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Monday, August 27, 2001
Volume 37--Number 34
Pages 1185-1221

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 Addresses and Remarks

    See also Appointments and Nominations
         Families at a Target store in Kansas City--1199
        Truman High School in Independence--1192
    Radio address--1186
    Texas, question-and-answer session at Crawford Elementary School in 
         Harley-Davidson employees in Menomonee Falls--1191
         Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Milwaukee--1188

 Appointments and Nominations

    Defense Department
         Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff--1209
         Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff--1209

 Communications to Congress

    Export control regulations, letter on continuation--1187
    Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization, letter 
        transmitting report--1187

 Communications to Federal Agencies

    Military drawdown for Tunisia, memorandum--1201

 Executive Orders

    Continuation of Export Control Regulations--1185

Interviews With the News Media

     Exchanges with reporters
        Crawford, TX--1202
         Kansas City, MO--1199
         Menomonee Falls, WI--1191
         Waco, TX--1202
     News conference, August 24 (No. 15)--1209


    Women's Equality Day--1218

Statements by the President

    Senator Jesse Helms' decision not to seek reelection--1201

Supplementary Materials

     Acts approved by the President--1221
     Checklist of White House press releases--1220
     Digest of other White House announcements--1219
     Nominations submitted to the Senate--1220

  Editor's Note: The President was at the Bush Ranch in Crawford, TX, on 
August 24, the closing date of this issue. Releases and announcements 
issued by the Office of the Press Secretary but not received in time for 
inclusion in this issue will be printed next week.


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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, August 27, 2001
Volume 37--Number 34
Pages 1185-1221
Week Ending Friday, August 24, 2001
Executive Order 13222--Continuation of Export Control Regulations

August 17, 2001

    By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and 
the laws of the United States of America, including but not limited to 
section 203 of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (``Act'') 
(50 U.S.C. 1702), I, George W. Bush, President of the United States of 
America, find that the unrestricted access of foreign parties to U.S. 
goods and technology and the existence of certain boycott practices of 
foreign nations, in light of the expiration of the Export Administration 
Act of 1979, as amended (50 U.S.C. App. 2401 et seq), constitute an 
unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign 
policy, and economy of the United States and hereby declare a national 
emergency with respect to that threat.
    Accordingly, in order (a) to exercise the necessary vigilance over 
exports and activities affecting the national security of the United 
States; (b) to further significantly the foreign policy of the United 
States, including its policy with respect to cooperation by U.S. persons 
with certain foreign boycott activities, and to fulfill its 
international responsibilities; and (c) to protect the domestic economy 
from the excessive drain of scarce materials and reduce the serious 
economic impact of foreign demand, it is hereby ordered as follows:
    Section 1. To the extent permitted by law, the provisions of the 
Export Administration Act of 1979, as amended, and the provisions for 
administration of the Export Administration Act of 1979, as amended, 
shall be carried out under this order so as to continue in full force 
and effect and amend, as necessary, the export control system heretofore 
maintained by the Export Administration Regulations issued under the 
Export Administration Act of 1979, as amended. The delegations of 
authority set forth in Executive Order 12002 of July 7, 1977, as amended 
by Executive Order 12755 of March 12, 1991, and Executive Order 13026 of 
November 15, 1996; Executive Order 12214 of May 2, 1980; Executive Order 
12735 of November 16, 1990; and Executive Order 12851 of June 11, 1993, 
shall be incorporated in this order and shall apply to the exercise of 
authorities under this order. All actions under this order shall be in 
accordance with Presidential directives relating to the export control 
system heretofore issued and not revoked.
    Sec. 2. All rules and regulations issued or continued in effect by 
the Secretary of Commerce under the authority of the Export 
Administration Act of 1979, as amended, including those published in 
Title 15, Subtitle B, Chapter VII, Subchapter C, of the Code of Federal 
Regulations, Parts 730 through 774, and all orders, regulations, 
licenses, and other forms of administrative action issued, taken, or 
continued in effect pursuant thereto, shall, until amended or revoked by 
the Secretary of Commerce, remain in full force and effect as if issued 
or taken pursuant to this order, except that the provisions of sections 
203(b)(2) and 206 of the Act (50 U.S.C. 1702(b)(2) and 1705) shall 
control over any inconsistent provisions in the regulations. Nothing in 
this section shall affect the continued applicability of administrative 
sanctions provided for by the regulations described above.
    Sec. 3. Provisions for administration of section 38(e) of the Arms 
Export Control Act (22 U.S.C. 2778(e)) may be made and shall continue in 
full force and effect until amended or revoked under the authority of 
section 203 of the Act (50 U.S.C. 1702). To the extent permitted by law, 
this order also shall constitute authority for the issuance and 
continuation in full force and effect of all rules and regulations by 
the President or his delegate, and all orders, licenses, and other forms

[[Page 1186]]

of administrative actions issued, taken, or continued in effect pursuant 
thereto, relating to the administration of section 38(e).
    Sec. 4. This order shall be effective as of midnight between August 
20, 2001, and August 21, 2001, eastern daylight time.
                                                George W. Bush
The White House,
August 17, 2001.

 [Filed with the Office of the Federal Register, 8:45 a.m., August 21, 

Note: This Executive order was published in the Federal Register on 
August 22. This item was not received in time for publication in the 
appropriate issue.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 1186-1187]
Monday, August 27, 2001
Volume 37--Number 34
Pages 1185-1221
Week Ending Friday, August 24, 2001
The President's Radio Address

August 18, 2001

    Good morning. This month, in my travels around the country, I am 
talking about values that make communities strong and our Nation unique. 
One of those essential American values is compassion.
    A little more than a week ago, I visited a Habitat for Humanity 
building site, where volunteers were helping a family find the dignity 
of owning a home. Every community offers its own examples of service: 
shelters for battered women and children; crisis pregnancy centers; 
treatment for drug addiction; care for the homeless; hope for those in 
prison, and their families. The groups behind these caring efforts have 
advantages Government social programs often can't match: the idealism of 
volunteers and intimate knowledge of the communities they serve and 
values stronger than the problems they face.
    A compassionate Government should find ways to support their good 
works. Unfortunately, Government often treats charities and community 
groups as rivals instead of partners. And this week came some new 
evidence. Soon after I took office, I instructed my Office of Faith-
Based and Community Initiatives to examine Federal rules and regulations 
for discrimination against community and faith-based groups. Five 
Cabinet agencies now have issued their findings. Their report, entitled, 
``Unlevel Playing Field,'' documents a Government bias against faith- 
and community-based organizations, a bias that exists even when 
constitutional concerns about church and state have been addressed.
    Government administrators restrict religious groups from even 
applying for funding simply because they are religious. They place 
artificial limits on what programs and how much funding faith-based 
groups can apply for. In some cases, they restrict civil rights these 
faith-based and community-based groups enjoy under Federal law. This is 
    Next Wednesday will mark the fifth anniversary of a bipartisan 
charitable choice legislation. This law says faith-based organizations 
should be able to compete for some contracts to provide social services. 
But even this limited charitable choice law has been almost entirely 
ignored by many Federal administrators. They've done little to help or 
require State and local governments to involve faith-based providers, as 
the law requires. I've appointed advocates in five Cabinet agencies to 
end this bias, and soon.
    My Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives is also working 
closely with groups to help them know their civil rights, know how to 
effectively apply for funds so their good works can be expanded. We must 
also broaden charitable choice to more social service areas, removing 
barriers of discrimination against the participation of faith and 
community groups. By doing so, we will welcome them to more fully 
confront the poverty and hopelessness that remain in America.
    The House of Representatives took a key step in leveling the playing 
field by passing my Faith-Based and Community Initiative, which broadens 
charitable choice and encourages charitable giving. I applaud the 
bipartisan House vote and urge the Senate to pass that legislation, with 
the leadership from Senators Joe Lieberman and Rick Santorum. The needs 
are real. The time to act is as soon as Congress returns to work after 
Labor Day.
    If you agree, let your Senator know if you see him or her during the 
congressional recess. Faith-based and community groups cannot replace 
the work of Government, but with Government's help, they can serve many 
more people. And my administration is committed to providing that help.

[[Page 1187]]

    Compassion is one of the values that builds communities of 
character, because every community of character must be a community of 
    Thank you for listening.

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