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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, July 25, 1994
Volume 30--Number 29
Pages 1485-1540

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Weekly Compilation of



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Addresses and Remarks

    American Legion Girls Nation--1532
    Apollo 11 Moon landing, 25th anniversary--1530
    Democratic campaign reception in Portland, ME--1507
    Dinner honoring Senator Robert Byrd--1494
    Fundraiser for Texas Senatorial candidate Richard Fisher--1525
    Legislative agenda--1528
    National Council of La Raza in Miami, FL--1498
    National Governors' Association in Boston, MA--1511
    Radio address--1492
    Rwandan refugees--1535
    Summit of the Americas Executive Committee in Miami, FL--1496

Appointments and Nominations

    U.S. District Court, judges--1492

Communications to Congress

    Fisheries agreement and annex with Lithuania, message transmitting--
    Libya, message--1504
    National Security Strategy Report, message transmitting--1535
    Trade with Bulgaria, message--1535

Communications to Federal Agencies

    Assistance to the Caucasus, memorandum--1524
    Assistance to refugees of Palestine, memorandum--1491
    Assistance to refugees of Rwanda and Burundi, memorandum--1496
    Employee absence due to Tropical Storm Alberto, memorandum--1492
    Presidential Design Awards, memorandum--1490

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchanges with reporters
        Boston, MA--1522
        Briefing Room--1535
        Cabinet Room--1528
        Oval Office--1529
    News conference, July 12 (No. 66) with European Union leaders in 
        Berlin, Germany--1485

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    European Union leaders--1485
    Panama, President-elect Balladares--1529


    Continuation of the Iraqi emergency--1523


    Captive Nations Week--1491
    National Apollo Anniversary Observance--1523

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Statements by the President

    See also Appointments and Nominations
    Attack on the Israeli-Argentine Mutual Association in Buenos Aires--
    5th anniversary of the arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi--1525
    Flood assistance to Georgia, Alabama, and Florida--1507
    National Security Strategy Report--1534

Statements by the President--Continued

    Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Supreme Court nominee Stephen 

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--1540
    Checklist of White House press releases--1539
    Digest of other White House announcements--1538
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--1538

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, July 25, 1994
Volume 30--Number 29
Pages 1485-1540
Week Ending Friday, July 22, 1994
The President's News Conference With European Union Leaders in Berlin, 

July 12, 1994

    President Kohl. Mr. President of the United States, Mr. President of 
the European Commission, ladies and gentlemen. First, I would like to 
welcome you all very cordially in the Reichstag building in Berlin. I am 
very happy, indeed, that the joint transatlantic dialog was conducted 
here in Berlin with the delegations of the two gentlemen I just 
    This meeting, this dialog has taken place right after the G-7 
meeting in Naples, the G-7 meetings which were attended by four member 
states of the European Union and the President of the European 
Commission. So, a number of issues we talked about today were, in fact, 
issues that had been touched upon in Naples already to raise the issue 
of Bosnia. In Naples we talked at length about the report of the contact 
group, and we did, at the time, publish a number of statements.
    The transatlantic partnership, that is the close cooperation between 
the European Union and the United States of America, takes on special 
importance at a time in which Europe is undergoing radical change. And I 
think it's symbolic, indeed, that they're meeting today at the Reichstag 
and that we talked about this topic today at the Reichstag, a site 
within Germany where you just have to look out the window in order to 
realize that a few yards away from where we are, the division of Germany 
and Europe was reflected in the Wall, which is now gone. On this side of 
the Wall we always felt, by contrast, a special closeness between and 
among the Western democracies, a closeness, an affinity without which 
the Wall would never have come down.
    At the end of the cold war, with the fall of the Wall, Central and 
Eastern Europeans now have a chance to determine their own fate freely 
and openly. And that is why we shall call out to them from Berlin, 
saying that the European-transatlantic community is not a closed group. 
It depends on its effort and its sharing its free democratic ideas with 
all who want it. And therefore, closer cooperation with the countries 
with Eastern and Central Europe is a natural outgrowth of our talks 
    We resolved, therefore, to set up a working group which, by the time 
of the next transatlantic summit, which would be less than 10 months 
from now, this summit would be chaired by the French Presidency, which 
by that time would submit a draft containing coordinated procedures for 
the United States and the European Union in intensifying relations with 
the Central and Eastern European states.
    All of us--and we talked about that today--must jointly remember 
that we make a great deal to be done, and we must ask ourselves what can 
we do in order to secure the free and democratic ways of the United 
States and the European Union and to protect them from the increasing 
stress emanating from organized crime and the drug mafia. We talked 
about that, too, today. And we talked about setting up a working group 
that will deal with these issues. And at the end of our meeting this 
morning we asked our staff to go right ahead and not only review the 
situation but submit important programs as soon as possible.
    And in conclusion, I would like to say that we plan to further 
deepen and intensify the cooperation between the European Union member 
states and the United States of America. We want to do it in every 
possible way.
    Yesterday I talked about the German-American relations, and I said 
something which I could repeat with a somewhat different emphasis.
    For decades we talked about the transatlantic bridge ensuring our 
security. We

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know today that we have to add a couple of components to that bridge. We 
have to add the components of economic cooperation, cooperation in the 
cultural area, and cooperation also in the area of bringing our young 
people closer together. And in that sense I think today's dialog has 
opened up a number of prospects for our future work, and we're going to 
act accordingly.
    President Delors. Ladies and gentlemen, as the Chancellor has just 
said to you, this meeting which is taking place in the context of the 
Transatlantic Declaration has made it possible for us, I hope, at least, 
to inject a more practical and operational substance into relations 
between the United States and the European Union and this, of course, 
without creating any new bureaucracy.
    Chancellor Kohl has indicated to you the two points on which there 
will be a joint followup: first, the development of the countries of 
Central and Eastern Europe and, secondly, the fight against organized 
crime and drug trafficking.
    Moreover, we shall pursue our dialog on economic matters which we 
began with President Clinton in January on the occasion of our last 
meeting. We shall continue this, thanks to the successful holding by the 
American authorities at the Detroit conference. We shall seek to fight 
against unemployment, making possible for everyone to have a worthwhile 
job in society so that there should also be a greater prosperity in what 
is an increasingly interdependent world. We have to work together, and 
we shall do this in the followup to the Naples summit by organizing in 
Brussels a new conference on the Detroit model, devoted to the 
information society--what we, the United States and Europe, can expect 
of this in terms of the creation of jobs, in terms of the consequences 
on the organization of work and on the very organization of society. And 
of course, in order to prepare for this, we will have to look at what we 
have to do in terms of education and life-long training, in terms of the 
organization of our towns and cities in particular, as well.
    And finally, you know that Naples, at the request of President 
Clinton, the 7 decided to devote particular attention to Ukraine. An 
amount was even set at the request of President Clinton, an amount 
evaluated as being what should be given in the form of aid. And today, 
we decided to monitor the situation together as a result of the 
Presidential elections so that on the basis of a joint examination we 
should be able to help this country get out of its serious economic, 
political, institutional, and social difficulty.
    So you see that the Transatlantic Declaration has got to a new 
phase, a more operational phase, and one of more friendly and tighter 
    Thank you.
    President Clinton. Thank you very much, Chancellor Kohl and 
President Delors. Ladies and gentlemen, the United States strongly 
supports the European Union. Throughout my entire administration I have 
advocated the cause of the European Union. I believe our best partner, 
as we look toward the 21st century for prosperity and for peace, is a 
Europe united in democracy, in free markets, in common security. We have 
supported that, and we will continue to support it.
    We agreed here today to try to do something that is potentially of 
real significance in terms of this developing partnership between the 
United States and the EU and that is to set up a group of experts who 
can put some framework, some meat on the bones of our declarations on 
two areas. And you've heard them mentioned already, but I want to 
reemphasize them.
    The first is the need to strengthen our cooperation and coordination 
in our support for reform and democracy in Central and Eastern Europe. 
That is all the more important, I think, to all of us in view of the 
difficulties and challenges these nations are facing, and certainly it's 
been vividly impressed upon me on my recent trips to Latvia and to 
    The second thing that we agreed to do is to coordinate better our 
efforts in dealing with security issues and especially with organized 
crime, drug-trafficking, money-laundering. These things now know no 
national borders. The FBI Director from the United States, Mr. Freeh, 
just recently made what was a highly acclaimed trip, first to Berlin and 
then going on to Moscow. President Yeltsin was very intent on following 
this up when we met with him in Naples. We think this is one area that 
we can work together

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