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Monday, July 22, 1996
Volume 32--Number 29
Pages 1241-1295

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Addresses and Remarks

    Aircraft tragedy in East Moriches, NY--1280
    American Legion Boys and Girls Nation--1282
    Friends of Art and Preservation in Embassies--1273
    National Governors' Association conference--1255
    Neighborhood watch groups, donation of cellular telephones--1271
    Radio address--1241
    Senator Mark Hatfield, retirement dinner--1289
    U.S. Agricultural Communicators Congress--1258
    U.S. Olympic team in Atlanta, GA--1291
    Women's Leadership Forum--1275

Bill Signings

    Bulgaria, legislation authorizing most-favored-nation trade status, 

Communications to Congress

    Bulgaria, message on trade--1274
    President's Advisory Board on Arms Proliferation Policy, message 
        transmitting report--1275

Communications to Federal Agencies

    Work requirements initiative, memorandum--1266

Executive Orders

    Critical Infrastructure Protection--1242
    Establishing an Emergency Board To Investigate a Dispute Between the 
        Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and Their 
        Employees Represented by the Brotherhood of Locomotive 
    Federal Information Technology--1266

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchange with reporters in the Briefing Room--1280
    Interview with Tom Brokaw of MSNBC's ``InterNight''--1245


    Captive Nations Week--1290

Statements by the President

    See also Bill Signings
    Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act, implementation of title 
    Death of John Chancellor--1242

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--1295
    Checklist of White House press releases--1294
    Digest of other White House announcements--1293
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--1295

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date of this issue. Releases and announcements issued by the Office of 
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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, July 22, 1996
Volume 32--Number 29
Pages 1241-1295
Week Ending Friday, July 19, 1996
The President's Radio Address

July 13, 1996

    Good morning. As we prepare to meet the demands of the 21st century, 
I believe our goal must be to offer opportunity to all Americans, to 
demand responsibility from all Americans, and to come together as a 
community to strengthen our shared values and to build a better future 
together. That is how we will meet our challenges.
    This past week, those values were at work on Capitol Hill. Democrats 
and Republicans produced a bipartisan breakthrough for those Americans 
working hard to make the most of their own lives. On Tuesday, the Senate 
voted to pass a 90-cent increase in the minimum wage.
    It's about time. You can't raise a family on $4.25 an hour, and if 
we don't raise it, the minimum wage will fall to a 40-year low this year 
in terms of what it will buy. So I congratulate the Republican Members 
of Congress who joined with the Democrats to honor work and family, 
opportunity and responsibility, by voting to give minimum wage workers a 
raise. They should send me the final legislation quickly, without delay. 
That will be a victory for both parties and, more important, for all 
working Americans.
    The passage of the minimum wage shows what can happen when we're 
united, when we reach across party lines, when we work together. This 
can signify a new spirit of cooperation coming from Capitol Hill. If we 
continue this spirit, we can meet our other challenges as well.
    No challenge is more important than replacing our broken welfare 
system. Throughout my Presidency I've been determined to enact reform 
that requires welfare recipients to work, provides child care, imposes 
time limits, strengthens child support enforcement by cracking down on 
deadbeat parents, requires teen mothers to stay in school as a condition 
of welfare. When necessary, I've acted without Congress. Our 
administration has approved 67 separate welfare reform experiments in 40 
States to move people from welfare to work. Fully three-quarters of all 
welfare recipients are living under new rules right now. The New York 
Times has called it a quiet revolution in welfare. Today, 1.3 million 
fewer people are on welfare than the day I took office, and child 
support collections are up 40 percent.
    For 3\1/2\ years I've worked with Congress to craft legislation that 
replaces welfare with work. For months, the Republicans insisted that 
welfare reform be attached to a plan I strongly feel is misguided, to 
repeal Medicaid's guarantee of quality health care for elderly 
Americans, poor children, pregnant women, and people with disabilities. 
I'm determined to make welfare reform the law of the land, but I've also 
made it clear that I will not allow Medicaid to be destroyed, and I 
don't care what bill it's attached to.
    This week the Republican leaders in Congress announced that they are 
ready to work with me to pass a straightforward welfare reform bill that 
I can sign into law, instead of sending me legislation they know I'll 
veto. This can be a real breakthrough, a genuine turning point. We are 
very close to replacing a broken welfare system with one that requires 
work, offers opportunity, and demands responsibility. If we work hard 
and work together we should now be able to pass real welfare reform, and 
do it very soon.
    Already bipartisan legislation has been proposed in the Senate by 
Democrat John Breaux and Republican John Chafee and in the House by 
Republican Mike Castle and Democrat John Tanner. These are good, strong 
bills. They would end welfare as we know it. They should be the basis 
for quick agreement between the parties. And I look forward to having a 
bipartisan welfare reform bill within the next month.
    We should also extend this same spirit to our other pressing 
challenges as well. We

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should pass the Kassebaum-Kennedy health insurance reform bill which 
could benefit 25 million Americans by saying that you don't lose your 
health insurance when you change jobs or just because someone in your 
family has been sick. In its strongest form, this bill passed the Senate 
unanimously. But for months it slowed to a crawl as Republicans insisted 
on an untested and unlimited proposal for so-called medical savings 
accounts that have nothing to do with the fundamental purposes of 
Kennedy-Kassebaum reforms. So I urge them to reject the political games, 
and let's come to a quick agreement.
    We should also reform our illegal immigration laws. I support 
legislation that builds on our efforts to restore the rule of law to our 
borders, ensures that American jobs are reserved for legal workers, and 
boosts deportation of criminal aliens. But some insist on kicking the 
children of illegal immigrants out of school. Every major law 
enforcement organization says this could lead to more crime. So let's 
put aside this punitive measure and reform our illegal immigration laws 
    It's no secret that this is a political year. And there will be 
plenty of time to discuss our differences in the months to come. But our 
Nation faces challenges that cannot wait until November, real welfare 
reform, a minimum wage increase, access to health insurance, stronger 
immigration laws. We can achieve all these things now if we work 
    I look forward to working with Majority Leader Lott, Speaker 
Gingrich, and the Democratic leaders of Congress to do the people's 
business in the coming weeks. If we're willing to put our differences 
aside for the sake of the American people, we can make this a time of 
genuine achievement for our Nation. It would not only be good for both 
parties, it would be very good for America.
    Thanks for listening.

Note: The address was recorded at 6:52 p.m. on July 12 in the Roosevelt 
Room at the White House for broadcast at 10:06 a.m. on July 13.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, July 22, 1996
Volume 32--Number 29
Pages 1241-1295
Week Ending Friday, July 19, 1996
Statement on the Death of John Chancellor

July 13, 1996

    Hillary and I were saddened to learn of the death of one of the true 
frontiersmen of television journalism, John Chancellor. John's 
scrupulous attention to the facts and his ability to capture the spirit 
of an issue won him the hearts and minds of the American people. From 
his historic coverage of a story very personal to me, the desegregation 
of Central High School in Little Rock, to his renowned political 
reporting, John brought us the very best journalism had to offer. We 
extend our sincerest prayers and deepest sympathies to his family, his 
friends, and his colleagues at NBC News.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, July 22, 1996
Volume 32--Number 29
Pages 1241-1295
Week Ending Friday, July 19, 1996
Executive Order 13010--Critical Infrastructure Protection

July 15, 1996

    Certain national infrastructures are so vital that their incapacity 
or destruction would have a debilitating impact on the defense or 
economic security of the United States. These critical infrastructures 
include telecommunications, electrical power systems, gas and oil 
storage and transportation, banking and finance, transportation, water 
supply systems, emergency services (including medical, police, fire, and 
rescue), and continuity of government. Threats to these critical 
infrastructures fall into two categories: physical threats to tangible 
property (``physical threats''), and threats of electronic, radio-
frequency, or computer-based attacks on the information or 

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