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[2001 Privacy Act]
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                             Systems of Records


       I. Office of the Secretary.
       Management Information--Interior, Office of Inspector General--1.
       Investigative Records--Interior, Office of Inspector General--2.
       Computerized ID Security System, Office of the Secretary --1.
       Individual Indian Money (IIM) Trust Funds, Interior, OS--2.
       Official Pilot Folder, OAS--1.
       Aircraft Services Administrative and Fiscal Records, OAS--2.
       Interior Child Care Subsidy Program, D0I--1.
       Financial Interest Statements and Ethics Counselor Decisions--
   Interior, Office of the Secretary--3.
       Employee Assistance Program Records, DOI--4.
       Interior Volunteer Services file System, DOI--5.
       Federal and Non-Federal Aviation Personnel, Equipment, and Mishap 
   Information System-Interior, DOI-07.
       Private Relief Claimants, Bureau--Office of the Secretary--13.
       Discrimination Complaints--Interior, Office of the Secretary--18.
       Secretarial Controlled Correspondence File--Interior, Office of 
   the Secretary--20.
       Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Enrollee Records--Interior, Office 
   of the Secretary--25.
       Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Enrollee Payroll Records File--
   Interior, Office of the Secretary--26.
       Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Enrollee Medical Records--
   Interior, Office of the Secretary--27.
       Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Recruitment Files--Interior, 
   Office of the Secretary--29.
       Library Circulation Control System--Interior, Office of the 
       Telephone Call Detail Records--Interior, Office of the 
       Personnel Security Files--Interior, Office of the Secretary--45.
       Secretarial Subject Files--Interior, Office of the Secretary--46.
       Parking Assignment Records--Interior, Office of the Secretary--
       Property Accountability and Control System--Interior, Office of 
   the Secretary--51.
       Passport and Visa Records--Interior, Office of the Secretary--52.
       Privacy Act Files--Interior, Office of the Secretary--57.
       Employee Administrative Records--Interior, Office of the 
       Safety Management Information System--Interior, Office of the 
       Committee Management Files--Interior, Office of the Secretary--
       Freedom of Information Appeal Files--Interior, Office of the 
       Freedom of Information Request Files System--Interior, Office of 
   the Secretary--71.
       FECA Chargeback Case Files--Interior, Office of the Secretary--72
       Grievance Records--Interior, Office of the Secretary--74.
       Employee Training and Career Development Records--Interior, 
   Office of the Secretary--76.
       Unfair Labor Practice Charges/Complaints Files--Interior, Office 
   of the Secretary--77.
       Negotiated Grievance Procedure Files--Interior, Office of the 
       Interior Personnel Records--Interior, Office of the Secretary--
       Executive Development Program Files--Interior, Office of the 
       Delinquent Debtor File--Interior, Office of the Secretary--84.
       Payroll, Attendance, Retirement, and Leave Records--Interior, 
   Office of the Secretary--85.
       Accounts Receivable--Interior, Office of the Secretary--86.
       Travel Management Records, Interior, Office of the Secretary--88.
       Federal Financial System--Interior, Office of the Secretary--90.
       Pilot Flight Time Research--Interior, Office of the Secretary--
       II. Bureau of Indian Affairs.
       Property Loan Agreement Files--Interior, BIA--1.
       Safety Management Information--Interior, BIA--2.
       Indian Land Records--Interior, BIA--4.
       Indian Land Leases--Interior, BIA--5.
       Navajo-Hopi Joint Use Project--Interior, BIA--6.
       Tribal Rolls--Interior, BIA--7.
       Indian Social Services Case Files--Interior, BIA--8.
       Traders License Files--Interior, BIA--9.
       Indian Housing Improvement Program--Interior, BIA--10.
       Indian Business Development Program (Grants)--Interior, BIA--11.
       Indian Trust Land Mortgages--Interior, BIA--12.
       Indian Loan Files--Interior, BIA--13.
       Travel Accounting System--Interior, BIA--14.
       Trip Reports--Interior, BIA--15.
       Travel Files--Interior, BIA--16.
       Law Enforcement Services--Interior, BIA--18.
       Indian Association Stock Purchase Records--Interior, BIA--19.
       Correspondence Files System--Interior, BIA--20.
       Correspondence Control System--Interior, BIA--21.
       Indian Student Records--Interior, BIA--22.
       Employment Assistance Case Files--Interior, BIA--23.
       Timber Cutting and Fire Trespass Claims Case Files--Interior, 
       Integrated Records Management System--Interior, BIA--25
       Indian Electric Power Utilities-Interior, BIA--26
       IV. U.S. Geological Survey.
       Contract Files--Interior, GS--5.
       Personal Property Accountability Records--Interior, GS--7.
       National Research Council Grants Program--Interior, GS--9.
       Security--Interior, GS--11.
       Manuscript Processing--Interior, GS--13.
       Earth Science Information Customer Records--Interior, GS--15.
       Computer Registration System--Interior, GS--18.
       Photo File System--Interior, GS--20.
       Personnel Investigations Records--Interior, GS--23.
       Employee Work Report Edit and Individual Employee Production 
   Rates--Interior, GS--24.
       Water Data Sources Directory--Interior, GS--25.
       National Water Data Exchange User Accounting System--Interior, 
       Office of Management Services (OMS) Badging and Access Control 
   System, GS--27.
       V. Minerals Management Service.
       Personal Property Accountability Records--Interior, MMS--2.
       Accident Reports and Investigations--Interior--MMS--3.
       Personnel Security System, Interior, MMS--4.
       Telephone/Employee Locator System (TELS)--Interior, MMS--5.
       Advanced Budget/Accounting Control and Information System 
   (ABACIS)--Interior, MMS--8.
       Employee Counseling Services Program--Interior, MMS-9.
       Lessee/Operator Training Files, Interior, MMS--12.
       VI. Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement.
       Property Control--Interior, OSMRE--4.
       Safety Files--Interior, OSM--6.
       Personnel Security Files--Interior, OSMRE--7.
       Employment and Financial Interest Statements--States and Other 
   Federal Agencies--Interior, OSM--8.
       Net Worth Determination File--Interior, OSMRE-10.-
       Collection Management Information System (CMIS)--Interior, OSMRE-
       Blaster Certification, OSM-12.
       VII. National Park Service.
       Special Use Permits--Interior, NPS--1.
       Land Acquisition and Relocation Files--Interior, NPS--2.
       Land Acquisition Management Information System and Master Deed 
   Listing--Interior, NPS--3.
       Travel Records--Interior, NPS--4.
       Retirement Record--Interior, NPS--5.
       Audiovisual Performance Selection Files--Interior, NPS--6.
       National Park Service Historical Library--Interior, NPS--7.
       Property and Supplies Accountability--Interior, NPS--8.
       Central Files--Interior, NPS--10
       U.S. Park Police Personnel Photograph File--Interior, NPS--12.
       Concessioners--Interior, NPS--13.
       Concessioner Financial Statement and Audit Report Files--
   Interior, NPS--14.
       Concessions Management Files--Interior, NPS--15.
       Employee Financial Irregularities--Interior, NPS--17.
       Collection, Certifying and Disbursing Officers, and Imprest Fund 
   Cashiers--Interior, NPS--18.
       Case Incident Reporting System--Interior, NPS--19.
       Visitor Statistical Survey Forms--Interior, NPS--21.
       Motor Vehicle Operations Program--Interior, NPS--22.
       VIII. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
       Tort Claim Records--Interior, FWS--4.
       National Wildlife Refuge Special Use Permits--Interior, FWS--5.
       Water Development Project and/or Effluent Discharge Permit 
   Application Review--Interior, FWS--7.
       National Fish Hatchery Special Use Permits--Interior, FWS--10.
       Real Property Records--Interior, FWS--11.
       Endangered Species Licensee System--Interior, FWS--19.
       Investigative Case File System--Interior, FWS--20.
       Permits System--Interior, FWS--21.
       U.S. Deputy Game Warden--Interior, FWS--22.
       Contract and Procurement Records, FWS--25.
       Migtratory Bird Population and Harvest Systems--Interior, FWS--
       Correspondence Control System--Interior, FWS--27.
       Marine Mammals Management, Marking, Tagging and Reporting 
   Program, FWS--30.
       IX. Bureau of Reclamation.
       Claims--Interior, Reclamation-5.
       Concessions--Interior, Reclamation-7.
       Identification/Security Cards, Reclamation-11.
       Inventions and Patents--Interior, Reclamation-12.
       Irrigation Management Service--Interior, Reclamation-13.
       Land Exchange--Interior, Reclamation-14.
       Land Settlement Entries--Interior, Reclamation-15.
       Lands--Leases, Sales, Rentals, and Transfers--Interior, 
       Mineral Location Entries--Interior, Reclamation-19.
       Movable Property Individual Responsibility--Interior, 
       Oil and Gas Applications--Interior, Reclamation-22.
       Personal Author Reports--Interior, Reclamation-25.
       Real Property and Right-of-Way Acquisitions--Interior, 
       Right-of-Way Applications--Interior, Reclamation-29.
       Acreage Limitation--Interior, Reclamation-31.
       Special Use Applications, Licenses, and Permits--Interior, 
       Thefts Listing--Interior, Reclamation-34.
       Trespass Cases--Interior, Reclamation-37.
       Water Right Applications--Interior, Reclamation-38.
       Water Rights Acquisition--Interior, Reclamation-39.
       Water Sales and Delivery Contracts--Interior, Reclamation-40.
       Permits--Interior, Reclamation-41.
       Recordable Contracts--Interior, Reclamation-42.
       Real Estate Comparable Sales Data Storage--Interior, Reclamation-
       Employee Trip Reports--Interior, Reclamation-46.
       Lower Colorado River Well Inventory, BOR-48.
       X. Bureau of Land Management.
       Range Management System--Interior, BLM--2.
       Mineral Lease Management--Interior, BLM--3.
       Coal Lease Data System--Interior, BLM--4.
       Mineral Surveyor Appointment File--Interior, BLM--6.
       Aircraft Passenger Manifest Records--Fire Control--Interior, 
       Property and Supplies Accountability--Interior, BLM--9.
       Vehicle Use Authorization--Interior, BLM--10.
       Identification Cards and Passes--Interior, BLM--11.
       Manpower Management--Interior, BLM--12.
       Safety Management Information--Interior, BLM--13.
       Security Clearance Files--Interior, BLM--14.
       Correspondence --Interior, BLM--15.
       Mineral and Vegetal Material Sales--Interior, BLM--16.
       Criminal Case Investigation--Interior, BLM--18.
       Civil Trespass Case Investigations--Interior, BLM--19.
       Employee Conduct Investigations--Interior, BLM--20.
       Travel--Interior, BLM--21.
       Financial Management--Interior, BLM--22.
       Contract Files--Interior, BLM--23.
       Copy Fee Deposit--Interior, BLM--24.
       Incentive and Honor Awards--Interior, BLM--26.
       Real Estate Appraiser Roster--Interior, BLM--27.
       Adopt a Wild Horse--Interior, BLM--28.
       Uniform Accountability System--Interior, BLM--30.
       Collections and Billings System (CBS)--Interior, BLM --35.
       XI. Office of Hearings and Appeals.
       Hearings and Appeals Files, OHA--1.
       XII. Office of the Solicitor.
       Litigation, Appeal and Case Files--Interior, Office of the 
       Claims Files--Interior, Office of the Solicitor--2.
       Patent Files--Interior, Office of the Solicitor--3.
       Workload Analysis--Interior, Office of the Solicitor--4.
       SMCRA Litigation Tracking System (LTS)--Interior, Office of the 

                          Office of the Secretary


   #....System name: Management Information--Interior, Office of 
      Inspector General-1.

     System location: 
       (1) Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of the Interior, 
   18th and C Streets NW, Washington, DC 20240; (2) Office of Inspector 
   General Regional Offices and Regional Suboffices (A current listing 
   of such offices and their locations can be obtained from the System 
     Categories of individuals covered by the system: 
       Past, present and prospective departmental employees, 
   contractors, subcontractors, grantees, subgrantees, lessees, 
   licensees, and other persons doing business with the Department, or 
   having contact with the Department or geographical areas under its 
     Categories of records in the system: 
       (a) OIG Employee Resources file will contain information 
   regarding OIG employee assignments, distribution of time, training 
   completed and performance; (b) Audit Status file will contain status 
   information on all audits from point of request or annual planning 
   through follow-up and eventual closure; (c) Investigation Status file 
   will contain status information on all investigations from point of 
   receipt or acceptance of a case through closure; (d) Audit and 
   Investigations History file will contain the findings, 
   recommendations and actions on all audits and investigations; (e) 
   Audit Inventory file will contain a record of each auditable entity 
   of the Department, including its contracts, grants, cooperative 
   agreements, organizations, programs and functions; and (f) Freedom of 
   Information Act and Privacy Act file will contain information 
   relating to requests for access to OIG records and other kinds of 
   requests under those Acts, and OIG action on such requests.
     Authority for maintenance of the system: 
       Inspector General Act of 1978, 5 U.S.C.A. app. 1, sections 1-12.
     Routine uses of records maintained in the system, including 
   categories of users and the purposes of such uses: 
       The primary uses of the records are: (a) Personnel information 
   will be used by staff managers to determine training needs, quality 
   of performance, and promotional eligibility; (b) assignment 
   information and workload status information will be used by managers 
   to control audits and investigations, and to maximize effectiveness 
   of staff resources; (c) the Audit Status file will be used to track 

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