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Monday, December 30, 1996
Volume 32--Number 52
Pages 2535-2543

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Addresses to the Nation

    Christmas greeting--2541

Addresses and Remarks

    North Carolina, community at Camp Lejeune--2538
    Radio address--2537

Communications to Congress

    Bosnia, letter reporting--2535

Executive Orders

    Adjustments of Certain Rates of Pay and Allowances--2542
    Further Amendment to Executive Order No. 12964 (Commission On United 
        States-Pacific Trade and Investment Policy)--2541

Resignations and Retirements

    Gen. George A. Joulwan, USA, statement--2541

Statements by the President

    See also Resignations and Retirements
    Pan American Flight 103, anniversary of the bombing over Lockerbie, 

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--2543
    Checklist of White House press releases--2543
    Digest of other White House announcements--2543
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--2543

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, December 30, 1996
Volume 32--Number 52
Pages 2535-2543
Week Ending Friday, December 27, 1996
Letter to Congressional Leaders on Bosnia

December 20, 1996

Dear Mr. Speaker:  (Dear Mr. President:)

    In my report to the Congress of June 21, 1996, I provided further 
information on the deployment of combat-equipped U.S. Armed Forces to 
Bosnia and other states in the region in order to participate in and 
support the North Atlantic Treaty Organization-led Implementation Force 
(IFOR). I am providing this supplemental report, consistent with the War 
Powers Resolution, to help ensure that the Congress is kept fully 
informed on continued U.S. contributions in support of peacekeeping 
efforts in the former Yugoslavia.
    We continue to work in concert with others in the international 
community to encourage the parties to fulfill their commitments under 
the Dayton Peace Agreement and to build on the gains achieved over the 
last year. It remains in the U.S. national interest to help bring peace 
to Bosnia, both for humanitarian reasons and to arrest the dangers the 
fighting in Bosnia represented to security and stability in Europe 
generally. Through American leadership and in conjunction with our NATO 
allies and other countries, we have seen real progress toward 
sustainable peace in Bosnia. We have also made it clear to the former 
warring parties that it is they who are ultimately responsible for 
implementing the peace agreement.
    Approximately 9,000 U.S. troops currently are deployed in Bosnia and 
Herzegovina under NATO operational command and control as part of the 
current Stabilization Force (SFOR) total of about 35,800. All NATO 
nations and 18 others, including Russia, contributed troops or other 
support to IFOR and most will continue to provide such support to the 
follow-on force, discussed below. Most U.S. troops are assigned to 
Multinational Division, North, centered around the city of Tuzla. In 
addition, approximately 6,900 U.S. troops are deployed to Hungary, 
Croatia, Italy, and other states in the region in order to provide 
logistical and other support to SFOR.
    Consistent with United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 
1031 (1995) and the North Atlantic Council decision of December 16, 
1995, IFOR has now successfully accomplished its mission to monitor and 
ensure compliance by all parties with the military aspects of the Peace 
Agreement initialed in Dayton and formally signed in Paris on December 
14, 1995. War no longer rages throughout Bosnia. Weapons have been 
cantoned, troops demobilized, and territory exchanged. While inter-
ethnic tensions remain, the killing has ended and peace is taking hold. 
Building on its accomplishment of military tasks that established the 
necessary environment for civilian implementation, IFOR also assisted in 
the overall civilian implementation effort, including elections support, 
support to the international criminal tribunal and the facilitation of 
freedom of movement of civilian persons. IFOR also stood ready to 
provide emergency support to the United Nations Transitional 
Administration in Eastern Slavonia (UNTAES).
    In order to contribute further to a secure environment necessary for 
the consolidation of peace throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, NATO has 
approved, and I have authorized U.S. participation in, an IFOR follow-on 
force to be known as the Stabilization Force (SFOR). The United Nations 
Security council authorized member states to establish the follow-on 
force in UNSCR 1088 of December 12, 1996. Transfer of authority from 
IFOR to SFOR occurred on December 20, 1996. The parties to the Peace 
Agreement have all confirmed to NATO their support for the SFOR mission. 
In particular, Bosnia and Herzegovina has indicated that it welcomes 

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    SFOR's tasks are to deter or prevent a resumption of hostilities or 
new threats of peace, to consolidate IFOR's achievements, to promote a 
climate in which the civilian-led peace process can go forward. Subject 
to this primary mission, SFOR will provide selective support, within its 
capabilities, to civilian organizations implementing the Dayton Peace 
    NATO has planned for an 18-month SFOR mission, to be formally 
reviewed at 6 and 12 months, with a view to progressively reducing the 
force's presence and, eventually, withdrawing. I expect the U.S. force 
contribution to SFOR to be about 8,500, less than half that deployed 
with IFOR at the peak of its strength. Many of the U.S. forces 
participating in SFOR are U.S. Army forces that were stationed in 
Germany. Other participating U.S. forces include special operations 
forces, airfield operations support forces, air forces, and reserve 
personnel. An amphibious force is normally in reserve in the 
Mediterranean Sea, and a carrier battle group remains available to 
provide support for air operations.
    IFOR's withdrawal has begun, on a schedule set by NATO commanders, 
consistent with the safety of the troops and the logistical requirements 
for an orderly withdrawal. A covering force of approximately 5,000 
troops, drawn primarily from the U.S. 1st Infantry Division, deployed to 
Bosnia in November to assist in IFOR's withdrawal. During IFOR's one-
year mission, U.S. forces sustained a total of 13 fatalities, all 
resulting from accidents. Twenty-one American servicemembers were also 
injured in accidents. As with U.S. forces, traffic accidents, landmines, 
and other accidents were the primary causes of injury to IFOR personnel.
    A U.S. Army contingent remains deployed in the Former Yugoslav 
Republic of Macedonia as part of the United Nations Preventive 
Deployment force (UNPREDEP). This U.N. peacekeeping force observes and 
monitors conditions along the border with the Federal Republic of 
Yugoslavia, effectively contributing to the stability of the region. 
Several U.S. Army support helicopters are also deployed to provide 
support to U.S. forces and UNPREDEP as required. Most of the 
approximately 500 U.S. soldiers participating in these missions are 
assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 63rd Armor, 1st Infantry Division. A 
small contingent of U.S. military personnel is also serving in Croatia 
in direct support of the UNTAES Transitional Administrator.
    U.S. naval forces continued, until October 2, to assist in enforcing 
the U.N.-mandated economic sanctions as part of NATO's participation in 
Operation SHARP GUARD. Because the economic sanctions have been 
terminated, U.S. naval activities in support of Operation SHARP GUARD 
have ceased. U.S. naval forces will remain on call to provide assistance 
should economic sanctions be reimposed.
    I have directed the participation of U.S. Armed Forces in these 
operations pursuant to my constitutional authority to conduct U.S. 
foreign relations and as Commander in Chief and Chief Executive, and in 
accordance with various statutory authorities. I am providing this 
report as part of my efforts to keep the Congress fully informed about 
developments in Bosnia and other states in the region. I will continue 
to consult closely with the Congress regarding our efforts to foster 
peace and stability in the former Yugoslavia.
                                            William J. Clinton

Note: Identical letters were sent to Newt Gingrich, Speaker of the House 
of Representatives, and Strom Thurmond, President pro tempore of the 
Senate. This item was not received in time for publication in the 
appropriate issue.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, December 30, 1996
Volume 32--Number 52
Pages 2535-2543
Week Ending Friday, December 27, 1996
Statement on Anniversary of the Bombing of Pan American Flight 103 Over 
Lockerbie, Scotland

December 20, 1996

    On this day eight years ago, Pan American Flight 103 was savagely 
torn from the skies over Lockerbie, Scotland. We have not forgotten the 
270 victims who perished in that cowardly act of terrorism. And we have 
not forgotten their families. On behalf of the American people, we 
remember your loss today. We draw strength from your dignity and your 
courage. You are not alone in your determination to see that the 
perpetrators of this evil deed are brought to justice. Your

[[Page 2537]]

country stands with you and shares your continuing grief.
    The sponsors of terrorism hope that with the passing of time the 
world will forget their crimes. We will not forget. Time has not 
diminished our outrage, and it never will. We are determined to see that 
those who committed these murders are brought to justice. That is why we 
continue to demand the extradition of the two Libyans who have been 
indicted for this vicious offense to stand trial in the U.S. or U.K. It 
is also why we have pushed for and secured tough international sanctions 
against Libya that we strengthened further with legislation in 1996. We 
will not rest until this case is closed and justice is done.

Note: This statement was embargoed for release by the Office of the 
Press Secretary until 12 noon on December 21, the anniversary date of 
the bombing. This item was not received in time for publication in the 
appropriate issue.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, December 30, 1996
Volume 32--Number 52
Pages 2535-2543
Week Ending Friday, December 27, 1996
The President's Radio Address

December 21, 1996

    In just a few days we celebrate the miracle of Christmas, the gift 
of light and hope that has lasted for nearly 2,000 years. I'd like to 
talk about how we can share that gift by shining the light of literacy 
on millions of precious children and families.
    Literacy is about reading, but it's about much more, too. It's about 
opportunity, giving people the tools to make the most of their God-given 
potential. It's about preparing people for the 21st century, when a 
fully literate work force will be crucial to our strength as a nation. 
Without literacy, the history books and job manuals are closed, the 
Internet is turned off, and the promise of America is much harder to 
    To achieve our full potential as a nation, we must make sure 
everyone can read, adults as well as children. I'm proud that we're 
increasing the assistance we give to States for adult education and 
literacy by more than 50 percent, the largest increase in more than 30 
years. This will help hundreds of thousands of adults to rise to the 
obligations of family and community and to make the most of their own 
    When it comes to children, the first teachers must always be their 
parents. Hillary and I still talk about the books we read to Chelsea 
when we were so tired we could hardly stay awake. I urge all of 
America's parents, make sure there are books beneath your Christmas 
tree. Share the joy of reading as a family.
    Of course, parents can't do it alone. Our country has outstanding 
teachers and educators on the frontlines of the literacy crusade, but 
all the rest of us must work with them to make sure that every child and 
every adult can read.
    This summer in Wyandotte, Michigan, I announced a national literacy 

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