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S. 2796 (enr) To provide for the conservation and development of water and related resources, to authorize the Secretary of the Army to construct various projects for improvements to rivers and harbors of the United States, and for other purposes. [Enroll...

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                In the House of Representatives, U. S.,

                                                      October 19, 2000.

    Resolved, That the bill from the Senate (S. 2796) entitled ``An Act to 
provide for the conservation and development of water and related resources, to 
authorize the Secretary of the Army to construct various projects for 
improvements to rivers and harbors of the United States, and for other 
purposes'', do pass with the following


            Strike out all after the enacting clause and insert:


    (a) Short Title.--This Act may be cited as the ``Water Resources 
Development Act of 2000''.
    (b) Table of Contents.--

Sec. 1. Short title; table of contents.
Sec. 2. Definition of Secretary.


Sec. 101. Project authorization.
Sec. 102. Small projects for flood damage reduction.
Sec. 103. Small project for bank stabilization.
Sec. 104. Small projects for navigation.
Sec. 105. Small project for improvement of the quality of the 
Sec. 106. Small projects for aquatic ecosystem restoration.
Sec. 107. Small project for shoreline protection.
Sec. 108. Small project for snagging and sediment removal.
Sec. 109. Petaluma River, Petaluma, California.

                      TITLE II--GENERAL PROVISIONS

Sec. 201. Cost sharing of certain flood damage reduction projects.
Sec. 202. Harbor cost sharing.
Sec. 203. Nonprofit entities.
Sec. 204. Rehabilitation of Federal flood control levees.
Sec. 205. Flood mitigation and riverine restoration program.
Sec. 206. Tribal partnership program.
Sec. 207. Native American reburial and transfer authority.
Sec. 208. Ability to pay.
Sec. 209. Interagency and international support authority.
Sec. 210. Property protection program.
Sec. 211. Engineering consulting services.
Sec. 212. Beach recreation.
Sec. 213. Performance of specialized or technical services.
Sec. 214. Design-build contracting.
Sec. 215. Independent review pilot program.
Sec. 216. Enhanced public participation.
Sec. 217. Monitoring.
Sec. 218. Reconnaissance studies.
Sec. 219. Fish and wildlife mitigation.
Sec. 220. Wetlands mitigation.
Sec. 221. Credit toward non-Federal share of navigation projects.
Sec. 222. Maximum program expenditures for small flood control 
Sec. 223. Feasibility studies and planning, engineering, and design.
Sec. 224. Administrative costs of land conveyances.
Sec. 225. Dam safety.


Sec. 301. Nogales Wash and Tributaries, Nogales, Arizona.
Sec. 302. John Paul Hammerschmidt Visitor Center, Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Sec. 303. Greers Ferry Lake, Arkansas.
Sec. 304. Ten- and Fifteen-Mile Bayous, Arkansas.
Sec. 305. Cache Creek basin, California.
Sec. 306. Larkspur Ferry Channel, Larkspur, California.
Sec. 307. Norco Bluffs, Riverside County, California.
Sec. 308. Sacramento deep water ship channel, California.
Sec. 309. Sacramento River, Glenn-Colusa, California.
Sec. 310. Upper Guadalupe River, California.
Sec. 311. Brevard County, Florida.
Sec. 312. Fernandina Harbor, Florida.
Sec. 313. Tampa Harbor, Florida.
Sec. 314. East Saint Louis and vicinity, Illinois.
Sec. 315. Kaskaskia River, Kaskaskia, Illinois.
Sec. 316. Waukegan Harbor, Illinois.
Sec. 317. Cumberland, Kentucky.
Sec. 318. Lock and Dam 10, Kentucky River, Kentucky.
Sec. 319. Saint Joseph River, South Bend, Indiana.
Sec. 320. Mayfield Creek and tributaries, Kentucky.
Sec. 321. Amite River and tributaries, East Baton Rouge Parish, 
Sec. 322. Atchafalaya Basin Floodway System, Louisiana.
Sec. 323. Atchafalaya River, Bayous Chene, Boeuf, and Black Louisiana.
Sec. 324. Red River Waterway, Louisiana.
Sec. 325. Thomaston Harbor, Georges River, Maine.
Sec. 326. Breckenridge, Minnesota.
Sec. 327. Duluth Harbor, Minnesota.
Sec. 328. Little Falls, Minnesota.
Sec. 329. Poplar Island, Maryland.
Sec. 330. New York Harbor and adjacent channels, Port Jersey, New 
Sec. 331. Passaic River basin flood management, New Jersey.
Sec. 332. Times Beach nature preserve, Buffalo, New York.
Sec. 333. Garrison Dam, North Dakota.
Sec. 334. Duck Creek, Ohio.
Sec. 335. Astoria, Columbia River, Oregon.
Sec. 336. Nonconnah Creek, Tennessee and Mississippi.
Sec. 337. Bowie County levee, Texas.
Sec. 338. San Antonio Channel, San Antonio, Texas.
Sec. 339. Buchanan and Dickenson Counties, Virginia.
Sec. 340. Buchanan, Dickenson, and Russell Counties, Virginia.
Sec. 341. Sandbridge Beach, Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Sec. 342. Wallops Island, Virginia.
Sec. 343. Columbia River, Washington.
Sec. 344. Mount St. Helens sediment control, Washington.
Sec. 345. Renton, Washington.
Sec. 346. Greenbrier Basin, West Virginia.
Sec. 347. Lower Mud River, Milton, West Virginia.
Sec. 348. Water quality projects.
Sec. 349. Project reauthorizations.
Sec. 350. Continuation of project authorizations.
Sec. 351. Declaration of nonnavigability for Lake Erie, New York.
Sec. 352. Project deauthorizations.
Sec. 353. Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania.
Sec. 354. Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach, Delaware.

                           TITLE IV--STUDIES

Sec. 401. Studies of completed projects.
Sec. 402. Watershed and river basin assessments.
Sec. 403. Lower Mississippi River resource assessment.
Sec. 404. Upper Mississippi River basin sediment and nutrient study.
Sec. 405. Upper Mississippi River comprehensive plan.
Sec. 406. Ohio River System.
Sec. 407. Eastern Arkansas.
Sec. 408. Russell, Arkansas.
Sec. 409. Estudillo Canal, San Leandro, California.
Sec. 410. Laguna Creek, Fremont, California.
Sec. 411. Lake Merritt, Oakland, California.
Sec. 412. Lancaster, California.
Sec. 413. Napa County, California.
Sec. 414. Oceanside, California.
Sec. 415. Suisun Marsh, California.
Sec. 416. Lake Allatoona Watershed, Georgia.
Sec. 417. Chicago River, Chicago, Illinois.
Sec. 418. Chicago sanitary and ship canal system, Chicago, Illinois.
Sec. 419. Long Lake, Indiana.
Sec. 420. Brush and Rock Creeks, Mission Hills and Fairway, Kansas.
Sec. 421. Coastal areas of Louisiana.
Sec. 422. Iberia Port, Louisiana.
Sec. 423. Lake Pontchartrain seawall, Louisiana.
Sec. 424. Lower Atchafalaya basin, Louisiana.
Sec. 425. St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana.
Sec. 426. Las Vegas Valley, Nevada.
Sec. 427. Southwest Valley, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Sec. 428. Buffalo Harbor, Buffalo, New York.
Sec. 429. Hudson River, Manhattan, New York.
Sec. 430. Jamesville Reservoir, Onondaga County, New York.
Sec. 431. Steubenviille, Ohio.
Sec. 432. Grand Lake, Oklahoma.
Sec. 433. Columbia Slough, Oregon.
Sec. 434. Reedy River, Greenville, South Carolina.
Sec. 435. Germantown, Tennessee.
Sec. 436. Park City, Utah.
Sec. 437. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Sec. 438. Upper Des Plaines River and tributaries, Illinois and 
Sec. 439. Delaware River watershed.


Sec. 501. Bridgeport, Alabama.
Sec. 502. Duck River, Cullman, Alabama.
Sec. 503. Seward, Alaska.
Sec. 504. Augusta and Devalls Bluff, Arkansas.
Sec. 505. Beaver Lake, Arkansas.
Sec. 506. McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River navigation system, Arkansas and 
Sec. 507. Calfed Bay Delta program assistance, California.
Sec. 508. Clear Lake basin, California.
Sec. 509. Contra Costa Canal, Oakley and Knightsen, California.
Sec. 510. Huntington Beach, California.
Sec. 511. Mallard Slough, Pittsburg, California.
Sec. 512. Penn Mine, Calaveras County, California.
Sec. 513. Port of San Francisco, California.
Sec. 514. San Gabriel basin, California.
Sec. 515. Stockton, California.
Sec. 516. Port Everglades, Florida.
Sec. 517. Florida Keys water quality improvements.
Sec. 518. Ballard's Island, La Salle County, Illinois.
Sec. 519. Lake Michigan Diversion, Illinois.
Sec. 520. Koontz Lake, Indiana.
Sec. 521. Campbellsville Lake, Kentucky.
Sec. 522. West View Shores, Cecil County, Maryland.
Sec. 523. Conservation of fish and wildlife, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland 
                            and Virginia.
Sec. 524. Muddy River, Brookline and Boston, Massachusetts.
Sec. 525. Soo Locks, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.
Sec. 526. Duluth, Minnesota, alternative technology project.
Sec. 527. Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Sec. 528. St. Louis County, Minnesota.
Sec. 529. Wild Rice River, Minnesota.
Sec. 530. Coastal Mississippi wetlands restoration projects.
Sec. 531. Missouri River Valley improvements.
Sec. 532. New Madrid County, Missouri.
Sec. 533. Pemiscot County, Missouri.
Sec. 534. Las Vegas, Nevada.
Sec. 535. Newark, New Jersey.
Sec. 536. Urbanized peak flood management research, New Jersey.
Sec. 537. Black Rock Canal, Buffalo, New York.
Sec. 538. Hamburg, New York.
Sec. 539. Nepperhan River, Yonkers, New York.
Sec. 540. Rochester, New York.
Sec. 541. Upper Mohawk River basin, New York.
Sec. 542. Eastern North Carolina flood protection.
Sec. 543. Cuyahoga River, Ohio.
Sec. 544. Crowder Point, Crowder, Oklahoma.
Sec. 545. Oklahoma-tribal commission.
Sec. 546. Columbia River, Oregon and Washington.
Sec. 547. John Day Pool, Oregon and Washington.
Sec. 548. Lower Columbia River and Tillamook Bay estuary program, 
                            Oregon and Washington.
Sec. 549. Skinner Butte Park, Eugene, Oregon.
Sec. 550. Willamette River basin, Oregon.
Sec. 551. Lackawanna River, Pennsylvania.
Sec. 552. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Sec. 553. Access improvements, Raystown Lake, Pennsylvania.
Sec. 554. Upper Susquehanna River basin, Pennsylvania and New York.
Sec. 555. Chickamauga Lock, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Sec. 556. Joe Pool Lake, Texas.
Sec. 557. Benson Beach, Fort Canby State Park, Washington.
Sec. 558. Puget Sound and adjacent waters restoration, Washington.
Sec. 559. Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe, Willapa Bay, Washington.
Sec. 560. Wynoochee Lake, Wynoochee River, Washington.
Sec. 561. Snohomish River, Washington.
Sec. 562. Bluestone, West Virginia.
Sec. 563. Lesage/Greenbottom Swamp, West Virginia.
Sec. 564. Tug Fork River, West Virginia.
Sec. 565. Virginia Point Riverfront Park, West Virginia.
Sec. 566. Southern West Virginia.
Sec. 567. Fox River system, Wisconsin.
Sec. 568. Surfside/Sunset and Newport Beach, California.
Sec. 569. Illinois River basin restoration.
Sec. 570. Great Lakes.
Sec. 571. Great Lakes remedial action plans and sediment remediation.
Sec. 572. Great Lakes dredging levels adjustment.
Sec. 573. Dredged material recyling.
Sec. 574. Watershed management, restoration, and development.
Sec. 575. Maintenance of navigation channels.
Sec. 576. Support of Army civil works program.
Sec. 577. National recreation reservation service.
Sec. 578. Hydrographic survey.
Sec. 579. Lakes program.
Sec. 580. Perchlorate.
Sec. 581. Abandoned and inactive noncoal mine restoration.
Sec. 582. Release of use restriction.
Sec. 583. Comprehensive environmental resources protection.
Sec. 584. Modification of authorizations for environmental projects.
Sec. 585. Land transfers.
Sec. 586. Bruce F. Vento Unit of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area 
                            Wilderness, Minnesota.
Sec. 587. Waurika Lake, Oklahoma.
Sec. 588. Columbia River Treaty fishing access.
Sec. 589. Devils Lake, North Dakota.


Sec. 601. Comprehensive Everglades restoration plan.
Sec. 602. Sense of Congress concerning Homestead Air Force Base.


Sec. 701. Definitions.
Sec. 702. Missouri River Trust.
Sec. 703. Missouri River Task Force.
Sec. 704. Administration.
Sec. 705. Authorization of appropriations.


    In this Act, the term ``Secretary'' means the Secretary of the 



    (a) Projects With Chief's Reports.--The following projects for 
water resources development and conservation and other purposes are 
authorized to be carried out by the Secretary substantially in 
accordance with the plans, and subject to the conditions, described in 
the respective reports designated in this subsection:
            (1) Barnegat inlet to little egg inlet, new jersey.--The 
        project for hurricane and storm damage reduction, Barnegat 
        Inlet to Little Egg Inlet, New Jersey: Report of the Chief of 
        Engineers dated July 26, 2000, at a total cost of $51,203,000, 
        with an estimated Federal cost of $33,282,000 and an estimated 
        non-Federal cost of $17,921,000.
            (2) Port of new york and new jersey, new york and new 
                    (A) In general.--The project for navigation, Port 

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