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S. 2552 (pcs) To authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2001 for defense activities of the Department of Energy, and for other purposes. [Placed on Calendar Senate] ...

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  2d Session
                                S. 2552


                                 AN ACT

To authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2001 for defense activities 
          of the Department of Energy, and for other purposes.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,


    This Act may be cited as the ``Department of Energy National 
Security Act for Fiscal Year 2001''.


    The table of contents for this Act is as follows:

Sec. 1. Short title.
Sec. 2. Table of contents.
Sec. 3. Congressional defense committees defined.

         Subtitle A--National Security Programs Authorizations

Sec. 3101. National Nuclear Security Administration.
Sec. 3102. Defense environmental restoration and waste management.
Sec. 3103. Other defense activities.
Sec. 3104. Defense environmental management privatization.
Sec. 3105. Energy employees compensation initiative.
Sec. 3106. Defense nuclear waste disposal.
                Subtitle B--Recurring General Provisions

Sec. 3121. Reprogramming.
Sec. 3122. Limits on general plant projects.
Sec. 3123. Limits on construction projects.
Sec. 3124. Fund transfer authority.
Sec. 3125. Authority for conceptual and construction design.
Sec. 3126. Authority for emergency planning, design, and construction 
Sec. 3127. Funds available for all national security programs of the 
                            Department of Energy.
Sec. 3128. Availability of funds.
Sec. 3129. Transfer of defense environmental management funds.
          Subtitle C--National Nuclear Security Administration

Sec. 3131. Term of office of person first appointed as Under Secretary 
                            for Nuclear Security of the Department of 
Sec. 3132. Membership of Under Secretary for Nuclear Security on the 
                            Joint Nuclear Weapons Council.
Sec. 3133. Scope of authority of Secretary of Energy to modify 
                            organization of National Nuclear Security 
Sec. 3134. Prohibition on pay of personnel engaged in concurrent 
                            service or duties inside and outside 
                            National Nuclear Security Administration.
Sec. 3135. Organization plan for field offices of the National Nuclear 
                            Security Administration.
Sec. 3136. Future-years nuclear security program.
Sec. 3137. Cooperative research and development of the National Nuclear 
                            Security Administration.
Sec. 3138. Construction of National Nuclear Security Administration 
                            operations office complex.
   Subtitle D--Program Authorizations, Restrictions, and Limitations

Sec. 3151. Processing, treatment, and disposition of legacy nuclear 
Sec. 3152. Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program.
Sec. 3153. Department of Energy defense nuclear nonproliferation 
Sec. 3154. Modification of counterintelligence polygraph program.
Sec. 3155. Employee incentives for employees at closure project 
Sec. 3156. Conceptual design for Subsurface Geosciences Laboratory at 
                            Idaho National Engineering and 
                            Environmental Laboratory, Idaho Falls, 
Sec. 3157. Tank Waste Remediation System, Hanford Reservation, 
                            Richland, Washington.
Sec. 3158. Report on national ignition facility, Lawrence Livermore 
                            National Laboratory, Livermore, California.
     Subtitle E--National Laboratories Partnership Improvement Act

Sec. 3161. Short title.
Sec. 3162. Definitions.
Sec. 3163. Technology Infrastructure Pilot Program.
Sec. 3164. Small business advocacy and assistance.
Sec. 3165. Technology partnerships ombudsman.
Sec. 3166. Studies related to improving mission effectiveness, 
                            partnerships, and technology transfer at 
                            National Laboratories.
Sec. 3167. Other transactions authority.
Sec. 3168. Conformance with NNSA organizational structure.
Sec. 3169. Arctic energy.
                       Subtitle F--Other Matters

Sec. 3171. Extension of authority for appointment of certain 
                            scientific, engineering, and technical 
Sec. 3172. Updates of report on nuclear test readiness postures.
Sec. 3173. Frequency of reports on inadvertent releases of Restricted 
                            Data and Formerly Restricted Data.
Sec. 3174. Form of certifications regarding the safety or reliability 
                            of the nuclear weapons stockpile.
Sec. 3175. Engineering and manufacturing research, development, and 
                            demonstration by plant managers of certain 
                            nuclear weapons production plants.
Sec. 3176. Cooperative research and development agreements for 
                            Government-owned, contractor-operated 
Sec. 3177. Commendation of Department of Energy and contractor 
                            employees for exemplary service in 
                            stockpile stewardship and security.
Sec. 3178. Adjustment of threshold requirement for submission of 
                            reports on advanced computer sales to Tier 
                            III foreign countries.
             Subtitle G--Russian Nuclear Complex Conversion

Sec. 3191. Short title.
Sec. 3192. Findings.
Sec. 3193. Expansion and enhancement of Nuclear Cities Initiative.
Sec. 3194. Sense of Congress on the establishment of a National 
                            Coordinator for Nonproliferation Matters.
Sec. 3195. Definitions.

Sec. 3201. Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board.

Sec. 3301. Minimum price of petroleum sold from the naval petroleum 
Sec. 3302. Repeal of authority to contract for cooperative or unit 
                            plans affecting Naval Petroleum Reserve 
                            Numbered 1.
Sec. 3303. Land transfer and restoration.

Sec. 3401. Authorized uses of stockpile funds.
Sec. 3402. Increased receipts under prior disposal authority.
Sec. 3403. Disposal of titanium.

Sec. 3501. Short title.
Sec. 3502. Construction with other laws.
Sec. 3503. Definitions.
Sec. 3504. Expansion of list of beryllium vendors and means of 
                            establishing covered beryllium illnesses.
      Subtitle A--Beryllium, Silicosis, and Radiation Compensation

Sec. 3511. Exposure to hazards in the performance of duty.
Sec. 3512. Advisory board on radiation and worker health.
Sec. 3513. Designation of additional members of the Special Exposure 
Sec. 3514. Authority to provide compensation and other assistance.
Sec. 3515. Alternative compensation.
Sec. 3516. Submittal of claims.
Sec. 3517. Adjudication and administration.
             Subtitle B--Exposure to Other Toxic Substances

Sec. 3521. Definitions.
Sec. 3522. Agreements with States.
                     Subtitle C--General Provisions

Sec. 3531. Treatment of compensation and benefits.
Sec. 3532. Forfeiture of benefits by convicted felons.
Sec. 3533. Limitation on right to receive benefits.
Sec. 3534. Coordination of benefits--State workers' compensation.
Sec. 3535. Coordination of benefits--Federal workers' compensation.
Sec. 3536. Receipt of benefits--other statutes.
Sec. 3537. Dual compensation--Federal employees.
Sec. 3538. Dual compensation--other employees.
Sec. 3539. Exclusivity of remedy against the United States, 
                            contractors, and subcontractors.
Sec. 3540 Election of remedy against beryllium vendors and atomic 
                            weapons employers.
Sec. 3541. Subrogation of the United States.
Sec. 3542. Energy Employees' Occupational Illness Compensation Fund.
Sec. 3543. Effective date.
Sec. 3544. Technical and conforming amendments.


    For purposes of this Act, the term ``congressional defense 
committees'' means--
            (1) the Committee on Armed Services and the Committee on 
        Appropriations of the Senate; and
            (2) the Committee on Armed Services and the Committee on 
        Appropriations of the House of Representatives.


         Subtitle A--National Security Programs Authorizations


    (a) In General.--Funds are hereby authorized to be appropriated to 
the Department of Energy for fiscal year 2001 for national nuclear 
security administration in carrying out programs necessary for national 
security in the amount of $6,289,835,000, to be allocated as follows:
            (1) Weapons activities.--For weapons activities necessary 
        for national nuclear security administration, $4,747,800,000, 
        to be allocated as follows:
                    (A) Stewardship operation and maintenance.--For 
                stewardship operation and maintenance in carrying out 
                weapons activities necessary for national nuclear 
                security administration, $3,822,383,000, to be 
                allocated as follows:
                            (i) For directed stockpile work, 
                            (ii) For campaigns, $1,471,982,000.
                            (iii) For readiness in technical base and 
                        facilities, $1,507,798,000.
                    (B) Secure transportation assets.--For secure 
                transportation assets in carrying out weapons 
                activities necessary for national nuclear security 
                administration, $115,673,000, to be allocated as 
                            (i) For operation and maintenance, 
                            (ii) For program direction (secure 
                        transportation), $36,316,000.
                    (C) Program direction.--For program direction in 
                carrying out weapons activities necessary for national 
                nuclear security administration, $221,257,000.
                    (D) Construction.--For construction (including 
                maintenance, restoration, planning, construction, 
                acquisition, modification of facilities, and the 
                continuation of projects authorized in prior years, and 
                land acquisition related thereto) in carrying out 
                weapons activities necessary for national nuclear 
                security administration, $588,173,000, to be allocated 
                as follows:
                            Project 01-D-101, distributed information 
                        systems laboratory, Sandia National 
                        Laboratories, Livermore, California, 
                            Project 01-D-103, preliminary project 
                        design and engineering, various locations, 
                            Project 01-D-124, highly enriched uranium 
                        (HEU) materials facility, Y-12 Plant, Oak 
                        Ridge, Tennessee, $17,800,000.
                            Project 01-D-126, weapons evaluation test 
                        laboratory, Pantex Plant, Amarillo, Texas, 
                            Project 00-D-103, terascale simulation 
                        facility, Lawrence Livermore National 
                        Laboratory, Livermore, California, $5,000,000.
                            Project 00-D-105, strategic computing 
                        complex, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los 
                        Alamos, New Mexico, $56,000,000.
                            Project 00-D-107, joint computational 
                        engineering laboratory, Sandia National 
                        Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 
                            Project 99-D-103, isotope sciences 
                        facilities, Lawrence Livermore National 
                        Laboratory, Livermore, California, $5,000,000.
                            Project 99-D-104, protection of real 
                        property (roof reconstruction, Phase II) 
                        Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 
                        Livermore, California, $2,800,000.
                            Project 99-D-106, model validation and 
                        systems certification test center, Sandia 
                        National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 
                            Project 99-D-108, renovate existing 

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