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Pub.L. 106-566 To direct the Secretary of the Interior to conduct a study on the reclamation and reuse of water and wastewater in the State of Hawaii, and for other purposes. <> ...

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[[Page 114 STAT. 2812]]

Public Law 106-565
106th Congress

                                 An Act

To establish the <<NOTE: Dec. 23, 2000 -  [H.R. 4907]>> Jamestown 400th 
            Commemoration Commission, and for other purposes.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in <<NOTE: Jamestown 400th Commemoration 
Commission Act of 2000. Virginia.>> Congress assembled,

SECTION 1. <<NOTE: 16 USC 81 note.>> SHORT TITLE.

    This Act may be cited as the ``Jamestown 400th <<NOTE: 16 USC 81 
note.>> Commemoration Commission Act of 2000''.


    (a) Findings.--Congress finds that--
            (1) the founding of the colony at Jamestown, Virginia in 
        1607, the first permanent English colony in the New World, and 
        the capital of Virginia for 92 years, has major significance in 
        the history of the United States;
            (2) the settlement brought people from throughout the 
        Atlantic Basin together to form a multicultural society, 
        including English, other Europeans, Native Americans, and 
            (3) the economic, political, religious, and social 
        institutions that developed during the first 9 decades of the 
        existence of Jamestown continue to have profound effects on the 
        United States, particularly in English common law and language, 
        cross cultural relationships, and economic structure and status;
            (4) the National Park Service, the Association for the 
        Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, and the Jamestown-Yorktown 
        Foundation of the Commonwealth of Virginia collectively own and 
        operate significant resources related to the early history of 
        Jamestown; and
            (5) in 1996--
                    (A) the Commonwealth of Virginia designated the 
                Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation as the State agency 
                responsible for planning and implementing the 
                Commonwealth's portion of the commemoration of the 400th 
                anniversary of the founding of the Jamestown settlement;
                    (B) the Foundation created the Celebration 2007 
                Steering Committee, known as the Jamestown 2007 Steering 
                Committee; and
                    (C) planning for the commemoration began.

    (b) Purpose.--The purpose of this Act is to establish the Jamestown 
400th Commemoration Commission to--
            (1) ensure a suitable national observance of the Jamestown 
        2007 anniversary by complementing the programs and activities of 
        the State of Virginia;

[[Page 114 STAT. 2813]]

            (2) cooperate with and assist the programs and activities of 
        the State in observance of the Jamestown 2007 anniversary;
            (3) assist in ensuring that Jamestown 2007 observances 
        provide an excellent visitor experience and beneficial 
        interaction between visitors and the natural and cultural 
        resources of the Jamestown sites;
            (4) assist in ensuring that the Jamestown 2007 observances 
        are inclusive and appropriately recognize the experiences of all 
        people present in 17th century Jamestown;
            (5) provide assistance to the development of Jamestown-
        related programs and activities;
            (6) facilitate international involvement in the Jamestown 
        2007 observances;
            (7) support and facilitate marketing efforts for a 
        commemorative coin, stamp, and related activities for the 
        Jamestown 2007 observances; and
            (8) assist in the appropriate development of heritage 
        tourism and economic benefits to the United States.

SEC. 3. <<NOTE: 16 USC 81 note.>> DEFINITIONS.

    In this Act:
            (1) Commemoration.--The term ``commemoration'' means the 
        commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the founding of the 
        Jamestown settlement.
            (2) Commission.--The term ``Commission'' means the Jamestown 
        400th Commemoration Commission established by section 4(a).
            (3) Governor.--The term ``Governor'' means the Governor of 
        the State.
            (4) Secretary.--The term ``Secretary'' means the Secretary 
        of the Interior.
            (5) State.--
                    (A) In general.--The term ``State'' means the State 
                of Virginia.
                    (B) Inclusions.--The term ``State'' includes 
                agencies and entities of the State.


    (a) In General.--There is <<NOTE: Establishment.>> established a 
commission to be known as the ``Jamestown 400th Commemoration 

    (b) Membership.--
            (1) In general.--The Commission shall be composed of 16 
        members, of whom--
                    (A) four members shall be appointed by the 
                Secretary, taking into consideration the recommendations 
                of the Chairperson of the Jamestown 2007 Steering 
                    (B) four members shall be appointed by the 
                Secretary, taking into consideration the recommendations 
                of the Governor;
                    (C) two members shall be employees of the National 
                Park Service, of which--
                          (i) one shall be the Director of the National 
                      Park Service (or a designee); and
                          (ii) one shall be an employee of the National 
                      Park Service having experience relevant to the 
                      commemoration, to be appointed by the Secretary; 

[[Page 114 STAT. 2814]]

                    (D) five members shall be individuals that have an 
                interest in, support for, and expertise appropriate to, 
                the commemoration, to be appointed by the Secretary.
            (2) Term; vacancies.--
                    (A) Term.--A member of the Commission shall be 
                appointed for the life of the Commission.
                    (B) Vacancies.--
                          (i) In general.--A vacancy on the Commission 
                      shall be filled in the same manner in which the 
                      original appointment was made.
                          (ii) Partial term.--A member appointed to fill 
                      a vacancy on the Commission shall serve for the 
                      remainder of the term for which the predecessor of 
                      the member was appointed.
            (3) Meetings.--
                    (A) In general.--The Commission shall meet--
                          (i) at least twice each year; or
                          (ii) at the call of the Chairperson or the 
                      majority of the members of the Commission.
                    (B) Initial meeting.--Not later than 30 days after 
                the date on which all members of the Commission have 
                been appointed, the Commission shall hold the initial 
                meeting of the Commission.
            (4) Voting.--
                    (A) In general.--The Commission shall act only on an 
                affirmative vote of a majority of the members of the 
                    (B) Quorum.--A majority of the Commission shall 
                constitute a quorum.
            (5) Chairperson.--The Secretary shall appoint a Chairperson 
        of the Commission, taking into consideration any recommendations 
        of the Governor.

    (c) Duties.--
            (1) In general.--The Commission shall--
                    (A) plan, develop, and execute programs and 
                activities appropriate to commemorate the 400th 
                anniversary of the founding of Jamestown;
                    (B) generally facilitate Jamestown-related 
                activities throughout the United States;
                    (C) encourage civic, patriotic, historical, 
                educational, religious, economic, and other 
                organizations throughout the United States to organize 
                and participate in anniversary activities to expand the 
                understanding and appreciation of the significance of 
                the founding and early history of Jamestown;
                    (D) coordinate and facilitate for the public 
                scholarly research on, publication about, and 
                interpretation of, Jamestown; and
                    (E) ensure that the 400th anniversary of Jamestown 
                provides a lasting legacy and long-term public benefit 
                by assisting in the development of appropriate programs 
                and facilities.
            (2) Plans; reports.--
                    (A) Strategic plan; annual performance plans.--In 
                accordance with the Government Performance and Results 
                Act of 1993 (Public Law 103-62; 107 Stat. 285), the 
                Commission shall prepare a strategic plan and annual

[[Page 114 STAT. 2815]]

                performance plans for the activities of the Commission 
                carried out under this Act.
                    (B) Final report.--Not later 
                than <<NOTE: Deadline.>> September 30, 2008, the 
                Commission shall complete a final report that contains--
                          (i) a summary of the activities of the 
                          (ii) a final accounting of funds received and 
                      expended by the Commission; and
                          (iii) the findings and recommendations of the 

    (d) Powers of the Commission.--The Commission may--
            (1) accept donations and make dispersions of money, personal 
        services, and real and personal property related to Jamestown 
        and of the significance of Jamestown in the history of the 
        United States;
            (2) appoint such advisory committees as the Commission 
        determines to be necessary to carry out this Act;
            (3) authorize any member or employee of the Commission to 
        take any action that the Commission is authorized to take by 
        this Act;
            (4) procure supplies, services, and property, and make or 
        enter into contracts, leases or other legal agreements, to carry 
        out this Act (except that any contracts, leases or other legal 
        agreements made or entered into by the Commission shall not 
        extend beyond the date of termination of the Commission);
            (5) use the United States mails in the same manner and under 
        the same conditions as other Federal agencies;
            (6) subject to approval by the Commission, make grants in 
        amounts not to exceed $10,000 to communities and nonprofit 
        organizations to develop programs to assist in the 
            (7) make grants to research and scholarly organizations to 
        research, publish, or distribute information relating to the 
        early history of Jamestown; and
            (8) provide technical assistance to States, localities, and 
        nonprofit organizations to further the commemoration.

    (e) Commission Personnel Matters.--
            (1) Compensation of members of the commission.--
                    (A) In general.--Except as provided in subparagraph 
                (B), a member of the Commission shall serve without 
                    (B) Federal employees.--A member of the Commission 
                who is an officer or employee of the Federal Government 
                shall serve without compensation in addition to the 
                compensation received for the services of the member as 
                an officer or employee of the Federal Government.
                    (C) Travel expenses.--A member of the Commission 
                shall be allowed travel expenses, including per diem in 
                lieu of subsistence, at rates authorized for an employee 
                of an agency under subchapter I of chapter 57 of title 
                5, United States Code, while away from the home or 
                regular place of business of the member in the 
                performance of the duties of the Commission.
            (2) Staff.--
                    (A) In general.--The Chairperson of the Commission 
                may, without regard to the civil service laws (including 
                regulations), appoint and terminate an executive 

[[Page 114 STAT. 2816]]

                and such other additional personnel as are necessary to 
                enable the Commission to perform the duties of the 
                    (B) Confirmation of executive director.--The 
                employment of an executive director shall be subject to 
                confirmation by the Commission.
            (3) Compensation.--
                    (A) In general.--Except as provided in subparagraph 
                (B), the Chairperson of the Commission may fix the 
                compensation of the executive director and other 
                personnel without regard to the provisions of chapter 51 
                and subchapter III of chapter 53 of title 5, United 
                States Code, relating to classification of positions and 
                General Schedule pay rates.
                    (B) Maximum rate of pay.--The rate of pay for the 
                executive director and other personnel shall not exceed 
                the rate payable for level V of the Executive Schedule 
                under section 5316 of title 5, United States Code.
            (4) Detail of government employees.--
                    (A) Federal employees.--
                          (i) In general.--On the request of the 
                      Commission, the head of any Federal agency may 
                      detail, on a reimbursable or non-reimbursable 
                      basis, any of the personnel of the agency to the 
                      Commission to assist the Commission in carrying 
                      out the duties of the Commission under this Act.
                          (ii) Civil service status.--The detail of an 
                      employee under clause (i) shall be without 
                      interruption or loss of civil service status or 
                    (B) State employees.--The Commission may--
                          (i) accept the services of personnel detailed 
                      from States (including subdivisions of States); 
                          (ii) reimburse States for services of detailed 
            (5) Volunteer and uncompensated services.--Notwithstanding 
        section 1342 of title 31, United States Code, the Commission may 
        accept and use voluntary and uncompensated services as the 
        Commission determines necessary.
            (6) Support services.--The Director of the National Park 

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