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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, June 30, 1997
Volume 33--Number 26
Pages 917-990

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Weekly Compilation of



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Addresses and Remarks

    See also Bill Signings
    Arkansas, funeral service for Henry Oren Grisham in Hope--972
        Los Angeles
            Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee reception--952
            Mar Vista Elementary School--950
            Saxophone Club reception--954
        San Francisco
            Senator Barbara Boxer, luncheon--948
            U.S. Conference of Mayors--938
    Colorado, Summit of the Eight in Denver
        First working session--922
        Presentation of Final Communique--925
    Illinois, dinner for Senator Carol Moseley-Braun in Chicago--967
    League of United Latin American Citizens--978
    New York City, U.N. Special Session on Environment and Development--
    Radio address--922
    Tennessee, Family Re-Union VI Conference in Nashville--960, 962

Bill Signings

    Drug-Free Communities Act of 1997, remarks--982

Communications to Congress

    Bosnia, letter reporting--921
    Corporation for Public Broadcasting, message transmitting report--
    Cyprus, letter transmitting report--966
    Federal advisory committees, message transmitting report--957
    Libya, message reporting--976
    South Africa-U.S. tax convention, message transmitting--977
    Swiss Confederation-U.S. tax convention and protocol, message 

Executive Orders

    Internal Revenue Service Management Board--958

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchanges with reporters
        Denver, CO--917, 919, 924
        Roosevelt Room--982
        Rose Garden--986
    News conference, June 22 (No. 148)--926

Joint Statements

    Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, France-Russia-U.S. joint statement--920

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    Australia, Prime Minister Howard--986
    France, President Chirac--917, 920
    Italy, Prime Minister Prodi--919
    Russia, President Yeltsin--920
    United Kingdom, Prime Minister Blair--924

Statements by the President

    Apprehension of indicted war criminal Slavko Dokmanovic--987
    China, House action on most-favored-nation status--958
    Consumer confidence--958
        Betty Shabazz--957
        Jacques Cousteau--966
    European Union-U.S. Mutual Recognition Agreements--920
    Supreme Court decisions
        Communications Decency Act and the Internet--975
        Federal funds for educational programs--956
        Line item veto--975
        Physician-assisted suicide--976

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--990
    Checklist of White House press releases--989
    Digest of other White House announcements--987
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--988


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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, June 30, 1997
Volume 33--Number 26
Pages 917-990
Week Ending Friday, June 27, 1997
Remarks Prior to a Meeting With President Jacques Chirac of France and 
an Exchange With Reporters in Denver, Colorado

June 20, 1997

Proposed Tobacco Agreement

    President Clinton. Let me say, first of all, I'm delighted to see 
President Chirac again, and I want to compliment him again on his 
leadership in Paris recently when we signed the NATO-Russia Founding 
Act. I have asked for his indulgence so that I can make a brief 
statement about the settlement which was announced in the tobacco case.
    You all remember that it was, I think, a little less than a year ago 
that the Food and Drug Administration announced its proposed rule to 
restrain the marketing, access, and sales of tobacco to children in the 
United States. The jurisdiction of the FDA subsequently was upheld in 
court, and I believe that it was those developments which gave rise to 
the willingness of tobacco companies to engage in talks with the States 
and the other parties.
    They have now reached a proposed settlement. And the first thing I'd 
like to do is to compliment the attorneys general and the others who 
were involved in the suit for their work to advance the cause of 
protecting the public health and protecting our children. Now what we 
have to do is to subject this proposed agreement to strict scrutiny.
    I have asked my Domestic Policy Advisor, Bruce Reed, and Secretary 
Shalala to head up an administration team to review this agreement very, 
very carefully. And they will do that in a matter of weeks, not months. 
But I want them to take an adequate amount of time.
    And I want to assure you that my standard will be what it always has 
been: We must judge this agreement based on whether it advances the 
public health and will reduce the number of children who are smoking 
cigarettes. And we will look at it from that point of view. But I do 
want to congratulate the parties for reaching this agreement, and I'm 
looking forward to looking into it.
    Q. What's your first take on it, Mr. President? Does it look pretty 
good, or are there certain areas that you have reservations--[inaudible]
    President Clinton. [Inaudible]--the money--of course, it's an 
enormous amount of money. And apparently, quite a bit was added just in 
the last few days. I don't know much more about it than that. I would 
say this--what I want to look at is two things, principally, from the--
[inaudible]--point of view: What is the scope of the FDA's jurisdiction? 
What is the capacity of the FDA, for example, to deal with nicotine 
levels in cigarettes, things of that kind? And then the second issue is, 
how is this money going

to be paid in and spent over this period of time? What is the spending? 
Will it really advance the public health?

    And of course, then there's some other nonfinancial issues: What are 
the nature of the warnings that they've agreed to? I've heard a little 
about that. But I have had no opportunity to really even see a summary 
of this agreement. So the number one thing for us would be the scope and 
nature of the FDA jurisdiction and then how will the money be spent? 
Will it really advance the public health?
    Thank you.


    Q. President Chirac, what is your position, and will you be talking 
to President Clinton about Romania's membership in NATO? Would you 
prefer Romania to be allowed into NATO right now?
    President Chirac. I think it's in the interest of the world and in 
the interest of Romania to be part of the first set of countries 
admitted into expanded NATO, and I will

[[Page 918]]

certainly be presenting this viewpoint, which I think is fair and 

Middle East Peace Process

    Q. Mr. President, you evidently got a bad report from President 
Mubarak on Mid-East peacemaking. Are you bringing some urgent message to 
the President that the U.S. should redouble its efforts? Are you unhappy 
with the slow state of play?
    President Chirac. This is a subject that I will be discussing with 
President Clinton. I am, in fact, worried about the situation in the 
Middle East.

[At this point, one group of reporters left the room, and another group 

    Q. Mr. President, can we ask you a question, please?

Visit of President Chirac

    President Clinton. Yes. Before you do, let me say, first, I want to 
welcome President Chirac to the United States again and thank him for 
the wonderful job that he did in hosting the NATO meeting in Paris where 
we announced the historic partnership with Russia.
    I would also like to thank him for the work that we are doing 
together in so many parts of the world and especially on behalf of the 
American people to thank him for the help that France gave in the 
evacuation of American citizens in Brazzaville. We were very grateful 
for that.

The European Economy

    Q. I would like to ask you, what's going to be your message to the 
French and to the Europeans regarding the economy? Do you have something 
special to say about how to have a better economy for Europe?
    President Clinton. I don't think there is a uniform answer for one 
country you can apply to another. But I think that the trick is how do 
you have enough fiscal discipline and flexibility to grow jobs and have 
economic growth while still preserving an adequate safety net for people 
who deserve their support?
    You know, the French have a lot of things that we Americans admire, 
a wonderful network of child care, for example, for working families, a 
provision for health insurance for all families. The question is, how 
can you preserve the

essentials that make a society whole and give it integrity and have it be 
open and flexible enough to grow?

    And this question will have to be answered a little differently, I 
think, in every country. But perhaps if we all work together in good 
faith, we can all make progress. The United States has a very great 
interest in economic growth in France and, indeed, in Europe at large. I 
have always supported that.


    Q. Mr. President, are you planning, with President Chirac, are both 
of you trying to reshuffle the cards in Africa?
    President Clinton. Well, I have always been impressed with President 
Chirac's leadership in Africa and his passionate devotion to it. And I 
can tell you that in every private conversation we've ever had that 
lasted more than 30 seconds, he's brought Africa up.
    We have a proposal. We hope we can work together as we have in 
different ways and emergencies--in Sierre Leone, in Brazzaville, or the 
former Zaire. We hope we can work together to really do something for 
    You know, there are several countries in Africa that had growth 
rates of over 7 percent last year, 48 democracies now, and the rest of 
the world simply can't walk away from it. We need a balance of aid and 

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