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                                                       Calendar No. 214


  1st Session

                                S. 1186

                          [Report No. 105-109]


                                 A BILL

     To provide for education and training, and for other purposes.


                            October 15, 1997

                       Reported with an amendment

                                                       Calendar No. 214
  1st Session
                                S. 1186

                          [Report No. 105-109]

     To provide for education and training, and for other purposes.



                           September 17, 1997

Mr. DeWine (for himself, Mr. Jeffords, Mr. Kennedy, and Mr. Wellstone) 
introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the 
                 Committee on Labor and Human Resources

                            October 15, 1997

Reported under authority of the order of the Senate of October 9, 1997 
                   by Mr. Jeffords, with an amendment
 [Strike out all after the enacting clause and insert the part printed 
                               in italic]


                                 A BILL

     To provide for education and training, and for other purposes.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,


<DELETED>    (a) Short Title.--This Act may be cited as the ``Workforce 
Investment Partnership Act of 1997''.</DELETED>
<DELETED>    (b) Table of Contents.--The table of contents is as 

<DELETED>Sec. 1. Short title; table of contents.
<DELETED>Sec. 2. Definitions.

<DELETED>Sec. 101. Short title.
<DELETED>Sec. 102. Findings and purpose.
<DELETED>Sec. 103. Voluntary selection and participation.
               <DELETED>Subtitle A--Vocational Education

                 <DELETED>Chapter 1--Federal Provisions

<DELETED>Sec. 111. Reservations and State allotment.
<DELETED>Sec. 112. Performance measures and expected levels of 
<DELETED>Sec. 113. Assistance for the outlying areas.
<DELETED>Sec. 114. Indian and Hawaiian Native programs.
<DELETED>Sec. 115. Tribally controlled postsecondary vocational 
<DELETED>Sec. 116. Incentive grants.
                  <DELETED>Chapter 2--State Provisions

<DELETED>Sec. 121. State administration.
<DELETED>Sec. 122. State use of funds.
<DELETED>Sec. 123. State leadership activities.
<DELETED>Sec. 124. State plan.
                  <DELETED>Chapter 3--Local Provisions

<DELETED>Sec. 131. Distribution for secondary school vocational 
<DELETED>Sec. 132. Distribution for postsecondary vocational education.
<DELETED>Sec. 133. Local activities.
<DELETED>Sec. 134. Local application.
                <DELETED>Subtitle B--Tech-Prep Education

<DELETED>Sec. 151. Short title.
<DELETED>Sec. 152. Purposes.
<DELETED>Sec. 153. Definitions.
<DELETED>Sec. 154. Program authorized.
<DELETED>Sec. 155. Tech-prep education programs.
<DELETED>Sec. 156. Applications.
<DELETED>Sec. 157. Authorization of appropriations.
                <DELETED>Subtitle C--General Provisions

<DELETED>Sec. 161. Administrative provisions.
<DELETED>Sec. 162. Evaluation, improvement, and accountability.
<DELETED>Sec. 163. National activities.
<DELETED>Sec. 164. National assessment of vocational education 
<DELETED>Sec. 165. National research center.
<DELETED>Sec. 166. Data systems.
          <DELETED>Subtitle D--Authorization of Appropriations

<DELETED>Sec. 171. Authorization of appropriations.
                      <DELETED>Subtitle E--Repeal

<DELETED>Sec. 181. Repeal.

<DELETED>Sec. 201. Short title.
<DELETED>Sec. 202. Findings and purpose.
       <DELETED>Subtitle A--Adult Education and Literacy Programs

                 <DELETED>Chapter 1--Federal Provisions

<DELETED>Sec. 211. Reservation; grants to States; allotments.
<DELETED>Sec. 212. Performance measures and expected levels of 
<DELETED>Sec. 213. National leadership activities.
                  <DELETED>Chapter 2--State Provisions

<DELETED>Sec. 221. State administration.
<DELETED>Sec. 222. State distribution of funds; State share.
<DELETED>Sec. 223. State leadership activities.
<DELETED>Sec. 224. State plan.
<DELETED>Sec. 225. Programs for corrections education and other 
                            institutionalized individuals.
                  <DELETED>Chapter 3--Local Provisions

<DELETED>Sec. 231. Grants and contracts for eligible providers.
<DELETED>Sec. 232. Local application.
<DELETED>Sec. 233. Local administrative cost limits.
                 <DELETED>Chapter 4--General Provisions

<DELETED>Sec. 241. Administrative provisions.
<DELETED>Sec. 242. Priorities and preferences.
<DELETED>Sec. 243. Incentive grants.
<DELETED>Sec. 244. Evaluation, improvement, and accountability.
<DELETED>Sec. 245. National Institute for Literacy.
<DELETED>Sec. 246. Authorization of appropriations.
                      <DELETED>Subtitle B--Repeal

<DELETED>Sec. 251. Repeal.

          <DELETED>Subtitle A--Workforce Investment Activities

   <DELETED>Chapter 1--Allotments To States for Adult Employment and 
    Training Activities, Dislocated Worker Employment and Training 
                    Activities, and Youth Activities

<DELETED>Sec. 301. General authorization.
<DELETED>Sec. 302. State allotments.
<DELETED>Sec. 303. Statewide partnership.
<DELETED>Sec. 304. State plan.
  <DELETED>Chapter 2--Allocations To Local Workforce Investment Areas

<DELETED>Sec. 306. Within State allocations.
<DELETED>Sec. 307. Local workforce investment areas.
<DELETED>Sec. 308. Local workforce investment partnerships and youth 
<DELETED>Sec. 309. Local plan.
   <DELETED>Chapter 3--Workforce Investment Activities and Providers

<DELETED>Sec. 311. Identification and oversight of one-stop partners 
                            and one-stop customer service center 
<DELETED>Sec. 312. Determination and identification of eligible 
                            providers of training services by program.
<DELETED>Sec. 313. Identification of eligible providers of youth 
<DELETED>Sec. 314. Statewide workforce investment activities.
<DELETED>Sec. 315. Local employment and training activities.
<DELETED>Sec. 316. Local youth activities.
                 <DELETED>Chapter 4--General Provisions

<DELETED>Sec. 321. Accountability.
<DELETED>Sec. 322. Authorization of appropriations.
                     <DELETED>Subtitle B--Job Corps

<DELETED>Sec. 331. Purposes.
<DELETED>Sec. 332. Definitions.
<DELETED>Sec. 333. Establishment.
<DELETED>Sec. 334. Individuals eligible for the Job Corps.
<DELETED>Sec. 335. Recruitment, screening, selection, and assignment of 
<DELETED>Sec. 336. Enrollment.
<DELETED>Sec. 337. Job Corps centers.
<DELETED>Sec. 338. Program activities.
<DELETED>Sec. 339. Counseling and job placement.
<DELETED>Sec. 340. Support.
<DELETED>Sec. 341. Operating plan.
<DELETED>Sec. 342. Standards of conduct.
<DELETED>Sec. 343. Community participation.
<DELETED>Sec. 344. Industry councils.
<DELETED>Sec. 345. Advisory committees.
<DELETED>Sec. 346. Experimental, research, and demonstration projects.
<DELETED>Sec. 347. Application of provisions of Federal law.
<DELETED>Sec. 348. Special provisions.
<DELETED>Sec. 349. Management information.
<DELETED>Sec. 350. General provisions.
<DELETED>Sec. 351. Authorization of appropriations.
                 <DELETED>Subtitle C--National Programs

<DELETED>Sec. 361. Native American programs.
<DELETED>Sec. 362. Migrant and seasonal farmworker programs.
<DELETED>Sec. 363. Veterans' workforce investment programs.
<DELETED>Sec. 364. Youth opportunity grants.
<DELETED>Sec. 365. Incentive grants.
<DELETED>Sec. 366. Technical assistance.
<DELETED>Sec. 367. Demonstration, pilot, multiservice, research, and 
                            multistate projects.
<DELETED>Sec. 368. Evaluations.
<DELETED>Sec. 369. National emergency grants.
<DELETED>Sec. 370. Authorization of appropriations.
                  <DELETED>Subtitle D--Administration

<DELETED>Sec. 371. Requirements and restrictions.
<DELETED>Sec. 372. Prompt allocation of funds.
<DELETED>Sec. 373. Monitoring.
<DELETED>Sec. 374. Fiscal controls; sanctions.
<DELETED>Sec. 375. Reports; recordkeeping; investigations.
<DELETED>Sec. 376. Administrative adjudication.
<DELETED>Sec. 377. Judicial review.
<DELETED>Sec. 378. Nondiscrimination.
<DELETED>Sec. 379. Administrative provisions.
<DELETED>Sec. 380. State legislative authority.
         <DELETED>Subtitle E--Repeals and Conforming Amendments

<DELETED>Sec. 391. Repeals.
<DELETED>Sec. 392. Conforming amendments.
<DELETED>Sec. 393. Effective dates.

                 <DELETED>Subtitle A--Wagner-Peyser Act

<DELETED>Sec. 401. Definitions.
<DELETED>Sec. 402. Functions.
<DELETED>Sec. 403. Designation of State agencies.
<DELETED>Sec. 404. Appropriations.
<DELETED>Sec. 405. Disposition of allotted funds.
<DELETED>Sec. 406. State plans.
<DELETED>Sec. 407. Repeal of Federal Advisory Council.
<DELETED>Sec. 408. Regulations.
<DELETED>Sec. 409. Labor market information.
<DELETED>Sec. 410. Technical amendments.
           <DELETED>Subtitle B--Linkages With Other Programs

<DELETED>Sec. 421. Trade Act of 1974.
<DELETED>Sec. 422. National Apprenticeship Act.
<DELETED>Sec. 423. Veterans' employment programs.
<DELETED>Sec. 424. Older Americans Act of 1965.

<DELETED>Sec. 501. State unified plans.
<DELETED>Sec. 502. Transition provisions.
<DELETED>Sec. 503. Effective date.


<DELETED>    In this Act:</DELETED>
        <DELETED>    (1) Adult.--In paragraph (14) and title III, the 
        term ``adult'' means an individual who is age 22 or 
        <DELETED>    (2) Adult education.--The term ``adult education'' 
        means services or instruction below the postsecondary level for 
                <DELETED>    (A) who have attained 16 years of age or 
                who are beyond the age of compulsory school attendance 
                under State law;</DELETED>
                <DELETED>    (B) who are not enrolled in secondary 
                school; and</DELETED>
                <DELETED>    (C) who--</DELETED>
                        <DELETED>    (i) lack sufficient mastery of 

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