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[2001 Privacy Act]
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   #..Table of Contents

                       General Prefatory Statement

         Government-Wide Systems by the U.S. Department of Labor

         DOL/GOVT-1--Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Federal 
   Employees' Compensation File (formerly known as DOL/ESA-13).
         DOL/GOVT-2--Job Corps Student Records (formerly known as DOL/

                      Office of the Secretary (OSEC)

         DOL/OSEC-1--Supervisor's Records of Employees.
         DOL/OSEC-4--Credit Data on Individual Debtors.
         DOL/OSEC-5--High Performance Work Place Tracking Database.

   Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management 

         DOL/OASAM-4--Occupational Accident/Injury/Illness Reporting 
   System (AIIRS) File.
         DOL/OASAM-5--Rehabilitation and Counseling File.
         DOL/OASAM-7--Employee Medical Records.
         DOL/OASAM-11--Training Information System.
         DOL/OASAM-12--Administrative Grievance Records.
         DOL/OASAM-14--Automated Position Control System.
         DOL/OASAM-15--Travel and Transportation System.
         DOL/OASAM-17--Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint Files.
         DOL/OASAM-19--Negotiated Grievance Procedure and Unfair Labor 
   Practice Files.
         DOL/OASAM-20--Personnel Investigation Records.
         DOL/OASAM-22--Directorate of Civil Rights Citizen 
   Discrimination Complaint Files.
         DOL/OASAM-23--Contracted Travel Service Program.
         DOL/OASAM-24--Privacy Act/Freedom of Information Act Requests 
   Files Systems.
         DOL/OASAM-25--Intergovernmental Personnel Act Assignment 
         DOL/OASAM-26--Frances Perkins Building Parking Management 
         DOL/OASAM-27--Employee/Contractor Identification Program.
         DOL/OASAM-28--Incident Report/Restriction Notice.
         DOL/OASAM-29--OASAM Employee Administrative Investigation File.
         DOL/OASAM-30--Injury Compensation System (ICS).
         DOL/OASAM-31--DOL Flexible Workplace (Flexiplace) Pilot 
   Programs Evaluation and Files.
         DOL/PCEPD-1--Job Accomodation Network (JAN) Files.

                  Office of Administrative Appeals (OAA)

         DOL/OAA-1--Administrative Appeals File.

               Office of Administrative Law Judges (OALJs)

         DOL/OALJ-1--Administrative Law Management System.

                  Office of the American Workplace (OAW)

         DOL/OAW-1--Onvestigative Files of Labor-Management Standards.
         DOL/OAW-2--List of Airline Employees Protected Under the Rehire 
         DOL/OAW-3--Semi-Annual Lists of Hired Employees.
         DOL/OAW-4--Rehire Program Appelant and Injury File.
         DOL/OAW-5--OLMP, Redwood Employee Protection Program, Health 
   and Welfare Claims and Benefits Payments.

            Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy (ASP)

         DOL/ASP-1--National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS) Research 

                  Office of the Chief Financial Officer

         DOL/OCFO-1--Atendance, Leave, and Payroll Leave.
         DOL/OCFO-2--Department of Labor Accounting and Related Systems.

                    Office of Small Business Programs

         DOL/OSBP-1--Office of Small Business Programs, Small Entity 
   Inquiry and Complaint Tracking System.

                       Benefits Review Board (BRB)

         DOL/BRB-1--Appeals Files-Benefits Review Board (BRB)

               Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB)

         Arbitrators/Experts/Consultant Candidates' Biographies.
         Senior TechnicalAssistance Register (STAR).

                     Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

         DOL/BLS-2--Staff Utilization System
         DOL/BLS-3--Regional Office Staff Utilization File
         DOL/BLS-4--Business Research Advisory Council
         DOL/BLS-5--Labor Research Advisory Council
         DOL/BLS-6--Applicant Race and National Origin (ARNO) System, 
   Form E 618
         DOL/BLS-7--BLS Employee Conduct Investigation
         DOL/BLS-8--BLS Employee ADP Training History
         DOL/BLS-9--Routine Administrative Files
         DOL/BLS-10--Commissioner's Correspondence Control System
         DOL/BLS-11--NIH and Boeing User ID Database
         DOL/BLS-12--Employee Acknowledgement Letter Control System
         DOL/BLS-13--National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979 (NLSY79) 
         DOL/BLS-14--Behavioral Science Research Laboratory Project 
         DOL/BLS-15--Management Research Files
         DOL/BLS-16--Annual Survey of Occupational Injuries and 
         DOL/BLS-17--National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997 (NLSY97) 
         Employees' Compensation Appeals Board (ECAB)
         DOL/ECAB-1--Employees' Compensation Appeals Board Docket 
         DOL/ECAB-2--Employees' Compensation Appeals Board Disposition 

                Employment Standards Administration (ESA)

         DOL/ESA-2--Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, 
   Complaint Files.
         DOL/ESA-5--Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Black Lung 
   Antidiscrimination Files.
         DOL/ESA-6--Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Black Lung 
   Benefits Claim File.
         DOL/ESA-12--Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Black 
   Lung X-ray Interpretation File.
         DOL/ESA-15--Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Longshore 
   and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act Case Files.
         DOL/ESA-24--Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Longshore 
   and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act Special Fund System.
         DOL/ESA-25--Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, 
   Management Information System (OFCC/MIS).
         DOL/ESA-26--Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Longshore 
   and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act Investigation Files.
         DOL/ESA-27--Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Longshore 
   and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act Claimant Representatives.
         DOL/ESA-28--Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, 
   Physicians and Health Care Providers Excluded Under the Longshore 
         DOL/ESA-29--Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, 
   Physicians and Health Care Providers Excluded Under the Federal 
   Employees' Compensation Act.
         DOL/ESA-30--Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Black 
   Lung Automated Support Package.
         DOL/ESA-31--Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, 
   Time Reporting Information System (TRIS).
         DOL/ESA-32--Employee Conduct Investigations.
         DOL/ESA-33--ESA, Wage and Hour Division, Investigator's Weekly 
         DOL/ESA-34--Farm Labor Contractor Registration File.
         DOL/ESA-35--Farm Labor Contractor Employee Registration File.
         DOL/ESA-36--MSPA/FLCRA Civil Money Penalty Record Files.
         DOL/ESA-37--MSPA Public Central Registry Records File.
         DOL/ESA-38--Wage and Hour Regional Office Clearance List--MSPA 
         DOL/ESA-39--State Employment Service Clearance List--MSPA 
         DOL/ESA-40--MSPA/FLCRA Tracer List.
         DOL/ESA-41--MSPA/FLCRA Certification Action Record Files.
         DOL/ESA-42--Case Registration/Compliance Officer Assignment 
   Form (WH-53).
         DOL/ESA-43--Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Federal 
   Employees Compensation Act and Longshore and Harbors Workers' 
   Compensation Act Rehabilitation Files.
         DOL/ESA-44--Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Federal 
   Employees Compensation Act (FEC) and Longshore and Harbor Workers' 
   Compensation Act Rehabilitation Counselor Case Assignment, Contract 
   Management and Performance Files and FEC Field Nurses.
         DOL/ESA-45--Investigative Files of the Office of Labor-
   Managment Standards.

               Employment and Training Administration (ETA)

         DOL/ETA-1--Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, Budget and 
   Position Control File.
         DOL/ETA-2--Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, Program 
   Management Group, Budget and Position Control File.
         DOL/ETA-4--Apprenticeship Management System (AMS)
         DOL/ETA-7--Employer Application File for Permanent and 
   Temporary Alien Workers.
         DOL/ETA-8--Job Corps Management Information System (JCMIS) 
         DOL/ETA-15--DOL/ETA Evaluation, Research Pilot or Demonstration 
   Contractors' Project Files.
         DOL/ETA-16--Employment and Training Administration 
   Investigatory File.
         DOL/ETA-20--Federal Bonding Program, Bondees Certification 
         DOL/ETA-21--Employment and Training Administration Advisory 
   Committees Members Files.
         DOL/ETA-22--ETA Employee Conduct Investigations.
         DOL/ETA-23--Federal Committee on Apprenticeship (FCA).
         DOL/ETA-24--Contracting and Grant Officer Files.
         DOL/ETA-25--DOL/ETA Evaluation Research Projects.
         DOL/ETA-26--Standardized Program Information Report (SPIR).

                    Office of Inspector General (OIG)

         DOL/OIG-1--General Investigative Files, Case Tracking Files, 
   and Subject/Title Index, USDOL/OIG.
         DOL/OIG-2--Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts Records.
         DOL/OIG-3--Case Development Records.
         DOL/OIG-5--Investigative Case Tracking Systems/Audit 
   Information Reporting Systems/USDOL/OIG.

               Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)

         DOL/MSHA-1--Coal and Metal and Nonmetal Mine Accident and 
         DOL/MSHA-3--Metal and Nonmetal Mine Safety and Health 
   Management Information System.
         DOL/MSHA-10--Discrimination Investigations.
         DOL/MSHA-13--Coal Mine Respirable Dust Program.
         DOL/MSHA-15--Health and Safety Training and Examination Records 
   Including Qualification and Certification Data.
         DOL/MSHA-18--Coal Mine Safety and Health Management Information 
         DOL/MSHA-19--Employee Conduct Investigations.
         DOL/MSHA-20--Civil/Criminal Investigations.

           Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

         DOL/OSHA-l--Discrimination Complaint File.
         DOL/OSHA-4--Advisory Committee Candidates' Biographies.
         DOL/OSHA-6--Program Activity File.
         DOL/OSHA-9--OSHA Compliance Safety and Health Officer Training 
         DOL/OSHA-10--OSHA Train-the-Trainer Outreach Program.
         DOL/OSHA-12--OSHA Employee Conduct Investigations.
         DOL/OSHA-13--OSHA Office of Training and Education Automated 
   Registration System.
         DOL/OSHA-14--Office of Training and Education Computer-based 
   Acquisition/Financial Records System.
         DOL/OSHA-15--Office of Training and Education Resource Center 
   Circulation Project.

            Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration (PWBA)

         DOL/PWBA-1--Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) 
   Advisory Council on Employee Welfare and Pension Benefit Plans.
         DOL/PWBA-2--Office of Enforcement Index Cards and Investigation 
         DOL/PWBA-3--ERISA Coverage Correspondence Files.
         DOL/PWBA-4--Inquiry Correspondence Files.
         DOL/PWBA-5--Public Disclosure Request Tracking System.
         DOL/PWBA-6--PWBA Debt Collection/Management System.
         DOL/PWBA-7--Employee Conduct Investigations.

                      Office of the Solicitor (SOL)

         DOL/SOL-1--Conflict of Interest File.
         DOL/SOL-2--Employment and Training Legal Services Litigation 
   and Investigation File.
         DOL/SOL-3--Federal Tort Claims Act.
         DOL/SOL-5--Job Training Partnership Act.
         DOL/SOL-6--Military Personnel and Civilian Employees Claims 
         DOL/SOL-7--Solicitor's Legal Activity Recordkeeping System.
         DOL/SOL-8--Special Litigation Records.
         DOL/SOL-9--Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Appeals 
         DOL/SOL-10--Privacy Act Litigation Files.
         DOL/SOL-11--Division of Civil Rights Defensive Litigation 
         DOL/SOL-12--Third-Party Recovery Files.
         DOL/SOL-13--Employee Conduct Investigations.
         DOL/SOL-14--DOL Subpoena Tracking System.
         DOL/SOL-15--Solicitor's Office Litigation Files.
         DOL/SOL-16--Solicitor's Office Directory of Senior Management.
         DOL/SOL-17--Solicitor's Office Ergonomic Furniture File.

                 Veterans Employment and Training (VETS)

         DOL/VETS-1--Veterans' Reemployment Complaint File.
         DOL/VETS-2--Veterans' Preference Complaint File.
         DOL/VETS-3--Veterans' Transition Assistance Program (TAP) 
   Tracking System.

         Appendix 1--Responsible Officials
         Appendix 2--Privacy Act Coordinators

   #..Office of the Secretary through Bureau of International Labor 

                       General Prefatory Statement

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