising 
standards, but also expanding Pell grants so low- and middle-income 
families will be able to send their kids to college and they can start 
with a college degree--start their career with a college degree. And I 
appreciate you coming, Madam President.
    What I'm telling you is, we're going to make our job training 
relevant so we help our workers. We're going to help them in high 
school. We're going to help in the community college as well to gain the 
skills necessary to fill the jobs that are now growing here in America. 
And so this is a great place for us to come and talk about jobs and job 
skills, right here at a place that's training people for the jobs of the 
21st century. I'm proud of your leadership. Thank you for having us.
    I want to thank my friend Rob Portman, Congressman Rob Portman. He's 
a--here's typical Portman. He says, ``Take credit for the visitors 
center.'' I said, ``Wait a minute. You did all the hard lifting. All I 
did was see to it that it happened.'' I want to thank the Congressman 
very much for his work. He cares a lot about the people in this city. 
You're just getting to know him here. You're getting to see a really 
fine guy. He's really a good, solid American.
    I want to thank Mike DeWine, the Senator from the great State of 
Ohio. Where are you, Mike? Probably making a phone call. [Laughter] I 
want to thank Voinovich, who is not here, but listen, put him back in 
office. George Voinovich is a great United States Senator. Proud to work 
with him.
    Doug White is with us from the statehouse. Anybody else from the 
statehouse here, I want to thank you all for coming. Appreciate you 
serving the folks here in this part of the world in the statehouse of 
    I want to thank the mayor, Jim Kalb, for being here. Mr. Mayor, I'm 
honored you're here. Appreciate you taking time.
    I want to thank Anthony Munoz, mi amigo. Thank you for coming. I met 
your daughter the other day. Yes, Tennessee basketball star. Anthony is 
a great guy. He's helping me in the campaign. He's helping to invigorate 
the grassroots. Those are the people who put up the signs and make the 
phone calls and do all the hard work. You're grassroots, I can tell it 
looking right here. But I appreciate your hard work.
    Listen, I had the honor today of meeting with folks from the Piketon 
plant. We got a management guy; we got the head of the union with us, 
two other hard workers. Actually, there are going to be three other 
workers--about to talk to one in a minute. But these four people came on 
the bus. I stopped the bus in the middle of town; they hopped on. 
[Laughter] And we talked about--let me tell you something about what I 
    First of all, I heard that I fulfilled a promise. In the 2000 
campaign, I said we'd do everything we can to keep the Piketon jobs 
available. Not only the jobs there--this is an expanding operation. I'll 
tell you why it's expanding. It's got enlightened management and 
enlightened leadership. These are people who work together for the good 
of the workforce and, as they do so, working for the good of the 
country. And I appreciate the leadership of the folks at Piketon, and I 
want to thank you for what you're doing. And welcome.
    I'm going to first talk a little bit about our economy in a changing 
world and how we're going to deal with it. And then I'm going to talk 
about how to keep the country safe. As you get out and gather up the 
vote, remind people that this economy has been through a heck of a lot 
recently. We've been through a recession. We've been through corporate 
scandals, and those corporate scandals hurt us. They did, because a lot 
of our

[[Page 1927]]

economy depends upon trust, and when you have people who are supposedly 
writing good numbers down on paper violating that trust, it causes 
people to wonder. The message is clear now in America: We're not going 
to tolerate dishonesty in the boardrooms of this country. We're going to 
hold people to account. That attack on September the 11th hurt us. Make 
no mistake about it, it hurt this economy--estimates of a million jobs 
lost in the 3 months after the attack. That meant people weren't 
working. That matters to me.
    And we've overcome those obstacles. That's what I want you to tell 
your friends and neighbors. We have been through a lot, but we're 
overcoming the obstacles. I'll tell you why I think we have: One, we got 

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