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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, July 26, 1999
Volume 35--Number 29
Pages 1387-1470

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Weekly Compilation of



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Addresses and Remarks

    See also Meetings With Foreign Leaders
    Camp David, MD, remarks on returning from--1403
    Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty--1424
    Democratic Business Council dinner--1432
    Democratic National Committee dinner--1418
        Amos Hiatt Middle School in Des Moines--1387
        Senator Tom Harkin
            Dinner in Des Moines--1392
            Reception in Des Moines--1397
    Kennedy, John F., Jr., disappearance of aircraft--1403
    Legal community representatives--1426
        Medicare, conversation in Lansing--1453
        Overflow crowd in Lansing--1466
    Patients' Bill of Rights--1391
    Radio address--1401
    Women's Leadership Forum dinner--1432
    Women's World Cup soccer champion U.S. team--1405

Bill Signings

    Y2K Act, statement--1431

Communications to Congress

    Albania, emigration policies and trade status, message transmitting 
    Deployment of military forces for stabilization of areas of the 
        former Yugoslavia, letter reporting--1416
    Education, letter on proposed legislation--1417
    Iraq, U.S. national emergency, message transmitting notice--1438
    Libya, U.S. national emergency, message reporting--1415

Communications to Federal Agencies

    Delegation of authority, memorandum--1405
    Military compensation, ninth quadrennial review, memorandum--1437

Executive Orders

    Further Amendments to Executive Order 12757, Implementation of the 
        Enterprise for the Americas Initiative--1467
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closing date of this issue. Releases and announcements issued by the 
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Interviews With the News Media

    Exchanges with reporters
        Iowa, Des Moines--1391
        Rose Garden--1424
    News conferences
        July 19 (No. 178) with Prime Minister Barak of Israel --1406
        July 21 (No. 179)--1438

Joint Statements

    Joint Statement by President Clinton and Prime Minister Ehud Barak--

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    Israel, Prime Minister Barak--1403, 1406, 1412


    Continuation of Iraqi Emergency--1437

Statements by the President

    See also Bill Signings
    Crime rate statistics--1403
    House action
        ``African Growth and Opportunity Act''--1392
        Republican tax plan--1466
    Representative Michael P. Forbes, decision to join Democratic 
    Senate action on hate crimes legislation--1467
    Senate inaction on nomination for Assistant Attorney General, Civil 
        Rights Division--1453

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--1470
    Checklist of White House press releases--1470
    Digest of other White House announcements--1468
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--1469

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 1387-1391]
Monday, July 26, 1999
Volume 35--Number 29
Pages 1387-1470
Week Ending Friday, July 23, 1999
Remarks at Amos Hiatt Middle School in Des Moines, Iowa

July 16, 1999

    The President. You know, when Tom Harkin said that anybody with any 
sense would take their coat off--[laughter]--I didn't know whether that 
meant I didn't have any sense or he just gets hot under the collar 
quicker than I do. [Laughter] Actually, I think the answer is a lighter 
    I am delighted to be here, and I thank you all for your wonderful 
welcome. And I don't mind that it's a warm one. I always love coming to 
Iowa, coming back here to this wonderful city. I want to thank Ruth Ann 
Gaines for her dedication and her remarkable remarks this morning. I 
want to say that as long as young people like Catherine Swoboda are 
exhibit A for Iowa education, this country is going to do just fine. I 
thought she was terrific.
    I thank Secretary Riley for coming with me. Many of you in Iowa may 
not know it, but Dick Riley and I began our careers as Governors 
together 20 years ago this year, and we've been working at education for 
a long, long time. I think that history will record that he is the 
finest Secretary of Education this country has ever had. And I'm very 
grateful to him, and I thank him.
    I would like to thank Superintendent Witherspoon and your principal, 
Gary Eyerly, for welcoming us to this school. And I want to thank all 
the public officials who are here. I know in addition to the Governor we 
have Lieutenant Governor Pederson, Attorney General Miller, Secretary of 
State Culver, and State Treasurer Fitzgerald. They're all over there. I 
thank them for joining me today. And Senate Minority Leader Michael 
Gronstal, thank you all for being here.
    I'd like to say a special word of appreciation to my good friend 
Leonard Boswell, who is also a stout supporter of education. And I think 
it is appropriate that he's here because he's here with his wife, Dody, 
and I'd like to her to stand, because yesterday she retired as a teacher 
after 31 years. Thank you very much, bless you. Thank you. [Applause]
    And I want to acknowledge that Ruth 
Harkin is here with Tom today, and to tell you that for most of my 
administration she was a very valuable member of the Clinton-Gore team 
and played a major role in our economic programs. And I want to thank 
    And finally, let me say that, as you can see, every time he talks, 
there is no one in the United States Senate who is more passionate about 
what he believes than Tom Harkin. And he believes in the education of 
our children. It's easy to understand why, from his own experience. Most 
of you probably know that his father was a coal miner who didn't finish 
the eighth grade; his mother was an immigrant with little formal 
education. Thanks to an ROTC scholarship, he put himself through 
college. Now he sits next to a Rockefeller in the United States Senate. 
[Laughter] It's America, and Tom Harkin is the best of America.
    You know, I must say, Jay Rockefeller always hates it when we do 
that to him. [Laughter] He is also a very good man. And you heard Tom 
Harkin say that because of his efforts, Iowa will receive another $10 
million this year to help renovate schools. But I want to do that for 
all our schools that need it.
    I want to thank some people who are involved in this issue who are 
not here today: Congressman Charles Rangel, the House sponsor of our 
school bill; the many members of the AFT, the NEA, the Council of Great 
City Schools; the building and construction trades who have fanned out 
to Philadelphia, New York, New Orleans, Buffalo, Houston, Chicago, and 
Miami today to roll up their sleeves and help communities begin to 
repair their neediest schools.

[[Page 1388]]

    You know, it is ironic that we're here talking about this school 
issue, because we are in America in the last year of the 20th century, 
in this millennium, enjoying the longest peacetime economic expansion in 
our history, nearly 19 million new jobs in the last 6\1/2\ years, the 
lowest unemployment rate in 30 years, the lowest crime rate in 26 years, 
the lowest welfare rolls in 30 years, the lowest minority unemployment 
ever recorded, the highest homeownership in history.
    Here in Iowa, unemployment is a whopping 2.6 percent. Homeownership 
is almost at 75 percent. Wages are rising nationwide for the first time 
in 20 years for all classes of workers, and even faster here. I feel 
good about that. I feel good about the fact that compared to 6\1/2\ 
years ago the air and water are cleaner, the food is safer, and 90 
percent of our children are immunized against serious childhood diseases 
for the first time in the entire history of our country.
    I feel good about the 100,000 young people who have signed up to 
serve their communities in AmeriCorps and earn money to go to college. I 
am grateful, with the help of people like Tom Harkin and Leonard 
Boswell, that this administration has been able to preserve or set aside 
more land for the American people and our children's future, from the 
California redwoods to the Mojave Desert to the Florida Everglades than 
any administration in history, except those of Franklin and Theodore 
Roosevelt. I am grateful for all of that.
    But what I came here to ask you is, what are we going to do with our 
prosperity, and what are we going to do with our surplus? This is a time 
of confidence and pride. But, as many people have said, the time to fix 
the roof is when the Sun is shining. And that is literally true in the 
case of school construction.
    Are we going to develop some sort of collective amnesia and pretend 
that these times have always been here, always will be here, and we can 
do whatever we want to do that feels best in the moment, or seems most 
politically popular? Or are we going to think about the children here 
and the 21st century and what America will be like 10 years from now, 20 
years from now, 30 years from now, when they will have children in these 
    That is what I want to say. You know, you folks should be glad to 
see me in Iowa. I'm the only guy that's been here in weeks that's not 
running for anything. [Laughter] What I am doing is trying to think 
about everything we can possibly do in these last days of this century. 
The Clinton-Gore administration is not running out the clock, hoping the 
good times will last. We are trying to push the ball down the field. We 
are trying to think about what it takes to build that bridge to tomorrow 
that all our children can walk across, what it would take to give 
opportunity to all of our people, to build a community of all of our 
people, to maintain our Nation's leadership for peace and freedom and 
prosperity around the world, to look at the long-term challenges.
    I'll just mention three today, to get to the school construction 
issue. But you have to understand where the school construction issue 
is; you have to see it as a part of the big debate going on in 
Washington: What are we going to do with our prosperity? How should we 
handle this surplus, the one we have today and the one we're projected 
to have tomorrow? Otherwise, you couldn't begin to figure out why in the 
world we just don't do this. I mean, you must all be sitting out there 
thinking this is a no-brainer, just from what everybody else has already 
said before I got up here.
    I believe that when you look at where we were just 6\1/2\ years ago, 

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