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[2001 Privacy Act]
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                          Office of the Secretary

                           Preliminary Statement

       1. General Statement of Routine Uses.

                       Routine Use--Law Enforcement

       In the event that a system of records maintained by this 
   Department to carry out its functions indicates a violation or 
   potential violation of law, whether civil, criminal or regulatory in 
   nature, and whether arising by general statute, or by regulation, 
   rule or order issued pursuant thereto, the relevant records in the 
   system of records may be referred, as a routine use, to the 
   appropriate agency, whether federal, state, local or foreign, charged 
   with the responsibility of investigating or prosecuting such 
   violation or charged with enforcing or implementing the statute, 
   rule, regulation or order issued pursuant thereto.

           Routine Use--Disclosure When Requesting Information

       A record from a system of records maintained by this Department 
   may be disclosed as a routine use of a federal, state, or local 
   agency maintaining civil, criminal or other relevant enforcement 
   information or other pertinent information, such as current licenses, 
   if necessary to obtain information relevant to a component decision 
   concerning the hiring or retention of an employee, the issuance of a 
   security clearance, the letting of a contract, or the issuance of a 
   license, grant or other benefit.

             Routine Use--Disclosure or Requested Information

       A record from a system of records maintained by this Department 
   may be disclosed to a federal agency, in response to its request, in 
   connection with the hiring or retention of an employee, the issuance 
   of a security clearance, the reporting of an investigation of an 
   employee, the letting of a contract, or the issuance of a license, 
   grant, or other benefit by the requesting agency, to the extent that 
   the information is relevant and necessary to the requesting agency's 
   decision on the matter.

                      Routine Use--Disclosure to OMB

       The information contained in a system of records will be 
   disclosed to the Office of Management and Budget in connection with 
   review of private relief legislation as set forth in OMB Circular No. 
   A-19 at any stage of the legislative coordination and clearance 
   process as set forth in that Circular, and for the purpose of 
   evaluating the Department's credit and debt collection activities to 
   further the goal of the President's Management Improvement Council.

        Routine Use--Disclosure Pursuant to Congressional Inquiry

       Disclosures may be made to a Congressional office from the record 
   of an individual in response to an inquiry from the Congressional 
   office made at the request of that individual.

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

       HUD/DEPT-1 Accidents, Employees and/or Government Vehicles.
       HUD/DEPT-2 Accounting Records.
       HUD/DEPT-4 Fee Inspectors, Appraisers, and Mortgage Credit 
       HUD/DEPT-5 Architects and Engineers.
       HUD/DEPT-9 Single-Family Casualty Damage Files.
       HUD/DEPT-10 Construction Complaints Files.
       HUD/DEPT-15 Equal Opportunity Housing Complaints.
       HUD/DEPT-20 Homeownership Assistance and Recertification 
   Application (HARAS).
       HUD/DEPT-22 Housing Counseling.
       HUD/DEPT-23 Single-Family Research Files.
       HUD/DEPT-24 Investigation Files.
       HUD/DEPT-25 Legal Actions Files.
       HUD/DEPT-28 Property Improvement and Manufactured (Mobile) Home 
       HUD/DEPT-29 Rehabilitation Grants and Loans Files.
       HUD/DEPT-32 Mortgages--Delinquent/Default/Assigned/Temporary 
   Mortgage Assistance Payments (TMAP) Program.
       HUD/DEPT-34 Pay and Leave Records of Employees.
       HUD/DEPT-37 Personnel Travel System.
       HUD/DEPT-42 Rent Subsidy Program Files.
       HUD/DEPT-43 Property Disposition Files.
       HUD/DEPT-44 Relocation Assistance Files.
       HUD/DEPT-46 Single Family Case Files.
       HUD/DEPT-51 Standards of Conduct Files.
       HUD/DEPT-52 Privacy Act Requesters.
       HUD/DEPT-53 Consumer Complaint Handling System.
       HUD/DEPT-54 Parking Permit Application Files.
       HUD/DEPT-56 Telephone Numbers of HUD Officials.
       HUD/DEPT-58 HUD Child Care Center Files.
       HUD/DEPT-62 Claims Collection Records.
       HUD/DEPT-63 Secretary's Correspondence Control System.
       HUD/DEPT-64 Congregate Housing Services Program Data Files.
       HUD/DEPT-65 IDEAS Program Case Files.
       HUD/DEPT-66 Grievance Records.
       HUD/DEPT-67 Employee Counseling and Occupational Health Records.
       HUD/DEPT-68 HUD Government Motor Vehicle Operators Records.
       HUD/DEPT-69 Intergovernmental Personnel Act Assignment Records.
       HUD/DEPT-71 Employee Identification File.
       HUD/DEPT-72 Congressional Correspondence Files (Communication 
   Control System).
       HUD/DEPT-73 Government Property on Personal Charge Files.
       HUD/DEPT-74 Executive Emergency Cascade Alerting System.
       HUD/DEPT-75 Priority Consideration/Special Reassignment Files.
       HUD/DEPT-76 HUD Employee Locator File.
       HUD/DEPT-77 Audit Planning and Operations System (APOS)
       HUD/DEPT-80 Long Distance Telephone Call Detail System.
       HUD/DEPT-81 Ethics Filings.
       HUD/DEPT-82 ADP Security Clearance Information System.
       HUD/CPD-1 Rehabilitation Loans-Delinquent/Default.
       HUD/EC-01 Compliance Case Tracking System
       HUD/EC-02 Departmental Tracking System (DTS), V02A.
       HUD/H-3 Single Family Housing Monitoring System (F-39).
       HUD/H-5 Single Family Computerized Homes Underwriting Management 
       HUD/H-6 Section 518 Files.
       HUD/H-7 Previous Participation Files.
       HUD/H-8 Property Rental Files.
       HUD/H-9 Property Management Records.
       HUD/H-11 Tenant Housing Assistance and Contract Verification 
       HUD/H-12 Housing Compliance Files.
       HUD/H-14 Interstate Land Sales Registration Files.
       HUD/HS-10 Single Family Insurance System and Home Equity 
   Conversion Mortgage System.
       HUD/HS-15 Single Family Data Warehouse System (D64A).
       HUD/HS-50 HUD/FHA Lender Approval Files.
       HUD/OIG-1 Investigative Files of the Office of Inspector General.
       HUD/OIG-2 Hotline Complaint Files of the Office of Inspector 
       HUD/OIG-3 Name Indices System of the Office of Inspector General.
       HUD/OIG-4 Independent Auditor Montiroing Files of the Office of 
   Inspector General.
       HUD/OIG-5, AutoAudit of the Office of Inspector General.
       HUD/OIG-6 AutoInvestigation of the Office of Inspector General.
       HUD/PD&R-6 Real Estate Settlement Cost Research Files.
       HUD/PD&R-7 Section 8 Program Research Data Files.
       HUD/PD&R-8 Income Certification Evaluation Data Files.
       HUD/PD&R-9 HUD USER File for Research Products, Services and 
       Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight
       OFHEO-01  Financial Management System.
       FHEO-02  Pay and Leave System.
       OFHEO-03  Employee Identification Card System.
       OFHEO-04  Property Inventory System.
       OFHEO-05  Senior Staff Biography System.
       HUD/REAC-1 Tenant Eligibility Verification Files.
       HUD/REAC-2 Independent Public Accountant Quality Assurance Files.
       HUD/REAC-3 Quality Assurance/Quality Control Administrative Files 
   of the Real Estate Assessment Center.

   #.. HUD/DEPT-1

   #....System name: Accidents, Employees and/or Government Vehicles.

     System location: Most Department Offices, including the 
   Headquarters Office. For a complete listing of these officers, with 
   addresses, see Appendix A.
     Categories of individuals covered by the system: HUD employees in 
   on-the-job accidents, including accidents involving official use of 
   motor vehicles.
     Categories of records in the system: Details of how accidents 
   occurred and injuries were sustained; employees' absences due to 
   injuries and resultant claims; and property damage incurred.
     Authority for maintenance of the system: Occupational Safety and 
   Health Act of 1970, Pub.L. 91-596.
     Routine uses of records maintained in the system, including 
   categories of users and the purposes of such uses: See Routine Uses 
   paragraphs in prefatory statement. Other routine uses; the records 
   are used by the Department of Labor when personal injury occurs and/
   or compensations is involved. GSA uses the records when accidents 
   involve motor vehicles and the repair of those vehicles.
     Policies and practices for storing, retrieving, accessing, 
   retaining, and disposing of records in the system: 
     Storage: In file folders.
     Retrievability: Subject name.
     Safeguards: The systems records are kept in lockable file cabinets, 
   desks, and in locked rooms.
     Retention and disposal: Procedural disposal follows: HUD Handbook 
   General Records Schedule.
     System manager(s) and address: Director, Policy Evaluation and 
   Special Projects Division, Office of Administrative Services, 
   Department of Housing and Urban Development, 451 Seventh Street SW, 
   Washington, DC 20410.
     Notification procedure: For information, assistance, or inquiry 
   about existence of records, contact the Privacy Act Officer at the 
   appropriate location, in accordance with 24 CFR part 16. A list of 
   all locations is given in appendix A.
     Record access procedures: The Department's rules for providing 
   access to records to the individual concerned appear in 24 CFR part 
   16. If additional information or assistance is required contact the 
   Privacy Act Officer at the appropriate location. A list of all 
   locations is given in appendix A.
     Contesting record procedures: The Department's rules for contesting 
   the contents of records and appealing initial denials, by the 
   individual concerned, appear in 24 CFR part 16. If additional 
   information or assistance is needed, it may be obtained by 
   contacting: (i) In relation to contesting contents of records, the 
   Privacy Act Officer at the appropriate location. A list of all 
   locations is given in appendix A, (ii) in relation to appeals of 
   initial denials, the HUD Departmental Privacy Appeals Officer, 
   General Counsel, Department of Housing and Urban Development, 451 
   Seventh Street SW, Washington, DC 20410.
     Record source categories: Subject individual and supervisor, 
   Federal Government agencies; law enforcement agencies; current or 
   previous employers; accident investigation officers.

   #.. HUD/DEPT-2

   #....System name: Accounting Records.

     System location: 
       Headquarters and field offices. For a complete listing of these 
   offices, with addresses, see appendix A.
     Categories of individuals covered by the system: 
       Mortgagors; mortgagees; grant/project and loan applicants and 
   recipients; HUD personnel; vendors; brokers; bidders; managers; 
   tenants; individuals within Disaster Assistance Programs: builders, 
   developers, contractors, and appraisers; individuals writing to the 
   Department; employees on HUD/FHA projects; investors; subjects of 
   audits; closing agents; former mortgagors and purchasers of HUD-owned 
   properties; manufactured (mobile) home and home improvement loan 
   debtors who are delinquent or in default on their loans; and, 
   rehabilitation loan debtors who are delinquent or in default on their 
     Categories of records in the system: 
       Lease and collection register; schedules of payments receivable 
   and received; premiums due; claims files and fee billing statements; 
   escrow and Certificates of Deposit files; cash flow and budget 
   control files; earnest money register; purchase order log; imprest 
   fund; Field managers' accounting records: Restitution, maintenance, 
   and market expresses; distributive shares records; salary; savings 
   bonds; bills of lading; vouchers; invoices; receipts; cancelled 
   checks; mortgages, builders' and contractors' financial statements, 
   records and audit reports; requests for termination for home mortgage 
   insurance; deposit and receipt records; detailed accounting reports 
   concerning diversified payments, disbursements, and cancelled checks; 
   repurchases of mortgages; adjustments from recoveries, manual 
   adjustments, and defaults; acquired home property records; sales 
   closing papers; statement of accounts; tax records; notes; records of 
   claims and chargeoffs; repayment agreements; credit reports; 
   financial statements; records of foreclosures; and, collection and 
   field reports.
     Authority for maintenance of the system: 
       Sec. 113 of the Budget and Accounting Act of 1950 31 U.S.C. 66a. 
   (Pub. L. 81-784).
     Routine uses of records maintained in the system, including 
   categories of users and the purposes of such uses: 
       In addition to those disclosures generally permitted under 5 
   U.S.C. 552a(b) of the Privacy Act, other routine uses are as follows:
       (a) To the U.S. Treasury--for disbursements and adjustments 
       (b) To the Internal Revenue Service--for reporting of sales 
   commissions and for reporting of discharge indebtedness.
       (c) To the General Accounting Office, General Services 
   Administration, Department of Labor, Labor housing authorities, and 
   taxing authorities--for audit, accounting and financial reference 
       (d) To mortgage lenders--for accounting and financial reference 
   purposes, for verifying information provided by new loan applicants 
   and evaluating creditworthiness.
       (e) To HUD contractors--for debt and/or mortgage note servicing.
       (f) To financial institutions that originated or serviced loans--
   to give notice of disposition of claims.
       (g) To title insurance companies--for payment of liens.
       (h) To local recording offices--for filing assignments of legal 
   documents, satisfactions, etc.
       (i) To the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) of the Department 
   of Defense and the U.S. Postal Service to conduct computer matching 
   programs for the purpose of identifying and locating individuals who 
   are receiving Federal salaries or benefit payments and are delinquent 
   in their repayment of debts owed to the U.S. Government under certain 
   programs administered by HUD in order to collect the debts under the 
   provisions of the Debt Collection Act of 1982 (Pub. L. 97-365) by 
   voluntary repayment, or by administrative or salary offset 
       (j) To any other Federal agency for the purpose of effecting 
   administrative or salary offset procedures against a person employed 
   by the agency or receiving or eligible to receive some benefit 
   payments from the agency when HUD as a creditor has a claim against 
   that person.
       (k) With other agencies; such as, Departments of Agriculture, 
   Education, Justice and Veteran Affairs, and the Small Business 
   Administration--for use of HUD's Credit Alert Interactive Voice 
   Response System (CAIVRS) to prescreen applicants for loans or loans 
   guaranteed by the Federal Government to ascertain if the applicant is 
   delinquent in paying a debt owed to or insured by the Government.
       (l) To the Internal Revenue Service by computer matching to 

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