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[2001 Privacy Act]
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   #....System name: Armed Forces Retirement Home Resident Fee 
      Maintenance System.

     System location: 
       U.S. Soldiers' and Airmen's Home, Fiscal Division, Resource 
   Management Directorate, 3700 North Capitol Street, NW, Washington, DC 
     Categories of individuals covered by the system: 
       Residents of the Armed Forces Retirement Home.
     Categories of records in the system: 
       This system contains information relating to the residents of the 
   Armed Forces Retirement Home, their Federal income sources, and gross 
   monthly entitlement/s. (Name, SSN, address, source/s of Federal 
   payment, gross amounts of payments, Resident Fee amount, payment 
     Authority for maintenance of the system: 
       Title 24 U.S.C. 401-441, Armed Forces Retirement Home Act of 
       The purpose of the system of records is to provide a single 
   central facility within the AFRH to maintain the Federal income 
   sources of each resident for the purpose of billing, maintenance and 
   collection of the monthly Resident Fee. All records in the system are 
   subject to use in authorized approved computer matching programs as 
   regulated by the Privacy Act of 1974, (5 U.S.C. 552a) as amended.
     Routine uses of records maintained in the system, including 
   categories of users and the purposes of such uses: 
       Records in this system of records may be disclosed as indicated 
       1. To the Defense Manpower Data Center, Department of Defense, 
   for the verification of retired or retainer benefit pay of the 
   subjects of record.
       2. To the Social Security Administration for the verification of 
   benefit payments of the subjects of record.
       3. To the Department of Veterans Affairs for the verification of 
   veterans compensation or pension benefits of the subjects of record.
       4. To the Office of Personnel Management for the verification of 
   annuity benefits of the subjects of record.
       5. To any other Federal agency for verification of Federal 
   payments of subjects of record.
       6. To the Inspector General of Department of Defense or his/her 
   designee, while conducting inspections of the records of the AFRH.
       7. To a Congressional office in response to an inquiry from that 
   office made at the request of, or about, a subject of a record.
       8. To a Federal agency, or an organization or person contracting 
   with the AFRH for information needed in the performance of official 
   duties related to reconciling or reconstructing data files, compiling 
   descriptive statistics, and/or making analytical or financial studies 
   to support the function for which the records were collected and 
       9. To a Federal agency, a court, or a party in litigation before 
   a court, or in an administrative proceeding being conducted by a 
   Federal agency, when the Government is a party to the judicial or 
   administrative proceeding.
     Policies and practices of storing, retrieving, safeguarding, 
   retaining and disposing of records in the system: 
       Records are maintained in a computerized electronic database, 
   magnetic tape, computer printouts, and on cards.
       These records are retrieved by the Social Security Number or name 
   of the individual.
       Records are maintained in a secured area with access limited to 
   authorized personnel. Confidential passwords are required for access 
   to automated records.
     Retention and disposal: 
       Records are retained for 3 years. Manual records are destroyed by 
   shredding. Tapes and diskettes are erased.
     System manager(s) and address:
       Budget Officer, Fiscal Division/Resource Management Directorate, 
   U.S. Soldiers' and Airmen's Home, 3700 North Capitol Street, NW, 
   Washington, DC 20317-0002.
     Notification procedure: 
       Individuals wishing to inquire whether the system of records 
   contains information about themselves should contact the System 
   Manager. Written requests should include full name and Social 
   Security Number, and be signed by the requesting individual. For 
   personal visits, the requesting individual must provide acceptable 
   identification, e.g. USSAH or USNH Identification Card, U.S. 
   Uniformed Services Identification Card, driver's license, etc.
     Record access procedure:
       Individuals wishing to request access to records about themselves 
   should contact the System Manager. Written requests should include 
   full name and Social Security Number, and be signed by the requesting 
   individual. For personal visits, the requesting individual must 
   provide acceptable identification, e.g., USSAH or USNH Identification 
   Card, U.S. Uniformed Services Identification Card, driver's license, 
     Contesting record procedure:
       Individuals seeking to amend their records should contact the 
   System Manager. Written requests should include full name and Social 
   Security Number, and be signed by the requesting individual. For 
   personal visits, the requesting individual must provide acceptable 
   identification, e.g., USSAH or USNH Identification Card, U.S. 
   Uniformed Services Identification Card, driver's license, etc.
     Record source categories:
       Information in this system comes from the individual to whom it 
   applies or the next of kin, relative, power of attorney, conservator 
   and/or guardian acting on behalf of the individual. Verification of 
   income is necessary and is made through the Defense Manpower Data 
   Center, Social Security Administration, Department of Veterans 
   Affairs, and the Office of Personnel Management.




2100.1  Purpose.
2100.2  Definitions.
2100.3  Procedure for requesting information.
2100.4  Requirements for identification.
2100.5  Access by individuals.
2100.6  Schedule of fees.
2100.7  Request for correction or amendment.
2100.8  Review of request for amendment.
2100.9  Appeal of denial to grant access or to amend records.
2100.10  Conditions of disclosure and accounting of certain disclosures.
2100.11  Penalties.
2100.12  Accounting of disclosure.
2100.13  Specific exemptions.

  Authority: Pub. L. 93-579, 88 Stat. 1896, 5 U.S.C. 552a(f).

  Source: 59 FR 30669, June 15, 1994, unless otherwise noted.

   Sec. 2100.1  Purpose.

  Pursuant to the requirements of the Privacy Act of 1974, 5 U.S.C. 
552a, as amended, the following rules of procedures are established with 
respect to access and amendment of records maintained on the individual 
subjects of these records by the Armed Forces Retirement Home, which 
includes the continuing care retirement communities of the U.S. 
Soldiers' and Airmen's Home and the U.S. Naval Home. These rules do not 
apply to civilian employees' records maintained by the individual 
facilities which are covered by the Office of Personnel Management 
systems of records.

   Sec. 2100.2  Definitions.

  (a) All terms used in this part which are defined in 5 U.S.C. 552a, as 
amended, shall have the same meaning herein.
  (b) Agency, as used in this part, means the Armed Forces Retirement 
Home (AFRH).
  (c) Facility or facilities refers to the continuing care retirement 
communities of the U.S. Soldiers' and Airmen's Home (USSAH) and the U.S. 
Naval Home (USNH), which are incorporated within the Armed Forces 
Retirement Home (AFRH).
  (d) Access means providing a copy of a record to, or allowing review 
of the original record by, the individual or the individual's authorized 
representative, legal guardian or conservator.

   Sec. 2100.3  Procedure for requesting information.

  Individuals shall submit written inquiries regarding all AFRH records 
to the appropriate facility at the following addresses: Associate 
Director, Resource Management, U.S. Soldiers' and Airmen's Home, 3700 N. 
Capitol Street, NW., Washington, DC 20317-0002; or, Administrative 
Services, U.S. Naval Home, 1800 Beach Drive, Gulfport, Mississippi 
39507-1597. All personal (walk-in) requests will require some form of 
common identification.

   Sec. 2100.4  Requirements for identification.

  Only upon proper identification will any individual be granted access 
to records which pertain to him/her. Identification is required both for 
accurate record identification and to avoid disclosing records to 
unauthorized individuals. Individuals must provide their full name and 
as much information as possible in order that a proper search for 
records can be accomplished. Requests made by mail shall be signed by 
the individual requesting his/her records. Inclusion of a telephone 
number for the requester is recommended to expedite certain matters. 
Requesters applying in person must provide an identification with 
photograph, such as a driver's license, military or annuitant 
identification card, or any official document as acceptable 
identification validation. Personal requests can only be accepted on 
regularly scheduled workdays (Monday through Friday, excluding Federal 
holidays) between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

   Sec. 2100.5  Access by individuals.

  (a) No individual will be allowed access to any information compiled 
or maintained in reasonable anticipation of civil actions or 
proceedings, or otherwise exempt under Sec. 2100.12. Requests for 
pending investigations will be denied and the requester instructed to 
forward another request giving adequate time for the investigation to be 
completed. Requesters shall be provided the telephone number so they can 
call and check on the status in order to know when to resubmit the 
  (b) Any individual may authorize the facility to provide a copy of 
his/her records to a third party. This authorization must be in writing 
and shall be provided to the facility with the initial request.
  (c) Access to records may be authorized to the legal guardian or 
conservator acting on behalf of an individual who has been declared to 
be incompetent due to physical or mental incapacity or age by a court of 
competent jurisdiction.
  (d) When an individual requesting access to his/her record wishes to 
be accompanied by another individual during the course of the 
examination of the record, the individual making the request shall 
submit to the official having operational control of the record, a 
signed statement authorizing that person access to the record.
  (e) If medical records are requested and a USSAH or USNH practitioner 
believes that access to the records by the subject could harm that 
person's mental or physical health, the requester will be asked to name 
a practitioner to receive the records. If this requirement poses a 
hardship on the individual, he/she will be offered the service of an 
USSAH or USNH practitioner other than the one who provided treatment. If 
the individual refuses to name a recipient, the record will not be 

   Sec. 2100.6  Schedule of fees.

  (a) Individuals will not be charged for:
  (1) The search and review of the record.
  (2) Copies of the record produced as a necessary part of the process 
of making the record available for access; or,
  (3) Copies of the requested record when it has been determined that 
access can only be accomplished by providing a copy of the record 
through the mail.
  (b) Waiver. The official having operational control at the appropriate 
facility may at no charge, provide copies of a record if it is 
determined the production of the copies is in the interest of the 
  (c) Fee Schedule and method of payment. With the exception of 
paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section, fees will be charged as 
indicated below:
  (1) Records will be duplicated at a rate of $.10 per page for all 
copying of 5 pages or more. There is no charge for duplication of 4 or 
fewer pages.
  (2) Where it is anticipated that the fees chargeable under this 
section will amount to more than $30.00, the requester shall be promptly 
notified of the amount of the anticipated fee or such portion thereof as 
can readily be estimated. In instances where the estimated fees will 
exceed $30.00, an advance deposit may be required. The notice or request 
for advance deposit shall extend an offer to the requester in order to 
reformulate the request in a manner which will reduce the fees, yet 
still meet the needs of the requester.
  (3) Fees should be paid in full prior to issuance of requested copies. 
In the event the requester is in arrears for previous requested copies, 
no subsequent request will be processed until the arrears have been paid 
in full.
  (4) Remittances shall be in the form either of a personal check, bank 
draft drawn on a bank in the United States, or a postal money order. 
Remittances shall be made payable to the facility to which the request 
is being made, and mailed or delivered to the appropriate facility (see 
Sec. 2100.3 of this part).
  (5) A receipt for fees paid will be given upon request.

   Sec. 2100.7  Request for correction or amendment.

  (a) Requests to correct or amend a file shall be addressed to the 
system manager in which the file is located. The request must reasonably 
describe the record to be amended, the items to be changed as 
specifically as possible, the type of amendment (e.g., deletion, 
correction, amendment), and the reason for the amendment. The request 
should also include the reasons why the requester believes the record is 
not accurate, relevant, timely, or complete. The burden of proof will be 
upon the individual to furnish sufficient facts to persuade the change 
of the record of the inaccuracy, irrelevancy, timeliness, or 
incompleteness of the record. Normally all documents submitted, to 
include court orders, shall be certified. Amendments under this part are 
limited to correcting factual matters and not matters of official 
judgement or opinions.
  (b) Requirements of identification as outlined in Sec. 2100.4 apply to 
requests to correct or amend a file.
  (c) Incomplete requests shall not be honored, but the requester shall 
be contacted for the additional information needed to process the 
  (d) The amendment process is not intended to permit the alteration of 
evidence presented in the course of judicial or quasi-judicial 
proceedings. Any amendments or changes to these records normally are 
made through the specific procedures established for the amendment of 
such records.
  (e) When records sought to be amended are actually covered by another 
issuance, the administrative procedures under that issuance must be 
exhausted before using the procedures under the Privacy Act.

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