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Monday, March 25, 1996
Volume 32--Number 12
Pages 505-547

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Addresses and Remarks

    Budget, fiscal year 1997--529
    Independent Insurance Agents of America legislative conference--535
        Community in Alexandria--528
        Community at Fort Polk--526
        Nashville Wharf dedication in New Orleans--521
    Museum of Television and Radio, Los Angeles, CA, branch opening--520
    National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids--531
    Radio address--512
    Saint Patrick's Day
        Shamrock presentation ceremony--505
    United Jewish Appeal Young Leadership Conference--514

Bill Signings

    Continuing resolutions
        10th, statement--512
        11th, statement--544
    Tax benefit legislation for Operation Joint Endeavor military 
        personnel, statement--534

Communications to Congress

    Haiti, letter reporting--542
    Product liability, letter on proposed legislation--514
    Science, technology and American diplomacy, letter transmitting 

Communications to Federal Agencies

    Funds for international financial institutions and organizations, 

Executive Orders

    Administrative Allegations Against Inspectors General--538

Executive Orders--Continued

    Continuing the President's Committee on Mental Retardation and 
        Broadening Its Membership and Responsibilities--540
    President's Council on Counter-Narcotics--511

Joint Statements

    South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty, statement by France, United 
        Kingdom, and the United States--544

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchanges with reporters
        Old Executive Office Building, Room 450--529
        Oval Office--537
        Roosevelt Room--509, 535

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    Haiti, President Preval--537
    Ireland, Prime Minister Bruton--505, 509


    Greek Independence Day: A National Day of Celebration of Greek and 
        American Democracy--543
    Women's History Month--530

Statements by the President

    See also Bill Signings
    Farm bill--544
    General Motors strike, tentative agreement--538

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--547
    Checklist of White House press releases--547
    Digest of other White House announcements--545
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--546


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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, March 25, 1996
Volume 32--Number 12
Pages 505-547
Week Ending Friday, March 22, 1996
Remarks at a Ceremony Celebrating Saint Patrick's Day With Prime 
Minister John Bruton of Ireland and an Exchange With Reporters

March 15, 1996

    President Clinton. Mr. Prime Minister, welcome back to the White 
    Prime Minister Bruton. Thank you. And now may I present this bowl of 
    President Clinton. Thank you. It's very beautiful. We're delighted 
to have you here, and we'd be glad for you to make whatever remarks 
you'd like.
    Prime Minister Bruton. Mr. President, first of all, this gift of a 
bowl of shamrock symbolizes an Irish greeting. And it's a greeting, 
first and foremost, which says thank you, thank you to the United States 
for making a home for so many generations of Irish people who have come 
here to participate in the greatest democracy in the world.
    It's also a way at this particular time of saying thank you to you 
personally for your contribution to giving us peace in Ireland. The 17 
months of the cease-fire during which so many lives were saved, those 17 
months would never have come were it not for the courage that you showed 
and the interest that you took in bringing peace to Ireland. Your 
interest gave confidence to peacemakers in Ireland, and that interest is 
something that I believe will be crucial in bringing peace back to 
Ireland now that it has been, unfortunately, interrupted.
    I believe that the important thing we need to reestablish the cease-
fire has already been achieved. That is the setting of a fixed date for 
all-party talks, the 10th of June of this year. As we know, those who 
are concerned about progress in Northern Ireland, those who are 
concerned from a Republican perspective, a Nationalist perspective, that 
adequate progress was not being made, were demanding consistently the 
setting of a fixed and unconditional date for talks. That date has now 
been set. The talks will start on the 10th of June.
    Meanwhile, difficult discussions are taking place mapping out the 
route towards the talks, the various things that need to be done so that 
talks will start in the best possible atmosphere on the 10th of June. I 
want to stress that the only qualification required of any party for 
participation in those talks is that they should not support a campaign 
of violence. Thus the only qualification required for something that we 
want very much, which is full Sinn Fein participation in these talks, is 
the reinstatement of the cease-fire. And I ask the IRA to reinstate the 
cease-fire so that Sinn Fein will be able to take their unique and 
deserved part in the talks that will be starting on the 10th of June.
    I want to say also, from the point of view of the Irish Government, 
that it is extremely important that these talks, when they start on the 
10th of June, do not become logjammed on one item. Of course, the issue 
of the decommissioning of arms and the very important and difficult 
questions that were so lucidly dealt with by Senator George Mitchell in 
his report, of course those are critical issues which must be dealt with 
in the talks from the very outset and dealt with in a serious way. But I 
want to say that, from the point of view of the Irish Government, and we 
will be participating fully in these talks, we're not willing to allow 
any one item, be it decommissioning or anything else, to prevent 
progress on other items. We want to see a total and comprehensive 
engagement on all of the issues across all of the problems by all of the 
    And I want to stress that the goal of these talks is truly 
ambitious. It is a comprehensive agreement, not an internal settlement 
within Northern Ireland, a comprehensive settlement dealing with the 
relations between Britain and Ireland, dealing with relations between 
Northern Ireland and the rest of Ireland, and of course, instituting 
justice within

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Northern Ireland and fairness within Northern Ireland itself.
    What we're aiming at in that three-stranded approach is a system of 
government for the people of Northern Ireland to which both communities 
can give equal allegiance. All throughout the world where problems of 
this nature exist, where there are two communities mixed together with 
differing national allegiances, the tendency has been in the past for 
one community to be predominant and the other to be subordinate. What 
we're looking for in Ireland is something different. It is a system of 
government where both communities will feel equal, where both will have 
the same loyalty to the institutions each share and each live under. 
That's something which I believe that deserves to happen; it deserves to 
happen in this generation.
    And I recollect, when I first came to this house, and you, Mr. 
President--I've given you some shamrock today--you made me a 
presentation of a book which was entitled ``How the Irish Saved 
Civilization.'' It was about the role of Irish monks in preserving 
learning during the Dark Ages after the fall of the Roman Empire. And it 
quite properly, I think, indicated your realization that we of Irish 
heritage have a capacity to do some things that affect the whole world.
    And it's my view that if we in Ireland can devise political 
institutions, form a society where you have two communities with 
radically different allegiances, and let us not minimize the differences 
of allegiance that exist between Unionists and Nationalists, if we have 
the imagination, the spirit, and the confidence to devise institutions 
in these talks that will start on the 10th of June, I believe that we, 
Irish people and people of Irish heritage, will again be contributing a 
model to the world, a beacon of hope to the world similar to the one to 
which you drew my attention when you presented me with that most 
excellent book.
    Thank you very much, Mr. President.
    President Clinton. Thank you very much Mr. Prime Minister, Mrs. 
Bruton, members of the Irish delegation. Senator Mitchell, it's good to 
have you back. And I want to thank you in the beginning for the 
beautiful Irish crystal and the shamrocks. Especially this year, I need 
a shamrock or two--[laughter]--and I will try to put them only to public 
use. [Laughter]
    When the Prime Minister hosted me in Ireland last year at Dublin 
Castle in a room called St. Patrick's Hall, it struck me that he would 
be back here for St. Patrick's Day. And I'm glad to have him back in 
this house which was itself designed by an Irishman more than 200 years 
ago, especially since one in four of all American Presidents trace their 
roots back to Ireland.
    I want to thank the Prime Minister for being here especially this 
year because of the extraordinary physical efforts he has made in the 
last few days. He first accepted my invitation, along with President 
Mubarak of Egypt, to join us at Sharm al-Sheikh in Egypt. So he has been 
to Egypt just in the last couple of days before coming here. And I know 
he was at an event last night and made a speech. So we certainly can 
attest to his physical stamina, as well as his leadership ability, and 
to the evidence that this gives once again to Ireland's willingness to 
stand for peace, not only within Ireland and in Northern Ireland but 
throughout the world. And that's something that all of us are very 
grateful for.
    I also want to take this opportunity to thank you in front of the 
American people for the wonderful way you made me and the First Lady 
feel at home when we were in Ireland. I will never forget that great sea 
of Irish and American flags on College Green in Dublin. And I will also 
never forget that I have not yet collected on my golf game at 
Ballybunion. [Laughter] I expect to be back there as soon as I can.
    I thank you for also recognizing the importance of the historic 
bonds between our countries. This Nation is flooded with Irish-Americans 
in every walk of life, contributing mightily to our welfare and to our 
future. And just as Irish-Americans love our own country, we also love 
the land of our ancestors. So there is a fervent and deep desire in this 
country to do what we can to support the peace that took root in 
Northern Ireland a year and a half ago, to see it grow stronger, to see 
it endure. I want to thank two Irish-Americans who have worked so hard 
for that, our Ambassador, Jean Kennedy Smith, and Senator Mitchell. I 
thank them for their efforts.

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    Let me say that when I was in Northern Ireland last year--the 

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