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[2001 Privacy Act]
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                                                   Table of Contents
                Appendix Prefatory Statement of General Routine Uses
                             DOT/ALL 1--DOT Grievance Records Files.
            DOT/ALL 5  Employee Counseling Services Program Records.
                DOT/ALL 6  Workers' Compensation Information System.
       DOT/ALL 7  Departmental Accounting and Financial Information 
                        System (DAFIS) and Delphi Accounting System.
                    DOT/ALL 8  Employee Transportation Facilitation.
                      DOT/ALL 9  Identification Media Record System.
                                   DOT/ALL 10  Debt Collection File.
          DOT/ALL 11  Integrated Personnel and Payroll System, IPPS.
                   DOT/ALL 12  DOT Mentoring Program Records System.
        DOT/CG 501  Auxiliary Management Information System, AUXMIS.
                                 DOT/CG 503  Motorboat Registration.
        DOT/CG 505  Recreational Boating Law Enforcement Case Files.
         DOT/CG 507  Coast Guard Supplement to the Manual of Courts 
                                             Martial Investigations.
                                  DOT/CG 508  Claims and Litigation.
                         DOT/CG 509  Non-Judicial Punishment Report.
         DOT/CG 510  Records of Trial: Special, General and Summary 
                      DOT/CG 511  Legal Assistance Case File System.
           DOT/CG 526  Adjudication and Settlement of Claims System.
          DOT/CG 528  Centralized Reserve Pay and Retirement System.
                       DOT/CG 533  Retired Pay and Personnel System.
         DOT/CG 534  Travel and Transportation of Household Effects.
   DOT/CG 535  Coast Guard Exchange System, CGES, and Moral, Welfare 
                                       and Recreation, MWR, Program.
                 DOT/CG 536  Contract and Real Property File System.
                  DOT/CG 537  FHA Mortgage Insurance for Servicemen.
                           DOT/CG 571  Disability Separation System.
           DOT/CG 572  USCG Military Personnel Health Record System.
             DOT/CG 573  United States Public Health Services, PHS, 
          Commissioned Officer Corps Staffing and Recruitment Files.
       DOT/CG 576  USCG Non-Federal Invoice Processing System, NIPS.
   DOT/CG 577  USCG Federal Medical Care Recovery Act, FMCRA, Record 
    DOT/CG 586  Chemical Transportation Industry Advisory Committee.
                 DOT/CG 588  Marine Safety Information System, MSIS.
                DOT/CG 589  United States Merchant Seamen's Records.
                      DOT/CG 590  Vessel Identification System, VIS.
       DOT/CG 591  Merchant Vessel Documentation System (Manual and 
          DOT/CG 592  Registered/Applicant Pilot Eligibility Folder.
                              DOT/CG 611  Investigative Case System.
                              DOT/CG 612  Port Security Card System.
                DOT/CG 622  Military Training and Education Records.
                      DOT/CG 623  Military Pay and Personnel System.
          DOT/CG 624  Personnel Management Information System, PMIS.
               DOT/CG 625  Officer Selection and Appointment System.
                       DOT/CG 626  Official Officer Service Records.
            DOT/CG 627  Enlisted Recruiting Selection Record System.
   DOT/CG 628  Officer, Enlisted, and Recruiter Selection Test File.
                       DOT/CG 629  Enlisted Personnel Record System.
                             DOT/CG 630  Coast Guard Family Housing.
                     DOT/CG 631  Family Advocacy Case Record System.
   DOT/CG 632  Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card 
                                                      Record System.
        DOT/CG 633  Coast Guard Civilian Personnel Security Program.
                       DOT/CG 634  Child Care Program Record System.
    DOT/CG 636  Personal Affairs Record System Coast Guard Military 
        DOT/CG 637  Appointment of Trustee or Guardian for Mentally 
                                              Incompetent Personnel.
    DOT/CG 638  USCG Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program Record System.
                  DOT/CG 639  Request for Remission of Indebtedness.
          DOT/CG 640  Outside Employment of Active Duty Coast Guard 
                      DOT/CG 641  Coast Guard Special Needs Program.
      DOT/CG 642  Joint Maritime Information Element, JMIE, Support 
                                                        System, JSS.
                                 DOT/CG 671  Biographical Statement.
            DOT/CG 676  Official Coast Guard Reserve Service Record.
      DOT/CG 677  Coast Guard Reserve Personnel Mobilization System.
        DOT/CG 678  Reserve Personnel Management Information System 
                          DOT/FAA 801  Aircraft Registration System.
                 DOT/FAA 807  Police Warrant File and Central Files.
                         DOT/FAA 811  Employee Health Record System.
                        DOT/FAA 813  Civil Aviation Security System.
                           DOT/FAA 815  Investigative Record System.
       DOT/FAA 816  Tort Claims and Personal Property Claims Record 
     DOT/FAA 821  Litigation and Claims Files with Docket Sheet and 
                           Card Catalogue Index for Cross Reference.
                      DOT/FAA 822  Aviation Medical Examiner System.
              DOT/FAA 825  Petitions for Rulemaking  Public Dockets.
           DOT/FAA 826  Petitions for Exemption (Other than Medical 
                                         Exemption)  Public Dockets.
                        DOT/FAA 827  Environmental Litigation Files.
                         DOT/FAA 828  Physiological Training System.
                  DOT/FAA 830  Representatives of the Administrator.
   DOT/FAA 832  Pilot, Crewmember and Aircraft Rental Flight Record 
                     DOT/FAA 833  Housing Management Monthly Report.
              DOT/FAA 837  Photographs and Biographical Information.
         DOT/FAA 845  Correspondence Control and Information System.
     DOT/FAA 847  General Air Transportation Records on Individuals.
          DOT/FAA 851  Administration and Compliance Tracking in an 
                                          Integrated Office Network.
              DOT/FAA 852  Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUP) Program.
                                  DOT/FHWA 215  Travel Advance File.
               DOT/FHWA 216  Travel Voucher  Change of Duty Station.
                                  DOT/FHWA 217  Accounts Receivable.
          DOT/FMCA 001  Motor Carrier Management Information System 
         DOT/FMCSA 002  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration 
           (FMCSA) Motor Carrier Safety Proposed Civil and Criminal 
                                                  Enforcement Cases.
                        DOT/FMCSA 003  Driver Waiver/Exemption File.
       DOT/FRA 106  Occupational Safety and Health Reporting System.
   DOT/FRA 130  Office of Chief Counsel Individual Enforcement Case 
                     DOT/FTA 177  FTA-Sponsored Reports Author File.
                           DOT/FTA 194  Litigation and Claims Files.
     DOT/MA 001  Attendance, Leave and Payroll Records of Employees 
                                          and Certain Other Persons.
                                    DOT/MA 002  Accounts Receivable.
     DOT/MA 003  Freedom of Information and Privacy Request Records.
          DOT/MA 004  Visitor Logs and Permits for Facilities Under 
                                                 Department Control.
     DOT/MA 005  Travel Records (Domestic and Foreign) of Employees 
                                          and Certain Other Persons.
                         DOT/MA 006  Executive Correspondence Files.
      DOT/MA 007  Litigation, Claims, and Administrative Proceeding 
                          DOT/MA 008  Property Accountability Files.
                               DOT/MA 009  Records of Cash Receipts.
    DOT/MA 010  Employees Personnel Files Not Covered by Notices of 
                                                     Other Agencies.
                                     DOT/MA 011  Biographical Files.
          DOT/MA 012  Applications to United States Merchant Marine 
                                                     Academy, USMMA.
                  DOT/MA 013  Cadet Files, State Maritime Academies.
                  DOT/MA 014  Citizenship Statements and Affidavits.
    DOT/MA 015  General Agent's Protection and Indemnity and Second 
                                    Seaman's Insurance; WSA and NSA.
                     DOT/MA 016  Marine Training School Registrants.
    DOT/MA 017  Waivers of Liability to Board Reserve Fleet Vessels 
   and Other Craft Located at United States Merchant Marine Academy.
                     DOT/MA 018  National Defense Executive Reserve.
                DOT/MA 020  Seamen's Awards for Service, Valor, etc.
                   DOT/MA 021  Seaman's Employment Analysis Records.
            DOT/MA 022  Seaman's Unclaimed Wages (Vietnam Conflict).
                  DOT/MA 024  USMMA Non-Appropriated Fund Employees.
                                        DOT/MA 025  USMMA Graduates.
               DOT/MA 026  USMMA Midshipmen Deposit Account Records.
                     DOT/MA 027  USMMA Midshipman Grade Transcripts.
                         DOT/MA 028  USMMA Midshipman Medical Files.
                     DOT/MA 029  USMMA Midshipman Personnel Records.
                                       DOT/NHTSA 401  Docket System.
      DOT/NHTSA 402  Highway Safety Literature Personal Author File.
      DOT/NHTSA 409  Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, FMVSS, 
                DOT/NHTSA 411  General Public Correspondence System.
                    DOT/NHTSA 413  Odometer Fraud Data Files System.
             DOT/NHTSA 415  Office of Defects Investigation/Defects 
                            Information Management System, ODI/DIMS.
                       DOT/NHTSA 417  National Driver Register, NDR.
                       DOT/NHTSA 422  Temporary Exemption Petitions.
                     DOT/NHTSA 431  Civil Penalty Enforcement Files.
                          DOT/NHTSA 436  Contract Grievance Records.
    DOT/NHTSA 463  Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Equipment Import.
          DOT/OST 003  Allegations of Infringement of United States 
        DOT/OST 004  Board for Correction of Military Records, BCMR.
                  DOT/OST 012  Files Relating to Personnel Hearings.
                  DOT/OST 016  General Investigations Record System.
         DOT/OST 019  Individual Personal Interests in Intellectual 
                      DOT/OST 035  Personnel Security Record System.
   DOT/OST 037  Records of Confirmation Proceeding Requirements for 
               Proposed Executive Appointments to the Department of 
                      DOT/OST 041  Correspondence Control Mail, CCM.
      DOT/OST 045  Unsolicited Contract or Research and Development 
                   Proposals Embodying Claims of Proprietary Rights.
                          DOT/OST 046  Visit Control Records System.
                                     DOT/OST 056  Garnishment Files.
                     DOT/OST 057  Honors Attorney Recruitment Files.
         DOT/OST 059  Files of the Board for Correction of Military 
                                  Records, BCMR for The Coast Guard.
                           DOT/OST 100  Investigative Record System.
              DOT/OST 101  Inspector General Reporting System, TIGR.
        DOT/RSPA 02  National Defense Executive Reserve, NDER, File.
        DOT/RSPA 04  Transportation Research Activities Information 
                                                     Service, TRAIS.
   DOT/RSPA 05  Transportation Research Information Service on line, 
                          DOT/RSPA 06  Emergency Alerting Schedules.
         DOT/RSPA 08  Technical Pipeline Safety Standards Committee.
        DOT/RSPA 09  Hazardous Materials Incident Telephonic Report 
    DOT/RSPA 10  Hazardous Materials Incident Written Report System.
       DOT/RSPA 11  Hazardous Materials Information Requests System.
               DOT/SLS 151  Claimants under Federal Tort Claims Act.
                       DOT/SLS 152  Data Automation Program Records.
               DOT/TSC 700  Automated Management Information System.
                       DOT/TSC 702  Legal Counsel Information Files.
         DOT/TSC 703  Occupational Safety & Health Reporting System.
                        DOT/TSC 704  Stand-By Personnel Information.
                DOT/TSC 707  Automated Manpower Distribution System.
   DOT/TSC 712  Automated Payroll/Personnel/Communications/Security 
                  DOT/TSC 714  Health Unit Employee Medical Records.

   32-20-001 Operating Personnel Files (Nonpermanent Records).
   32-20-002 National Defense Executive Reserve Files.
   32-20-003 Unit Medical Records.
   32-20-004 Automated Personnel and Payroll System.
   32-20-005 Case Status System (Formal Case Control).
   32-20-006 Correspondence and Management Control.
   32-20-007 Consumer Complaint System.
   32-20-008 Preliminary Investigation Files.
   32-20-009 Investigative and Enforcement Records, Cross-indexed.
   32-20-010 ICC Employees Parking Permit Applications for Carpools.
   32-20-011 ICC Identification System File.
   32-20-012 Employer Travel Records.
   32-20-013 Identification and Measurement of Minority and Female Owned 
            Motor Carriers.
   32-20-0014 Fee Billing and Collection System.
   32-20-0015 OIG Complaint and Investigative Files.

                       Notice of Systems of Records

       The identification of the operating unit or units within the 
   Department to which the particular system of records pertains appears 
   as `DOT' followed by a designating abbreviation. The abbreviations 
   and their meanings are as follows:

                     OST--Office of the Secretary of Transportation.
                                      CG--United States Coast Guard.
                               FAA--Federal Aviation Administration.
                               FHWA--Federal Highway Administration.
                  FMCSA--Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
                               FRA--Federal Railroad Administration.
                                     MARAD--Maritime Administration.
              NHTSA--National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
                 RSPA--Research and Special Programs Administration.
               SLS----Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation.
                                  STB-- Surface Transportation Board
                                 TSC--Transportation Systems Center.
                                FTA--Federal Transit Administration.

            General Routine Uses Under the Privacy Act of 1974

       The following routine uses apply, except where otherwise noted or 
   where obviously not appropriate, to each system of records maintained 
   by the Department of Transportation, DOT.
       1. In the event that a system of records maintained by DOT to 
   carry out its functions indicates a violation or potential violation 
   of law, whether civil, criminal or regulatory in nature, and whether 
   arising by general statute or particular program pursuant thereto, 
   the relevant records in the system of records may be referred, as a 
   routine use, to the appropriate agency, whether Federal, State, local 
   or foreign, charged with the responsibility of investigating or 
   prosecuting such violation or charged with enforcing or implementing 
   the statute, or rule, regulation, or order issued pursuant thereto.
       2. A record from this system of records may be disclosed, as a 
   routine use, to a Federal, State, or local agency maintaining civil, 
   criminal, or other relevant enforcement information or other 
   pertinent information, such as current licenses, if necessary to 
   obtain information relevant to a DOT decision concerning the hiring 
   or retention of an employee, the issuance of a security clearance, 
   the letting of a contract, or the issuance of a license, grant or 
   other benefit.
       3. A record from this system of records may be disclosed, as a 
   routine use, to a federal agency, in response to its request, in 
   connection with the hiring or retention of an employee, the issuance 
   of a security clearance, the reporting of an investigation of an 
   employee, the letting of a contract, or the issuance of a license, 
   grant, or other benefit by the requesting agency, to the extent that 
   the information is relevant and necessary to the requesting agency's 
   decision on the matter.
       4a. Routine Use for Disclosure for Use in Litigation. It shall be 
   a routine use of the records in this system of records to disclose 
   them to the Department of Justice or other Federal agency conducting 
   litigation when
       (a) DOT, or any agency thereof, or
       (b) Any employee of DOT or any agency thereof (including a member 
   of the Coast Guard), in his/her official capacity, or
       (c) Any employee of DOT or any agency thereof (including a member 
   of the Coast Guard), in his/her individual capacity where the 
   Department of Justice has agreed to represent the employee, or
       (d) The United States or any agency thereof, where DOT determines 
   that litigation is likely to affect the United States, is a party to 
   litigation or has an interest in such litigation, and the use of such 
   records by the Department of Justice or other Federal agency 
   conducting the litigation is deemed by DOT to be relevant and 

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