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S. 1599 (rs) To authorize the Secretary of Agriculture to sell or exchange all or [Reported in Senate] ...

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  2d Session
                                S. 1599



                            January 27, 2000

                 Referred to the Committee on Resources


                                 AN ACT

 To authorize the Secretary of Agriculture to sell or exchange all or 
part of certain administrative sites and other land in the Black Hills 
 National Forest and to use funds derived from the sale or exchange to 
 acquire replacement sites and to acquire or construct administrative 
    improvements in connection with the Black Hills National Forest.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,


    (a) In General.--The Secretary of Agriculture (referred to in this 
Act as the ``Secretary'') may, under such terms and conditions as the 
Secretary may prescribe, sell or exchange any right, title, and 
interest of the United States in and to the approximately 367 acres 
contained in the following parcels of land in the State of South 
            (1) Tract BLKH-1 ``Spearfish Dwelling'' (approximately 0.24 
        acres); N\1/2\ lots 8 and 9 of block 16, sec. 10, T6N, R2E.
            (2) Tract BLKH-2 ``Deadwood Garage'' (approximately 0.12 
        acres); lots 9 and 11 of block 34, sec. 26, T5N, R3E.
            (3) Tract BLKH-3 ``Deadwood Dwellings'' (approximately 0.32 
        acres); lots 12 through 16 of Block 44, sec. 26, T5N, R3E.
            (4) Tract BLKH-4 ``Hardy Work Center'' (approximately 150 
        acres); E\1/2\, SW\1/4\, SE\1/4\; SE\1/4\, SE\1/4\; sec. 19; 
        NE\1/4\, NW\1/4\, NE\1/4\; E\1/2\, NE\1/4\, SE\1/4\; E\1/2\, 
        SE\1/4\, NE\1/4\; NE\1/4\, NE\1/4\; sec. 30, T3N, R1E.
            (5) Tract BLKH-6 ``Pactola Work Center'' (approximately 100 
        acres); W\1/2\, SW\1/4\, NW\1/4\; W\1/2\, NW\1/4\, SW\1/4\; 
        W\1/2\, SW\1/4\, SW\1/4\; SE\1/4\, SW\1/4\, SW\1/4\; sec. 25; 
        E\1/2\, E\1/4\, SE\1/4\; SE\1/4\, SE\1/4\, NE\1/4\; sec. 26; 
        T2N, R5E.
            (6) Tract BLKH-7 ``Pactola Ranger District Office'' 
        (approximately 8.25 acres); lot 1 of Ranger Station 
        Subdivision, sec. 4, T1N, R7E.
            (7) Tract BLKH-8 ``Reder Administrative Site'' 
        (approximately 82 acres); lots 6 and 7, sec. 29; lot A of Reder 
        Placer, lot 19, NW\1/4\, SE\1/4\, NE\1/4\, sec. 30, T1S, R5E.
            (8) Tract BLKH-9 ``Allen Gulch Properties'' (approximately 
        20.60 acres); lot 14, sec. 25, T1S, R4E.
            (9) Tract BLKH-10 ``Custer Ranger District Office'' 
        (approximately 0.39 acres); lots 4 and 9 of block 125 plus the 
        east 15 feet of the vacated north/south alley adjacent to lot 
        4, city of Custer, sec. 26, T3S, R4E.
    (b) Applicable Authorities.--Except as otherwise provided in this 
Act, any sale or exchange of land described in subsection (a) shall be 
subject to laws (including regulations) applicable to the conveyance 
and acquisition of land for National Forest System purposes.
    (c) Cash Equalization.--Notwithstanding any other provision of law, 
the Secretary may accept cash equalization payments in excess of 25 
percent of the total value of the land described in subsection (a) from 
any exchange under subsection (a).
    (d) Solicitations of Offers.--
            (1) In general.--In carrying out this Act, the Secretary 
        may use solicitations of offers for sale or exchange under this 
        Act on such terms and conditions as the Secretary may 
            (2) Rejection of offers.--The Secretary may reject any 
        offer under this Act if the Secretary determines that the offer 
        is not adequate or not in the public interest.


    Any funds received by the Secretary through sale or by cash 
equalization from an exchange--
            (1) shall be deposited into the fund established by Public 
        Law 90-171 (commonly known as the ``Sisk Act'') (16 U.S.C. 
        484a); and
            (2) shall be available for expenditure, on appropriation, 
                    (A) the acquisition of land and interests in land 
                in the State of South Dakota; and
                    (B) the acquisition or construction of 
                administrative improvements in connection with the 
                Black Hills National Forest.


    There are authorized to be appropriated such sums as are necessary 
to carry out this Act.

            Passed the Senate November 19, 1999.


                                                    GARY SISCO,


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