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S. 3228 (is) To promote the development of affordable, quality rental housing in rural areas for low-income households. [Introduced in Senate] ...

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  2d Session
                                S. 3227

To authorize the Bureau of Reclamation to provide for the installation 
of pumps and removal of the Savage Rapids Dam on the Rogue River in the 
                State of Oregon, and for other purposes.



            October 23 (legislative day, September 22), 2000

    Mr. Smith of Oregon (for himself and Mr. Wyden) introduced the 
 following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on 
                      Energy and Natural Resources


                                 A BILL

To authorize the Bureau of Reclamation to provide for the installation 
of pumps and removal of the Savage Rapids Dam on the Rogue River in the 
                State of Oregon, and for other purposes.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,


    This Act may be cited as the ``Savage Rapids Dam Act of 2000''.


    This Congress finds that--
            (1) the Savage Rapids Dam has provided water since 1921 
        from the Rogue River in the State of Oregon to the Grants Pass 
        Irrigation District (hereafter referred to as the 
        ``District''), a governmental subdivision under Oregon State 
            (2) the State of Oregon, the National Marine Fisheries 
        Service and the District have agreed, in principle, that 
        removal of the Savage Rapids Dam and its replacement with 
        modern irrigation pumps will provide improved protection to the 
        salmon and steelhead resources of the Rogue River basin;
            (3) it is in the public interest to have the Federal 
        Government purchase the Savage Rapids Dam from the District; 
            (4) it is appropriate to enact measures that both enhance 
        and protect natural resources while ensuring the operational 
        and financial stability of the District and reasonable costs 
        for the delivery of irrigation water to its patrons.


    (a) Prior to the removal of Savage Rapids Dam, the Secretary of the 
Interior (hereafter referred to as the ``Secretary'') shall design and 
install modern electric irrigation pumps and associated infrastructure 
at or near Savage Rapids Dam on the Rogue River in order to supply 
water to the District in the amount of 150 cubic feet per second. The 
Savage Rapids Dam is located on the Rogue River at a point adjacent to 
the Josephine County easterly line and the Jackson County westerly line 
running south to north: Southeast corner of Section 24, Township 36 
south, Range 5 west, Willamette Meridian, State of Oregon.
    (b) The Secretary shall install fish screens at the pump stations, 
ensure and certify that the pumping facility is operational and in 
conformity with all applicable State and Federal environmental 
regulations prior to dam removal.
    (c) Following the completion of activities authorized under 
subsections (a) and (b), the Secretary is authorized to acquire the dam 
described in subsection (a). Acquisition shall only include the dam 
itself, and shall not include any lands adjacent to or underlying the 
dam structure.
    (d) The Secretary is authorized and directed to remove the dam, 
following its acquisition.
    (e) For five years after the dam removal is completed, the 
Secretary shall also correct any deficiencies in the design, 
specification, and installation of the pumps, including any problems 
that may be caused by accumulated sediments.
    (f) Title to the pumping facilities will be held by the District, 
and the District shall be responsible for operation and maintenance of 
these facilities, except as specified in Sec. 3(e) and Sec. 4(a).
    (g) The Secretary is authorized to proceed with activities under 
this Act on the basis of the Environmental Impact Statement published 
by the Bureau of Reclamation in 1995, ``Fish Passage Improvements, 
Savage Rapids Dam, Planning Report and Final Environmental Statement, 
Josephine County Water Management Improvement Study, Oregon, Rogue 
River Basin, Oregon.''.


    (a) For ten years after the date of the removal of Savage Rapids 
Dam, the Bureau of Reclamation, in conjunction with the National Marine 
Fisheries Service and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, shall 
monitor any impacts downstream from the dam resulting from dam removal 
and will implement appropriate remedial actions as necessary.
    (b) The Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife 
Service, acting through the Southwest Oregon Resource Conservation and 
Development Council, shall identify and implement riparian restoration 
and other fisheries enhancement projects upstream of the site of the 
Savage Rapids Dam and downstream to the mouth of the Applegate River to 
minimize the impact, and maximize the benefit, of dam removal. The 
Federal cost-share for activities under this subsection shall be 
seventy-five percent.
    (c) The Secretary shall work with the State of Oregon and the 
Counties of Josephine and Jackson to identify and implement community 
recreational enhancement projects. The Federal cost-share for 
activities under this subsection shall be fifty percent.


    (a) There are authorized to be appropriated $13,500,000 for 
activities under this Act, except as provided in paragraphs (b) through 
(d) below.
    (b) There are authorized to be appropriated $3,700,000 for 
activities under Sec. 3(c).
    (c) There are authorized to be appropriated $2,500,000 for 
activities under Sec. 4(b).
    (d) There are authorized to be appropriated $2,500,000 for 
activities under Sec. 4(c).


    Activities funded under this Act shall not be considered a 
supplemental or additional benefit under the Act of June 17, 1902 (82 
Stat. 388) and all Acts amendatory thereof or supplementary thereto.

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