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Monday, November 28, 1994
Volume 30--Number 47
Pages 2417-2434

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Addresses and Remarks

    General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade--2433
    Thanksgiving turkey presentation ceremony--2432
    Welcoming ceremony for President Kuchma of Ukraine--2421

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    Bosnia, letter--2431

Executive Orders

    Expedited Naturalization of Aliens and Noncitizen Nationals Who 
        Served in an Active-Duty Status During the Persian Gulf 

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchanges with reporters
        Oval Office--2417
        Rose Garden--2432
    News conference with President Kuchma of Ukraine, November 22 (No. 

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    Future Aerospace Cooperation Between the United States and Ukraine--
    Joint Statement by the Presidents of the United States and Ukraine--

Letters and Messages

    Hanukkah, message--2421

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    Israel, Prime Minister Rabin--2417
    Ukraine, President Kuchma--2421, 2422, 2426, 2430

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    Acts approved by the President--2434
    Checklist of White House press releases--2434
    Digest of other White House announcements--2433
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--2434


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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, November 28, 1994
Volume 30--Number 47
Pages 2417-2434
Week Ending Friday, November 25, 1994
Remarks Following Discussions With Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin of 
Israel and an Exchange With Reporters

November 21, 1994


    The President. I would like to make a brief comment and then give 
the Prime Minister a chance to make a comment.
    First of all, with regard to the NATO attack this morning on the 
airfield, it was a strong and entirely appropriate response. That 
airfield had been used to conduct air attacks against the Bihac region, 
and it was the right thing to do. The situation in Bihac remains quite 
serious. We'll just have to see how it next develops. But I strongly 
support the NATO action today.

Middle East Peace Process

    With regard to the meeting that we have just had, let me say that it 
was, as always, a good meeting. We remain committed to achieving a 
comprehensive peace in the Middle East. I have reaffirmed my support for 
the current aid level to Israel as well as for certain security 
assistance, including the Arrow missile program in the years ahead, so 
that we can continue to support the security conditions that, in my 
judgment, are the precondition for Israel being able to make a just 
peace with all her neighbors in the Middle East.
    Mr. Prime Minister, would you like to----
    Prime Minister Rabin. In the last 2 years, the Middle East has seen 
dramatic change in the interrelationships between the Arab countries and 
the Arab peoples and Israel. As you remember, in September '93, here on 
the lawns of the White House, we signed the Declaration of Principle 
between us and the PLO representing the Palestinians. We started to 
tackle the longest and the most complicated conflict in all the 
conflicts of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Since then, we have implemented 
the first phase. There are problems, but we are continuing this, the 
process of reconciliation and solving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
    President Clinton visited the area when we signed the peace treaty 
with Jordan, the second peace treaty ever to be signed between Israel 
and an Arab country and the first one after the convening of the Madrid 
peace conference.
    We are committed to continue the negotiating with the Palestinians, 
with Syria, and Lebanon, with the purpose to achieve comprehensive 
peace. I'm sure that without the United States involvement, support, 
under the leadership of President Clinton to Secretary Christopher, it 
would be much more difficult, if at all, to achieve this progress in the 
peace process that we all witnessed and so many people did not believe 
that it would be possible to be done.
    Therefore, in our discussions, the President said what has been 
agreed, and we'll continue to adhere to our responsibility to achieve 
comprehensive peace. There will be obstacles; there will be 
difficulties. But I believe, with the support, involvement of the United 
States, we will achieve comprehensive peace.
    Q. Do you have any possibility of Syria in '95, of a peace 
agreement, Mr. Prime Minister?
    Prime Minister Rabin. In accordance to the Bible, all the prophets 
came from the Middle East. I would not advise anyone to become a prophet 
what will happen in the Middle East today. We will try our best.

Senator Jesse Helms

    Q. Mr. President, do you think that Jesse Helms owes you an apology?
    The President. Tomorrow I'm going to have a more extensive 
opportunity to meet with the press; I'll be glad to answer all those 
questions. I'd rather just answer questions today on these two matters 
we've discussed.

[[Page 2418]]


    Q. ----is NATO on crisis? Are the European allies and the Americans 
pulling in opposite directions? Do you intend to assert your leadership 
to try to get the allies to be more in accord with the American policy 
on using NATO force? Despite today's attack, Europeans have refused to 
enforce exclusion zones.
    The President. Well, let me say that you know what our position has 
been all along, and I think today's action is a good step in the right 
direction. We are moving forward. I will have a chance to meet with many 
of our allies in Budapest in the next few days, and we'll continue to 
work on it. But this was a step in the right direction.

Senator Jesse Helms

    Q. Are you talking to Helms about the Israeli aid and Arab aid, and 
are you talking also about NATO?
    The President. We're having extensive consultations and will 
continue to with the congressional leadership. But as I said, I'd rather 
talk about these matters today, and I'll answer some other questions 
    Q. Mr. President, on these matters----
    Q. Senator Helms' office says----

Middle East Peace Process

    Q. ----to the Middle East leaders like the Prime Minister when the 
incoming head of the Foreign Relations Committee calls this process a 
    The President. I don't think--well, the Prime Minister has already 
said the process is not a fraud; it's been quite successful. It's been 
the most successful process since Israel became a nation. And we'll just 
keep working at it to try to make it work better.
    Q. Can you clarify your position on the constitutional amendment----
    Q. Senator Helms also opposes troops on the Golan Heights----
    The President. I think it's--on the Golan issue, let me say, 
generally, we shouldn't get in the way of the parties making peace 
themselves. And I don't think I should say or do anything on that that 
would undermine the possibility of the parties reaching a peace. I think 
that ought to be the position that all Americans take. Now, the Prime 
Minister can comment on this better than I, but you know there have been 
American troops in the Sinai for quite a long time without incident. And 
I don't think any American would begrudge the investment we've made in 
the historic peace that grew out of Camp David.
    Prime Minister Rabin. Do you know that there are today a thousand 
Americans, about a thousand Americans, that served for 15\1/2\ years in 
the Sinai as part of the multinational force in which there are 
participation of military civilians from Austria, New Zealand, Colombia, 
Canada, and this force is in existence since we signed the peace treaty 
with Egypt, on the demand of Israel?
    All of the Americans there, as the others--and there is one fighting 
infantry battalion, American uniformed soldiers, in the Sinai. Their 
role is not to defend Israel. Their role is to monitor the military 
annex of the peace treaty, the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. 
And it serves effectively. No American was hurt there by any terror 
activities, because it is an area controlled by the Egyptian armed 
forces. We work in cooperation. We have all the machinery of 
    No doubt, on the Golan Heights, for 19 years, we had no one act of 
terror toward the lines between Syria and Israel. The Golan Heights 
today is the safest from terror because the Syrians keep their 
commitment under the disengagement agreement of 1974.
    Q. Mr. President, the Prime Minister is describing a monitoring 
force. Is that how you anticipate Americans being used, as monitors, or 
is it--which is something entirely different?
    The President. First of all, there has been no discussion--he 
described to you what came out of Camp David. There has been no 
discussion among the parties of a role for American forces yet. That 
would--let's let the people who have to make this agreement make it. And 
then, if we're asked by the parties themselves to become involved at 
some point in the future, I will come to the American people, I will 
come to the Congress, and I will make the case at that time based on an 
agreement that they would reach. There has been no agreement of any kind 
about this. We're jumping the gun here on this part of it.

[[Page 2419]]

Senator Jesse Helms

    Q. Are you going to see Helms yourself, Mr. Prime Minister? Are you 
going to see Mr. Helms, Senator Helms?
    The Prime Minister. He's not in town.

[At this point, one group of reporters left the room, and another group 

Aid to Israel

    Q. Mr. President, with a new Republican Congress, what will happen 
to the foreign aid and to the American troops in the Golan Heights?
    The President. Well, first of all, with regard to the foreign aid, I 
have just pledged to the Prime Minister that I will support next year 
continuing the aid to Israel at its present level, in addition to some 
new security initiatives with regard to the Arrow missiles, 
supercomputers, and a couple of other things. So we are going to have a 
very robust security relationship with Israel, and I believe the aid 
levels will be maintained. We have enjoyed in this country, 
historically, a bipartisan level of support for Israel.
    Now, with regard to the Golan, I can only tell you that we in the 
United States must await an agreement of peace between Israel and Syria. 
If a peace agreement is reached regarding the Golan in which we were 
asked to participate, obviously that is something that I would consider.
    We have been in the Sinai, as a result of the agreement between 
Egypt and Israel, for quite a long time now without incident. I am very 
proud of the role the United States has been asked to play there as a 
monitor, not as a defender of Israel's security but as a monitor. But 

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