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Public Law 105-79
105th Congress

                                 An Act

To provide for the conveyance of certain land in the Six Rivers National 
 Forest in the State of California for the benefit of the Hoopa Valley 
              Tribe. <<NOTE: Nov. 13, 1997 -  [H.R. 79]>> 

    Be it enacted by the Senate <<NOTE: Hoopa Valley Reservation South 
Boundary Adjustment Act.>> and House of Representatives of the United 
States of America in Congress assembled,

SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE. <<NOTE: 25 USC 1300i-1 note.>> 

    This Act may be cited as the ``Hoopa Valley Reservation South 
Boundary Adjustment Act''.

SEC. 2. <<NOTE: 25 USC 1300i-1 note.>> TRANSFER OF LANDS WITHIN SIX 

    (a) Transfer.--All right, title, and interest in and to the lands 
described in subsection (b) shall hereafter be administered by the 
Secretary of the Interior and be held in trust by the United States for 
the Hoopa Valley Tribe. The lands are hereby declared part of the Hoopa 
Valley Reservation. Upon the inclusion of such lands in the Hoopa Valley 
Reservation, Forest Service system roads numbered 8N03 and 7N51 and the 
Trinity River access road which is a spur off road numbered 7N51, shall 
be Indian reservation roads, as defined in section 101(a) of title 23 of 
the United States Code.
    (b) Lands Described.--The lands referred to in subsection (a) are 
those portions of Townships 7 North and 8 North, Ranges 5 East and 6 
East, Humboldt Meridian, California, within a boundary beginning at a 
point on the current south boundary of the Hoopa Valley Indian 
Reservation, marked and identified as ``Post H.V.R. No. 8'' on the Plat 
of the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation prepared from a field survey 
conducted by C.T. Bissel, Augustus T. Smith, and C.A. Robinson, Deputy 
Surveyors, approved by the Surveyor General, H. Pratt, March 18, 1892, 
and extending from said point on a bearing of north 72 degrees 30 
minutes east, until intersecting with a line beginning at a point marked 
as ``Post H.V.R. No. 3'' on such survey and extending on a bearing of 
south 15 degrees 59 minutes east, comprising 2,641 acres more or less.
    (c) Boundary Adjustment.--The boundary of the Six Rivers National 
Forest in the State of California is hereby adjusted to exclude the 
lands to be held in trust for the benefit of the Hoopa Valley Tribe 
pursuant to this section.
    (d) Survey.--The Secretary of the Interior, acting through the 
Bureau of Land Management, shall survey and monument that portion of the 
boundary of the Hoopa Valley Reservation established by the addition of 
the lands described in subsection (b).
    (e) Settlement of Claims.--The transfer of lands to trust status 
under this section extinguishes the following claims by the Hoopa Valley 
            (1) All claims on land now administered as part of the Six 
        Rivers National Forest based on the allegation of error in 
        establishing the boundaries of the Hoopa Valley Reservation, as 
        those boundaries were configured before the date of the 
        enactment of this Act.
            (2) All claims of failure to pay just compensation for a 
        taking under the fifth amendment to the United States 
        Constitution, if such claims are based on activities, occurring 
        before the date of the enactment of this Act, related to the 
        lands transferred to trust status under this section.

    Approved November 13, 1997.


HOUSE REPORTS: No. 105-110 (Comm. on Resources).
SENATE REPORTS: No. 105-117 (Comm. on Indian Affairs).
            June 3, considered and passed House.
            Nov. 4, considered and passed Senate.


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