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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, May 26, 1997
Volume 33--Number 21
Pages 725-775

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Weekly Compilation of



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Addresses and Remarks

    Democratic Business Council and Women's Leadership Forum dinner--738
    Democratic National Committee dinner--741
    Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee reception--756
    Maryland, Morgan State University commencement ceremony in 
    Radio address--726
    Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers--748
    U.S. Conference of Mayors--752
    Welfare to Work Partnership--744
    West Virginia, Clarksburg
        Students at Robert C. Byrd High School--770
        Town hall meeting--758
    Young Presidents and World Presidents Organizations--733

Communications to Congress

    Burma, message--750
    Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization, letter 
        transmitting report--744

Executive Orders

    Prohibiting New Investment in Burma--749

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchanges with reporters in the Oval Office--725, 732

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    NATO Secretary General Solana--732
    Ukraine, President Kuchma--725


    National Maritime Day--755
    Prayer for Peace, Memorial Day--772
    World Trade Week--743

Statements by the President

    Supplemental emergency legislation for disaster assistance--772

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--775
    Checklist of White House press releases--775
    Digest of other White House announcements--773
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--774


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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, May 26, 1997
Volume 33--Number 21
Pages 725-775
Week Ending Friday, May 23, 1997
Remarks Prior to Discussions With President Leonid Kuchma of Ukraine and 
an Exchange With Reporters

May 16, 1997

    President Clinton. Let me say I'm delighted to have President Kuchma 
back at the White House. He and the Vice President have worked hard 
today. They've made a lot of progress on economic issues and on security 
issues, and I'm quite encouraged by the report I have received and quite 
hopeful about our future partnership with Ukraine and Ukraine's role in 
a united, democratic Europe.


    Q. President Kuchma, are you interested in having Ukraine join NATO 
as a formal member?
    President Kuchma. First of all, I understand the situation nowadays 
in Europe, and I'm well aware of the configuration of political forces. 
And I understand that Ukrainian application to NATO would not be timely, 
though Ukraine has proclaimed its aim to integrate with European and 
transatlantic structures.
    Q. President Clinton, President Yeltsin seems to have a pretty 
different interpretation of the charter, the NATO charter with Russia, 
than what was described here. Is that the way you read what he's been 
saying and his advisers have been saying?
    President Clinton. I think that the agreement is clear and will be 
clear from the details as they're published. And I also believe it's a 
good agreement for NATO and a good agreement for Russia. And let me 
further say I hope now that the Russian Duma will proceed to ratify 
START II because it's very much in Russia's interest as well as the 
United States and in the interest of world peace. It will enable us to 
go on to START III, which will reduce the nuclear arsenals 80 percent 
from their cold war high and relieve Russia of an enormous financial 
burden while maintaining its strategic interests.

[At this point, one group of reporters left the room, and another group 

    President Clinton. I am delighted to have President Kuchma back in 
the White House. The United States values its partnership with Ukraine 
and believes that we cannot have a successful, undivided, democratic 
Europe without a successful, democratic, progressive Ukraine. And I 
appreciate the hard work that President Kuchma and Vice President Gore 
have done in their commission all day and the results they have 
achieved, which they will announce, I think, at a press conference.
    President Kuchma. It was a pleasure for me to hear the words by 
President Clinton, that European security is impossible without a 
prosperous Ukraine and an independent Ukraine. In fact, this was the 
thrust, the direction of the efforts of the Vice President and my 
efforts. And I should say that we spared no efforts.

Summit of the Eight

    Q. How do you think--will Ukraine take part in the discussion of the 
Chernobyl issue in the summit of G-7 in Denver in some form--maybe in a 
conference, in another form?
    Vice President Gore. It will be a subject of discussion among the 
    President Clinton. I don't know the answer to that, I'm sorry to 
say, but I know that it will be a subject of our discussions because all 
of the seven have made clear their commitment for years to helping 
Ukraine to come to grips with Chernobyl and the aftermath and making 
sure that consequences can be dealt with and also that the country has 
the supplies necessary and energy to grow and to prosper.

[[Page 726]]


    Q. Mr. President, aren't there reasons to fear that Ukraine might 
fear that a NATO-Russian agreement might divide Europe into spheres of 
    President Clinton. No, quite the contrary. The argument that I made 
to President Yeltsin when we met at Helsinki was that we had to create a 
united Europe and that we should not view the mission of NATO in the 
future as we viewed the mission of NATO in the past. We have to create a 
world in the 21st century where people do not define their greatness by 
their ability to dominate their neighbors but instead define their 
greatness by their ability to maximize the achievements of their own 
citizens and band together with others to defeat common problems, like 
terrorism and weapons proliferation.
    Your can see that in the partnership that NATO has had with both 
Ukraine and Russia in Bosnia. All people who want to be free and who 
want their neighbors to be free have an interest in banding together to 
fight problems like that.

Note: The President spoke at 4:34 p.m. in the Oval Office at the White 
House. A tape was not available for verification of the content of these 
remarks. This item was not received in time for publication in the 
appropriate issue.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 726-727]
Monday, May 26, 1997
Volume 33--Number 21
Pages 725-775
Week Ending Friday, May 23, 1997
The President's Radio Address

May 17, 1997

    Good morning. This morning, I want to talk about our new balanced 
budget agreement and the way it expands opportunity through education, 
so that we can keep the American dream alive for all our children. When 
I took office 4\1/2\ years ago, America faced growing deficits as far as 
the eye could see. It was a time of economic stagnation and high 
unemployment, in spite of the fact that our businesses and working 
people had done so much to compete in the global economy.
    We moved quickly back then to put in place a new policy, a policy of 
invest and grow, cutting the deficit, investing in our people, opening 
new markets around the world through tough trade agreements. The results 
of that strategy are now clear: We've had 12 million new jobs, the 
highest economic growth in a decade, the lowest unemployment in 24 
years, the lowest inflation in 30 years, the largest decline in income 
inequality since the 1960's, and the deficit has already been cut by 77 
percent, from $290 billion a year when I took office, to $67 billion 
this year.
    We proved that we could make the tough decisions to put our fiscal 
house in order and still protect America's values, especially through 
education. While we were cutting that deficit by 77 percent, we were 
expanding Head Start, supporting States and schools and raising academic 
standards, increasing scholarships and student loans, and lowering the 
cost of repaying back those loans.
    To keep our economy strong, we have to keep that strategy in place 
and finish the job. That's why I'm so proud that we've reached a 
bipartisan agreement to balance the Federal budget for the first time 
since 1969, when President Johnson was in the White House. Thanks to 
leaders in Congress in both parties who led the way, along with my 
negotiators, we have crafted an historic accord.
    What is truly important about this budget agreement is not just what 
it does on the spreadsheet but what it does for our families and our 
futures. It brings the deficit down to zero over the next 5 years while 
reflecting our values and preparing our people for the 21st century: 
preserving and protecting Medicare and Medicaid; extending the Medicare 
Trust Fund for at least a decade without steep premium increases; 
expanding health care coverage to 5 million children who don't have it 
today; protecting our environment, including cleaning up 500 of our most 
dangerous toxic waste dumps, and going forward with our project to 
preserve and restore the Florida Everglades; helping move people from 
welfare to work with tax incentives to businesses to hire people from 
welfare and support for community service jobs in those areas with high 
unemployment; providing tax relief for parents to raise their children 
and send their children or themselves to college; restoring unfair cuts 
in support for legal immigrants who come here lawfully in search of the 
American dream.
    All of those values are important. But to me, the heart of this 
balanced budget agree

[[Page 727]]

ment is its historic commitment to education. This agreement includes 
the most significant increase in education funding in 30 years. Even 
more important, it provides the largest single increase in higher 
education since the GI bill in 1945, more than 50 years ago.
    That landmark legislation gave opportunity to millions of Americans 
and gave birth to our great middle class after World War II. And that 
was my goal for this budget, to dramatically expand opportunity through 
education, to give all our children the tools to succeed in the new 
economy and the new society of the new century.
    Education has always been at the heart of opportunity in America. 
It's the embodiment of everything we have to do to prepare for the 21st 
century. Nothing will do more to open the doors of opportunity for 
exciting new working careers to every American, nothing will do more to 
instill a sense of personal responsibility in every American, and 
nothing will do more to build a strong, united community of all 

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