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S. 2282 (enr) To amend the Arms Export Control Act, and for other purposes. ...

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  2d Session

                                S. 2282


                In the House of Representatives, U. S.,

                                                         July 14, 1998.

    Resolved, That the bill from the Senate (S. 2282) entitled ``An Act to amend 
the Arms Export Control Act, and for other purposes'', do pass with the 


            Strike out all after the enacting clause and insert:


    This Act may be cited as the ``Agriculture Export Relief Act of 


    (a) Exemption Regarding Food and Other Agricultural Commodity 
Purchases.--Section 102(b)(2)(D) of the Arms Export Control Act (22 
U.S.C. 2799aa-1(b)(2)(D)) is amended as follows:
            (1) In clause (i) by striking ``or'' at the end.
            (2) In clause (ii) by striking the period and inserting ``, 
            (3) By inserting after clause (ii) the following new 
                    ``(iii) to any credit, credit guarantee, or 
                financial assistance provided by the Department of 
                Agriculture to support the purchase of food or other 
                agricultural commodity.''.
    (b) Description of Agricultural Commodities.--Section 102(b)(2)(F) 
of such Act is amended by striking the period at the end and inserting 
``, which includes fertilizer.''.
    (c) Other Exemptions.--Section 102(b)(2)(D)(ii) of such Act is 
further amended by inserting after ``to'' the following: ``medicines, 
medical equipment, and''.
    (d) Application of Amendments.--The amendment made by subsection 
(a)(3) shall apply to any credit, credit guarantee, or other financial 
assistance provided by the Department of Agriculture before, on, or 
after the date of enactment of this Act through September 30, 1999.
    (e) Effect on Existing Sanctions.--Any sanction imposed under 
section 102(b)(1) of the Arms Export Control Act before the date of the 
enactment of this Act shall cease to apply upon that date with respect 
to the items described in the amendments made by subsections (b) and 
(c). In the case of the amendment made by subsection (a)(3), any 
sanction imposed under section 102(b)(1) of the Arms Export Control Act 
before the date of the enactment of this Act shall not be in effect 
during the period beginning on that date and ending on September 30, 
1999, with respect to the activities and items described in the 


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