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S. 416 (rh) To direct the Secretary of Agriculture to convey to the city of Sisters, Oregon, a certain parcel of land for use in connection with a sewage treatment facility. [Reported in House] ...

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  1st Session
                                 S. 416



                             July 12, 1999

                 Referred to the Committee on Resources


                                 AN ACT

    To direct the Secretary of Agriculture to convey to the city of 
Sisters, Oregon, a certain parcel of land for use in connection with a 
                       sewage treatment facility.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,


    Congress finds that--
            (1) the city of Sisters, Oregon, faces a public health 
        threat from a major outbreak of infectious diseases due to the 
        lack of a sewer system;
            (2) the lack of a sewer system also threatens groundwater 
        and surface water resources in the area;
            (3) the city is surrounded by Forest Service land and has 
        no reasonable access to non-Federal parcels of land large 
        enough, and with the proper soil conditions, for the 
        development of a sewage treatment facility;
            (4) the Forest Service currently must operate, maintain, 
        and replace 11 separate septic systems to serve existing Forest 
        Service facilities in the city of Sisters; and
            (5) the Forest Service currently administers 77 acres of 
        land within the city limits that would increase in value as a 
        result of construction of a sewer system.


    (a) In General.--As soon as practicable and upon completion of any 
documents or analysis required by any environmental law, but not later 
than 180 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary of 
Agriculture shall convey to the city of Sisters, Oregon, at no cost to 
the city except the cost of preparation of any documents required by 
any environmental law in connection with the conveyance, an amount of 
land that is not more than is reasonably necessary for a sewage 
treatment facility and for the disposal of treated effluent consistent 
with subsection (c).
    (b) Land Description.--The amount of land conveyed under subsection 
(a) shall be not less than 160 acres and not more than 240 acres from 
            (1) the SE quarter of section 09, township 15 south, range 
        10 west, W.M., Deschutes, Oregon, and the portion of the SW 
        quarter of section 09, township 15 south, range 10 west, W.M., 
        Deschutes, Oregon, that lies east of Three Creeks Lake Road, 
        but not including the westernmost 500 feet of that portion; and
            (2) the portion of the SW quarter of section 09, township 
        15 south, range 10 west, W.M., Deschutes County, Oregon, lying 
        easterly of Three Creeks Lake Road.
    (c) Condition.--The conveyance under subsection (a) shall be made 
on the condition that the city agree to conduct a public process before 
the final determination is made regarding land use for the disposition 
of treated effluent.
    (d) Use of Land.--
            (1) In general.--The land conveyed under subsection (a) 
        shall be used by the city for a sewage treatment facility and 
        for the disposal of treated effluent.
            (2) Optional reverter.--If at any time the land conveyed 
        under subsection (a) ceases to be used for a purpose described 
        in paragraph (1), at the option of the United States, title to 
        the land shall revert to the United States.
    (e) Authority to Acquire Land in Substitution.--Subject to the 
availability of appropriations, the Secretary shall acquire land within 
Oregon, and within or in the vicinity of the Deschutes National Forest, 
of an acreage equivalent to that of the land conveyed under subsection 
(a). Any lands acquired shall be added to and administered as part of 
the Deschutes National Forest.

            Passed the Senate July 1, 1999.


                                                    GARY SISCO,


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