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S. 2550 (pcs) To authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2001 for military activities of the Department of Defense, to prescribe personnel strengths for such fiscal year for the Armed Forces, and for other purposes. [Placed on Calendar Senate] %%Filename...

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  2d Session
                                S. 2550


                                 AN ACT

     To authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2001 for military 
    activities of the Department of Defense, to prescribe personnel 
  strengths for such fiscal year for the Armed Forces, and for other 

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,


    This Act may be cited as the ``Department of Defense Authorization 
Act for Fiscal Year 2001''.


    The table of contents for this Act is as follows:

Sec. 1. Short title.
Sec. 2. Table of contents.
Sec. 3. Congressional defense committees defined.
                          TITLE I--PROCUREMENT

              Subtitle A--Authorization of Appropriations

Sec. 101. Army.
Sec. 102. Navy and Marine Corps.
Sec. 103. Air Force.
Sec. 104. Defense-wide activities.
Sec. 105. Defense Inspector General.
Sec. 106. Chemical demilitarization program.
Sec. 107. Defense health programs.
                       Subtitle B--Army Programs

Sec. 111. Multiyear procurement authority for certain programs.
Sec. 112. Reports and limitations relating to Army transformation.
Sec. 113. Rapid intravenous infusion pumps.
                       Subtitle C--Navy Programs

Sec. 121. CVNX-1 nuclear aircraft carrier program.
Sec. 122. Arleigh Burke class destroyer program.
Sec. 123. Virginia class submarine program.
Sec. 124. ADC(X) ship program.
Sec. 125. Refueling and complex overhaul program of the CVN-69 nuclear 
                            aircraft carrier.
Sec. 126. Remanufactured AV-8B aircraft.
Sec. 127. Anti-personnel obstacle breaching system.
                     Subtitle D--Air Force Programs

Sec. 131. Repeal of requirement for annual report on B-2 bomber 
                            aircraft program.
Sec. 132. Conversion of AGM-65 Maverick missiles.
                       Subtitle E--Other Matters

Sec. 141. Pueblo Chemical Depot chemical agent and munitions 
                            destruction technologies.
Sec. 142. Integrated bridge systems for naval systems special warfare 
                            rigid inflatable boats and high-speed 
                            assault craft.
Sec. 143. Repeal of prohibition on use of Department of Defense funds 
                            for procurement of nuclear-capable shipyard 
                            crane from a foreign source.

              Subtitle A--Authorization of Appropriations

Sec. 201. Authorization of appropriations.
Sec. 202. Amount for basic and applied research.
Sec. 203. Additional authorization for research, development, test, and 
                            evaluation on weathering and corrosion of 
                            aircraft surfaces and parts.
    Subtitle B--Program Requirements, Restrictions, and Limitations

Sec. 211. Fiscal year 2002 joint field experiment.
Sec. 212. Nuclear aircraft carrier design and production modeling.
Sec. 213. DD-21 class destroyer program.
Sec. 214. F-22 aircraft program.
Sec. 215. Joint strike fighter program.
Sec. 216. Global Hawk high altitude endurance unmanned aerial vehicle.
Sec. 217. Unmanned advanced capability aircraft and ground combat 
Sec. 218. Army space control technology development.
Sec. 219. Russian American Observation Satellites program.
Sec. 220. Joint biological defense program.
Sec. 221. Report on biological warfare defense vaccine research and 
                            development programs.
Sec. 222. Technologies for detection and transport of pollutants 
                            attributable to live-fire activities.
Sec. 223. Acoustic mine detection.
Sec. 224. Operational technologies for mounted maneuver forces.
Sec. 225. Air logistics technology.
Sec. 226. Precision Location and Identification Program (PLAID).
Sec. 227. Navy Information Technology Center and Human Resource 
                            Enterprise Strategy.
Sec. 228. Joint Technology Information Center Initiative.
Sec. 229. Ammunition risk analysis capabilities.
Sec. 230. Funding for comparisons of medium armored combat vehicles.
                       Subtitle C--Other Matters

Sec. 241. Mobile offshore base.
Sec. 242. Air Force science and technology planning.
Sec. 243. Enhancement of authorities regarding education partnerships 
                            for purposes of encouraging scientific 

              Subtitle A--Authorization of Appropriations

Sec. 301. Operation and maintenance funding.
Sec. 302. Working capital funds.
Sec. 303. Armed Forces Retirement Home.
Sec. 304. Transfer from National Defense Stockpile Transaction Fund.
    Subtitle B--Program Requirements, Restrictions, and Limitations

Sec. 311. Impact aid for children with disabilities.
Sec. 312. Joint warfighting capabilities assessment teams.
Sec. 313. Weatherproofing of facilities at Keesler Air Force Base, 
Sec. 314. Demonstration project for Internet access and services in 
                            rural communities.
Sec. 315. Tethered Aerostat Radar System (TARS) sites.
Sec. 316. Mounted Urban Combat Training site, Fort Knox, Kentucky.
Sec. 317. MK-45 overhaul.
Sec. 318. Industrial mobilization capacity at Government-owned, 
                            Government-operated Army ammunition 
                            facilities and arsenals.
Sec. 319. Close-in weapon system overhauls.
Sec. 320. Spectrum data base upgrades.
             Subtitle C--Humanitarian and Civic Assistance

Sec. 321. Increased authority to provide health care services as 
                            humanitarian and civic assistance.
Sec. 322. Use of humanitarian and civic assistance funding for pay and 
                            allowances of Special Operations Command 
                            Reserves furnishing demining training and 
                            related assistance as humanitarian 
        Subtitle D--Department of Defense Industrial Facilities

Sec. 331. Codification and improvement of armament retooling and 
                            manufacturing support programs.
Sec. 332. Centers of Industrial and Technical Excellence.
Sec. 333. Effects of outsourcing on overhead costs of Centers of 
                            Industrial and Technical Excellence and 
                            ammunition plants.
Sec. 334. Revision of authority to waive limitation on performance of 
                            depot-level maintenance.
Sec. 335. Unutilized and underutilized plant-capacity costs of United 
                            States arsenals.
                  Subtitle E--Environmental Provisions

Sec. 341. Environmental restoration accounts.
Sec. 342. Payment of fines and penalties for environmental compliance 
Sec. 343. Annual reports under Strategic Environmental Research and 
                            Development Program.
Sec. 344. Payment of fines or penalties imposed for environmental 
                            compliance violations at certain Department 
                            of Defense facilities.
Sec. 345. Reimbursement for certain costs in connection with the Former 
                            Nansemond Ordnance Depot Site, Suffolk, 
Sec. 346. Environmental restoration activities.
Sec. 347. Ship disposal project.
Sec. 348. Report on Defense Environmental Security Corporate 
                            Information Management program.
Sec. 349. Report on Plasma Energy Pyrolysis System.
                       Subtitle F--Other Matters

Sec. 361. Effects of worldwide contingency operations on readiness of 
                            certain military aircraft and equipment.
Sec. 362. Realistic budgeting for readiness requirements of the Army.
Sec. 363. Additions to plan for ensuring visibility over all in-transit 
                            end items and secondary items.
Sec. 364. Performance of emergency response functions at chemical 
                            weapons storage installations.
Sec. 365. Congressional notification of use of radio frequency spectrum 
                            by a system entering engineering and 
                            manufacturing development.
Sec. 366. Monitoring of value of performance of Department of Defense 
                            functions by workforces selected from 
                            between public and private workforces.
Sec. 367. Suspension of reorganization of Naval Audit Service.
Sec. 368. Investment of commissary trust revolving fund.
Sec. 369. Economic procurement of distilled spirits.
Sec. 370. Resale of armor-piercing ammunition disposed of by the Army.
Sec. 371. Damage to aviation facilities caused by alkali silica 
Sec. 372. Reauthorization of pilot program for acceptance and use of 
                            landing fees charged for use of domestic 
                            military airfields by civil aircraft.
Sec. 373. Reimbursement by civil air carriers for support provided at 
                            Johnston Atoll.
Sec. 374. Review of costs of maintaining historical properties.
Sec. 375. Extension of authority to sell certain aircraft for use in 
                            wildfire suppression.
Sec. 376. Overseas airlift service on civil reserve air fleet aircraft.
Sec. 377. Defense travel system.
Sec. 378. Review of AH-64 aircraft program.
Sec. 379. Assistance for maintenance, repair, and renovation of school 
                            facilities that serve dependents of members 
                            of the Armed Forces and Department of 
                            Defense civilian employees.
Sec. 380. Postponement of implementation of Defense Joint Accounting 
                            System (DJAS) pending analysis of the 

                       Subtitle A--Active Forces

Sec. 401. End strengths for active forces.
                       Subtitle B--Reserve Forces

Sec. 411. End strengths for Selected Reserve.
Sec. 412. End strengths for Reserves on active duty in support of the 
Sec. 413. End strengths for military technicians (dual status).
Sec. 414. Fiscal year 2001 limitation on non-dual status technicians.
Sec. 415. Increase in numbers of members in certain grades authorized 
                            to be on active duty in support of the 
       Subtitle C--Other Matters Relating to Personnel Strengths

Sec. 421. Suspension of strength limitations during war or national 
Sec. 422. Exclusion of certain reserve component members on active duty 
                            for more than 180 days from active 
                            component end strengths.
Sec. 423. Exclusion of Army and Air Force medical and dental officers 
                            from limitation on strengths of reserve 
                            commissioned officers in grades below 
                            brigadier general.
Sec. 424. Authority for temporary increases in number of reserve 
                            personnel serving on active duty or full-
                            time National Guard duty in certain grades.
Sec. 425. Temporary exemption of Director of the National Security 
                            Agency from limitations on number of Air 
                            Force officers above major general.
              Subtitle D--Authorization of Appropriations

Sec. 431. Authorization of appropriations for military personnel.

                  Subtitle A--Officer Personnel Policy

Sec. 501. Eligibility of Army Reserve colonels and brigadier generals 
                            for position vacancy promotions.
Sec. 502. Promotion zones for Coast Guard Reserve officers.
Sec. 503. Time for release of officer promotion selection board 
Sec. 504. Clarification of authority for posthumous commissions and 
Sec. 505. Inapplicability of active-duty list promotion, separation, 
                            and involuntary retirement authorities to 
                            reserve general and flag officers serving 
                            in certain positions designated for reserve 
                            officers by the Chairman of the Joint 
                            Chiefs of Staff.
Sec. 506. Review of actions of selection boards.
Sec. 507. Extension to all Air Force biomedical sciences officers of 
                            authority to retain until specified age.
Sec. 508. Termination of application requirement for consideration of 
                            officers for continuation on the Reserve 
                            Active-Status List.
Sec. 509. Technical corrections relating to retired grade of reserve 
                            commissioned officers.
Sec. 510. Grade of chiefs of reserve components and directors of 
                            National Guard components.

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