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                                                       Calendar No. 114


  1st Session

                                S. 1059

                          [Report No. 106-50]


                                 A BILL

     To authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2000 for military 
activities of the Department of Defense, for military construction, and 
   for defense activities of the Department of Energy, to prescribe 
personnel strengths for such fiscal year for the Armed Forces, and for 
                            other purposes.


                 May 17 (legislative day, May 14), 1999

                 Read twice and placed on the calendar

                                                       Calendar No. 114
  1st Session
                                S. 1059

                          [Report No. 106-50]

     To authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2000 for military 
activities of the Department of Defense, for military construction, and 
   for defense activities of the Department of Energy, to prescribe 
personnel strengths for such fiscal year for the Armed Forces, and for 
                            other purposes.



                 May 17 (legislative day May 14), 1999

    Mr. Warner, from the Committee on Armed Services, reported the 
    following original bill; which was read twice and placed on the 


                                 A BILL

     To authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2000 for military 
activities of the Department of Defense, for military construction, and 
   for defense activities of the Department of Energy, to prescribe 
personnel strengths for such fiscal year for the Armed Forces, and for 
                            other purposes.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,


    This Act may be cited as the ``National Defense Authorization Act 
for Fiscal Year 2000''.


    (a) Divisions.--This Act is organized into three divisions as 
            (1) Division A--Department of Defense Authorizations.
            (2) Division B--Military Construction Authorizations.
            (3) Division C--Department of Energy National Security 
        Authorizations and Other Authorizations.
    (b) Table of Contents.--The table of contents for this Act is as 


                          TITLE I--PROCUREMENT

              Subtitle A--Authorization of Appropriations

Sec. 101. Army.
Sec. 102. Navy and Marine Corps.
Sec. 103. Air Force.
Sec. 104. Defense-wide activities.
Sec. 105. Defense Inspector General.
Sec. 106. Chemical demilitarization program.
Sec. 107. Defense health programs.
                       Subtitle B--Army Programs

Sec. 111. Multiyear procurement authority for certain Army programs.
Sec. 112. Close combat tactical trainer program.
Sec. 113. Army aviation modernization.
                       Subtitle C--Navy Programs

Sec. 121. LHD-8 amphibious dock ship program.
Sec. 122. Arleigh Burke class destroyer program.
Sec. 123. Repeal of requirement for annual report from shipbuilders 
                            under certain nuclear attack submarine 
Sec. 124. Cooperative engagement capability program.
Sec. 125. F/A-18E/F aircraft program.
                     Subtitle D--Air Force Programs

Sec. 131. F-22 aircraft program.
                       Subtitle E--Other Matters

Sec. 141. Extension of authority to carry out Armament Retooling and 
                            Manufacturing Support Initiative.
Sec. 142. Extension of pilot program on sales of manufactured articles 
                            and services of certain Army industrial 
                            facilities without regard to availability 
                            from domestic sources.

              Subtitle A--Authorization of Appropriations

Sec. 201. Authorization of appropriations.
Sec. 202. Amount for basic and applied research.
    Subtitle B--Program Requirements, Restrictions, and Limitations

Sec. 211. NATO common-funded civil budget.
Sec. 212. Micro-satellite technology development program.
Sec. 213. Space control technology.
Sec. 214. Space maneuver vehicle.
Sec. 215. Manufacturing technology program.
                 Subtitle C--Ballistic Missile Defense

Sec. 221. Theater missile defense upper tier acquisition strategy.
Sec. 222. Repeal of requirement to implement technical and price 
                            competition for theater high altitude area 
                            defense system.
Sec. 223. Space-based laser program.
Sec. 224. Airborne laser program.
      Subtitle D--Research and Development for Long-Term Military 

Sec. 231. Annual report on emerging operational concepts.
Sec. 232. Technology area review and assessment.
Sec. 233. Report by Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and 
Sec. 234. Incentives to produce innovative new technologies.
Sec. 235. DARPA competitive prizes award program for encouraging 
                            development of advanced technologies.
Sec. 236. Additional pilot program for revitalizing Department of 
                            Defense laboratories.
Sec. 237. Exemption of defense laboratory employees from certain 
                            workforce management restrictions.
Sec. 238. Use of working-capital funds for financing research and 
                            development of the military departments.
Sec. 239. Efficient utilization of defense laboratories.

              Subtitle A--Authorization of Appropriations

Sec. 301. Operation and maintenance funding.
Sec. 302. Working-capital funds.
Sec. 303. Armed Forces Retirement Home.
Sec. 304. Transfer from National Defense Stockpile Transaction Fund.
    Subtitle B--Program Requirements, Restrictions, and Limitations

Sec. 311. NATO common-funded military budget.
Sec. 312. Use of humanitarian and civic assistance funding for pay and 
                            allowances of special operations command 
                            reserves furnishing demining training and 
                            related assistance as humanitarian 
Sec. 313. National Defense Features Program.
                  Subtitle C--Environmental Provisions

Sec. 321. Environmental technology management.
Sec. 322. Establishment of environmental restoration accounts for 
                            installations closed or realigned under the 
                            base closure laws and for formerly used 
                            defense sites.
Sec. 323. Extension of limitation on payment of fines and penalties 
                            using funds in environmental restoration 
Sec. 324. Modification of requirements for annual reports on 
                            environmental compliance activities.
Sec. 325. Modification of membership of Strategic Environmental 
                            Research and Development Program Council.
Sec. 326. Extension of pilot program for sale of air pollution emission 
                            reduction incentives.
Sec. 327. Reimbursement of Environmental Protection Agency for certain 
                            costs in connection with Fresno Drum 
                            Superfund Site, Fresno, California.
Sec. 328. Payment of stipulated penalties assessed under CERCLA in 
                            connection with F.E. Warren Air Force Base, 
                       Subtitle D--Other Matters

Sec. 341. Extension of warranty claims recovery pilot program.
Sec. 342. Additional matters to be reported before prime vendor 
                            contract for depot-level maintenance and 
                            repair is entered into.
Sec. 343. Implementation of jointly approved changes in defense retail 
Sec. 344. Waiver of required condition for sales of articles and 
                            services of industrial facilities to 
                            purchasers outside the Department of 
Sec. 345. Eligibility to receive financial assistance available for 
                            local educational agencies that benefit 
                            dependents of Department of Defense 
Sec. 346. Use of Smart Card technology in the Department of Defense.
Sec. 347. Study on use of Smart Card as PKI authentication device 
                            carrier for the Department of Defense.
Sec. 348. Revision of authority to donate certain Army materiel for 
                            funeral ceremonies.

                       Subtitle A--Active Forces

Sec. 401. End strengths for active forces.
Sec. 402. Revision in permanent end strength levels.
Sec. 403. Reduction of end strengths below levels for two major 
                            regional contingencies.
                       Subtitle B--Reserve Forces

Sec. 411. End strengths for Selected Reserve.
Sec. 412. End strengths for Reserves on active duty in support of the 
Sec. 413. End strengths for military technicians.
Sec. 414. Increase in numbers of members in certain grades authorized 
                            to be on active duty in support of the 
              Subtitle C--Authorization of Appropriations

Sec. 421. Authorization of appropriations for military personnel.

                  Subtitle A--Officer Personnel Policy

Sec. 501. Extension of requirement for competition for joint 4-star 
                            officer positions.
Sec. 502. Additional three-star officer positions for Superintendents 
                            of Service Academies.
Sec. 503. Increase in maximum number of officers authorized to be on 
                            active-duty list in frocked grade of 
                            brigadier general or rear admiral.
Sec. 504. Reserve officers requesting or otherwise causing nonselection 
                            for promotion.
Sec. 505. Minimum grade of officers eligible to serve on boards of 
Sec. 506. Minimum selection of warrant officers for promotion from 
                            below the promotion zone.
Sec. 507. Increase in threshold period of active duty for applicability 
                            of restriction on holding of civil office 
                            by retired regular officers and reserve 
Sec. 508. Exemption of retiree council members from recalled retiree 
                 Subtitle B--Reserve Component Matters

Sec. 511. Additional exceptions for reserve component general and flag 
                            officers from limitation on authorized 
                            strength of general and flag officers on 
                            active duty.
Sec. 512. Duties of Reserves on active duty in support of the reserves.
Sec. 513. Repeal of limitation on number of Reserves on full-time 
                            active duty in support of preparedness for 
                            responses to emergencies involving weapons 
                            of mass destruction.
Sec. 514. Extension of period for retention of reserve component majors 
                            and lieutenant commanders who twice fail of 
                            selection for promotion.
Sec. 515. Continuation of officer on reserve active-status list for 
                            disciplinary action.
Sec. 516. Retention of reserve component chaplains until age 67.
Sec. 517. Reserve credit for participation in health professions 
                            scholarship and financial assistance 
Sec. 518. Exclusion of reserve officers on educational delay from 
                            eligibility for consideration for 
Sec. 519. Exclusion of period of pursuit of professional education from 
                            computation of years of service for reserve 
Sec. 520. Correction of reference relating to crediting of satisfactory 
                            service by reserve officers in highest 
                            grade held.
Sec. 521. Establishment of Office of the Coast Guard Reserve.

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