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Monday, January 22, 1996
Volume 32--Number 3
Pages 57-81

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Addresses and Remarks

    Bosnia-Herzegovina, American troops at Tuzla Airfield--67
    Croatia, arrival in Zagreb--70
    Federal budget negotiations--75
    Georgia, Martin Luther King, Jr., commemorative service in Atlanta--
    Hungary, American troops at Taszar Air Base--63
    Italy, American troops at Aviano Air Base--62
    Ohio Democratic caucuses, teleconference--57
    Radio address--65
    Tennessee, fundraising luncheon in Nashville--58

Communications to Congress

    Middle East peace process, letter on continuation of emergency with 
        respect to terrorists--78

Communications to Federal Agencies

    Missing persons and missing children, memorandum--79

Executive Orders

    Establishing the Armed Forces Service Medal--62
    International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural 

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchanges with reporters

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    Bosnia-Herzegovina, President Izetbegovic--69
    Hungary, President Goncz--66


    Continuation of Emergency Regarding Terrorists Who Threaten To 
        Disrupt the Middle East Peace Process--77

Statements by the President

    Death of Barbara Jordan--75
    Federal Reserve Board, decision of Alan Blinder not to seek a second 
        term as Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors--75
    Missing persons and missing children--78

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--81
    Checklist of White House press releases--81
    Digest of other White House announcements--80
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--81


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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, January 22, 1996
Volume 32--Number 3
Pages 57-81
Week Ending Friday, January 19, 1996
Remarks in a Teleconference With Ohio Democratic Caucuses

January 11, 1996

    I want to say hello to all of you in Ohio, and especially--
[applause]--can you hear me? [Applause] That's great.
    I want to thank your party chair, David Leland, and Senator John 
Glenn and your former party chair, Jim Ruvolo, for all of your hard work 
in organizing tonight's caucuses. And I want to thank all of you for 
signing on to help us tonight.
    We've got people there, I know, from all across Ohio: in Cleveland 
and Greenville; in Columbus and New Philadelphia; Cincinnati and 
Waverly; in Dayton, where the Bosnian peace agreement was made; in 
Marion; Toledo and Milan; in Youngstown and Springfield; in Canton and 
Mentor; and Akron and Lorain. To all of you, thank you very much.
    You all know that Ohio is very special to me. The Ohio primaries put 
me over the top on the road to the Democratic nomination. And Ohio's 
delegates put me over the top for the nomination at the convention in 
New York City in 1992. And of course, on November 4th, 1992, it was the 
electoral votes of the State of Ohio that put me over the top in the 
electoral college. So I know how much I owe to the State of Ohio and to 
all of you in particular. And I thank you for everything you have done 
and for your commitment to help us in the months ahead.
    Every American knows that we are living in a time of great change. 
We're moving toward a new century. We're moving from the industrial to 
the information and technology age. We're moving from the cold war to 
the global village. This is a time of immense possibility and great 
challenge for our country.
    I think all of you know that when I ran for President it was to 
address these challenges and to take advantage of these possibilities; 
to restore the American dream, to make the American people a stronger 
community, and to preserve our leadership as a great force for peace and 
freedom around the world. And we've done that with a simple strategy: 
grow the economy; give the American people a smaller, better Government; 
and restore mainstream values in our national life.
    If you look at the Ohio economy, if you look at the national 
economy, we've cut the deficit in half. We've expanded trade to record 
levels. We've invested in the education of the American people and their 
technological future. And look what we've got: almost 8 million jobs, a 
15-year high in home ownership, a 27-year low in the combined rates of 
unemployment and inflation. Unemployment is down in Ohio from 7 percent 
to under 5 percent. In Ohio, you've got almost 300,000 new private 
sector jobs. And the debt has been cut over $15,000 for every family of 
four in Ohio.
    We changed the way this Government works. Do you know there are more 
than 200,000 fewer people working for the Federal Government than there 
were when I became President, thanks to the work the Democrats did to 
make Government more effective and fairer?
    And most important of all, we're being more true to our values. We 
passed a tough crime bill, and that helped people all across America to 
bring the crime rate down. We've given States all over America the 
freedom to move people from welfare to work. And the welfare rolls are 
down. The food stamp rolls are down. The poverty rolls are down. The 
teen pregnancy rolls are down. These are things the American people did, 
but our policies, the crime bill, the welfare reform, they have helped.
    You know we have challenges ahead, but the only way we can meet them 
is to keep moving in the direction that we're going. And I know that 
everyone in Ohio must be so proud that Ohio was the place with the eyes 
of the world watching where the peace in

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Bosnia was made, to go with the progress that our country has made in 
the Middle East, in Northern Ireland, and reducing the nuclear threat. 
That's a record we can all be proud of, a record we can all be proud to 
run on and run with, and embrace and bring people to the Democratic 
Party with.
    Now, if you look at this budget fight we're having in Congress 
today, it's another example of what I've been working for since 1993 
when I became your President. I want to balance the budget. If it 
weren't for the debt run up in the 12 years before I became President, 
the interest payments on that, we'd have a balanced budget today. I have 
worked hard, in good faith to reach an agreement with the Congress. But 
you know, this is not about numbers. We have already identified more 
than enough cuts to balance the budget and give a modest tax cut. This 
is about whether we're going to protect Medicare, Medicaid, our 
investments in education, our environment, whether we're going to 
protect working families from having their taxes increased while others 
get a tax cut. That's what I'm fighting for, for an America in the 
future that you can be proud of, that will be worthy of the support that 
I received from the people of Ohio.
    I want every child in the State of Ohio and in the United States to 
be able to look forward to a brighter future. That's what I'm working 
for. I think you can go out in the State and say, look at where we were 
in 1992; look at where we are today; look at where we have to go.
    If you'll do that, we'll work together, we'll win a victory, but 
more importantly, the people of our country will win a victory.
    Thank you, and God bless you all.

Note: The President spoke at 7:52 p.m. from the Oval Office at the White 
House. This item was not received in time for publication in the 
appropriate issue.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, January 22, 1996
Volume 32--Number 3
Pages 57-81
Week Ending Friday, January 19, 1996
Remarks at a Fundraising Luncheon in Nashville, Tennessee

January 12, 1996

    Thank you so much, Mr. Vice President, Governor McWherter, Senator 
and Mrs. Gore. Senator and Mrs. Sasser--they'll do a great job for our 
country in China. Senator and Mrs. Mathews and to Congressman Gordon, 
Congressman Clement, and Congressman Tanner, and former Congressman Jim 
Cooper is here with us. I'm glad to see all of you here. To the mayors 
who are here, my good friend Wayne Glen and to other people who are here 
from all over Tennessee and from all walks of life. And Marilyn Lloyd, I 
think, is here somewhere. Where is she? Former Congresswoman.
    And let me say to all of you that I sure like that speech Al Gore 
gave. I want all of you from Tennessee to know that when the record of 
this administration has been written, the consequences of our actions 
may be only apparent to the American people in their positive aspects 
years from now. But one thing is already clear. In the entire history of 
our Republic, the most effective, the most important Vice President in 
American history is Al Gore.
    He has overseen our efforts to reform our environmental laws so that 
we could be better at growing the economy and preserving the environment 
at the same time. He is developing a plan that will have our country 
work in partnership with the private sector to hook up every student in 
America to the Internet with good software, good computers, good 
training, just in the next few years.
    He has managed a permanent relationship with the Prime Minister of 
Russia which has reinforced the positive direction in which we are going 
and which has helped us to lift the cloud of nuclear threat from the 
American people since we've been here. For the first time since the dawn 
of the nuclear age, there is not a single, solitary nuclear missile 
pointed at an American child, and I am proud of that.
    While our friends on the other side talked about not liking big 
Government, wanting to give more power to States and localities in the 
private sector, in a very quiet and straightforward and effective way 
the Vice President has helped us to reduce the size of the Federal 
Government by over 200,000.
    And when you hear your Republican friends back in your neighborhood 
saying that the Democrats are the party of big Government, ask them, 
``Well, if that's so, why is the Government now the smallest it's been

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since 1965? If that's so, why is the Government, as a percentage of the 
civilian work force, the smallest it's been since 1933? If that's so, 
why are they dismantling 16,000 pages of unnecessary Government 
regulations put in by Republican executives who were there before we 
    If all that is so, how did this happen? It happened because it's not 
so, because a big part of what we came to do was to give you a smaller, 
more effective Government, but we did not go to Washington to walk away 
from the American people and their future. And we have no intention of 
doing that.
    Let me say, I know that all the publicity in Washington that's 
coming down here to you is all this debate over the budget. And it's 
being kind of, is it a horserace and who's giving up what and are they 
going to get a deal or not, and all that sort of thing. I understand 

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