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[2001 Privacy Act]
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                             Table of Contents

   Departmental Offices (DO)
       DO .002--Treasury Integrated Management Information System 
       DO. 003--Law Enforcement Retirement Claims Records.
       DO .004--Personnel Security System
       DO .005--Grievance Records
       DO .006--Treasury Child Care Tuition Assistance Records
       DO .007--General Correspondence Files
       DO .010--Office of Domestic Finance, Actuarial Valuation System
       DO. 011--Treasury Safety Incident Management Information System 
       DO. 015--Political Appointee Files
       DO .060--Correspondence Files and Records on Employee Complaints 
   and/or Dissatisfaction
       DO .068--Time-In-Grade Exception Files
       DO .111--Office of Foreign Assets Control Census Records
       DO .114--Foreign Assets Control Enforcement Records
       DO .118--Foreign Assets Control Licensing Records
       DO .144--General Counsel Litigation Referral and Reporting System
       DO .149--Foreign Assets Control Legal Files
       DO .150--Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act Request Records.
       DO .156--Tax Court Judge Applicants
       DO .183--Private Relief Tax Bill Files--Office of the Assistant 
   Secretary for Tax Policy
       DO .190--General Allegations and Investigative Records
       DO .191--OIG Management Information System
       DO .193--Employee Locator and Automated Directory System
       DO .194--Circulation System (formerly Document Delivery Control 
       DO .195--Treasury Emergency Management System
       DO .196--Security Information System
       DO .200--FinCEN Data Base
       DO .201--Fitness Center Records
       DO .202--Drug-Free Workplace Program Records
       DO .203--Public Transportation Incentive Program Records
       DO .204--Parking and Carpool Program Records
       DO .206--Office Tracking System (OTS)
       DO .207--Waco Administrative Review Group Investigation
       DO .209--Personal Services Contracts (PSC)
       DO .210--Integrated Financial Management and Revenue System
       DO .211--Telephone Call Detail Records
       DO .212--Suspicious Activity Reporting System (SARS)
       DO .213--Bank Secrecy Act Reports System (formerly CS .067--Bank 
   Secrecy Act Reports File)
   Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF)
       ATF .001--Administrative Record System
       ATF .002--Correspondence Record System
       ATF .003--Criminal Investigation Report System
       ATF .007--Personnel Record System
       ATF .008--Regulatory Enforcement Record System
       ATF .009--Technical and Scientific Services Record System
   Comptroller of the Currency (CC)
       CC .004--Consumer Complaint Information System
       CC .013--Enforcement and Compliance Information System
       CC .015--Chain Banking Organizations System
       CC .016--Litigation Information System
       CC. 100--Enforcement Action Report System
       CC. 110--Reports of Suspicious Activities
       CC. 120--Bank Fraud Information System
       CC. 200--Chain Banking Organizations System
       CC. 210--Bank Securities Dealers System
       CC. 220--Section 914 Tracking System
       CC .221--Registration Records for Municipal and United States 
   Government Securities Dealers (formerly: Professional Qualification 
   Records for Municipal Securities Principals, Municipal Securities 
   Representatives, and U.S. Government Securities Associated Persons)
       CC .300--Administrative Personnel System
       CC .310--Financial System
       CC .320--General Personnel System
       CC. 340--Access Control System,
       CC. 500--Chief Counsel's Management Information System
       CC. 510--Litigation Information System
       CC. 600--Consumer Complaint and Inquiry Information System
       CC. 700--Correspondence Tracking System
   U.S. Customs Service (CS)
       CS.001--Acceptable Level of Competence, Negative Determination
       CS.002--Accident Reports
       CS.005--Accounts Receivable
       CS.009--Acting Customs Inspector (Excepted)
       CS.021--Arrest/Seizure/Search Report and Notice of Penalty File
                                          CS.022--Attorney Case File
                                CS.030--Bankrupt Parties-In-Interest
                                          CS.031--Bills Issued Files
                           CS.032--Biographical Files (Headquarters)
                                                CS.040--Carrier File
                                       CS.041--Cartmen or Lightermen
                                     CS.042--Case and Complaint File
          CS.043--Case Files (Associate Chief Counsel--Gulf Customs 
                                                   Management Center
                                   CS.044--Certificates of Clearance
                                             CS.045--Claims Act File
                                            CS.046--Claims Case File
                                     CS.050--Community Leader Survey
                     CS.053--Confidential Source Identification File
        CS.054--Confidential Statements of Employment and Financial 
                CS.056--Congressional and Public Correspondence File
                            CS.057--Container Station Operator Files
                                CS.058--Cooperating Individual Files
                                             CS.061--Court Case File
                                            CS.064--Credit Card File
                                        CS.069--Customs Brokers File
        CS.077--Disciplinary Action, Grievance and Appeal Case Files
                                                 CS.081--Dock Passes
                               CS.083--Employee Relations Case Files
    CS.096--Fines, Penalties and Forfeiture Control and Information 
                                                    Retrieval System
                    CS.098--Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures Records
      CS.099--Fines, Penalties and Forfeiture Records (Supplemental 
       CS.100--Fines, Penalties and Forfeiture Record (Headquarters)
                                            CS.105--Former Employees
                                   CS.109--Handicapped Employee File
                                   CS.122--Information Received File
                                               CS.123--Injury Notice
                                            CS.125--Intelligence Log
                             CS.127--Internal Affairs Records System
                                CS.129--Investigations Record System
                                CS.133--Justice Department Case File
    CS.136--All Liquidated Damage Penalty, and Seizure Cases; Prior 
                             CS.137--List of Vessel Agents Employees
                                      CS.138--Litigation Issue Files
                                           CS.144--Mail Protest File
      CS.148--Military Personnel and Civilian Employees' Claims Act 
                              CS.151--Motor Vehicle Accident Reports
                                     CS.156--Narcotics Violator File
     CS.159--Notification of Personnel Management Division--When an 
   Employee is placed under investigation by the Office of Internal 
   CS.162--Organization (Customs) and Automated Position Management 
                                                     System (COAPMS)
                                 CS.163--Outside Employment Requests
                                           CS.165--Overtime Earnings
                                            CS.170--Overtime Reports
                             CS.171--Pacific Basin Reporting Network
                                            CS.186--Personnel Search
                                         CS.190--Personnel Case File
                            CS.193--Operating Personnel Folder Files
                                          CS.196--Preclearance Costs
         CS.197--Private Aircraft/Vessel Inspection Reporting System
                               CS.201--Property File, Non-Expendable
                    CS.206--Regulatory Audits of Customhouse Brokers
                   CS.207--Reimbursable Assignment/Workticket System
                 CS.208--Restoration of Forfeited Annual Leave Cases
                             CS.209--Resumes of Professional Artists
                                               CS.211--Sanction List
                                CS.212--Search/Arrest/Seizure Report
             CS.213--Seized Asset and Case Tracking System (SEACATS)
                                                CS.214--Seizure File
                                         CS.215--Seizure Report File
                                       CS.224--Suspect Persons Index
                                           CS.226--Television System
   CS.227--Temporary Importation under Bond (TIB) Defaulter Control 
                                        CS.232--Tort Claims Act File
                                        CS.234--Tort Claims Act File
            CS.238--Training and Career Individual Development Plans
                                            CS.239--Training Records
                  CS.244--Treasury Enforcement Communications System
                               CS.249--Uniform Allowance-Unit Record
                                 CS.251--Unscheduled Overtime Report
   CS.252--Valuables Shipped under Government Losses in Shipment Act
                                       CS.258--Violator's Case Files
                                  CS.260--Warehouse Proprietor Files
                    CS.262--Warnings to Importers in Lieu of Penalty
   CS.268--Military Personnel and Civilian Employees' Claim Act File
                               CS.269--Accounts Payable Voucher File
            CS.270--Background--Record File on Non-Customs Employees
                                CS.271--Cargo Security Record System
               CS.272--Currency Declaration File (Customs Form 4790)
     CS.274--Importers, Brokers, Carriers, Individuals and Sureties 
                                                         Master File
                           CS.278--Automated Commercial System (ACS)
                         CS.284--Personnel Verification System (PVS)
              CS.285--Automated Index to Central Investigative Files
                CS.286--Electronic Job Application Processing System
                                      Appendix A--US Customs Service

   Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP)
       BEP .002--Personal Property Claim File
       BEP .004--Counseling Records
       BEP .005--Compensation Claims
       BEP .006--Debt Files (Employees)
       BEP .014--Employee's Production Record
       BEP .016--Employee Suggestions
       BEP .020--Industrial Truck Licensing Records
       BEP .021--Investigative Files
       BEP .027--Programmable Access Security System (PASS)
       BEP .035--Tort Claims (Against the United States)
       BEP .038--Unscheduled Absence Record
       BEP .041--Record of Discrimination Complaints
       BEP .045--Mail Order Sales Customer Files
       BEP .046--Automated Mutilated Currency Tracking System
   Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)
       FLETC .001--FLETC Payroll/Personnel Records System
       FLETC .002--FLETC Trainee Records
       FLETC .004--FLETC Administrative Employee Records
   Financial Management Service (FMS)
                                   FMS .001--Administrative Records.
      FMS .002--Payment Issue Records for Regular Recurring Benefit 
       FMS .003--Claims and Inquiry Records on Treasury Checks, and 
                                            International Claimants.
                                    FMS .005--FMS Personnel Records.
                           FMS .007--Payroll and Pay Administration.
          FMS .010--Records of Accountable Officers' Authority With 
        FMS .012--Pre-complaint Counseling and Complaint Activities.
                               FMS .013--Gifts to the United States.
                        FMS .014--Debt Collection Operations System.
         FMS .016--Payment Records for Other Than Regular Recurring 
                                                   Benefit Payments.

   Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
            IRS 00.001--Correspondence Files (including Stakeholder 
                Relationship files) and Correspondence Control Files
       IRS 00.002--Correspondence Files/Inquiries About Enforcement 
    IRS 00.003--Taxpayer Advocate Service and Customer Feedback and 
                                                      Survey Records
                             IRS 00.333--Third Party Contact Records
                    IRS 00.334--Third Party Contact Reprisal Records
   IRS 10.001--Biographical Files, Chief, Communications and Liaison
        IRS 10.004--Stakeholder Relationship Management and Subject 
                            Files, Chief, Communications and Liaison
       IRS 21.001--Tax Administration Resources File, Office of Tax 
                                    Administration Advisory Services
             IRS 22.003--Annual Listing of Undelivered Refund Checks
                               IRS 22.011--File of Erroneous Refunds
                   IRS 22.026--Form 1042S Index by Name of Recipient
                        IRS 22.027--Foreign Information System (FIS)
           IRS 22.028--Disclosure Authorizations for U.S. Residency 
                                               Certification Letters
                 IRS 22.032--Individual Microfilm Retention Register
              IRS 22.034--Individual Returns Files, Adjustments and 
                                       Miscellaneous Documents Files
                  IRS 22.043--Potential Refund Litigation Case Files
                            IRS 22.044--P.O.W.-M.I.A. Reference File
                             IRS 22.054--Subsidiary Accounting Files
                            IRS 22.059--Unidentified Remittance File
                        IRS 22.060--Automated Non-Master File (ANMF)
                    IRS 22.061--Individual Return Master File (IRMF)
                                IRS 22.062 Electronic Filing Records
         IRS 24.013--Combined Account Number File, Taxpayer Services
                   IRS 24.029--Individual Account Number File (IANF)
          IRS 24.030--CADE Individual Master File (IMF), (Formerly: 
                                       Individual Master File (IMF))
    IRS 24.046--CADE Business Master File (BMF) (Formerly: Business 
                                                  Master File (BMF))
                           IRS 24.047--Audit Underreporter Case File
                                IRS 24.070--Debtor Master File (DMF)
                               IRS 26.001--Acquired Property Records
                      IRS 26.006--Form 2209, Courtesy Investigations
                   IRS 26.008--IRS and Treasury Employee Delinquency
                            IRS 26.009--Lien Files (Open and Closed)
       IRS 26.010--Lists of Prospective Bidders at Internal Revenue 
                                            Sales of Seized Property
                                   IRS 26.011--Litigation Case Files
                          IRS 26.012--Offer in Compromise (OIC) File
   IRS 26.013--Trust Fund Recovery Cases/One Hundred Percent Penalty 
          IRS 26.014--Record 21, Record of Seizure and Sale of Real 
                       IRS 26.016--Returns Compliance Programs (RCP)
     IRS 26.019--Taxpayer Delinquent Accounts (TDA) Files including 
         subsystems: (a) Adjustments and Payment Tracers Files, (b) 
      Collateral Files, (c) Seized Property Records, (d) Tax SB/SE, 
      W&I, LMSB Waiver, Forms 900, Files, and (e) Accounts on Child 
                                                 Support Obligations
          IRS 26.020--Taxpayer Delinquency Investigation (TDI) Files
                                        IRS 26.021--Transferee Files
                         IRS 26.022--Delinquency Prevention Programs
      IRS 30.003--Requests for Printed Tax Materials Including Lists
                                     IRS 30.004--Security Violations
     IRS 34.003--Assignment and Accountability of Personal Property 
   IRS 34.007--Record of Government Books of Transportation Requests
                                    IRS 34.009--Safety Program Files
   IRS 34.012--Emergency Preparedness Cadre Assignments and Alerting 
                                                       Rosters Files
    IRS 34.013--Identification Media Files System for Employees and 
                                                Others Issued IRS ID
         IRS 34.014--Motor Vehicle Registration and Entry Pass Files
                                IRS 34.016--Security Clearance Files

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