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S. 2096 (is) To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide an income tax credit to long-term caregivers. [Introduced in Senate] ...

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  2d Session
                                S. 2095

  To enhance energy conservation and research and development and to 
    provide for security and diversity in the energy supply for the 
                            American people.



                           February 12, 2004

 Mr. Domenici introduced the following bill; which was read the first 


                                 A BILL

  To enhance energy conservation and research and development and to 
    provide for security and diversity in the energy supply for the 
                            American people.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,


    (a) Short Title.--This Act may be cited as the ``Energy Policy Act 
of 2003''.
    (b) Table of Contents.--The table of contents for this Act is as 

                       TITLE I--ENERGY EFFICIENCY

                      Subtitle A--Federal Programs

Sec. 101. Energy and water saving measures in congressional buildings.
Sec. 102. Energy management requirements.
Sec. 103. Energy use measurement and accountability.
Sec. 104. Procurement of energy efficient products.
Sec. 105. Voluntary commitments to reduce industrial energy intensity.
Sec. 106. Advanced Building Efficiency Testbed.
Sec. 107. Federal building performance standards.
Sec. 108. Increased use of recovered mineral component in federally 
                            funded projects involving procurement of 
                            cement or concrete.
            Subtitle B--Energy Assistance and State Programs

Sec. 121. Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.
Sec. 122. Weatherization assistance.
Sec. 123. State energy programs.
Sec. 124. Energy efficient appliance rebate programs.
Sec. 125. Energy efficient public buildings.
Sec. 126. Low income community energy efficiency pilot program.
                 Subtitle C--Energy Efficient Products

Sec. 131. Energy Star program.
Sec. 132. HVAC maintenance consumer education program.
Sec. 133. Energy conservation standards for additional products.
Sec. 134. Energy labeling.
                       Subtitle D--Public Housing

Sec. 141. Capacity building for energy-efficient, affordable housing.
Sec. 142. Increase of CDBG public services cap for energy conservation 
                            and efficiency activities.
Sec. 143. FHA mortgage insurance incentives for energy efficient 
Sec. 144. Public Housing Capital Fund.
Sec. 145. Grants for energy-conserving improvements for assisted 
Sec. 146. North American Development Bank.
Sec. 147. Energy-efficient appliances.
Sec. 148. Energy efficiency standards.
Sec. 149. Energy strategy for HUD.
                       TITLE II--RENEWABLE ENERGY

                     Subtitle A--General Provisions

Sec. 201. Assessment of renewable energy resources.
Sec. 202. Renewable energy production incentive.
Sec. 203. Federal purchase requirement.
Sec. 204. Insular areas energy security.
Sec. 205. Use of photovoltaic energy in public buildings.
Sec. 206. Grants to improve the commercial value of forest biomass for 
                            electric energy, useful heat, 
                            transportation fuels, petroleum-based 
                            product substitutes, and other commercial 
Sec. 207. Biobased products.
                     Subtitle B--Geothermal Energy

Sec. 211. Short title.
Sec. 212. Competitive lease sale requirements.
Sec. 213. Direct use.
Sec. 214. Royalties and near-term production incentives.
Sec. 215. Geothermal leasing and permitting on Federal lands.
Sec. 216. Review and report to Congress.
Sec. 217. Reimbursement for costs of NEPA analyses, documentation, and 
Sec. 218. Assessment of geothermal energy potential.
Sec. 219. Cooperative or unit plans.
Sec. 220. Royalty on byproducts.
Sec. 221. Repeal of authorities of Secretary to readjust terms, 
                            conditions, rentals, and royalties.
Sec. 222. Crediting of rental toward royalty.
Sec. 223. Lease duration and work commitment requirements.
Sec. 224. Advanced royalties required for suspension of production.
Sec. 225. Annual rental.
Sec. 226. Leasing and permitting on Federal lands withdrawn for 
                            military purposes.
Sec. 227. Technical amendments.
                       Subtitle C--Hydroelectric

                     Part I--Alternative Conditions

Sec. 231. Alternative conditions and fishways.
                     Part II--Additional Hydropower

Sec. 241. Hydroelectric production incentives.
Sec. 242. Hydroelectric efficiency improvement.
Sec. 243. Small hydroelectric power projects.
Sec. 244. Increased hydroelectric generation at existing Federal 
Sec. 245. Shift of project loads to off-peak periods.
Sec. 246. Limitation on certain charges assessed to the Flint Creek 
                            Project, Montana.
Sec. 247. Reinstatement and transfer.
                         TITLE III--OIL AND GAS

           Subtitle A--Petroleum Reserve and Home Heating Oil

Sec. 301. Permanent authority to operate the Strategic Petroleum 
                            Reserve and other energy programs.
Sec. 302. National Oilheat Research Alliance.
                   Subtitle B--Production Incentives

Sec. 311. Definition of Secretary.
Sec. 312. Program on oil and gas royalties in-kind.
Sec. 313. Marginal property production incentives.
Sec. 314. Incentives for natural gas production from deep wells in the 
                            shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
Sec. 315. Royalty relief for deep water production.
Sec. 316. Alaska offshore royalty suspension.
Sec. 317. Oil and gas leasing in the National Petroleum Reserve in 
Sec. 318. Orphaned, abandoned, or idled wells on Federal land.
Sec. 319. Combined hydrocarbon leasing.
Sec. 320. Liquified natural gas.
Sec. 321. Alternate energy-related uses on the Outer Continental Shelf.
Sec. 322. Preservation of geological and geophysical data.
Sec. 323. Oil and gas lease acreage limitations.
Sec. 324. Assessment of dependence of State of Hawaii on oil.
Sec. 325. Deadline for decision on appeals of consistency determination 
                            under the Coastal Zone Management Act of 
Sec. 326. Reimbursement for costs of NEPA analyses, documentation, and 
Sec. 327. Hydraulic fracturing.
Sec. 328. Oil and gas exploration and production defined.
Sec. 329. Outer Continental Shelf provisions.
Sec. 330. Appeals relating to pipeline construction or offshore mineral 
                            development projects.
Sec. 331. Bilateral international oil supply agreements.
Sec. 332. Natural gas market reform.
Sec. 333. Natural gas market transparency.
                   Subtitle C--Access to Federal Land

Sec. 341. Office of Federal Energy Project Coordination.
Sec. 342. Federal onshore oil and gas leasing and permitting practices.
Sec. 343. Management of Federal oil and gas leasing programs.
Sec. 344. Consultation regarding oil and gas leasing on public land.
Sec. 345. Estimates of oil and gas resources underlying onshore Federal 
Sec. 346. Compliance with Executive Order 13211; actions concerning 
                            regulations that significantly affect 
                            energy supply, distribution, or use.
Sec. 347. Pilot project to improve Federal permit coordination.
Sec. 348. Deadline for consideration of applications for permits.
Sec. 349. Clarification of fair market rental value determinations for 
                            public land and Forest Service rights-of-
Sec. 350. Energy facility rights-of-way and corridors on Federal land.
Sec. 351. Consultation regarding energy rights-of-way on public land.
Sec. 352. Renewable energy on Federal land.
Sec. 353. Electricity transmission line right-of-way, Cleveland 
                            National Forest and adjacent public land, 
Sec. 354. Sense of Congress regarding development of minerals under 
                            Padre Island National Seashore.
Sec. 355. Encouraging prohibition of off-shore drilling in the Great 
Sec. 356. Finger Lakes National Forest withdrawal.
Sec. 357. Study on lease exchanges in the Rocky Mountain Front.
Sec. 358. Federal coalbed methane regulation.
Sec. 359. Livingston Parish mineral rights transfer.
                Subtitle D--Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline

Sec. 371. Short title.
Sec. 372. Definitions.
Sec. 373. Issuance of certificate of public convenience and necessity.
Sec. 374. Environmental reviews.
Sec. 375. Pipeline expansion.
Sec. 376. Federal Coordinator.
Sec. 377. Judicial review.
Sec. 378. State jurisdiction over in-State delivery of natural gas.
Sec. 379. Study of alternative means of construction.
Sec. 380. Clarification of ANGTA status and authorities.
Sec. 381. Sense of Congress concerning use of steel manufactured in 
                            North America negotiation of a project 
                            labor agreement.
Sec. 382. Sense of Congress and study concerning participation by small 
                            business concerns.
Sec. 383. Alaska pipeline construction training program.
Sec. 384. Sense of Congress concerning natural gas demand.
Sec. 385. Sense of Congress concerning Alaskan ownership.
Sec. 386. Loan guarantees.
                             TITLE IV--COAL

                Subtitle A--Clean Coal Power Initiative

Sec. 401. Authorization of appropriations.
Sec. 402. Project criteria.
Sec. 403. Report.
Sec. 404. Clean coal Centers of Excellence.
                    Subtitle B--Clean Power Projects

Sec. 411. Coal technology loan.
Sec. 412. Coal gasification.
Sec. 413. Integrated gasification combined cycle technology.
Sec. 414. Petroleum coke gasification.
Sec. 415. Integrated coal/renewable energy system.
Sec. 416. Electron scrubbing demonstration.
                    Subtitle C--Federal Coal Leases

Sec. 421. Repeal of the 160-acre limitation for coal leases.
Sec. 422. Mining plans.
Sec. 423. Payment of advance royalties under coal leases.
Sec. 424. Elimination of deadline for submission of coal lease 
                            operation and reclamation plan.
Sec. 425. Amendment relating to financial assurances with respect to 
                            bonus bids.
Sec. 426. Inventory requirement.
Sec. 427. Application of amendments.
                 Subtitle D--Coal and Related Programs

Sec. 441. Clean air coal program.
                         TITLE V--INDIAN ENERGY

Sec. 501. Short title.
Sec. 502. Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs.
Sec. 503. Indian energy.
Sec. 504. Four Corners transmission line project.
Sec. 505. Energy efficiency in federally assisted housing.
Sec. 506. Consultation with Indian tribes.
                       TITLE VI--NUCLEAR MATTERS

               Subtitle A--Price-Anderson Act Amendments

Sec. 601. Short title.
Sec. 602. Extension of indemnification authority.
Sec. 603. Maximum assessment.
Sec. 604. Department of Energy liability limit.
Sec. 605. Incidents outside the United States.
Sec. 606. Reports.
Sec. 607. Inflation adjustment.
Sec. 608. Treatment of modular reactors.
Sec. 609. Applicability.
Sec. 610. Prohibition on assumption by United States Government of 
                            liability for certain foreign incidents.
Sec. 611. Civil penalties.
                  Subtitle B--General Nuclear Matters

Sec. 621. Licenses.
Sec. 622. NRC training program.
Sec. 623. Cost recovery from Government agencies.
Sec. 624. Elimination of pension offset.
Sec. 625. Antitrust review.
Sec. 626. Decommissioning.
Sec. 627. Limitation on legal fee reimbursement.
Sec. 628. Decommissioning pilot program.
Sec. 629. Report on feasibility of developing commercial nuclear energy 
                            generation facilities at existing 
                            Department of Energy sites.
Sec. 630. Uranium sales.
Sec. 631. Cooperative research and development and special 
                            demonstration projects for the uranium 

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