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Monday, April 28, 2003


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 Addresses and Remarks

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         Employees at the Army Tank Plant in Lima--468
         Employees at The Timken Co. in Canton--462
    Radio address--455
    Texas, remarks at Fort Hood--455

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    Postal Civil Service Retirement System Funding Reform Act of 2003, 

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    Colombia, letter transmitting report on U.S. individuals involved in 
        the antinarcotics campaign--460
    Cyprus, letter transmitting report--459

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    Presidential Determination Under the Sudan Peace Act, memorandum--

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    Applying the Federal Physicians Comparability Allowance Amendments 
        of 2000 to Participants in the Foreign Service Retirement and 
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        Central Intelligence Agency Retirement and Disability System--

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     Exchange with reporters at Fort Hood, TX--455
         Personal finance columnists and economic journalists, excerpt 
            of roundtable interview--459
         Tom Brokaw of NBC News--472

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    Armenian Remembrance Day, message--484


    National Charter Schools Week--485
    National Volunteer Week--486

Statements by the President

    See also Bill Signings
    Earth Day--459
    Sudan, peace process--458

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     Acts approved by the President--489
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Week Ending Friday, April 25, 2003
The President's Radio Address

April 19, 2003

    Good morning. This weekend, families across America will come 
together to celebrate Easter and continue the observance of Passover. 
This holy season reminds us of the value of freedom and the power of a 
love stronger than death.
    This year, Easter and Passover have special meaning for the families 
of our men and women in uniform who feel so intensely the absence of 
their loved ones during these days. More than 250,000 American troops 
are serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom to protect our security and to 
free an oppressed people. Their families await their safe return, and 
our grateful Nation remembers them in prayer.
    Our whole Nation has also shared in the happiness of learning that 
seven American prisoners of war were rescued in northern Iraq earlier 
this week and are now safe. Thanks to the courage of our marines and the 
help of Iraqis, their families have even more reason to celebrate this 
    After hearing the good news, the parents of rescued helicopter pilot 
Ronald Young, Jr., of Georgia thanked people from across America and as 
far away as Australia and Japan for their cards and flowers and prayers. 
Kaye Young, Ronald's mother, said, ``You can't believe the blessings 
that have come out of this. Even as sad as we were, as upset as we were 
to think that he was being held, there have been so many blessings.'' 
Mrs. Young continued, ``All over this country, people cared so much 
about us and about our son.''
    As a nation, we continue to pray for all who serve in our military 
and those who remain in harm's way. We also pray for those who have lost 
people they love in this war. I have met with some of these grieving 
families, and I have seen their sorrow and their strength.
    Corporal Henry Brown, a 22-year-old soldier from Natchez, 
Mississippi, was lost in battle earlier this month. After the news 
arrived, his best friend, Frank Woods, Jr., said this about Henry: ``He 
believed God was working through him, and he was part of the plan. I 
guess part of the plan now is God calling his soldier home.''
    America mourns those who have been called home, and we pray that 
their families will find God's comfort and God's grace. His purposes are 
not always clear to us, yet this season brings a promise that good can 
come out of evil, that hope can arise from despair, and that all our 
grief will someday turn to joy, a joy that can never be taken away.
    Laura and I wish you all a happy Easter and a blessed Passover. 
Thank you for listening.

Note: The address was recorded at 10:05 a.m. on April 16 in the Cabinet 
Room at the White House for broadcast at 10:06 a.m. on April 19. The 
transcript was made available by the Office of the Press Secretary on 
April 18 but was embargoed for release until the broadcast. The Office 
of the Press Secretary also released a Spanish language transcript of 
this address.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Week Ending Friday, April 25, 2003
Remarks and an Exchange With Reporters at Fort Hood, Texas

April 20, 2003

    The President. We just had a great church service. Like thousands of 
our fellow citizens, we celebrated Easter. We celebrated with our 
family, but we also celebrated with members of the 4th Infantry Division 
military families. The 4th Infantry Division is in Iraq.
    We also were with two of--brave Americans, two warrant officers, 
chopper pilots who were captured in Iraq and recently returned to their 
families. They were celebrating Easter with their loved ones, moms,

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dads, wives, brothers, and sisters from around our country. So it was a 
glorious day.
    We prayed for peace and for strength, for the many blessings. I am 
particularly grateful that these two men were with us today. I thank God 
for their lives. I hope all our fellow Americans realize that we live in 
a great country, full of great people. And today is a day to give 
blessings for America as well as an Almighty and gracious God.
    I'd be glad to answer a few questions.

Timetable for Ending Operation Iraqi Freedom

    Q. Mr. President, you said you prayed for peace this morning. How 
soon can you tell the American people that this operation will be 
    The President. When Tommy Franks says it's complete. I'll tell you 
this, though, the liberation of Iraq will make the world more peaceful.

Democracy in Iraq

    Q. Mr. President, there have been some anti-U.S. demonstrations 
stirred up by religious leaders in Iraq. Are you worried that's going to 
hurt the rebuilding effort?
    The President. I'm not worried. Freedom is beautiful, and when 
people are free, they express their opinions. You know, they couldn't 
express their opinions before we came; now they can. I've always said 
democracy is going to be hard. It's not easy to go from being enslaved 
to being free. But it's going to happen, because the basic instincts of 
mankind is to be free. They want to be free. And so, sure, there's going 
to be people expressing their opinions, and we welcome that, just like 
here in America people can express their opinion.
    Stretch [Richard Keil, Bloomberg News].

Saddam Hussein

    Q. Mr. President, what is the latest that you have on the status of 
Saddam Hussein? And if he is not killed or captured----
    The President. That Saddam Hussein is no longer in power. That's for 
certain. He was in power, and now he is not. And therefore, the Iraqi 
people's lives will be much better off. But other than that, I don't--
Stretch, we'll just have to see.
    Q. [Inaudible]--sir, any kind of a threat if he is not killed or 
    The President. If he is alive, I would suggest he not pop his head 

President's Agenda

    Q. Sir, do you expect to return more to a domestic agenda now that 
the war is winding down?
    The President. I will continue to promote an international agenda of 
peace and freedom, and I will continue doing what I have been doing, is 
working on our economy and working to modernize the Medicare system. I 
have always been involved with the domestic policy. I somehow get 
somewhat taken aback when I hear stories that assume I can only do one 
thing. I am concerned when people in our society can't find work.
    And so I've been constantly promoting an aggressive jobs-and-growth 
program. I believe our Medicare system needs to be modernized. I've 
consistently talked about that. I look forward to working with Congress 
to see that that's done.
    Then I will continue to work to make the world a more peaceful 
place. The United States is a powerful country, and one of the things we 
ought to do is use our power to make the world more peaceful and more 
free. And I intend to continue to do that.

North Korea

    Q. Sir, will talks with North Korea go ahead? And do you expect any 
    The President. Well, the key thing on the North Korea agenda is that 
China is assuming a very important responsibility, and that is that they 
will confirm that which--work toward that which Jiang Zemin told me in 
Crawford, right around the corner here, that China's policy is for a 
nuclear-weapons-free Peninsula. And now that they're engaged in the 
process, it makes it more likely that's going to occur. You've got the 

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