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Privacy Act: [ 09-60-0017] Personnel Research and Merit Promotion Test Records, HHS/SSA/OMBP....

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[2001 Privacy Act]
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   #..Table of Contents

         09-60-0001  Commissioner's Correspondence File, SSA/OC.
         09-60-0002  Automated Controlled Correspondence Extraction 
   System, SSA/OGA.
         09-60-0003  Hearing File and Attorney Fee File, SSA/OHA.
         09-60-0004  Working Files of the Appeals Council, SSA/OHA.
         09-60-0005  Hearing Office File, SSA/OHA.
         09-60-0006  Storage of Hearing Records: Tape Cassettes and 
   Audiograph Discs, SSA/OHA.
         09-60-0008  Administrative Law Judge's Docket, SSA/OHA.
         09-60-0009  Hearings and Appeals Case Control System, SSA/OHA.
         09-60-0012  Listing and Alphabetical Name File (Folder) of 
   Vocational Experts, Medical Advisors and Medical Consultants, SSA/
         09-60-0013  Records of Usage of Medical Advisors, Medical 
   Consultants, and Vocational Experts, SSA/OHA.
         09-60-0014  Curriculum Vitae and Professional Qualifications of 
   Medical Officers, Medical Advisors, Medical Consultants and Resume of 
   Vocational Experts, SSA/OHA.
         09-60-0015  List of Physicians Utilized as Readers of Black 
   Lung X-Ray Films, SSA/OHA.
         09-60-0017  Personnel Research and Merit Promotion Test 
   Records, SSA/OMBP.
         09-60-0031  Employee Production and Accuracy Records, SSA/OMBP. 
         09-60-0032  Employee Indebtedness Counseling System, SSA/OMBP.
         09-60-0033  Requests for Review of Proposed Contracts with 
   Experts and Consultants, SSA/OMBP.
         09-60-0037  General Criminal Investigations Files, SSA/OMBP.
         09-60-0038  Employee Building Pass Files, SSA/OMBP.
         09-60-0040  Quality Review System, SSA/OA.
         09-60-0042  Quality Review Case File, SSA/OA.
         09-60-0044  Disability Determination Service Processing File, 
         09-60-0045  Black Lung Payment System, SSA/OURV.
         09-60-0046  Disability Determination Service Consultant`s File, 
         09-60-0047  Critical Case Processing Time, SSA/OOPP.
         09-60-0050  Completed Determination Record--Continuing 
   Disability Determinations, SSA/OP.
         09-60-0052  Disposition of Vocational Rehabilitation Report to 
   Social Security Administration, SSA/ODP.
         09-60-0053  Reimbursement From Trust Fund for Vocational 
   Rehabilitation Services, SSA/ODP.
         09-60-0056  Vocational Rehabilitation Savings Calculations, 
         09-90-0057  Quality Evaluation Data Records, SSA/OA.
         09-60-0058  Master Files of Social Security Number (SSN) 
   Holders and Applications, SSA/OSR.
         09-60-0059  Earnings Recording and Self-Employment Income 
   System, SSA/OSR.
         09-60-0063  Resource Accounting and Project Management System, 
         09-60-0066  Claims Development Record, SSA/OFO.
         09-60-0075  Congressional Bills Tracking System, SSA/OLRP.
         09-60-0077  Congressional Inquiry File, SSA/OFO.
         09-60-0078  Public Inquiry Correspondence File, SSA/OFO.
         09-60-0089  Claims Folders System, SSA/ODP.
         09-60-0090  Master Beneficiary Record, Social Security 
   Administration, Office of Systems Requirements.
         09-60-0091  Social Security Administration Claims Control 
   System, SSA/OURV.
         09-60-0092  Automated Control System For Case Folders, SSA/OSR.
         09-60-0094  Recovery Accounting for Overpayments, Social 
   Security Administration, Office of Systems Requirements.
         09-60-0095  Health Insurance Overpayment Ledger Cards, SSA/OSR.
         09-60-0097  Program Integrity Case Files, SSA/OA.
         099  Prisoner Update Processing System (PUPS), SSA/OPB.
         09-60-0102  Fee Ledger System for Representatives, SSA/OIP.
         09-60-0103  Supplemental Security Income and Record and Special 
   Veterans Benefits, Social Security Administration, Office of Systems 
         09-60-0110  Supplemental Security Income File of Refunds, SSA/
         09-60-0111  Debit Voucher File (Supplemental Security Income), 
         09-60-0117  Age at First Payment of Retirement Insurance 
   Benefits, SSA/OACT.
         09-60-0118  Non-Contributory Military Service Reimbursement 
   System, SSA/OACT.
         09-60-0119  Special Age 72 Benefit Trust Fund Transfer Project, 
         09-60-0128  Retirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance 
   Claims Study, SSA/OA.
         09-60-0129  Adjudication of Supplemental Security Income Policy 
   Analysis Review, SSA/OA.
         09-60-0148  Matches of Internal Revenue Service and Social 
   Security Administration Data with Census Survey Data (Joint Social 
   Security Administration/Census Statistics Development Project), SSA/
         09-60-0149  Matches of Internal Revenue Service and Social 
   Security Administration Data (Joint Social Security Administration/
   Treasury Department Statistics Development Project), SSA/OP.
         09-60-0159  Continuous Work History Sample (Statistics), SSA/
         09-60-0184  Hearing Office Master Calendar, SSA/OHA.
         09-60-0186  SSA Litigation Tracking System, SSA/OR.
         09-60-0196  Disability Studies, Surveys, Records and Extracts 
   (Statistics), SSA/OP.
         09-60-0198  Extramural Research Administrative File, SSA/OP.
         09-60-0199  Extramural Survey (Statistics), SSA/OP.
         09-60-0200  Retirement and Survivors Studies, Surveys, Records 
   and Extracts (Statistics), SSA/OP.
         09-60-0202  Old Age, Survivors and Disability Beneficiary and 
   Worker Records and Extracts (Statistics), SSA/OP.
         09-60-0203  Supplemental Security Income Studies, Records and 
   Extracts (Statistics), SSA/OP.
         09-60-0206  Repatriate Records System, SSA/OFA.
         09-60-0209  Readership Surveys of the Office of Research and 
   Statistics, SSA/OP.
         09-60-0210  Record of Individuals Authorized Entry to Secured 
   Automated Data Processing (ADP) Area, SSA/OS.
         09-60-0211  Beneficiary, Family, and Household Surveys, Records 
   and Extracts System (Statistics), SSA/OP.
         09-60-0212  Supplemental Security Income Quality Initial Claims 
   Review Process System, SSA/OA.
         09-60-0213  Quality Review of Hearing/Appellate Process, SSA/
         09-60-0214  Personal Identification Number File, (PINFile), 
         09-60-0216  Indochina Refugee Data System, SSA/ORR.
         09-60-0217  Cuban Refugee Registration Records, SSA/ORR.
         09-60-0218  Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security 
   Income Demonstration Projects and Experiments System, SSA/ORS.
         09-90-0219  Representative Disqualification/Suspension 
   Information System, SSA/ORSI.
         09-60-0220  Kentucky Birth Records System, SSA/DO(KY).
         09-60-0221  Vocational Rehabilitation Reimbursement Case 
   Processing System, SSA/OD.
         09-60-0222  Master Representative Payee File, SSA/OPBP.
         09-60-0223  Telephone Call Receipt System, SSA/DCO.
         09-60-0224  SSA-Initiated Personal Earnings and Benefit 
   Estimate Statement (SIPEBES) History File, SSA/OSR.
         09-60-0225  SSA-Initiated Personal Earnings and Benefit 
   Estimate Statement Address System for Certain Territories, SSA/OSR.
         09-60-0253  Vocational Rehabilitation; State Vocation 
   Rehabilitation Agency Information (VR SVRA) File, SSA/OD.
         09-06-0254  Vocational Rehabilitation; SSA Disability 
   Beneficiaries/Recipients Eligible for Re-referral to an Alternate 
   Vocational Rehabilitation Service Provider (VR Re-referral) File, 
         09-60-0255  Plans for Achieving Self-Support (PASS) Management 
   Information System, SSA/OPBP.
         09-60-0270  Records of Individuals Authorized Entry into 
   Secured Areas by Digital Lock Systems, Electronic Key Card Systems or 
   Other Electronic Access Devices, SSA.
         09-60-0273  Social Security Title VIII Special Veterans 
   Benefits Claims Development and Management Information System, SSA/
   RO/San Francisco.
         09-60-0276  Social Security Administration's (SSA) Talking and 
   Listening to Customers (TLC).
         09-60-0278  Social Security Administration's (SSA) Talking and 
   Listening to Customers (TLC).
         09-60-279  SSA's Mandate Against Red Tape (SMART) Program 
   Records, SSA/COSS/OCSI.
         09-60-0280  SSA Administrative Sanctions Database.
         60-0295  Ticket-to-Work and Self-Sufficiency Program Payment 
         60-0300  Ticket-to-Work Program Manager (PM) Management 
   Information System.
         Appendix A  Retirement and Survivors Insurance Claims.
         Appendix B  Disability Insurance Claims.
         Appendix C  Regional Offices Addresses.
         Appendix D  Supplementary Security Income Claims.
         Appendix E  Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act Claims 
   (Black Lungs).
         Appendix F  Social Security Administration Field Operations 
         Appendix G  Office of Hearings and Appeals Addresses.
         Appendix H  Office of Central Operations Electronic Data 
   Operations Centers.
         Appendix I  Availability of Records, Manuals, Etc.
         Appendix J  Social Security Administration Data Security 
         Appendix K  Obtaining Access to Records.
         Appendix L  Field Assessment Offices.
         Appendix M  Field Assessment Offices and Central Supplemental 
   Security Income Analysis Components.


   #....System name:

       Commissioner's Correspondence File, SSA/OC.
     Security classification:
     System location:
       Social Security Administration, Room 922, Altmeyer Building, 6401 
   Security Boulevard, Baltimore, Maryland 21235 and Social Security 
   Administration, Room 656G Hubert H. Humphrey Building, 200 
   Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20201.
     Categories of individuals covered by the system:
       Any person or group who writes directly to the Commissioner of 
   Social Security.
     Categories of records in the system: 
       The Commissioner's incoming personnel correspondence and 
   responses to such correspondence.
     Authority for maintenance of the system: 
       Section 205 of the Social Security Act.
       This system is established solely for reference when applying to 
   subsequent inquiries.
     Routine uses of records maintained in the system, including 
   categories of users and the purposes of such uses: 
       Disclosure may be made for routine uses as indicated below:
       To a congressional office in response to an inquiry from that 
   office made at the request of the subject of a record.
       Nontax return information which is not restricted from disclosure 
   by Federal law may be disclosed to the General Services 
   Administration and the National Archives and Records Administration 
   for the purpose of conducting records management studies with respect 
   to their duties and responsibilities under 44 U.S.C. 2904 and 2906, 
   as amended by the National Archives and Records Administration Act of 
       Disclosure may be to DOJ, to a court or other tribunal, or 
   another party before such tribunal, when:
       (a) SSA, or any component thereof; or
       (b) Any SSA employee in his/her official capacity; or
       (c) Any SSA employee in his/her individual capacity where DOJ (or 
   SSA where it is authorized to do so) has agreed to represent the 
   employee; or
       (d) The United States or any agency thereof where SSA determines 
   that the litigation is likely to affect the operations of SSA or any 
   of its components

       is a party to litigation or has an interest in such litigation, 
   and SSA determines that the use of such records by DOJ, the tribunal, 
   or other party before such tribunal is relevant and necessary to the 
   litigation, provided, however, that in each case, SSA determines that 
   such disclosure is compatible with the purpose for which the records 
   were disclosed.
       Wage and other information which are subject to the disclosure 
   provisions of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) (26 U.S.C. 6103) will 
   not be disclosed under this routine use unless disclosure is 
   expressly permitted by the IRC.
       To student volunteers and other workers, who technically do not 
   have the status of Federal employees, when they are performing work 
   for SSA as authorized by law, and they need access to personally 
   identifiable information in SSA records in order to perform their 
   assigned Agency functions.
     Policies and practices for storing, retrieving, accessing, 
   retaining, and disposing of records in the system: 
       Records are stored in paper form and in magnetic media (e.g., 
   magnetic tape and disk).
       Records in this system are indexed and retrieved by the name of 
   the correspondent.
       Safeguards for automated records have been established in 
   accordance with the Department of Health and Human Services' 
   Automated Data Processing Manual, ``Part 6, ADP System Security.'' 
   This includes maintaining the records in a secured enclosure attended 
   by security guards. Anyone entering or leaving the enclosure must 
   have a special badge issued only to authorized personnel. Access to 
   specific records in this system is limited to members of the 
   Executive Secretariat's staff. Also, employees are periodically 
   briefed on Privacy Act requirements and SSA confidentiality rules, 
   including the criminal sanctions for unauthorized disclosure of or 
   access to personal records. (See Appendix J to this publication for 
   additional information relating to safeguards the Social Security 
   Administration employs to protect personnel records.)
     Retention and disposal: 
       General correspondence is held 2 years. Paper files are destroyed 
   by shredding when deemed appropriate. Computer files are archived 
   after 12 months.
     System manager(s) and address: 
       Chief, Baltimore Branch, Executive Secretariat, 922 Altmeyer 
   Building, 6401 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, Maryland 21235.
     Notification procedure: 
       An individual can determine if this system contains a record 
   about him or her by writing to the following address: Office of the 
   Commissioner, 922 Altmeyer Building, 6401 Security Boulevard, 
   Baltimore, Maryland 21235.
       When requesting notification or access to a record in this 
   system, the individual should refer to this system and provide his or 
   her name and return address. These procedures are in accordance with 
   HHS Regulations 45 CFR part 5b.
     Record access procedures: 
       Same as notification procedures. Also, requesters should 
   reasonably specify the record contents being sought. These access 
   procedures are in accordance with HHS Regulations 45 CFR part 5b.
     Contesting record procedures: 
       Same as notification procedures. Also, requestors should 
   reasonably identify the record, specify the information they are 
   contesting and the corrective action sought and the reasons for the 
   correction with supporting justification. These procedures are in 

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