Home > 107th Congressional Bills > S. 230 (is) To direct the Secretary of the Interior to convey a former Bureau of Land Management administrative site to the City of Carson City, Nevada, for use as a senior center. [Introduced in Senate] ...

S. 230 (is) To direct the Secretary of the Interior to convey a former Bureau of Land Management administrative site to the City of Carson City, Nevada, for use as a senior center. [Introduced in Senate] ...

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  1st Session
                                 S. 22

          To enhance domestic security and for other purposes.



                            January 7, 2003

   Mr. Daschle (for himself, Mr. Leahy, Mr. Biden, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. 
    Schumer, Mr. Durbin, Mrs. Clinton, Mrs. Murray, Mr. Dayton, Mr. 
 Corzine, and Mr. Reed) introduced the following bill; which was read 
          twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary


                                 A BILL

          To enhance domestic security and for other purposes.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,
    (a) Short Title.--This Act may be cited as the ``Justice 
Enhancement and Domestic Security Act of 2003''.
    (b) Table of Contents.--The table of contents of this Act is as 


                Subtitle A--Supporting First Responders

Sec. 1101. Short title.
Sec. 1102. Purpose.
Sec. 1103. First Responders Partnership Grant Program for public safety 
Sec. 1104. Applications.
Sec. 1105. Definitions.
Sec. 1106. Authorization of appropriations.
                      Subtitle B--Border Security

Sec. 1201. Short title.
Sec. 1202. Authorization of appropriations for hiring additional INS 
Sec. 1203. Authorization of appropriations for improvements in 
                            technology for improving border security.
Sec. 1204. Report on border security improvements.
              Subtitle C--Military Tribunals Authorization

Sec. 1301. Short title.
Sec. 1302. Findings.
Sec. 1303. Establishment of extraordinary tribunals.
Sec. 1304. Procedural requirements.
Sec. 1305. Detention.
Sec. 1306. Sense of Congress.
Sec. 1307. Definitions.
Sec. 1308. Termination of authority.
          Subtitle D--Anti Terrorist Hoaxes and False Reports

Sec. 1401. Short title.
Sec. 1402. Findings.
Sec. 1403. Hoaxes, false reports and reimbursement.
          Subtitle E--Amendments to Federal Antiterrorism Laws

Sec. 1501. Attacks against mass transit clarification of definition.
Sec. 1502. Release or detention of a material witness.
Sec. 1503. Clarification of sunset provision in USA Patriot Act.

                     Subtitle A--Children's Safety

                  Part 1--National AMBER Alert Network

Sec. 2111. Short title.
Sec. 2112. National coordination of AMBER Alert Communications Network.
Sec. 2113. Minimum standards for issuance and dissemination of alerts 
                            through AMBER Alert Communications Network.
Sec. 2114. Grant program for notification and communications systems 
                            along highways for recovery of abducted 
Sec. 2115. Grant program for support of AMBER Alert communications 
 Part 2--Prosecutional Remedies and Tools Against the Exploitation of 
                             Children Today

Sec. 2121. Short title.
Sec. 2122. Findings.
Sec. 2123. Certain activities relating to material constituting or 
                            containing child pornography.
Sec. 2124. Admissibility of evidence.
Sec. 2125. Definitions.
Sec. 2126. Recordkeeping requirements.
Sec. 2127. Extraterritorial production of child pornography for 
                            distribution in the United States.
Sec. 2128. Civil remedies.
Sec. 2129. Enhanced penalties for recidivists.
Sec. 2130. Sentencing enhancements for interstate travel to engage in 
                            sexual act with a juvenile.
Sec. 2131. Miscellaneous provisions.
    Part 3--Reauthorization of the National Center for Missing and 
                           Exploited Children

Sec. 2141. Short title.
Sec. 2142. Annual grant to the National Center for Missing and 
                            Exploited Children.
Sec. 2143. Authorization of appropriations.
Sec. 2144. Forensic and investigative support of missing and exploited 
Sec. 2145. Creation of a Cyber-Tipline.
Sec. 2146. Service provider reporting of child pornography and related 
Sec. 2147. Contents disclosure of stored communications.
     Part 4--National Child Protection and Volunteers for Children 

Sec. 2151. Short title.
Sec. 2152. Definitions.
Sec. 2153. Strengthening and enforcing the National Child Protection 
                            Act and the Volunteers for Children Act.
Sec. 2154. Dissemination of information.
Sec. 2155. Fees.
Sec. 2156. Strengthening State fingerprint technology.
Sec. 2157. Privacy protections.
Sec. 2158. Authorization of appropriations.
         Part 5--Children's Confinement Conditions Improvement

Sec. 2161. Findings.
Sec. 2162. Purpose.
Sec. 2163. Definition.
Sec. 2164. Juvenile Safe Incarceration Grant Program.
Sec. 2165. Rural State funding.
Sec. 2166. GAO study.
Sec. 2167. Family Unity Demonstration Project.
                      Subtitle B--Senior's Safety

Sec. 2201. Short title.
Sec. 2202. Findings and purposes.
Sec. 2203. Definitions.
                Part 1--Combating Crimes Against Seniors

Sec. 2211. Enhanced sentencing penalties based on age of victim.
Sec. 2212. Study and report on health care fraud sentences.
Sec. 2213. Increased penalties for fraud resulting in serious injury or 
Sec. 2214. Safeguarding pension plans from fraud and theft.
Sec. 2215. Additional civil penalties for defrauding pension plans.
Sec. 2216. Punishing bribery and graft in connection with employee 
                            benefit plans.
                 Part 2--Preventing Telemarketing Fraud

Sec. 2221. Centralized complaint and consumer education service for 
                            victims of telemarketing fraud.
Sec. 2222. Blocking of telemarketing scams.
                  Part 3--Preventing Health Care Fraud

Sec. 2231. Injunctive authority relating to false claims and illegal 
                            kickback schemes involving Federal health 
                            care programs.
Sec. 2232. Authorized investigative demand procedures.
Sec. 2233. Extending antifraud safeguards to the Federal Employee 
                            Health Benefits program.
Sec. 2234. Grand jury disclosure.
Sec. 2235. Increasing the effectiveness of civil investigative demands 
                            in false claims investigations.
             Part 4--Protecting Residents of Nursing Homes

Sec. 2241. Nursing home resident protection.
         Part 5--Protecting the Rights of Elderly Crime Victims

Sec. 2251. Use of forfeited funds to pay restitution to crime victims 
                            and regulatory agencies.
Sec. 2252. Victim restitution.
Sec. 2253. Bankruptcy proceedings not used to shield illegal gains from 
                            false claims.
Sec. 2254. Forfeiture for retirement offenses.
                           DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

                  Subtitle A--Deterring Identity Theft

               Part 1--Identity Theft Victims Assistance

Sec. 3111. Short title.
Sec. 3112. Findings.
Sec. 3113. Treatment of identity theft mitigation.
Sec. 3114. Amendments to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
Sec. 3115. Coordinating committee study of coordination among Federal, 
                            State, and local authorities in enforcing 
                            identity theft laws.
                   Part 2--Identity Theft Prevention

Sec. 3121. Short title.
Sec. 3122. Findings.
Sec. 3123. Identity theft prevention.
Sec. 3124. Truncation of credit card account numbers.
Sec. 3125. Free annual credit report.
            Part 3--Social Security Number Misuse Prevention

Sec. 3131. Short title.
Sec. 3132. Findings.
Sec. 3133. Prohibition of the display, sale, or purchase of social 
                            security numbers.
Sec. 3134. Application of prohibition of the display, sale, or purchase 
                            of social security numbers to public 
Sec. 3135. Rulemaking authority of the Attorney General.
Sec. 3136. Treatment of social security numbers on government 
Sec. 3137. Limits on personal disclosure of a social security number 
                            for consumer transactions.
Sec. 3138. Extension of civil monetary penalties for misuse of a social 
                            security number.
Sec. 3139. Criminal penalties for misuse of a social security number.
Sec. 3140. Civil actions and civil penalties.
Sec. 3141. Federal injunctive authority.
                  Subtitle B--Crime Victim Assistance

Sec. 3201. Short title.
              Part 1--Victim Rights in the Federal System

Sec. 3211. Right to consult concerning detention.
Sec. 3212. Right to a speedy trial.
Sec. 3213. Right to consult concerning plea.
Sec. 3214. Enhanced participatory rights at trial.
Sec. 3215. Enhanced participatory rights at sentencing.
Sec. 3216. Right to notice concerning sentence adjustment.
Sec. 3217. Right to notice concerning discharge from psychiatric 
Sec. 3218. Right to notice concerning executive clemency.
Sec. 3219. Procedures to promote compliance.
                 Part 2--Victim Assistance Initiatives

Sec. 3221. Pilot programs to enforce compliance with State crime 
                            victim's rights laws.
Sec. 3222. Increased resources to develop state-of-the-art systems for 
                            notifying crime victims of important dates 
                            and developments.
Sec. 3223. Restorative justice grants.
               Part 3--Amendments to Victims of Crime Act

Sec. 3231. Formula for distributions from the Crime Victims Fund.
Sec. 3232. Clarification regarding antiterrorism emergency reserve.
Sec. 3233. Prohibition on diverting crime victims fund to offset 
                            increased spending.
          Subtitle C--Violence Against Women Act Enhancements

Sec. 3301. Transitional housing assistance grants.
Sec. 3302. Shelter services for battered women and children.
                               OF JUSTICE

     Subtitle A--Support for Public Safety Officers and Prosecutors

 Part 1--Providing Reliable Officers, Technology, Education, Community 
             Prosecutors, and Training in Our Neighborhoods

Sec. 4101. Short title.
Sec. 4102. Authorizations.
               Part 2--Hometown Heroes Survivors Benefits

Sec. 4111. Short title.
Sec. 4112. Fatal heart attack or stroke on duty presumed to be death in 
                            line of duty for purposes of public safety 
                            officer survivor benefits.
         Part 3--Federal Prosecutors Retirement Benefit Equity

Sec. 4121. Short title.
Sec. 4122. Inclusion of Federal prosecutors in the definition of a law 
                            enforcement officer.
Sec. 4123. Provisions relating to incumbents.
Sec. 4124. Department of Justice administrative actions.
   Subtitle B--Rural Law Enforcement Improvement and Training Grants

Sec. 4201. Rural Law Enforcement Retention Grant Program.
Sec. 4202. Rural Law Enforcement Technology Grant Program.
Sec. 4203. Rural 9-1-1 service.
Sec. 4204. Small town and rural law enforcement training program.
                         Subtitle C--FBI Reform

Sec. 4301. Short title.
                    Part 1--Whistleblower Protection

Sec. 4311. Increasing protections for FBI whistleblowers.
                  Part 2--Fbi Security Career Program

Sec. 4321. Security management policies.
Sec. 4322. Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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