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Pub.L. 105-41 To allow postal patrons to contribute to funding for breast cancer research through the voluntary purchase of certain specially issued United States postage stamps, and for other purposes. <> ...

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[[Page 111 STAT. 1117]]

Public Law 105-40
105th Congress

                                 An Act

To provide for a land exchange involving the Warner Canyon Ski Area and 
   other land in the State of Oregon. <<NOTE:  Aug. 11, 1997 -  [H.R. 

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled, <<NOTE: Warner Canyon 
Ski Hill Land Exchange Act of 1997.>> 


    This Act may be cited as the ``Warner Canyon Ski Hill Land Exchange 
Act of 1997''.


    (a) Authorization of Exchange.--If title acceptable to the Secretary 
for non-Federal land described in subsection (b) is conveyed to the 
United States, the Secretary of Agriculture shall convey to Lake County, 
Oregon, subject to valid existing rights of record, all right, title, 
and interest of the United States in and to a parcel of Federal land 
consisting of approximately 295 acres within the Warner Canyon Ski Area 
of the Freemont National Forest, as generally depicted on the map 
entitled ``Warner Canyon Ski Hill Land Exchange'', dated June 1997.
    (b) Non-Federal Land.--The non-Federal land referred to in 
subsection (a) consists of--
            (1) approximately 320 acres within the Hart Mountain 
        National Wildlife Refuge, as generally depicted on the map 
        referred to in subsection (a); and
            (2) such other parcels of land owned by Lake County, Oregon, 
        within the Refuge as are necessary to ensure that the values of 
        the Federal land and non-Federal land to be exchanged under this 
        section are approximately equal in value, as determined by 

    (c) Acceptable Title.--Title to the non-Federal land conveyed to the 
United States under subsection (a) shall be such title as is acceptable 
to the Secretary of the Interior, in conformance with title approval 
standards applicable to Federal land acquisitions.
    (d) Valid Existing Rights.--The conveyance shall be subject to such 
valid existing rights of record as may be acceptable to the Secretary of 
the Interior.
    (e) Applicability of Other Laws.--Except as otherwise provided in 
this section, the Secretary of the Interior shall process the land 
exchange authorized by this section in the manner provided in subpart 
2200 of title 43, Code of Federal Regulations (as in effect on the date 
of enactment of this Act).

[[Page 111 STAT. 1118]]

    (f) Map.--The map referred to in subsection (a) shall be on file and 
available for inspection in 1 or more local offices of the Department of 
the Interior and the Department of Agriculture.
    (g) Additional Terms and Conditions.--The Secretary of the Interior 
or the Secretary of Agriculture may require such additional terms and 
conditions in connection with the conveyances under this section as 
either Secretary considers appropriate to protect the interests of the 
United States.

    Approved August 11, 1997.


HOUSE REPORTS: No. 105-193 (Comm. on Resources).
            July 22, considered and passed House.
            July 31, considered and passed Senate.


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