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Pub.L. 105-356 To establish the Little Rock Central High School National Historic <> Site in the State of Arkansas, and for other purposes. ...

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[[Page 112 STAT. 3247]]

Public Law 105-355
105th Congress

                                 An Act

   To authorize the Automobile National Heritage Area in the State of 
Michigan, and for other purposes. <<NOTE: Nov. 6, 1998 -  [H.R. 3910]>> 

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,

 TITLE I--AUTOMOBILE <<NOTE: Automobile National Heritage Area Act. 16 


    This title may be cited as the ``Automobile National Heritage Area 


    (a) Findings.--The Congress finds that--
            (1) the industrial, cultural, and natural heritage legacies 
        of Michigan's automobile industry are nationally significant;
            (2) in the areas of Michigan including and in proximity to 
        Detroit, Dearborn, Pontiac, Flint, and Lansing, the design and 
        manufacture of the automobile helped establish and expand the 
        United States industrial power;
            (3) the industrial strength of automobile manufacturing was 
        vital to defending freedom and democracy in 2 world wars and 
        played a defining role in American victories;
            (4) the economic strength of our Nation is connected 
        integrally to the vitality of the automobile industry, which 
        employs millions of workers and upon which 1 out of 7 United 
        States jobs depends;
            (5) the industrial and cultural heritage of the automobile 
        industry in Michigan includes the social history and living 
        cultural traditions of several generations;
            (6) the United Auto Workers and other unions played a 
        significant role in the history and progress of the labor 
        movement and the automobile industry;
            (7) the Department of the Interior is responsible for 
        protecting and interpreting the Nation's cultural and historic 
        resources, and there are significant examples of these resources 
        within Michigan to merit the involvement of the Federal 
        Government to develop programs and projects in cooperation with 
        the Automobile National Heritage Area Partnership, Incorporated, 
        the State of Michigan, and other local and governmental bodies, 
        to adequately conserve, protect, and interpret

[[Page 112 STAT. 3248]]

        this heritage for the educational and recreational benefit of 
        this and future generations of Americans;
            (8) the Automobile National Heritage Area Partnership, 
        Incorporated would be an appropriate entity to oversee the 
        development of the Automobile National Heritage Area; and
            (9) 2 local studies, ``A Shared Vision for Metropolitan 
        Detroit'' and ``The Machine That Changed the World'', and a 
        National Park Service study, ``Labor History Theme Study: Phase 
        III; Suitability-Feasibility'', demonstrated that sufficient 
        historical resources exist to establish the Automobile National 
        Heritage Area.

    (b) Purpose.--The purpose of this title is to establish the 
Automobile National Heritage Area to--
            (1) foster a close working relationship with all levels of 
        government, the private sector, and the local communities in 
        Michigan and empower communities in Michigan to conserve their 
        automotive heritage while strengthening future economic 
        opportunities; and
            (2) conserve, interpret, and develop the historical, 
        cultural, natural, and recreational resources related to the 
        industrial and cultural heritage of the Automobile National 
        Heritage Area.


    For purposes of this title:
            (1) Board.--The term ``Board'' means the Board of Directors 
        of the Partnership.
            (2) Heritage area.--The term ``Heritage Area'' means the 
        Automobile National Heritage Area established by section 104.
            (3) Partnership.--The term ``Partnership'' means the 
        Automobile National Heritage Area Partnership, Incorporated (a 
        nonprofit corporation established under the laws of the State of 
            (4) Secretary.--The term ``Secretary'' means the Secretary 
        of the Interior.


    (a) Establishment.--There is established in the State of Michigan 
the Automobile National Heritage Area.
    (b) Boundaries.--
            (1) In general.--Subject to paragraph (2), the boundaries of 
        the Heritage Area shall include lands in Michigan that are 
        related to the following corridors:
                    (A) The Rouge River Corridor.
                    (B) The Detroit River Corridor.
                    (C) The Woodward Avenue Corridor.
                    (D) The Lansing Corridor.
                    (E) The Flint Corridor.
                    (F) The Sauk Trail/Chicago Road Corridor.
            (2) Specific boundaries.--The specific boundaries of the 
        Heritage Area shall be those specified in the management plan 
        approved under section 106.
            (3) Map.--The Secretary shall prepare a map of the Heritage 
        Area which shall be on file and available for public inspection 
        in the office of the Director of the National Park Service.
            (4) Notice to local governments.--The Partnership shall 
        provide to the government of each city, village, and township 
        that has jurisdiction over property proposed to be included in 
        the Heritage Area written notice of that proposal.

[[Page 112 STAT. 3249]]

    (c) Administration.--The Heritage Area shall be administered in 
accordance with this title.


    (a) In General.--The Partnership shall be the management entity for 
the Heritage Area.
    (b) Federal Funding.--
            (1) Authorization to receive funds.--The Partnership may 
        receive amounts appropriated to carry out this title.
            (2) Disqualification.--If a management plan for the Heritage 
        Area is not submitted to the Secretary as required under section 
        106 within the time specified in that section, the Partnership 
        shall cease to be authorized to receive Federal funding under 
        this title until such a plan is submitted to the Secretary.

    (c) Authorities of Partnership.--The Partnership may, for purposes 
of preparing and implementing the management plan for the Heritage Area, 
use Federal funds made available under this title--
            (1) to make grants to the State of Michigan, its political 
        subdivisions, nonprofit organizations, and other persons;
            (2) to enter into cooperative agreements with or provide 
        technical assistance to the State of Michigan, its political 
        subdivisions, nonprofit organizations, and other organizations;
            (3) to hire and compensate staff;
            (4) to obtain money from any source under any program or law 
        requiring the recipient of such money to make a contribution in 
        order to receive such money; and
            (5) to contract for goods and services.

    (d) Prohibition of Acquisition of Real Property.--The Partnership 
may not use Federal funds received under this title to acquire real 
property or any interest in real property.


    (a) Heritage Area Management Plan.--
            (1) Submission for review by secretary.--The Board of 
        Directors of the Partnership shall, within 3 years after the 
        date of the enactment of this title, develop and submit for 
        review to the Secretary a management plan for the Heritage Area.
            (2) Plan requirements, generally.--A management plan 
        submitted under this section shall--
                    (A) present comprehensive recommendations for the 
                conservation, funding, management, and development of 
                the Heritage Area;
                    (B) be prepared with public participation;
                    (C) take into consideration existing Federal, State, 
                county, and local plans and involve residents, public 
                agencies, and private organizations in the Heritage 
                    (D) include a description of actions that units of 
                government and private organizations are recommended to 
                take to protect the resources of the Heritage Area; and
                    (E) specify existing and potential sources of 
                Federal and non-Federal funding for the conservation, 
                management, and development of the Heritage Area.
            (3) Additional plan requirements.--The management plan also 
        shall include the following, as appropriate:

[[Page 112 STAT. 3250]]

                    (A) An <<NOTE: Records.>>  inventory of resources 
                contained in the Heritage Area, including a list of 
                property in the Heritage Area that should be conserved, 
                restored, managed, developed, or maintained because of 
                the natural, cultural, or historic significance of the 
                property as it relates to the themes of the Heritage 
                Area. The inventory may not include any property that is 
                privately owned unless the owner of the property 
                consents in writing to that inclusion.
                    (B) A recommendation of policies for resource 
                management that consider and detail the application of 
                appropriate land and water management techniques, 
                including (but not limited to) the development of 
                intergovernmental cooperative agreements to manage the 
                historical, cultural, and natural resources and 
                recreational opportunities of the Heritage Area in a 
                manner consistent with the support of appropriate and 
                compatible economic viability.
                    (C) A program for implementation of the management 
                plan, including plans for restoration and construction 
                and a description of any commitments that have been made 
                by persons interested in management of the Heritage 
                    (D) An analysis of means by which Federal, State, 
                and local programs may best be coordinated to promote 
                the purposes of this title.
                    (E) An interpretive plan for the Heritage Area.
            (4) Approval <<NOTE: Deadlines.>>  and disapproval of the 
        management plan.--
                    (A) In general.--Not later than 180 days after 
                submission of the Heritage Area management plan by the 
                Board, the Secretary shall approve or disapprove the 
                plan. If the Secretary has taken no action after 180 
                days, the plan shall be considered approved.
                    (B) Disapproval and revisions.--If the Secretary 
                disapproves the management plan, the Secretary shall 
                advise the Board, in writing, of the reasons for the 
                disapproval and shall make recommendations for revision 
                of the plan. The Secretary shall approve or disapprove 
                proposed revisions to the plan not later than 60 days 
                after receipt of such revisions from the Board. If the 
                Secretary has taken no action for 60 days after receipt, 
                the plan and revisions shall be considered approved.

    (b) Priorities.--The Partnership shall give priority to the 
implementation of actions, goals, and policies set forth in the 
management plan for the Heritage Area, including--
            (1) assisting units of government, regional planning 
        organizations, and nonprofit organizations--
                    (A) in conserving the natural and cultural resources 
                in the Heritage Area;
                    (B) in establishing and maintaining interpretive 
                exhibits in the Heritage Area;
                    (C) in developing recreational opportunities in the 
                Heritage Area;
                    (D) in increasing public awareness of and 
                appreciation for the natural, historical, and cultural 
                resources of the Heritage Area;
                    (E) in the restoration of historic buildings that 
                are located within the boundaries of the Heritage Area 
                and related to the theme of the Heritage Area; and

[[Page 112 STAT. 3251]]

                    (F) in ensuring that clear, consistent, and 
                environmentally appropriate signs identifying access 
                points and sites of interest are put in place throughout 
                the Heritage Area; and
            (2) consistent with the goals of the management plan, 
        encouraging economic viability in the affected communities by 
        appropriate means.

    (c) Consideration of Interests of Local Groups.--The Partnership 
shall, in preparing and implementing the management plan for the 
Heritage Area, consider the interest of diverse units of government, 
businesses, private property owners, and nonprofit groups within the 
Heritage Area.
    (d) Public Meetings.--The Partnership shall conduct public meetings 
at least annually regarding the implementation of the Heritage Area 
management plan.
    (e) Annual Reports.--The Partnership shall, for any fiscal year in 
which it receives Federal funds under this title or in which a loan made 
by the Partnership with Federal funds under section 105(c)(1) is 
outstanding, submit an annual report to the Secretary setting forth its 
accomplishments, its expenses and income, and the entities to which it 
made any loans and grants during the year for which the report is made.

    (f) Cooperation With Audits.--The Partnership shall, for any fiscal 
year in which it receives Federal funds under this title or in which a 
loan made by the Partnership with Federal funds under section 105(c)(1) 
is outstanding, make available for audit by the Congress, the Secretary, 
and appropriate units of government all records and other information 
pertaining to the expenditure of such funds and any matching funds, and 
require, for all agreements authorizing expenditure of Federal funds by 
other organizations, that the receiving organizations make available for 
such audit all records and other information pertaining to the 
expenditure of such funds.
    (g) Delegation.--The Partnership may delegate the responsibilities 
and actions under this section for each corridor identified in section 
104(b)(1). All delegated actions are subject to review and approval by 
the Partnership.


    (a) Technical Assistance and Grants.--
            (1) In general.--The Secretary may provide technical 
        assistance and, subject to the availability of appropriations, 
        grants to units of government, nonprofit organizations, and 
        other persons upon request of the Partnership, and to the 
        Partnership, regarding the management plan and its 
            (2) Prohibition of certain requirements.--The Secretary may 

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