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Pub.L. 107-172 To amend the Public Health Service Act <> to provide for research, information, and education with respect to blood cancer. ...

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Public Law 107-171
107th Congress

                                 An Act

To provide for the continuation of agricultural programs through fiscal 
    year 2007, and for other purposes. <<NOTE: May 13, 2002 -  [H.R. 

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress <<NOTE: Farm Security and Rural 
Investment Act of 2002.>> assembled,


    (a) <<NOTE: 7 USC 7901 note.>>  Short Title.--This Act may be cited 
as the ``Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002''.

    (b) Table of Contents.--The table of contents of this Act is as 

Sec. 1. Short title; table of contents.

                       TITLE I--COMMODITY PROGRAMS

Sec. 1001. Definitions.

        Subtitle A--Direct Payments and Counter-Cyclical Payments

Sec. 1101. Establishment of base acres and payment acres for a farm.
Sec. 1102. Establishment of payment yield.
Sec. 1103. Availability of direct payments.
Sec. 1104. Availability of counter-cyclical payments.
Sec. 1105. Producer agreement required as condition of provision of 
           payments and counter-cyclical payments.
Sec. 1106. Planting flexibility.
Sec. 1107. Relation to remaining payment authority under production 
           flexibility contracts.
Sec. 1108. Period of effectiveness.

   Subtitle B--Marketing Assistance Loans and Loan Deficiency Payments

Sec. 1201. Availability of nonrecourse marketing assistance loans for 
           loan commodities.
Sec. 1202. Loan rates for nonrecourse marketing assistance loans.
Sec. 1203. Term of loans.
Sec. 1204. Repayment of loans.
Sec. 1205. Loan deficiency payments.
Sec. 1206. Payments in lieu of loan deficiency payments for grazed 
Sec. 1207. Special marketing loan provisions for upland cotton.
Sec. 1208. Special competitive provisions for extra long staple cotton.
Sec. 1209. Availability of recourse loans for high moisture feed grains 
           and seed 

                           Subtitle C--Peanuts

Sec. 1301. Definitions.
Sec. 1302. Establishment of payment yield and base acres for peanuts for 
           a farm.
Sec. 1303. Availability of direct payments for peanuts.
Sec. 1304. Availability of counter-cyclical payments for peanuts.
Sec. 1305. Producer agreement required as condition on provision of 
           payments and counter-cyclical payments.
Sec. 1306. Planting flexibility.
Sec. 1307. Marketing assistance loans and loan deficiency payments for 
Sec. 1308. Miscellaneous provisions.
Sec. 1309. Termination of marketing quota programs for peanuts and 
           compensation to peanut quota holders for loss of quota asset 

[[Page 116 STAT. 135]]

Sec. 1310. Repeal of superseded price support authority and effect of 

                            Subtitle D--Sugar

Sec. 1401. Sugar program.
Sec. 1402. Storage facility loans.
Sec. 1403. Flexible marketing allotments for sugar.

                            Subtitle E--Dairy

Sec. 1501. Milk price support program.
Sec. 1502. National dairy market loss payments.
Sec. 1503. Dairy export incentive and dairy indemnity programs.
Sec. 1504. Dairy product mandatory reporting.
Sec. 1505. Funding of dairy promotion and research program.
Sec. 1506. Fluid milk promotion.
Sec. 1507. Study of national dairy policy.
Sec. 1508. Studies of effects of changes in approach to national dairy 
           policy and fluid milk identity standards.

                       Subtitle F--Administration

Sec. 1601. Administration generally.
Sec. 1602. Suspension of permanent price support authority.
Sec. 1603. Payment limitations.
Sec. 1604. Adjusted gross income limitation.
Sec. 1605. Commission on application of payment limitations.
Sec. 1606. Adjustments of loans.
Sec. 1607. Personal liability of producers for deficiencies.
Sec. 1608. Extension of existing administrative authority regarding 
Sec. 1609. Commodity Credit Corporation Inventory.
Sec. 1610. Reserve stock level.
Sec. 1611. Farm reconstitutions.
Sec. 1612. Assignment of payments.
Sec. 1613. Equitable relief from ineligibility for loans, payments, or 
           other benefits.
Sec. 1614. Tracking of benefits.
Sec. 1615. Estimates of net farm income.
Sec. 1616. Availability of incentive payments for certain producers.
Sec. 1617. Renewed availability of market loss assistance and certain 
           emergency assistance to persons that failed to receive 
           assistance under earlier authorities.
Sec. 1618. Producer retention of erroneously paid loan deficiency 
           payments and marketing loan gains.

                         TITLE II--CONSERVATION

                    Subtitle A--Conservation Security

Sec. 2001. Conservation security program.
Sec. 2002. Conservation compliance.
Sec. 2003. Partnerships and cooperation.
Sec. 2004. Administrative requirements for conservation programs.
Sec. 2005. Reform and assessment of conservation programs.
Sec. 2006. Conforming amendments.

                    Subtitle B--Conservation Reserve

Sec. 2101. Conservation reserve program.

                  Subtitle C--Wetlands Reserve Program

Sec. 2201. Reauthorization.
Sec. 2202. Enrollment.
Sec. 2203. Easements and agreements.
Sec. 2204. Changes in ownership; agreement modification; termination.

              Subtitle D--Environmental Quality Incentives

Sec. 2301. Environmental quality incentives program.

                      Subtitle E--Grassland Reserve

Sec. 2401. Grassland reserve program.

                 Subtitle F--Other Conservation Programs

Sec. 2501. Agricultural management assistance.
Sec. 2502. Grazing, wildlife habitat incentive, source water protection, 
           and Great Lakes basin programs.

[[Page 116 STAT. 136]]

Sec. 2503. Farmland protection program.
Sec. 2504. Resource conservation and development program.
Sec. 2505. Small watershed rehabilitation program.
Sec. 2506. Use of symbols, slogans, and logos.
Sec. 2507. Desert terminal lakes.

         Subtitle G--Conservation Corridor Demonstration Program

Sec. 2601. Definitions.
Sec. 2602. Conservation corridor demonstration program.
Sec. 2603. Implementation of conservation corridor plan.
Sec. 2604. Funding requirements.

                 Subtitle H--Funding and Administration

Sec. 2701. Funding and administration.
Sec. 2702. Regulations.

                            TITLE III--TRADE

 Subtitle A--Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act of 1954 
                          and Related Statutes

Sec. 3001. United States policy.
Sec. 3002. Provision of agricultural commodities.
Sec. 3003. Generation and use of currencies by private voluntary 
           organizations and cooperatives.
Sec. 3004. Levels of assistance.
Sec. 3005. Food Aid Consultative Group.
Sec. 3006. Maximum level of expenditures.
Sec. 3007. Administration.
Sec. 3008. Assistance for stockpiling and rapid transportation, 
           delivery, and distribution of shelf-stable prepackaged foods.
Sec. 3009. Sale procedure.
Sec. 3010. Prepositioning.
Sec. 3011. Transportation and related costs.
Sec. 3012. Expiration date.
Sec. 3013. Micronutrient fortification programs.
Sec. 3014. John Ogonowski Farmer-to-Farmer Program.

               Subtitle B--Agricultural Trade Act of 1978

Sec. 3101. Exporter assistance initiative.
Sec. 3102. Export credit guarantee program.
Sec. 3103. Market access program.
Sec. 3104. Export enhancement program.
Sec. 3105. Foreign market development cooperator program.
Sec. 3106. Food for progress.
Sec. 3107. McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child 
           Nutrition Program.

                        Subtitle C--Miscellaneous

Sec. 3201. Surplus commodities for developing or friendly countries.
Sec. 3202. Bill Emerson Humanitarian Trust Act.
Sec. 3203. Emerging markets.
Sec. 3204. Biotechnology and agricultural trade program.
Sec. 3205. Technical assistance for specialty crops.
Sec. 3206. Global market strategy.
Sec. 3207. Report on use of perishable commodities and live animals.
Sec. 3208. Study on fee for services.
Sec. 3209. Sense of Congress concerning foreign assistance programs.
Sec. 3210. Sense of the Senate concerning agricultural trade.

                      TITLE IV--NUTRITION PROGRAMS

Sec. 4001. Short title.

                     Subtitle A--Food Stamp Program

Sec. 4101. Encouragement of payment of child support.
Sec. 4102. Simplified definition of income.
Sec. 4103. Standard deduction.
Sec. 4104. Simplified utility allowance.
Sec. 4105. Simplified determination of housing costs.
Sec. 4106. Simplified determination of deductions.
Sec. 4107. Simplified definition of resources.

[[Page 116 STAT. 137]]

Sec. 4108. Alternative issuance systems in disasters.
Sec. 4109. State option to reduce reporting requirements.
Sec. 4110. Cost neutrality for electronic benefit transfer systems.
Sec. 4111. Report on electronic benefit transfer systems.
Sec. 4112. Alternative procedures for residents of certain group 
Sec. 4113. Redemption of benefits through group living arrangements.
Sec. 4114. Availability of food stamp program applications on the 
Sec. 4115. Transitional food stamps for families moving from welfare.
Sec. 4116. Grants for simple application and eligibility determination 
           systems and improved access to benefits.
Sec. 4117. Delivery to retailers of notices of adverse action.
Sec. 4118. Reform of quality control system.
Sec. 4119. Improvement of calculation of State performance measures.
Sec. 4120. Bonuses for States that demonstrate high or most improved 
Sec. 4121. Employment and training program.
Sec. 4122. Reauthorization of food stamp program and food distribution 
           program on Indian reservations.
Sec. 4123. Expanded grant authority.
Sec. 4124. Consolidated block grants for Puerto Rico and American Samoa.
Sec. 4125. Assistance for community food projects.
Sec. 4126. Availability of commodities for the emergency food assistance 

                   Subtitle B--Commodity Distribution

Sec. 4201. Commodity supplemental food program.
Sec. 4202. Commodity donations.
Sec. 4203. Distribution of surplus commodities to special nutrition 
Sec. 4204. Emergency food assistance.

            Subtitle C--Child Nutrition and Related Programs

Sec. 4301. Commodities for school lunch program.
Sec. 4302. Eligibility for free and reduced price meals.
Sec. 4303. Purchases of locally produced foods.
Sec. 4304. Applicability of Buy-American requirement to Puerto Rico.
Sec. 4305. Fruit and vegetable pilot program.
Sec. 4306. Eligibility for assistance under the special supplemental 
           nutrition program for women, infants, and children.
Sec. 4307. WIC farmers' market nutrition program.

                        Subtitle D--Miscellaneous

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