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Monday, August 23, 2004


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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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 Addresses and Remarks

    Florida, devastation of Hurricane Charley in Punta Gorda--1611

    Iowa, remarks in Sioux City--1604

    Michigan, remarks in Traverse City--1617

    Minnesota, remarks in St. Paul--1660

    Ohio, Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Cincinnati--1613

    Oregon, discussion at Southridge High School in Beaverton--1587

    Pennsylvania, Boeing Co. employees in Ridley Park--1624

    Radio address--1603

    Washington, remarks in Seattle--1602
    West Virginia, remarks in Hedgesville--1631
         Chippewa Falls, remarks--1637

         Hudson, discussion--1644

        River Falls, remarks at Kansas City Chiefs training camp--1644

 Communications to Federal Agencies

    Continuation of U.S. Drug Interdiction Assistance to the Government 
        of Colombia, memorandum--1630
    Determination To Make Available Assistance for Liberia, memorandum--

Interviews With the News Media

     Exchange with reporters in Punta Gorda, FL--1611


    National Airborne Day--1623

Statements by the President

    Death of Julia Child--1603

Supplementary Materials

     Acts approved by the President--1668
     Checklist of White House press releases--1668
     Digest of other White House announcements--1666
     Nominations submitted to the Senate--1668



  Editor's Note: The President was at the Bush Ranch in Crawford, TX, on 
August 20, the closing date of this issue. Releases and announcements 
issued by the Office of the Press Secretary but not received in time for 
inclusion in this issue will be printed next week.

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Pages 1587	1668
Week Ending Friday, August 20, 2004
Remarks in a Discussion at Southridge High School in Beaverton, Oregon

August 13, 2004

    The President. Thank you all for coming. Thank you all. Thanks for 
being here. Go ahead and be seated, please. Thanks for coming. Laura and 
I are here--we're here in your State asking for the vote. That's why 
we're here in the great State of Oregon. Today I've got a unique way to 
explain why I'm running for office again and what I intend to do, and 
that's to talk to some of our fellow citizens about job creation, job 
growth, the entrepreneurial spirit. It's one way to help make the point 
to the people of Oregon that there's more work to be done. Then I'd like 
to answer some of the questions you have.
    But before I do so, I want to tell you how proud I am of Laura. 
You're going to hear reasons why I think you ought to put me back in, 
but perhaps the most important one of all is to have Laura as the First 
Lady for 4 years.
    These campaigns, when you campaign for President, it's a long 
ordeal, and that's the way it should be, really. You should have to go 
out and ask for the vote and let people know your heart and your vision. 
It also means you get to spend some quality time with your family. 
[Laughter] So it's great to be traveling with Laura. And one of the 
really--joys for our family is that Barbara and Jenna are now 
campaigning with us. It's like going on the camping trip I never took 
them on, you know.
    I'm running with a good man in Dick Cheney. I like to tell 
everybody--I admit it--he's not the prettiest face in the race. 
[Laughter] However, that's not why I picked him. I didn't pick him for 
his looks. I picked him because he can do the job and his judgment.
    I appreciate your friend and mine, your Senator, the great Gordon 
Smith, for traveling with us today. He's a joy to work with. He's a 
decent, gentle soul who cares deeply about the people of Oregon. He 
understands this State well. He's a great patriot. I'm proud to call him 
friend. I want to thank you for being here, Gordon. We just have come 
from announcing a project to deepen the Columbia River so that the port 
of Portland and Vancouver, Washington, can remain vibrant hubs of 
commerce. I like to remind people, in the Nation's Capital, a lot of 
them can talk a good game. I like to be the person known as somebody 
getting the job done, and this project we announced today is getting the 
job done. And I'm proud you're here, Sharon. Thanks for coming. It's 
great to see you again.
    And old Greg Walden showed up. Thanks for coming, Greg. He's a good 
man, fun to work with. We worked on a lot of important projects for 
Oregon, including the Healthy Forest Initiative. You might remember, 
they've been talking about doing something about these catastrophic 
wildfires. We actually got the job done through the Healthy Forest 
    It wasn't easy to get done, because some of the big talkers in 
Washington blocked it. One in particular finally came out west and he 
said, well, even though he had blocked it in the past, some of the parts 
looked like they're all right now, you know. It's kind of like those 
wildfires. He shifts in the wind. [Laughter]
    As well, we've got a man running for the United States Senate from 
the State of Washington. I strongly support his candidacy, George 
Nethercutt. Thank you for coming, George.
    I want to thank all the State and local officials who are here. 
Again, I appreciate the small-business owners who are on stage and with 
us today. We're going to talk a lot about small business creation.
    It's good to see my buddy Molly. Thanks for coming, Molly. I want to 
thank all the

[[Page 1588]]

grassroots activists who are here. Not only am I asking for the vote, 
I'm asking for your help. You see, we have a duty--we have a duty in 
this country to vote. And one of the things I'm asking our supporters is 
to register people to vote, encourage our fellow citizens to do their 
    You know, it wasn't all that long ago--I'm going to talk about 
Afghanistan a little later on--but one of the interesting statistics 
that came to my desk was the fact that over 8 million people in 
liberated Afghanistan have registered to vote. This, in spite of the 
fact--it's an amazing statistic when you think about the fact that it 
wasn't all that long ago that a bus was stopped--the thugs from the 
Taliban pulled over four women registrars of voters and killed them. And 
yet, the people, because they long for freedom, said, ``You're not going 
to intimidate us. We want to participate in a free society.'' They're 
registering to vote, and we herald that.
    We ought to be--we ought to have that same spirit in our own 
country. And so, therefore, I ask you to register people to vote, and 
when you get them headed into the polls, or in your case, by ballot, 
head them our way, because we've got a plan to keep the country safer, 
stronger, and better.
    Thank you all for coming. There's all kinds of ways to make America 
better. I'll talk about two, right quick. We're at a school. One way to 
make America better is to make sure every child learns to read and write 
and add and subtract. You might remember, when we went to Washington, 
when my administration went to Washington, there was this practice 
around the country in certain school districts where they would move 
children from grade to grade, year after year, and the children didn't 
learn the basics. So we changed that attitude. I went to Washington for 
a reason, and that is to challenge the soft bigotry of low expectations. 
You know what that means. It means, in certain places, the standards 
were so low that what they got were lousy results. And that's not good 
enough for this great country.
    So I worked with Members of the Congress to pass new law that says: 
We'll increase funding for public schools; we'll increase funding for 
elementary and secondary schools by some 49 percent since I got there; 
we'll increase funding for Title I students by over 50 percent since I 
got there. But we also recognized that the issue is more than funding. 
The issue is results, and so we raised the standards. We said, ``We 
expect accountability in our schools, to tell us whether or not children 
are learning to read and write and add and subtract.''
    We believe in local control of schools. When we find children in 
schools that won't change and won't teach, we demand something other 
than the status quo, and we're seeing great results. The achievement gap 
among students in America is beginning to close because we believe every 
child can learn.
    I'm running because there's more to do to make sure we continue to 
raise the bar, to continue to insist on curricula that works. See, 
that's why you measure, because you want to know. You can't solve a 
problem unless you're willing to diagnose the problem in the first 
place. So we say to schools, ``Show us early whether or not a child can 
read and write. And if not, there's extra help.''
    So that no child gets left behind, we've got to make sure our Head 
Start programs start children off early with the fundamentals of 
reading. We want to make sure our high school diplomas mean something. 
We need intervention programs for children who cannot read in junior 
high. We've got to be emphasizing math and science. What I'm telling you 
is, after 4 more years, the children of this country are going to be 
more hopeful, more confident, and have more of the skills necessary to 
succeed. And America will be better off for it.
    Let me tell you what else we'll be better off to do. We'll be better 
off as we continue to rally the armies of compassion. You'll hear me 
talk about our military later on and our economy, but the strength of 
this country is in the hearts and souls of our citizens. That's the true 
strength of America. If you really think about it, you don't find it in 
the halls of Government; you find it in the hearts of people. And the 
President must understand that. And one of my most important jobs is to 
rally the armies of compassion, to call upon people to love their 
neighbor just like you would like to be loved yourself.

[[Page 1589]]

    And so, today Chris Dudley has joined us. You might remember him 
because of his exploits on the basketball court. A lot of kids are going 
to remember him because of the basketball camp he set up. It's the kind 
of compassion I'm talking about. We couldn't pass a law to say to old 
Dudley, give back to the community where you're living. He had to feel 
that in his heart. He had to say, ``This is a call that I hear.'' Laws 
don't do this--from Government. People hear a higher calling. And those 
of us in positions of responsibility must not only thank people like 
Chris but say that we're willing to open up Government funding to grants 
to organizations that exist because of their faith--all faith--so that 
we can help save our society.
    I appreciate you coming. Chris is one of the tallest soldiers in the 
army of compassion. [Laughter] Proud you're here. I want to thank you 

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