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S. 1961 (es) For the relief of Suchada Kwong. ...

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                                                       Calendar No. 618
  2d Session
                                S. 1960

To allow the National Park Service to acquire certain land for addition 
  to the Wilderness Battlefield, as previously authorized by law, by 
              purchase or exchange as well as by donation.



                             April 21, 1998

Mr. Warner (for himself, Mr. Robb, Mr. Lott, Mr. Cochran, Mrs. Murray, 
Mr. Torricelli, Mr. Roth, and Mr. Helms) introduced the following bill; 
   which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Energy and 
                           Natural Resources

                           September 25, 1998

              Reported by Mr. Murkowski, with an amendment
  [Omit the part struck through and insert the part printed in italic]


                                 A BILL

To allow the National Park Service to acquire certain land for addition 
  to the Wilderness Battlefield, as previously authorized by law, by 
              purchase or exchange as well as by donation.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,


    Section 2 of Public Law 102-541 (16 U.S.C. <DELETED>525k 
</DELETED>425k note; 106 Stat. 3565) is amended--
            (1) in subsection (a), by striking the colon and all that 
        follows and inserting a period; and
            (2) in subsection (b), by striking ``pursuant to this 
        section'' and inserting ``that are designated `P04-04' on the 
        map described in subsection (a)(2)''.

                                                       Calendar No. 618


  2d Session

                                S. 1960


                                 A BILL

To allow the National Park Service to acquire certain land for addition 
  to the Wilderness Battlefield, as previously authorized by law, by 
              purchase or exchange as well as by donation.


                           September 25, 1998

                       Reported with an amendment

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