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S. 1916 (is) For the relief of Marin Turcinovic, and his fiancee, Corina Dechalup. ...

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  1st Session
                                S. 1916


                                 AN ACT

      To extend certain expiring Federal Aviation Administration 
      authorizations for a 6-month period, and for other purposes.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,


    This Act may be cited as the ``FAA Authorization Extension Act''.


    (a) Authorization of Appropriations.--Section 48103 of title 49, 
United States Code, is amended by striking ``$2,410,000,000 for the 
fiscal year ending September 30, 1999.'' and inserting ``$1,237,500,000 
for the 6-month period ending March 31, 2000.''.
    (b) Obligational Authority.--Section 47104(c) of such title is 
amended by striking ``September 30, 1999,'' and inserting ``March 31, 


    Section 47528 of title 49, United States Code, is amended--
            (1) by striking ``subsection (b)'' in subsection (a) and 
        inserting ``subsection (b) or (f)'';
            (2) by adding at the end of subsection (e) the following:
            ``(4) An air carrier operating Stage 2 aircraft under this 
        subsection may transport Stage 2 aircraft to or from the 48 
        contiguous States on a nonrevenue basis in order--
                    ``(A) to perform maintenance (including major 
                alterations) or preventative maintenance on aircraft 
                operated, or to be operated, within the limitations of 
                paragraph (2)(B); or
                    ``(B) conduct operations within the limitations of 
                paragraph (2)(B).''; and
            (3) adding at the end thereof the following:
    ``(f) Aircraft Modification, Disposal, Scheduled Heavy Maintenance, 
or Leasing.--
            ``(1) In general.--The Secretary shall permit a person to 
        operate after December 31, 1999, a Stage 2 aircraft in 
        nonrevenue service through the airspace of the United States or 
        to or from an airport in the contiguous 48 States in order to--
                    ``(A) sell, lease, or use the aircraft outside the 
                contiguous 48 States;
                    ``(B) scrap the aircraft;
                    ``(C) obtain modifications to the aircraft to meet 
                Stage 3 noise levels;
                    ``(D) perform scheduled heavy maintenance or 
                significant modifications on the aircraft at a 
                maintenance facility located in the contiguous 48 
                    ``(E) deliver the aircraft to an operator leasing 
                the aircraft from the owner or return the aircraft to 
                the lessor;
                    ``(F) prepare or park or store the aircraft in 
                anticipation of any of the activities described in 
                subparagraphs (A) through (E); or
                    ``(G) divert the aircraft to an alternative airport 
                in the contiguous 48 States on account of weather, 
                mechanical, fuel, air traffic control, or other safety 
                reasons while conducting a flight in order to perform 
                any of the activities described in subparagraphs (A) 
                through (F).
            ``(2) Procedure To Be Published.--The Secretary shall 
        establish and publish, not later than 30 days after the date of 
        enactment of the FAA Authorization Extension Act, a procedure 
        to implement paragraph (1) of this subsection through the use 
        of categorical waivers, ferry permits, or other means.''.


    (a) In General.--Section 47528(a) of title 49, United States Code, 
is amended by inserting ``(for which an airworthiness certificate other 
than an experimental certificate has been issued by the 
Administrator)'' after ``civil subsonic turbojet''.
    (b) FAR Modified.--The Federal Aviation Regulations contained in 
part 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations that implement section 47528 
and related provisions shall be deemed to incorporate the change made 
by subsection (a) effective on the date of enactment of this Act.


    The amendments made by section 3 and by section 4(a), and the 
provisions of section 4(b), do not interfere with or otherwise modify 
any determination--
            (1) made by the Federal Aviation Administration under part 
        161 of title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations before 
        November 2, 1999; or
            (2) pursuant to an application that was pending before the 
        Federal Aviation Administration for a determination under that 
        part on November 1, 1999.


    Section 44310 of title 49, United States Code, is amended by 
striking ``after'' and all that follows and inserting ``after March 31, 

            Passed the Senate November 10, 1999.



  1st Session

                                S. 1916


                                 AN ACT

      To extend certain expiring Federal Aviation Administration 
      authorizations for a 6-month period, and for other purposes.

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